False Impressions (2020)

False Impressions Sandra Nikolai False Impressions Her cheating husband was murdered and she s the prime suspect Proving her innocence is one thing evading a killer who wants her dead is something else Montreal ghostwriter Megan Scott falls under poli
  • Title: False Impressions
  • Author: Sandra Nikolai
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
False Impressions Sandra Nikolai Her cheating husband was murdered and she s the prime suspect Proving her innocence is one thing evading a killer who wants her dead is something else Montreal ghostwriter Megan Scott falls under police suspicion when her husband and a female companion are found murdered In what a Quebec detective calls a crime of passion, startling evidence surfaces to implicate Mich Her cheating husband was murdered and she s the prime suspect Proving her innocence is one thing evading a killer who wants her dead is something else Montreal ghostwriter Megan Scott falls under police suspicion when her husband and a female companion are found murdered In what a Quebec detective calls a crime of passion, startling evidence surfaces to implicate Michael Elliott, a young investigative reporter who d rather rub elbows with scumbags than live the posh lifestyle he inherited.Clutched out of her comfort zone, Megan is flung into Michael s dark world of criminal investigation As they make a last ditch attempt to prove their innocence, an elusive enemy closes in and threatens their lives Who wants them out of the way and why Nikolai s debut is stellar Lakefront Muse review A real gemcely composed whodunit CA reviews Fast paced book of murder and deceit reviewer
False Impressions Sandra Nikolai

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One thought on “False Impressions

  1. Lynne King

    My reading is eclectic I love biographies, gardening books, thrillers, astronomy, cookery books you name it and I will read it but the ones that I love and keep in my library all have one thing in common, they have that magical je ne sais quoi quality that wants me to read them and read them, and keep them to read again To this day, I don t know what makes a great book but I do indeed know one when I read one.The elements are good for this mystery Based in Montreal to me a very exotic city Megan [...]

  2. Susan Anderson

    I just loved FALSE IMPRESSIONS, a mystery by Sandra Nikolai It s got a tight story line, a strong voice, and love is in the air between its two main characters, Megan and Michael It s got minor characters who are exploding with jealousy and who fall over one another chasing the men they re burning for so what s not to like Ghostwriter Megan Scott becomes a suspect when her husband and his companion are found murdered Startling evidence surfaces to implicate a young investigative reporter, Michae [...]

  3. Gail Baugniet

    Seamless Plot and Escalating SuspicionsSet in Montreal, this debut crime fiction novel by author Sandra Nikolai is loaded with intriguing characters that continued to hold my interest as it wove a story of a betrayed wife, Megan Scott, and a criminal investigator, Michael Elliott.As a bit of a movie buff, I found the premise of False Impressions reminiscent of the 1999 movie Random Hearts starring Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas who, after their marriage partners die in a plane crash, dis [...]

  4. JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book)

    was pleasantly surprised by this novel While I expected the mystery to be decent, I certainly did not expect it to be something I could not put down It definitely held my interest.Megan s husband, Tom, is a salesman and travels quite often for his job Megan is a ghostwriter The police arrive at Megan s home one day and inform her that her husband is dead And that a female was found along with him She is devastated partly because she thought they had a happy marriage, partly because they were att [...]

  5. Melodie Ramone

    I m so proud I knew who the killer was But was it predictable Uh, no Not at all I actually thought I was wrong and it was the other two or three obvious choices Needless to say, Sandra Nickolai filled False Impressions with enough shade, confusion, details, questions, twists, and turns that it kept me guessing until about 97% through the book That would bes The second to last chapter The last chapter just tied it all up Brilliant.I truly enjoyed this book with it s full bodied characters and des [...]

  6. Cheryl Landmark

    Lots of tension, suspense, red herrings, twists and turns, suspects, motives all the makings of a well crafted and clever whodunit The pacing was great, the plot believable and the resolution satisfactory The setting of Montreal was vividly described and the sprinklings of the French Canadian language and culture throughout the book made me feel like I was right there along with Megan and Michael.Speaking of whom, these two characters were very strong, well developed, intelligent and real and we [...]

  7. Demoness Tenebrae

    Great mystery novel Suspense, crime, clues, false accusations One hell of a ride Montreal ghostwriter Megan Scott falls under suspicion of murdering her husband, Thomas Scott and her best friend, Pamela Strober when their bodies are found at a cottage in Pineview The autopsy declares that they were murdered by cyanide poisoning Detectives in charge turn to the most obvious suspect, the wife She had the perfect motive, a cheating husband and a backstabbing friend When they discover she was really [...]

  8. Stephanie Urch

    I received a copy of this book free from First Reads.I had a hard time deciding on a rating to give this On the one hand, I really really enjoyed reading it It was a great mystery and it really did keep me guessing about certain things all the way through I was correct in my suspicion of who the killer was, but I didn t know any of the details behind it, and it was really well done in how those were revealed Plus I loved the relationship between Michael and Megan On the other hand, there were sc [...]

  9. Carmen Amato

    FALSE IMPRESSIONS by Canadian author Sandra Nikolai was a real gem, a nicely composed whodunit that shies away from gore and violence in favor of a dialogue driven narrative in which the characters brainstorming sessions take center stage Am I mixing metaphors Maybe Go buy the book.I always like reading mysteries that are set in different places and Nikolai puts the reader right in downtown Montreal, giving us a sense of the French influence as well as the shops, restaurants, subway system, etc [...]

