Troll Or Derby (2020)

Troll Or Derby Red Tash Troll Or Derby In Troll Or Derby fifteen year old Roller Deb is singled out by town bullies for both her skates and for being different When her popular homecoming queen of a sister is kidnapped by a scuzzy drug d
  • Title: Troll Or Derby
  • Author: Red Tash
  • ISBN: 9781477583722
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
Troll Or Derby Red Tash In Troll Or Derby, fifteen year old Roller Deb is singled out by town bullies for both her skates, and for being different When her popular homecoming queen of a sister is kidnapped by a scuzzy drug dealer, Deb must flee the trailer park in which she s grown up, and rescue her Along the way, Deb becomes enmeshed in the magical realm of trolls and fairies, and the blood tIn Troll Or Derby, fifteen year old Roller Deb is singled out by town bullies for both her skates, and for being different When her popular homecoming queen of a sister is kidnapped by a scuzzy drug dealer, Deb must flee the trailer park in which she s grown up, and rescue her Along the way, Deb becomes enmeshed in the magical realm of trolls and fairies, and the blood thirsty version of roller derby at which these beings excel But spending too much time among the fairies comes with a price Will Deb choose to save her sister, with the aid of a mysterious troll Or will she be lost to the lures of roller derby, and the blonde temptress April, forever Axel Howerton says Red Tash delivers again with this tale of rockin , rollin and full metal fantasy I love this damn book Mercedes Yardley This book has it all Prophecies Destinies Royalty, trust, revenge Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are doused in humor and lit ablaze with quirky snark I blew through this book incredibly fast because I couldn t put it down If you want a solid, fun read, then pick up Red Tash s Troll or Derby Braine of TalkingSupe Book Reviews says Roller Deb is the perfect amalgam of Heather Graham Boogey Nights and Ellen Page Whip It , she s a sexy ass kicking heroine and I can t help but adore the chick All that unleashed power is both scary and fascinating, it feels like staring into the sun And Harlow, with his swoon worthy name, is the kind of troll you want to fall in love with I was actually imaging them to be Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta in Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise as the villain McJagger Overall the story is crazy exciting and so fast paced you ll just keep on flipping the pages.
Troll Or Derby Red Tash

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One thought on “Troll Or Derby

  1. Elicia Cheah

    You can also find this review at girlinthewoodsreviewsDetailed Review I love everything about this book The cover, the story, the characters, the setting you name it If I was given the chance to say about it, I would just say that it was an extraordinary read for me, something that was not mundane and doesn t occur daily.I drank everything in, from start to end and I realise something Even though with something like roller derby mixed in together with fantasy such as trolls and fairies, everyth [...]

  2. Ian

    Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roller Derby Interrogating a pixie isn t as fun as it sounds I tried to keep it nice, but the little guys are vicious biters, and I may have squished one Roller Deb is 15, she lives in a trailer with her mom who despises her, her home coming queen sister, and she s the target of town bullies When her sister is kidnapped by the local mafia she finds help from an unlikely source Harlow is a troll who doesn t remember his past All he knows is he has to protect Roller Deb an [...]

  3. Karin Cox

    Ever heard about those indie authors who have huge success doing something very different Like writing fairy erotica, or dragon soap opera Well, what about dark Urban Fantasy featuring gritty troll and fairy roller derby with a gay lead Sound weird It is But don t be put off Red Tash s new novel Troll or Derby manages to combine all of that in a way that is edgy, fresh, and original It is a page turning quick read that pulls no punches, and despite its sometimes dark themes, it will appeal to te [...]

  4. Lauren (Northern Plunder)

    My review was first posted on Northern Plunder, you can read of my reviews there too.I was super duper lucky enough to receive a copy of Troll or Derby for review from the author herself and couldn t wait to jump into a new world of Red s.Late last year I won a copy of This Brilliant Darkness which I enjoyed, and upon starting Troll or Derby I was engulfed by her writing again.She is definitely one of those authors who has a style to her work I m not sure I can pin it down to a certain thing or [...]

  5. Mercedes Yardley

    It s easy to weary of the traditional fae in literature They re gorgeous, ephemeral little things with delicate wings While such ethereality can be charming in small doses, I would prefer fae with bite A little teeth And a lot rock and roll.Then Red Tash s Troll or Derby came blowing through the doors and my prayers were answered Enter Roller Deb, a normal girl with a fierce love for skating We re introduced to 15 year old Deb when she s trying to rush into a flaming trailer to save her drugg [...]

  6. Bodie P

    Not Just A Pretty FaceSo Red Tash has a new Kindle book available on , Troll Or Derby, and I managed to score a pre release review copy, and wasn t that a lucky day for me I m familiar with her quirky, fun characters from her Shorts check out The Wizard Takes a Holiday for a fast, fun example so I was somewhat prepared for the folks I met when I opened Troll Or Derby There s Roller Deb herself, of course a teenage girl from a bad neighborhood just about everybody in town assumes is gay, and who [...]

