Who Needs Mr Darcy? (2020)

Who Needs Mr Darcy? Jean Burnett Who Needs Mr Darcy Mr Wickham turned out to be a disappointing husband in many ways the most notable being his early demise on the battlefields of Waterloo And so Lydia Wickham nee Bennet still not twenty and ever fu
  • Title: Who Needs Mr Darcy?
  • Author: Jean Burnett
  • ISBN: 9780751547047
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
Who Needs Mr Darcy? Jean Burnett Mr Wickham turned out to be a disappointing husband in many ways, the most notable being his early demise on the battlefields of Waterloo And so Lydia Wickham, nee Bennet, still not twenty and ever full of an enterprising spirit, must make her fortune independently.A lesser woman, without Lydia s natural ability to flirt uproariously on the dancefloor and cheat seamlesslyMr Wickham turned out to be a disappointing husband in many ways, the most notable being his early demise on the battlefields of Waterloo And so Lydia Wickham, nee Bennet, still not twenty and ever full of an enterprising spirit, must make her fortune independently.A lesser woman, without Lydia s natural ability to flirt uproariously on the dancefloor and cheat seamlessly at the card table, would swoon in the wake of a dashing highwayman, a corrupt banker and even an amorous Royal or two But on the hunt for a marriage that will make her rich, there s nothing that Lydia won t turn her hand to .Taking in London, Paris and Brighton, Who Needs Mr Darcy details the charming, lively and somewhat dastardly further exploits of the youngest Bennet sister Pride and Prejudice this isn t and Mr Darcy certainly won t be rescuing her this time.
Who Needs Mr Darcy? Jean Burnett

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One thought on “Who Needs Mr Darcy?

  1. Eustacia Tan

    I hardly ever do this I ve been putting down books I m too lazy to read a book I can t connect with , but I hardly ever write a review for a book that I put down halfway But yet, this book infuriated me so much that not only did I have to stop reading I tried, I really tried , but I had to rant about it.Yes, you have been warned, this is a rant.I think, if you know me well, you can tell that I hate it when sequels change characters drastically Especially for classics like Pride and Prejudice So [...]

  2. Georgiana 1792

    Quando Lydia diventa Tom Jones in gonnellaSi sa che Jane Austen scriveva solo di quello che conosceva per esperienza Molti le rimproverano questo suo limite, che ci ha fatto conoscere solo la parte pi rispettabile, patinata e senza macchia della societ Eppure, nel periodo Regency non era tutto moralmente irreprensibile, anzi Con The Bad Miss Bennet esploriamo insieme a Lydia ogni vizio e malcostume dell epoca Perch la sorella Bennet meno rispettabile non disdegna di abbassarsi ai pi sordidi espe [...]

  3. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)

    Lydia Wickham is set free from the confines of her unhappy and ill fated marriage just three short years after her imprudent and infamous elopement to George Wickham Because of Wickham s untimely and misfortunate death, Lydia is left to depend on the generosity and sympathy of her relations While the Darcys bestow upon Lydia an allowance that will allow her to live respectably, comfortably, and independently Lydia prefers a lively and luxurious lifestyle She eschews their suggestions of remaini [...]

  4. Tintaglia

    E infine cedo le armi.Anhce se ci tengo a precisare una cosa non abbandono questo libro scappando via urlante, come per i tremendi A Little Bit Psychic Pride Prejudice with a Modern Twist e Prom and Prejudice lo abbandono sbadigliante, senza esser riuscita minimamente a interessarmi alle vicende della novella vedova Wickam, ai suoi nuovi compagni d avventure n alla maniera in cui vede i personaggi austeniani classici.Non ho trovato verve nemmeno nella scrittura dell autrice, purtroppo non per ma [...]

  5. Victoria

    Lydia is not one to be content with her lot, and with her ambitions tries to constantly advance herself to the life she feels she deserves There s a whole host of secondary characters that surround her, but really it is Lydia herself that makes her fortune There are plenty of mishaps, but in the end you feel optimistic for Lydia Darcy, Elizabeth and particularly Georgiana s characterizations are terrible Overall I think Jean Burnett overestimated how intelligent Lydia is, because I really feel t [...]

  6. A Holm

    I almost abandon in the beginning but the book does show through Lydia the history of the time and options women had besides marriage.

  7. Caz

    2.5 3 starsI normally steer clear of modern sequels to the classics, but this one looked intriguing The eponymous heroine is, of course, Lydia Wickham, n e Bennet, the youngest and arguably silliest of the Bennet sisters in Pride and Prejudice.We meet her again three years after her elopement and marriage, and it s immediately clear that she has not changed very much in the intervening years She is still shallow and self centred and at nineteen, is a widow of meagre means Her marriage was not a [...]

