Tener y no tener (2020)

Tener y no tener Ernest Hemingway Tener y no tener Harry Morgan es el t pico h roe de Hemingway un duro Su oficio consiste en pasar ron cubano de contrabando durante los a os de la Depresi n El hambre la intriga pol tica y la mezquindad generaliza
  • Title: Tener y no tener
  • Author: Ernest Hemingway
  • ISBN: 9788435016636
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
Tener y no tener Ernest Hemingway Harry Morgan es el t pico h roe de Hemingway, un duro Su oficio consiste en pasar ron cubano, de contrabando, durante los a os de la Depresi n El hambre, la intriga pol tica y la mezquindad generalizada son parte de su paisaje cotidiano.
Tener y no tener Ernest Hemingway

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    Ernest Hemingway

One thought on “Tener y no tener

  1. Will Byrnes

    This is not at all the Nazi romp of Bogie and Bacall fame There might be some external similarities, but they seem fleeting If you put your lips together to whistle here, the likelihood would be that it would be to warn someone that the police were coming Life can be tough in The Conch Republic Harry Morgan is a hard man in a hard time He owns and operates his own fishing boat, out of Key West, catering to those who Have and want an ocean going adventure When Harry is stiffed out of almost three [...]

  2. J.L. Sutton

    Well before the midway point, Ernest Hemingway s To Have and Have Not turns into a different sort of book At least, that s the way it felt to me It begins as the very straightforward story of an out of luck ship captain who turns to crime in order to support his family Nothing is that simple in Hemingway While connecting to the current political and economic climate which included an incipient revolution in Cuba , Hemingway transforms this personal tragedy into something infinitely complex and [...]

  3. Algernon

    a man ain t got no hasn t got any can t really isn t any way out No matter how a man alone ain t got no bloody chance Harry Morgan A novel of the Depression Era,To Have and Have Notfollows the struggle of Harry Morgan to make ends meet, to live a decent life He is a boat owner sailing the waters between Cuba and Key West, renting out to rich tourists lookinh for the thrill of big fish chasing The novel opens with a spectacular gunfight in front of a bar in Havana and continues with an episode of [...]

  4. Malcolm

    Meh.It starts very strongly good character development, definite Hemingway commentary tone lots of Hemingway Southern Hemisphere fun in Cuba.But midway he just sort of wanders off and starts pointing his Hemingway at anything that moves He introduces secondary and tertiary characters with incredible detail, but with no discernible purpose.It s not one of his better books, and ends leaving you wondering how much better it would have been if the writing from about the second third on was substant [...]

  5. Brad

    If you ve never read Hemingway, this isn t the book for you If you don t like experimentation, this isn t the book for you If you re turned off by violence, this isn t the book for you If you re an opponent of socialism, this isn t the book for you If you want happy endings, this isn t the book for you.If, however, you have dabbled in Hemingway and you want a challenge, this is the book for you If you dig experimental literature, then this is the book for you If you can stomach violence or you r [...]

  6. Fiona MacDonald

    I feel slightly less guilty knowing that Hemingway himself thought this was the worst book he had ever written, but even so, I must be missing something major because I found the prose dull, stilted, unemotional and simply boring I couldn t connect with any of the characters and that was a big problem A couple of pages were of interest, but overall I was desperate to finish and celebrating when I did.

  7. Ted Hovey

    Hemingway is still my favorite writer I ve enjoyed all of his books, and I ve learned from his style minimal use of adverbs maximum use of one syllable words clarity of expression all of that and So why did I rate this book down, as 4 stars instead of 5 I had a hard time cheering for Harry, a criminal and a killer I understand that Hemingway wrote in the modernist mode That is to say, there are no happy endings in Hemingway s books That is true in this book, for sure Still, I would like the pro [...]

  8. Brad

    This book is widely considered one of Hemingways worst, and there s even a tale floating around that he told director Howard Hawks that he thought it was a pile of shit It s not, though It s neither his worst nor a pile of shit Nor is it his best But there is much to admire in To Have and Have Not, and those things are amplified by Will Patton s award worthy vocal performance in the audio version Patton s quiet, simmering rhythm, and his hushed tones even in the most violent moments bring out th [...]

  9. Steve

    I m all over the map on how to rate this one It s better than 3 stars, but probably not worth 4 but I ll round up I was surprised to find that this was Hemingway s first novel in eight years Is it a novel On one hand, you could probably view this as a collection of short stories and a novella, with the connective thread being that Middled Aged Man of the Sea Harry Morgan But there are connective threads here the Depression being the main one where the reader can discern a beginning to end storyl [...]

  10. Julie Christine

    Florida Keys 1937 Harry Morgan, husband to a former prostitute, disappointed father, erstwhile deep sea fishing guide Broke Desperate Surrounded by wasted, depressed, angry, hopeless characters Welcome to Hemingway How can a protagonist who refers to blacks as niggers , who writes his own moral code with little regard for law or ethics, who regrets his daughters, and who has a dismal outlook on life even on his best days get under your skin How can a writer, whose phrases are bleak, whose charac [...]

  11. Earl Gray

    This was my third time reading it The first was in 1999, borrowed from the local library when I read re read a lot of his books for his 100th birthday The second was when I bought a copy with a Border s gift certificate that my wife had given me in 2007 This time was when I brought it with me to read during a trip to Key West for my birthday because he wrote it there and it takes place there The highlight of reading it this time was reading it in our Key West hotel room on the Sunday that Isaac [...]