  7. ᴥ Irena ᴥ

    2.5If I had stopped somewhere around half of this story, I would have rated it five stars However it is like two different books written by two different authors The first is great the setting, a prophecy, the build up, the mystery and the wonderful way of introducing the protagonists a fairy and a troll bonded when they were children and their adversaries There are too many things to list The other half is full of inconsistencies, the things that needed an explanation and there is absolutely no [...]

  8. Jessica McHugh

    Original and EntertainingI would like to start this review by stating that I m also an author I do this not for promotion, but to illustrate how much I love Troll or Derby When JK Rowling came out with the Harry Potter series, I was angry at myself Why didn t I think of that This is the exact feeling I had while reading Red Tash s Troll or Derby I wish I d had this idea I also wish I was the main character, Roller Deb.Red Tash created a world unlike any other It seems as real as the world in whi [...]

  9. Red Dwyer

    Red Tash smashes stereotypical fantasy character types with the seedy underbelly of a rural town near you In a gripping allegory of the white trash trailer park, along with its fancy trips to the big box store, Tash spins a web of fast paced events with seamless intersections between roller derby fairies with drug slinging trolls and the harsh reality of life on the street for teenage runaways caught in the switches of the identity malaise which grips humans of that age.The characters are earthy [...]

  10. Kristy Carey

    Wow Its been a while since books have yanked me in so far, that I almost have to pull myself back into the real world Between Lady of the Veils and Troll or Derby, I ve been reminded of why the very idea of Urban Fantasy, by my definition, appeals to me.The reader is in for a unique, one of a kind trip out of the world we know and into a world filled with variations of the fairy world we all know and love The trip Red Tash takes the reader on is fast paced and filled with action Each switch betw [...]

  11. Margaret Radisich

    Not Tinker BellFull of fairies, ghouls, and a few humans or at least those that think they are humans I love fantasy novels because the authors have such amazingly vivid imaginations that being said, Red s writing talent and her ability to draw the reader in has placed her books at the number one spot in this genre as far as I am concerned.The book was fun exciting with a little terror thrown in the fae are not cute and sweet, but are mean with pointy teeth Her characters were magnetic both the [...]

  12. Alisa

    This is fairy and troll fantasy that flips over the handlebars of your normal ride through a fairy fantasy, and skids you into bloody gravel instead while making funny and sarcastic remarks in the process Not the usual gorgeous world depicted in fairy stories where everyone is beautiful, ethereal and kind, and unicorns are virtuous in Troll or Derby, even the unicorns are badass and willing to use that horn to settle a score Set in rural Indiana, fantasy and reality blur against the backdrop the [...]

  13. Lauren

    I downloaded this book to my kindle about 2 hours before hurricane Sandy knocked my electricity out for a week, and was very glad I did A good book has the uncanny ability to make a shitty situation way bearable, and when that book contains faeries, roller derby, lesbians, and an assload of music references, all the so The storyline was funny and the characters cool, and I m not gonna lie, I developed a little crush on Harlow.I thought it kinda took a while to get going though, and the the phy [...]

  14. Kitty Chatfou

    Book Title Troll Or Derby Author Red TashPublished By Self PublishedAge Recommended 14 Reviewed By Kitty BullardRaven Rating 5Review I have NEVER read a book like this before Red Tash definitely has the ability to come up with some interesting and never before heard of plots When Roller Deb s sister is kidnapped not only does she have to figure out how to save her, but she ends up gaining help from creatures one would never have thought to exist The book being centered around the Roller Derby is [...]

  15. Edel

    Not everything is as it seems in peaceful Bedrock Indiana.We are quickly thrown into the action by Roller Derby loving heroine Debra as she is rescuing her sister Gennifer from a Fae Meth Lab fire Deb gets Gen to hospital then not long afterwards finds out she was kidnapped sisters are hard work sometimes Deb alerts their no good mother and then begins on the hunt for her sister with the help of Harlow the charming Troll who lives in the dump begins the search it takes them to weird and wonderf [...]

  16. Zoe

    So, I finished Troll or Derby today, and then I slammed two double rum and cokes to stop my shaking I also got out my tobacco and chain smoked two ciggies in a row It s times like this when I wish I was sane, and that books didn t have so much power over me But I completely lost it over my feelings of betrayal for how badly this book turned out in the end.I started off loving this story, praising it with every chapter update I did on Twitter And then right around the 50% mark, it all went horrib [...]

  17. Jonquil

    Troll or Derby is a visit to the darker side of Fae Troll folk, with drug dealing, roller derby, and a maybe human girl in the middle of it all.Quote 1 I mean, you ve seen movies, you ve read Rowling Tolkein I m telling you that the real live working class trolls of the Midwest are nothing like you ve been told page 9, paragraph 5 Not to give anything away, but Tash has blended Trolls Amish so seamlessly that it gives pause to consider that, perhaps, there might be a word or two of truth here.Qu [...]

  18. John Hundley

    Troll or Derby is Paranormal Americana at its best It starts out at a dead run as teenaged Roller Deb rescues her older sister from a meth lab fire and the pace only increases from there Ms Tash is a former journalist, and it shows There is not a wasted word in the whole story There s no time for background explanations or character development You need to keep your head up and your eyes and ears open and get ready to duck cause the next thing s coming at you already Yet somehow, amidst all the [...]

