The Crown of the Summer Court (2020)

The Crown of the Summer Court Astolat The Crown of the Summer Court The king sent me to get you Merlin said with a tone that implied strongly that he wasn t rolling his eyes where Arthur could see but just wait until his back was turned He said you re to get change
  • Title: The Crown of the Summer Court
  • Author: Astolat
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
The Crown of the Summer Court Astolat The king sent me to get you, Merlin said, with a tone that implied strongly that he wasn t rolling his eyes where Arthur could see, but just wait until his back was turned He said you re to get changed into formal clothes and meet him in the Great Hall, there s a delegation coming from the Summer Court Merlin BBC Canon AU, 24,773 Words
The Crown of the Summer Court Astolat

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    313 Astolat
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One thought on “The Crown of the Summer Court

  1. Julio Genao

    unspeakable joye problem with the TV show upon which this fic is based is that one of the central conceits the once and future king arthur s paranoiac dad has banned all magic in camelot so arthur must never ever know merlin is a powerful mage is only all that delightful to a certain kind of fucktarded british person who relishes every opportunity to reinforce ancient and sociologically poisonous ideas about class and privilege because they can t help themselves, they ll take a penniless lord tu [...]

  2. Adam

    I think I ve found a new ship to obsess over Merthur I tried watching Merlin a few years ago, but I just couldn t get in to it But Merthur s been popping up on my feed for a while now, so I thought I d give it a try I was not disappointed When I began reading, I was a bit put off by Arthur and Merlin s relationship They re very snarky with each other But I realized pretty quickly that that s just how they show their affection for one another The prince and manservant dynamic was totally up my al [...]

  3. Loederkoningin

    I love how Astolat captures the atmosphere or Merthur, and how their writing flows What a writer And this fic is great It has a little bit of everything really I especially enjoyed the humor, though it didn t sizzle as much as in For Your Information 4 stars instead of 5 because overall I d have liked a little Though mostlyfeels Yeah, I think a few feels is what I was after.

  4. Jennifer☠Pher☠

    Re read 08 12 15 08 13 15I decided to read this again for two reasons The first being I didn t review it the first time so I wanted to do that properly this time.I still don t think I can This book has me absolutely enchanted I don t even know what to say or where to begin to convey my feelings towards it I do think, even though my Merthur is still in its early days, that I think this may go down as my favorite forever The second reason is of course because THIS BOOK HAS ME ABSOLUTELY ENCHANTED. [...]

  5. Nina

    This is so otherworldly and fascinating the elven court and Merlin s use of magic would ve been enough to keep me riveted the whole time On top of that, the romance aspect felt natural, organic, and overall very nicely handled.

  6. Sandra

    3.5 stars This premise was good And it addressed a lot of the issues of the show, like Uther being against magic It gave us a satisfying ending where you don t feel like either of them got gypped on their destiny Unfortunately, I didn t really feel the chemistry between them There was no UST or anything leading up, they were almost too much exactly like their TV counterparts, and then the magic blooms and they re drawn to each other and get it on.

  7. karlakolumna

    Really great canonverse novella I really loved this one The only point of crticism that I can think of is its length, it was way too shortRecommended.

  8. Arthur

    3.5 starsA fanfic about Merlin being an Elvin prince without him realizing it Before he could make any claim of the throne, however, he has to show his ability before the Elvin Council through a series of tests Some of the tests pit him against other contenders for the throne Good thing the rule says the contenders have to fight through their champions Arthur volunteers to be Merlin s champion While Arthur is well versed in fighting, can he go against Elvin magic I like this for the high fantasy [...]

  9. DayDreamer

    Bottom Arthur was great, but I couldn t make myself be invested in the story enough Bonus points for being canon, minus points for the elves.

