Letters from Yellowstone (2020)

Letters from Yellowstone DianeSmith Letters from Yellowstone In the spring of A E Alexandria Bartram a spirited young woman with a love for botany is invited to join a field study in Yellowstone National Park The study s leader a mild mannered professor
  • Title: Letters from Yellowstone
  • Author: DianeSmith
  • ISBN: 9780140291810
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
Letters from Yellowstone DianeSmith In the spring of 1898, A E Alexandria Bartram a spirited young woman with a love for botany is invited to join a field study in Yellowstone National Park The study s leader, a mild mannered professor from Montana, assumes she is a man, and is less than pleased to discover the truth Once the scientists overcome the shock of having a woman on their team, they forge aIn the spring of 1898, A E Alexandria Bartram a spirited young woman with a love for botany is invited to join a field study in Yellowstone National Park The study s leader, a mild mannered professor from Montana, assumes she is a man, and is less than pleased to discover the truth Once the scientists overcome the shock of having a woman on their team, they forge ahead on a summer of adventure, forming an enlightening web of relationships as they move from Mammoth Hot Springs to a camp high in the backcountry But as they make their way collecting amid Yellowstone s beauty the group is splintered by differing views on science, nature, and economics In the tradition of A S Byatt s Angels and Insects and Andrea Barrett s Ship Fever, this delightful novel captures an ever fascinating era and one woman s attempt to take charge of her life.
Letters from Yellowstone DianeSmith

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    371 DianeSmith
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One thought on “Letters from Yellowstone

  1. Karen

    I wanted to like this a whole lot than I did Nineteenth century woman scientist joins cash strapped research trip to Yellowstone Park in its earliest days, trip organizer doesn t know she s a woman until she arrives, rebarbative colleagues are redeemed or not , natural beauties are observed, hijinks ensue Unfortunately, this one wasn t for me The epistolary style just never grabbed me, possibly for reasons of technique Big things like the death of one of the research trip s members happened off [...]

  2. Janelle

    I read this book in anticipation of my first trip to Yellowstone next month It left me feeling even excited for the trip I love the premise of the book, a female botanist joining a research team in the early days of Yellowstone the nations first National Park I enjoyed the characters, and that the letters from Yellowstone aren t just from Alex, but even some of the minor supporting characters The letters don t just give insight into the natural environment of the park, but into scientific resea [...]

  3. Lois

    In 1898 A Alexandria E Bertram, a medical student from Cornell, has the opportunity to follow her real passion, botany, and join, as a last minute substitute, a research expedition to the newly opened Yellowstone Park When she joins the team in Montana and the mild mannered professor who is leading them finds that she is not a man, he is horrified and so are the others But she is determined to stay The story is fascinating, including the history of our first national park and the struggle of wom [...]

  4. Terris

    I really enjoyed this story set in 1898 of a group of scientists who go to Yellowstone to collect flora and fauna specimens and information to be cataloged for science However, A.E Bartram, who is accepted as a participant in this expedition, turns out to be a woman Um, uh, well, no one said uh, well, what should we do um well.Anyway, after they get over Alexandria being a woman, she turns out to be a very diligent and conscientious member of the team And then the author goes on with the story o [...]

  5. Julia

    I wanted to find out a bit about Diane Smith, and here is her website at Montana State University, where she is an assistant teaching professor montana history diane_So no wonder the novel rings so true in terms of the science she has taken her specialty and created a charming book that captivated me from start to finish At first I wasn t sure about a book that was written totally as a series of letters, but the format works very well in Smith s knowledgeable hands Here is the Publisher s Weekly [...]

  6. Corey Flynn

    Last year we took our two small children to Powell, Wyoming where my husband and I once went to college They had never been and we were excited to show them how beautiful the state is On our way home to California we stopped at a little shop in Yellowstone near Old Faithful This is where I saw this book I HAD to have it and I m so happy that I bought it The moment that I opened the cover I could not put it down This is the story of a young botanist who joins a research team in Yellowstone at the [...]

  7. Patty

    I really needed this wonderful story aboutlots of thingsture, science, relationships and woman s place in the world of the late nineteenth century, as well as short 226 pages This could have been a nauseating romance but that wasn t what Diane Smith had in mind It is a gift of straight forward Life, set in the beauty of Yellowstone National Park, at the beginning of it s introduction to not just adventure seekers but businessmen and tourists Scientist saw the need and possibilities of finding so [...]

  8. Diane

    I was quite excited about this book when I first started reading it, but it didn t live up to my expectations It is a novel in letter form about an early 1898 scientific expedition to the National Park i.e Yellowstone The book does address some of the issues of turn of the last century America, such as the changing role of women in science, recreation versus conservation, views of Native Americans, and what exactly IS science But, the topics are treated quite superficially I was looking forward [...]

  9. Lindsay Frenz

    I found this to be a great short read I think even with the topic of botany and science it still appeals to a larger audience It also definitely re sparked my interest in visiting Yellowstone.With the exception of naming flora and fauna in scientific nomenclature I found this book to be full of great insight into human interaction Since this books written form is entirely in correspondence form, I felt this added a dimension to the story It brought to light how often people s interpretations of [...]

  10. Judy

    Letters from Yellowstone tells the short story of a specimen gathering expedition to Yellowstone National Park in 1898 The party includes Professor Howard Merriam, Professor Rutherford, A.E Bartram, a mountain man driver, a Chinese cook and two students The story unfolds through letters that Bartram, Merriam and occasionally Rutherford write to family, friends or colleagues Much can be learned about the gathering methods of the time period as well as what fauna existed Very interesting, and Smit [...]