  8. Suze Lavender

    Lydia Wickham is a young widow and Mr Wickham hardly had any money, so she has to find a way to make a fortune on her own She only has one huge weakness, an appalling taste in men Together with her friends she organizes gambling evenings that should bring in some money She also has an adventure with a highwayman, who keeps making her an accomplice because Lydia can t resists his charms She even has a royal affair, but she can t seem to find a suitable husband She can t marry any of the men she m [...]

  9. Marty

    Caution Some spoilers ahead Cross Jane Austen s Elizabeth Bennet with William Makepeace Thackery s Becky Sharp, and you have Jean Burnett s version of the scandalous but likable Lydia Bennet of Pride and Prejudice infamy.Lydia is slightly older and wiser now She s recently become a widow, Mr Wickham having died at the battle of Waterloo or so she tells anyone who asks Still extravagant in her wants, Lydia is not quite as heedless of the future as she used to be She s become a successful card sha [...]

  10. Robyn Smith

    A silly book in many ways, but harmless fun Lydia, of all the Bennett sisters provides character and spunk than Mary or Kitty though I often wondered if Mary had hidden depths to develop in a book.The plot borders on hopeless, but Lydia is true to Jane Austen s portrayal, in her lack of sympathy for Wickham s demise and her swindling, cheating and lying ways, honed to perfection by her marriage to Wickham, of course.I cringed at Lydia s portrayal of Darcy this is when I thought the book lacked [...]

  11. Lindsey

    Sure, the title is the BAD Miss Bennett, but that doesn t mean Lydia has to engage in every single dubious and immoral activity that comes her way And honestly, what are the chances of a simple country girl getting the chance to sleep with the prince, become involved in an international spy ring and become a lady in waiting to foreign royalty With each new event, I was just astounded and not in a good way I should have realized the direction the story would go filled with anything and everything [...]

  12. Kalika

    I found this book truly boring and the only reason I finished it is that I usually finish all the books I start I picked it up because being an ardent Austen fan, and totally into Pride and Prejudice like many many women of my generation , I found the premise interesting One always wondered what Lydia Wickham nee Bennet had gotten up to after her marriage with the wicked Capt Wickham I know that it is a farce but heavens, just how farcical can you really get Lydia is cast as a 19th century Mata [...]

  13. Carlos Allende

    This is an amazing book I can t help to be cross at the people giving it 1 star It is called The Bad Miss Bennett, for God s sake not the other gooddie goodie Miss Bennett The main character, Lydia is selfish and inconsiderate and manipulative and that s the whole point It is a comedy She is immoral It is not Pride and Prejudice revisited and not really a second part but a spin off If you are a fourteen year old that still believes in Prince Charming, this book ain t for you.If you love old fash [...]

  14. Linda

    The Bad Miss Bennet is a bit of a misnomer by the time the book opens, Lydia Bennet has been married for about three years, and is now the Widow Wickham However, neither marriage nor widowhood has served to improve her character she is still the same vain, foolish, egocentric, impulsive girl we met in the original Pride and Prejudice, without even a needle on her moral compass.The book is written in the first person, from Lydia s viewpoint Since she can hardly be considered an unbiased observer, [...]

  15. Ms. Okes

    I did not like Lydia Bennet in the original Pride and Prejudice and I still don t after this follow up As the protagonist of the story, Lydia is still just as petty, needy, and whiny as a widow on the edge of availability She flirts and seduces her way through a series of men in order to keep the style of life she is accustomed to while pretending at morals she never really had Despite a murder plot, affairs financial and sexual , and thievery, all which she cannot help but get involved in , she [...]

  16. Mel

    OMG why why why was this book ever published rant comingI think I ve read most of the PP sequels this undoubtedly has to have been the worst I wish I could give it no stars.I thought this might be a fun book Lydia was outrageous and a bit silly in Austen s book So, I thought a developed version of that could be quite funny and entertaining.I used this book as a sleep aid Aside from the Character names and Pemberley has the author actually read Pride and Prejudice the characters were not the char [...]

  17. Chris

    Well written and interesting, but I did not like any of the characters Lydia was horrid and I think she got what she deserved in the end I did not feel bad for her at all Not one person had any redeaming qualities The saving grace for this audio book was Davina Porter She s a fantastic narrator so she made it bearable to listen to even when I hated the characters.

  18. Jo Golding

    What a load of old rubbish Lydia may have been a silly little girl but she probably wasn t a prostitute.