  10. Seregil

    Wow Merlin x Arthur in a rather canon first season Merlin TV show coupled with Tolkien style elves Now this is what I call awesome fanfiction It has a bit of everything political intrigue, humor, strange elven laws, magic, hot forbidden romance and even pretty great illustrations I m only giving it 4 stars because I was a bit disappointed in how little Arthur reacted when finding out about Merlin s magic It should have been a bit .

  11. Julesmarie

    This was great good fun Merlin makes a delightful half elven prince, and Arthur was perfect as his champion.The adventures of the challenges and how Merlin and Arthur get through them all were fascinating and delightful and very fun to read.

  12. Eve

    A really delightful, lighthearted Merlin Arthur fic with lots of fun banter It starts out with Merlin as Author s manservant in a Camelot where magic is banned, so Arthur has no idea that Merlin has any until the elves come top visit and choose their new king.

  13. Lost in a Book

    4.25 Stars I can t rate this above The Student Prince but it was really really enjoyable too This Merthur rabbit hole is insanely addicting and solid FanFic like this makes it hard to take a break from Definitely recommended Thanks to my Merthur friends for recommending these gems to me I suppose it s time to leave Merthur for a few days and knock out some ARCs deep breathes I ll be back my lovelies addicted

  14. Ami

    3.5 starsI am not usually dabble in Canon Era when it comes to Merlin Arthur of Merlin BBC fics I just feel a little bit uncomfortable I know it sounds strange, but because in the Canon Era, nothing physically romantic actually happens between them, and I know how the story in that show goes, it s just weird in my head but this one gets quite a number of recommendations, plus it s only around 27K So I thought, oh well, I should give it a try.Story wise, I thought it was good I enjoyed the idea o [...]

  15. Janine Southard

    This is, without a doubt, my favorite piece of Merlin fanfiction I recommend it pretty much all the time So I m thrilled that it s rate able on.The things you need to know Merlin.The things it helps to know Medieval literature of the Otherworld.The mythology builds beautifully in this story, and the writing is glorious.

  16. Aeren

    Como todo lo de esta persona, una maravilla, bien narrado y lleno de buenas ideas y situaciones, la falta de sexo casi no se nota xDD

  17. Pjm12

    Read because of Julio s review His reviews always make me want to read.I am happy to engage with any type of Merlin and Arthur fanfics Canon, non canon, whatever, as so long as there s teasing and grumbling and flirting.So, yeah, this fit the bill.

  18. Ian

    Really loved the magic descriptions especially that tree.Morgana was fantastic comic relief.Smex scenes were hot and inventive.All in all funny, imaginative, well written.However, too short to really make a strong, lasting impression.

  19. Ali

    A fascinating AU, with Elves Beautifully written with great Merlin Arthur interaction and a delightfully dry and witty Morgana.

  20. Lex

    3.5 5 I really liked it for the most part I just feel like there was a little something something missing.

  21. YoloCat1

    I absolutely loved this It was so amazingly written, and had me hooked throughout the whole story The ending was just right, and overall brought out many emotions from within me Astolat is a really good writer, and I would highly recommend this story The plot was amazing, and the challenges were creatively thought out and written through with such good detail The emotions displayed upon Arthur and Merlin are just described in such captivating ways, that you, yourself, as the reader can feel what [...]

  22. Little Coffee Bean

    I enjoyed this so much the second time around than I did the first It wasn t perfect by any means the amount of sex these two have is insane but it was truly beautiful and I couldn t help but get excited, like waiting on the edge of my seat, even though I already knew what was going to happen.

  23. Sannah

    Maybe like 3.5.I really liked this, which surprised me cos i kept starting it and getting bored after the first couple of paragraphs So when i finally got round to reading the whole thing and it had funny moments and sweet moments and classic fantasy moments i was really pleased also surprised me that it was so shortd the illistrations were lovely.

  24. Èmina

    I loved this one, it was too short but it was sooo cute and funny Don t know how I feel about the whole elves thing but I liked the endinge promise of a future to come after a mans life time And I loved how Arthur was so bottomy D D

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