  11. Artgrrl78

    I know, I know seems like a book only a botanist could love But really, we read this in my book group, in which I am the only botanist, and the other members enjoyed it, as well A wonderfully refreshing story about a woman who joins a botanical expedition into Yellowstone in 1898 and the party is comprised of men who don t have a whole lot of faith in the capabilities of women in the sciences Told in the form of letters back and forth between various people, the perspective is always shifting wi [...]

  12. Shea

    I really enjoyed this novel following a naturalist expedition into Yellowstone National Park in the late 1800s The characters were interesting and full of endearing quirks Although I am not knowledgeable about plants I enjoyed the descriptions of Alexandra Bartram s finds The story is told through letters written by members of the expedition to colleagues and friends back home I thought the format was effective although there were several occasions when the missives no longer seemed letter like [...]

  13. Susan

    Love an epistolary novel Told in letters from the various characters, the book traces a plucky female naturalist on a botany expedition to Yellowstone So much to be had between the lines of the various letters What they leave out is as revealing as what is left in There s something inherently naughty about reading other people s letters, and it s such a delight to see how the same character uses different tones and phrases depending on whom they are writing to And then, to see how different char [...]

  14. Kristin Shields

    I loved this story of an feisty young woman coming into her own as a scientist in the late 1800 s There are many interesting characters and, of course, the beauty of Yellowstone shines through I m also a huge fan of ravens, so I really enjoyed that aspect of the story This is a book club selection for a new club I am joining I love it so much I am recommending it to my book quilt group I already have a plan for a quilt inspired by this book.

  15. Sarah

    for that geeky botanist side in everyone of us this is written through letters duh sent back and forth between members of a party of professors at the opening of Yellowstone national park a woman from the east coast covertly invites herself along by neglecting to mention she is a woman and thank god, there s not really any love story involved it s really well written and fascinating to learn about the history of the park when it first opened.

  16. mark

    I started this book when I was in Yellowstone, the fall of 2007 I just finished it I loved it I savored it But I m biased Made me want to go back and camp It s a weird format all letters from the characters to someone outside the park There is no plot just reflections on the day to day activities of the scientific expedition and the goings on of life in the park in 1898 I liked the main character, a young woman botanist spunky girl.

  17. B

    nice to crack this one open on the heels of prodigal summer as it s following an adventurous lady botanist naturalist at the turn of the century there are some parallels with the prodigal summer characters, although their interests are primarily of the insect animal world.update enjoyed the book, a nice easy summer read i d pick up other titles by the same author i think there are a few others along the same lines, if not engaging the same characters

  18. Amy Talluto

    I met this author in Wyoming at my residency The book is a charming, well paced story about a young woman botanist exploring Yellowstone Park with a group of fellow scientists in the Victorian time of the late 1800 s The whole book is told in the form of letters home by all of the characters This is a Jane Austen esque look at what being a woman with professional aspirations was like back in the day.

  19. Kathryn

    I just happened upon this book while volunteering at the library and we d just gotten back from a vacation to Yellowstone This book takes place in the late 1890s and focuses around a feisty woman invited to join a field study group in the park for the city What a shock everyone had when the men thought she was going to be a man and it turned out she was a woman A fun little book to read.

  20. Patrice

    I picked this up in Missoula a few years ago and really had fun with it It s an epistolary collection of letters to and from various characters during the first years of Yellowstone National Park The feminist viewpoint is interesting and I laughed out loud at some of the wacky things going on behind the scenes.

  21. Bonnie

    I loved this book The characters, description of Yellowstone and the format were all wonderful Just an uplifting read Some of the descriptions made me laugh out loud, others to tears A great read One of those books you want to go on and on.

  22. Frances

    An epistolary novel of a scientific expedition in Yellowstone near the end of the nineteenth century A female botanist joins the group much to the dismay of the men Attitudes change toward her but she is still trapped in the roles women are allowed at the time.

  23. Hollis

    This is a great story paraticularly for those who love biology about a young women who gets a job on the first Yellowstone exhibition as a botanist when the leader thinks she is a man Everyone is appalled to find she s a women, but she successfully makes her way.

  24. A.G.

    I love envisioning what it would have been like to be an early settler As a woman in that situation, and a biologist, it is fun to identify with the situations described in the book.

  25. Mary

    A short and highly entertaining read If you are familiar with Yellowstone National Park, it is even fun Told entirely through letters I am hoping for a sequel.

  26. Laura Santoski

    This is a nice little book, but it s told entirely in the form of letters and telegraphs, which limited how much the story could really hook me Also, some threads of the story seemed to be thrown in as a bit of an afterthought, or as an easy way to show character development And the book kept feeling like it was veering toward a romance, but it never quite got there, which was a little disorienting.

  27. Ella Lane

    A very enjoyable, short read I am hopeful that a sequel may be forthcoming The characters, major and minor, came alive on the page, and the letters gave insight into many points of view without allowing the story to become fragmented Good premise, excellent execution.

  28. Sherri Anderson

    Not a bad piece of fiction It had some delightful parts and having letters tell the story were interesting but the story lacked the intensity I like in a story The description of the action was not enough to say you couldn t put the book down.

  29. Jane Henderson

    I enjoyed this book, all written by means of letters, about a late 1800 s expedition to Yellowstone to gather information about the area as well as to collect plant specimens It reminded me a little of Elizabeth Gilbert s The Signature of All Things.

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