Fish Wish (2020)

Fish Wish Bob Barner Fish Wish The world of a coral reef Diorama
  • Title: Fish Wish
  • Author: Bob Barner
  • ISBN: 9780823416639
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
Fish Wish Bob Barner The world of a coral reef Diorama.
Fish Wish Bob Barner

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    Bob Barner

One thought on “Fish Wish

  1. Alexander The Triumphant

    In this book there was fishes and there was an octopus and there was a squid fish and there was a person who talked about all the fishes and the jellyfish and the octopusses I liked this book because there s fish by Alexander

  2. Maliha Arman

    This book is a fun way to introduce sea animals to your classroom The children will have the opportunity to increase their imagination as to what it would feel like to swim and live under water The teacher would be able to use this book when talking about the animals in the sea as well as comparing and contrasting animals that live under the sea and those that don t The illustrations in this book create a warm and inviting feel to the reader.

  3. Tracy Morton

    I love the pictures in this book It is also great that the book introduces real ocean words like anemone There isn t much text in this one.

  4. Vivian

    Barner serves up a bold and bright introduction to life found in a coral reef Featured in our library Starfish Stuff Story Time , children were invited to mimic the featured creatures swim like dolphins keeping arms by sides with hands out as fins and swaying a bitide like turtles breast stroking motions with armszip like an octopus through squid ink waving arms aboutdive down deep pretend to divefloat like jellyfish bend over and limply dangle armsdress like a hermit crab pretend to put on a sh [...]

  5. Heidi-Marie

    If I hadn t seen that this book s publication date was 2000, I would have thought it was trying to play off the Finding Nemo craze But it didn t This will be a good toddler book if we do some of the animal actions and sounds along with it I just have to refrain from the initial reactions Nemo quotes I had with each page as I read it to myself.4 13 10 4 15 10 I can t believe how well this book came off I did the sounds and actions, and the parents were so good in doing both with their children An [...]

  6. Cemeread

    2 s With one sentence per spread this is a good choice for two year olds who aren t ready to sit still for long This book is colorful and introduces some ocean animals No facts are given other than where the clown fish lives and sleeps, but end pages name all the creatures in the final picture, give a short paragraph of information on each of the named animals in the story and explain a coral reef So there is opportunity to add some learning to the story for curious minds.A good paring mind be C [...]

  7. Inna Nako

    Grade K 1, Grouping animals according to physical attributes where it lives very easy book for younger grades, short sentences all about animals in the ocean can be used to introduce a topic on ocean animals such as dolphins, coral reefs, sea turtles, squid i like this book because at the end of it, it includes a large picture with numbered animals that correspond with the picture it also has a glossary type page describing different animals and their characteristics

  8. Camille

    This is a simple book about a boy imagining himself a fish swimming in the ocean I like the simple text of this book, but I don t think its simple so it would be good for babies or toddlers I think its for beginning readers Still I would use it with baby toddlers because of the bright pictures and the poetic prose although it doesn t rhyme.

  9. Jenny

    I am not much of an artist, so would give this less stars considering the art element of the book, but otherwise the story was good and I really liked the educational information at the end, especially the list and outlines of the different fish in the ocean Held the attention of my 3 year old very well.

  10. Joann Aubain

    This is a very simple book where a boy imagines he s a fish and explores the different things and creatures of the sea Not very engaging in my opinion Colorful none the less, however I would recommend this read for toddlers maybe.

  11. Karen

    My five year old son picked this book out of the library last week This was a fun, sweet book, with loads of color saturated illustrations It was pretty simple and basic, in an accessible way, not in a boring way Actual rating 3.5 stars, but I round up.

  12. Lesley Looper

    This is a colorful and imaginative children s book about animals in the ocean Bold, bright illustrations are a plus.

  13. Liliana

    Great book to learn about different sea life creatures This book can also be related to Finding Nemo This book also contains an alliteration dive down deep.

  14. Kim

    Nice picture book to show animals around a coral reef Big and simple pictures Good for toddler preschool

  15. Miss Sarah

    simple and sweet with bright colorful pictures this would work great for any age group learning about the ocean.

  16. Leyla

    Great book, great colors, simple words, but deep message We stopped to make a thorough study of the glossary at the end Added value

  17. Shannon

    A cute story for pre school age kids who love the sea The back pages that give information on the sea creatures that pop up in the story are a nice touch.

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