  19. Jeffrey

    Please visit austenprose where this review is originally published In a continuation of Pride and Prejudice, we revisit the former Miss Lydia Bennet who, to avoid total disgrace, has married Mr Wickham, that rake hell and tormenter of Mr Darcy As she embarks on her latest quest, we read from Mrs Wickham s personal journal as she lists her modest goals in life .My wants in life have always been modest A few pretty gowns, a sprinkling of diamonds, a matching pair of footmen so, so fashionable and [...]

  20. Lindsay

    Bad just bad we all know that Lydia Bennet was flighty and irritating but this just takes it to another level just can t get through this book

  21. Roxana

    The Bad Miss Bennett is not the worst PP spinoff I ve ever read, but it s far from the best Not withstanding a handful of anachronisms, Jean Burnett has a decent handle on Lydia s voice, in which descriptions of the gowns and jewels everyone is wearing are given just as much weight as depictions of murder and treason but that s the only thing remotely resembling Jane Austen in this dizzyingly strange novel The plot ricochets from one dramatic crisis to the next, and I frequently found myself won [...]

  22. Emily

    Being a fan of all things Jane Austen, I tend to find myself picking up any and all off shoots from the original that people tend to write This novel, being based around Lydia the youngest and most indiscreet Bennet caught my attention, as she is not usually the focus of a Jane Austen continuation novel.Unfortunately, it was somewhat disappointing Lydia is very much what you would expect childish, impetuous and thoughtless One would hope that she would improve and learn something, but she never [...]

  23. Alethea White-Previs

    This novel picks up shortly after Wickham s death in the Battle of Waterloo Lydia, our young and restless heroine, finds herself at Pemberley in mourning black, a color she despairs does nothing for her complexion And so we begin with the same reckless and foolish little girl we last saw headed to the north of England with her new husband Widowed at 19, Lydia despises Darcy, Georgiana, even her sister Lizzy for adopting the quieter ways of her new husband She wants nothing than to dance at Alma [...]

  24. Adrien

    This was a mildly entertaining Pride and Prejudice sequel that follows Lydia Bennet and her escapades in her attempts to win a wealthy husband after Wickham s demise at Waterloo There were a few things I appreciated and a few things I did not Mostly, I appreciated that the author did not use period speak in the novel It made for easier reading and let the reader focus on Lydia s character As for Lydia s character, I for the most part enjoyed this interpretation I did feel however that this Lydi [...]

  25. Deborah

    Who isn t intrigued with the impulsive Miss Bennet, Lydia Which of us didn t wish we had the wherewithall to run away with the handsome and romantic Mr Wickham And, which of us hasn t wondered how Lydia would fare over the yearsowing she surely wouldn t change her spots Jean Burnett has given us a beauty of a book to take us from the years shortly after Mrs Wickham becomes a widow in her early adult years But, Lydia never really grows up, and her escapades are just as to be expected in this wild [...]

  26. Stephanie

    ORIGINAL POST May 20 THE BAD MISS BENNETT, or Lydia s Lament fangswandsandfairydust 2011Audio Library Download No Remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as noted.Written in the first person as a diary, this is an amusing take on the life of Mrs Lydia Wickham, n e Bennet after Wickham dies at Waterloo Never a girl to be restrained by social convention, three years as the wife of the very bad man, Wickham, has not improved her morals In fact she s a bit of a s [...]

  27. Louise

    The title of this book caught my attention immediately as I am a huge Jane Austen fan and Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books and Mr Darcy is one of my favourite fictional heroes So I was very interested to discover how the author would treat the subject The story follows the adventures and many mishaps of Lydia Bennet, the youngest Bennet daughter who infamously elopes with the charming rake Wickham The book opens when Lydia is a widow after Wickham dies in battle at Waterloo thoug [...]

  28. Megan Readinginthesunshine

    So a large proportion of us have read Pride and Prejudice, and I think it s fair to say that it was hard not to fall in love with the story and the romance in it Who Needs Mr Darcy however, is a completely different take of what happened after our beloved novel ended And to make it even refreshing, the leading lady in the book isn t Elizabeth, but younger sister Lydia, trying to make her own way in life after the death of her husband Mr Wickham on the battlefield of Waterloo.I must say I was ve [...]

  29. Charles

    When you write a pastiche, especially one based upon one of the greatest classical authors of all time, you have to create an adaptation that is as faithful to the original as it is innovative in its own right Burnett s Who Needs Mr Darcy seeks to present the perspective of Lydia Bennet, everyone s favourite Austen anti heroine , but ends up presenting a poor perception, on the author s part, of the Regency period and of Austen herself Who Needs Mr Darcy does have its fair share of original aspe [...]

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