  19. Rachel Eliason

    Meth addicted trailer park trolls I loved it Troll or derby is set in a re imagined rural Indiana filled with trailer parks, drug dealers, rednecks, the Amish and of course roller derby all existing alongside an alternate world of trolls and fairies These unusual combinations blend smoothly thanks to Red Tash s superb story telling Deb has grown up an adopted child to an abusive and drunk mother, forced to watch over her step sister Gennifer, who is dangerously irresponsible most of the time Whe [...]

  20. Jessica Bronder

    Deb lives in the small town of Bedrock Indiana It is a little farming town and she stands out like a sore thumb Unlike her beautiful sister that is always winning beauty titles and is spoiled by their drunken mother, Deb is into roller derby and wears dark, unpopular cloths Because of that, she is constantly the victim of bullies and harassment Deb tries not to let that affect her while she spends her time looking after her big sister Gennifer Gennifer has been hanging around this drug dealer Da [...]

  21. M.L. John

    Troll or Derby by Red Tash is an urban fantasy about a girl named Deb Deb lives in rural Pennsylvania with her mother, an alcoholic, and her sister Gennifer, a beautiful girl with a big problem she s become involved with a dangerous meth dealer named Dave Deb has always felt protective of her sister, so when Dave kidnaps Gennifer, Deb knows she has to rescue her from whatever twisted plan he has in store Everything gets weird er when Deb s mother finds out Gennifer s been kidnapped She goes craz [...]

  22. Claudia

    I just finished Troll or Derby and all I have to say is, it s been a long time since I felt such a rush from reading a book it wasn t from the faeth, I swear The title itself says it allyou re in for a rockin good ride.The world of trolls and fairies Tash has created is beyond what you ve come to expect from other troll fairy books In fact, this might be one of the best troll fairy stories I ve had the pleasure of reading The characters in her world are nitty, gritty, raw, and realry much like T [...]

  23. Astrid Yrigollen

    I had to read this book once I saw this great cover and the author s picture The cover because it is beautifully done and promises so much I also collect BJds imgotobucket albums v46 which this cover reminded me of, hence instant grabby hands for me.The authors picture How can you not love that face Cute ,sweet and yet that mischievous impish personality comes through Plus, she happens to look a lot like my sister Okay so maybe I was a little bias Anyone who is tired of traditional elves dressed [...]

  24. Lourie

    Wow what a ride I think that Troll Or Derby is one of my new favorites Red Tash has done an amazing job with this YA Saga The flip flop story telling from the two main characters keeps the action moving pulling you to the next chapter and then the next Just try putting this book down, I dare you.Enormous Trolls, Fledgling Fairies Roller Derby who doesn t love the roller derby and lest not us for get the witty 80 s lyrics OMG did I forgot to mention the pixies There is nothing typical about this [...]

  25. Talk Supe

    Full review at Talk SupeAside from the comical but adventure filled story, the tale was told in alternating POV s from Deb and Harlow which I find cool because it s always nice to know what the guy was thinking when caught in critical moments like marriage and being in love More importantly I LOVE the villain, Jarod McJagger, the name alone is wicked indeed and he is relentless in ensuring that he gets what he wants Too bad Roller Deb and Harlow is a tag team worthy of their championship belt, y [...]

  26. Mona

    This book was fantastic The read was very smooth and entertaining the whole way Every chapter is a back and forth dance between Harlow and Roller Deb I loved that Harlow was not your typical overyly gorgeous male character and yet by the end I was oddly attracted to him and his tusks Also Deb was neither a bad A or a push over She seemed rough around the edges due to her living conditions and yet was bery vunerable at the same time The whole book felt like a you were on a roller derby rink The c [...]

  27. Heather Adkins

    Troll or Derby is a fast paced, snarky ride from beginning to end It incorporates sharp toothed fairies, obnoxious pixies, faeth dealing trolls, and an unwitting couple fairy Deb and Harlow the troll who manage to bumble along, all the while slashing through enemies, carrying around teeth and skates, and doing a little growing up in the process Red Tash is an eloquent writer, and Troll or Derby is a fresh take on the YA genre many people write about fairies, but not quite like this Recommended f [...]

  28. Axel Howerton

    More brilliance from Red Tash, author of THIS BRILLIANT DARKNESS A modern day, adult oriented dark fantasy Like True Blood, but better Less soap opera saucy, ass kicking savagery, wild derby chicks, monsters and mayhem All of that, and , in one of the most assured voices to emerge in this new era of self pub and digital reading Thrilling, charming and entertaining as hell I loved the % out of this book

  29. Ash Krafton

    I find myself endlessly captivated by Red Tash s work Her stories take me a lot further down roads I otherwise wouldn t brave on my own Troll or Derby provides a refreshing look at the world of fae all the pretty sparkly filters come off to reveal a tenacious stranglehold on the world of folklore Cheers, Tash you made fairies my kind of fun again.

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