  10. Charles Stubbs

    High tension, clever plotWhen freelance ghostwriter Megan Scott learns of the sudden deaths of her husband and a female friend, found together in a holiday resort chalet, her world starts spinning out of control What were they doing there together And who would murder them both Megan looks for support from one of her clients, Michael Elliott, an investigative reporter But soon Megan and Michael become the prime suspects in the police investigation While Michael s friend Dan, their lawyer, fends [...]

  11. Jennifer

    Disclosure I won this book in a giveaway.I thoroughly enjoyed this book Megan s husband is found murdered, and he was not alone His female companion is also dead The police suspect Megan, and she has to prove her innocence, and at the same time rediscover who her husband really was The story was well written, very plausible, and very compelling To be honest, I did not really get the protagonist at the end, it did work although a bit of a stretch in my opinion, but it did work The author created [...]

  12. Joyce Strand

    FALSE IMPRESSIONS offers readers a fun mystery with a great puzzle and just enough romance I was immediately enticed into this who done it with the opening line, If Id known I would be visiting the morgue just weeks after The pace never lets up, and it was hard to stop reading for a dinner break Told from first person point of view, we learn about her protagonist gradually, meet and learn about characters from her perspective, and solve the crime through her eyes As a lover of mysteries, I appre [...]

  13. Brian Benson

    False Impressions is a top rate mystery thriller, set in Montreal I really liked the the way Nikolai used the characters in her story She introduced them like paintings in an art gallery, letting me focus on which one to choose Thus, the dilemma, which one She sprinkled in just enough information throughout to keep me guessing, then tied it up all very neatly at the end I highly recommend this very thoughtfully produced mystery, and cannot wait to read her next offering Fatal Whispers Congratula [...]

  14. Agnes (BeaderBubbe)

    I finished this book when my computer crashed so I am just able to update a review Want a real who done it This book you wont put down Mystery surrounds it throughout and even I couldnt find out who did it Megan Scott s husband is found dead with a woman and the story begins She is thrown into an investigation which makes her look like the guilty party she and who wants her killed Cant say or I will give it awaytely a must readd this is only Book 1 Sandra Nikolai is definitely on my books must [...]

  15. Misha Crews

    Megan Scott has a good job, a best friend and a loving husband Then in one cruel swoop, all of that is taken away Megan is now a widow, practically friendless, and the prime suspect in her husband s murder It s not long before Megan s own life is in danger This is a deftly crafted mystery that kept me guessing until the killer s identity was revealed Full of beautiful descriptions of Montreal, interesting characters and grim jeopardy A very enjoyable book and highly recommended

  16. Melissa

    I LOVED this book I had no clue who the killer was, it was a total surprise I also loved that the story is in Montreal, since I live there, I could see the major places in my head English is my second language, and it was really easy for me to follow I even had to restrain myself from reading it too fast I discovered a new author, and I will buy any other books that Sandra Nikolai will write.

  17. Peter Dickerson

    False Impressions is a Film Noir style crime drama In this respect it is about a murder, an aggrieved widow, a police investigation, the suspects, and a new romance The heroes are the newly widowed ghost writer and her mysterious and resourceful crime reporter and writer client False Impressions is relatively light, has a neat ending, and is good fun I did enjoy reading it I liked the French element of the book being set in Montreal I understand that there are sequels as well.

  18. David Holland

    Only started this book on Monday but could not put it down.From page 1 to the very end you are on a rollercoaster ride with Megan and Michael.Suspicion is thrown at so many characters throughout the chapters that you do not know who is responsible until the very last second.An absolutely brilliant book and one I would definitely want to read again

  19. Kristine

    I enjoyed this book It was a easy book to read with a lot of suspense I will admit that I figured out the mystery fairly early on but I tend to do that with most books I read I look forward to reading the next book in the Megan and Michael series It was neat to read a book by an author that lives in the same general area as me.

  20. Martha

    I received False Impressions by Sandra Nikolai free from and totally enjoyed the mystery I didn t outguess the mystery and was surprised by the ending I liked the way the relationships built throughout the story This is my kind of story A good murder mystery Thanks.

  21. Jeremy

    Perfect pacing, sympathetic characters, a believable plot and resolution, what can you ask for Kudos to Mrs Nikolai on a stunning debut, this deserves a much wider publication.

  22. Anna

    I really enjoyed reading this mystery novel with all good elements in The end was quite a page tuner and it took me a while to figure out who the real killer was.

  23. Diane

    When can we expect your next book,Sandra I found this well thought out and a fun read please bring on .

  24. Abha

    I had a lot of suspects while reading this It was a nice, not overly done, whodunnit mystery Will check out the next book in the series since I liked both Megan and Michael.

  25. Lili

    Really enjoyed reading this, the pace was alert and the surprises keep croping up.I also liked the romantic angle, really interesting developing.I recommend it for lovers of mistery books

  26. Philip

    I ll comment later but this was a better than a GOOD read I don t know how I stumbled on Sandra Nikolai s books but I am sure glad I did cause now I ve found another Canadian author who s works I can enjoy I really liked the settings in Montreal and rural Quebec and although I know Ms Nikolai has Megan and Michael traveling to Maine in the next book I also know that is only temporary and they re back in Quebec for the third book This story has a bit of everything besides the great settings inclu [...]

  27. Kathleen Quinn

    Excellent plot and characters A real page turner with exciting twists and turns A surprise ending Looking forward to other books by thisGreat book Loved the plot and characters The ending was surprising The two main characters had good chemistry Looking forward to stories by this author.

  28. Dasha

    I read the whole book, but I didn t enjoy it The character of the protagonist was odd not realistic in her reactions to sudden tragedy, betrayal, and being suspected of a crime It was readable, yes, but struck such a false note with me that I don t want to read any by this author.

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