  12. Zeek

    Considered Hemmingway s worst To Have and Have Not is almost shocking to read with modern eyes Either he was a racist pig likely or he was documenting the sad state of racial affairs in the 1930 s when this was written unlikely but true, however inadvertedly Even if I give him the benefit of the doubt, he probably was showing his ass as well.The first section of this decidedly short novel is told from Harry Morgan s POV I found the first section to be the most engaging, although this is where th [...]

  13. Emily Luba

    Oh I really wanted to love this book I m very aware that Hemingway is a literary genius and writes fabulous novels, but this book had me scratching my head Basically I could summarize it in one sentence A man drives his boat between Florida and Cuba and runs into violent and illegal happenings And that Is It I was really looking forward to reading Hemingway, as I never have before, and he is my Dad s favourite author but I just didn t get it the point of this novel I m not sure if there was some [...]

  14. Mahdie

    Realy high literally style.With alot of decent descriptions.But the reader would be missed to infer whats the main lesson because the author had tried not to judge and say his own ideas in this book.The main thing that I have learned from this book was that love can cause everything.Sometimes people who loves sb does anything to make in this book the t main character s wife satisfied.That caused his death.And how his wife could survive living without him .

  15. Sara Jesus

    Este n o um livro de her is nem vil es Trata se de uma hist ria de pessoas mal amadas, necessitadas de aten o e apoio Harry Morgan , o protagonista, o anti her i que todo faz para alimentar sua fam lia, envolvendo se em contrabando e metendo se nos mais diverso problemas N o uma personagem encantador a algu m a quem n s desprezamos Entende se que ama sua mulher Marie, mas n o parece ter algum carinho pelas suas filhas Ter e n o ter um livro que nos leva a Cuba e nos transporta a podrid o da alma [...]

  16. Kathryn

    The last Hemingway book I read was The Garden of Eden To Have and Have Not has made me appreciate that last book a bit Comparing the books is unfair Both are extremely different Eden was unique This book felt predictable, chaotic, and unrelateable It almost felt as though it were two rough drafts thrown together I did not like the turn of the structure near the end I did not like the dialogue or the characters I had high hopes after the first chapter Even though I did not like Harry, I was inte [...]

  17. Daren

    Published in 1937, this book contains three stand alone, but interconnected stories, all revolving around the same character Harry Morgan The first two stories are very short, and were originally published in magazines, the third is novella length.The stories are very nautical those with an interest in boats will take from the detailed boat descriptions than others The writing style varies from story to story, as does the narration which doesn t remain consistent throughout sometimes Harry, som [...]

  18. Carol Storm

    I see why people say this is Hemingway s worst novel It s not just the revolting racial epithets scattered everywhere like rat turds It s the unintentionally hilarious dialogue between super macho Harry and his big blonde, blowzy wife I get excited just looking at you Harry Do it to me again, that s all I want That s all I care about On the other hand, there are some good gun fights and interesting background on Florida in the Depression And the opening chapter, where the rich tourist wrecks the [...]

  19. Ben

    No matter how a man alone ain t got no bloody fucking chance.Don t stare at it too long Hemingway can write a little better than this crude assembly of improper grammar, this frayed string of incomprehensible nonsense I know this, despite certain times of doubt while reading his works But in To Have and Have Not, all the contemptible characteristics of Hemingway s style work together seamlessly and, importantly, with profound effect I nearly glimpsed the genius which the literary world ascribes [...]

  20. Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo

    I can see Papa walking the cat walk leading to his his studio By 1937 he was growing tired of Pauline Their marriage was on the rocks and Hemingway resented her money He did question the rich and their attitudes somewhat, but his feelings about the rich was really about Pauline He enjoyed his money He thought To Have and Have Not was shit and really didn t care how Hollywood treated this small book And Hollywood did treat the book differently The Becall and Bogart movie was nothing like the nove [...]

  21. Morgan

    I wouldn t call this the worst Hemingway book ever written, but out of the ones I ve read I wasn t a fan I had bought this book in college for a Hemingway course I took, but we never got around reading it Six years later, I finally remembered I had this book and decided to read it Besides the main character using the n word a little too much for my case, I didn t like the set up for this book It got a little confusing for Hemingway s short and to the point style With that said, it wasn t all tha [...]

  22. Onur Umut

    ki sene nce bulundu um bir cenazede b t n g n birlikte ge irdi im modern zamanlar n cenaze levaz mat s Hasan Bey geldi akl ma bu kitab okurken Hemingway benim kalem Sanki onu benden ba ka bilen yok bu koca d nyada Hasan Bey daha do rusu Hasan abi Baz adamlar sadece abidir Abi olarak d nya gelmi lerdir sanki Vakar, centilmen, ama uzaktan bak ld nda pek bir ey ifade etmeyen bir g r nt s vard Hasan abi nin S radan.Eve gidip portakal yiyip yatan biri Yapt i e b t n g n tan k olduktan sonra deh ete k [...]

  23. Squire

    A man One man alone ain t got No man alone now No matter how a man alone ain t got no bloody fucking chance.This is the summation of what Harry Morgan, the titular Have Not of the title, has learned in his lifetime.Essentially, two short stories and one novella concerning Harry Morgan a hard drinking, hard loving, fishing boat captain forced by dire circumstances into running contraband mostly alcohol and mercenaries between Key West, FL and Cuba He is a bruiser of a man big, burly, quick thinki [...]

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