Uma Carta Inesperada (2020)

Uma Carta Inesperada Barbara Taylor Bradford Uma Carta Inesperada Justine Nolan uma mulher de sucesso com uma carreira art stica fulgurante Mas as mem rias que guarda com mais carinho remontam sua inf ncia um tempo que recorda como m gico De visita a casa da m e J
  • Title: Uma Carta Inesperada
  • Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
  • ISBN: 9789892319780
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
Uma Carta Inesperada Barbara Taylor Bradford Justine Nolan uma mulher de sucesso com uma carreira art stica fulgurante Mas as mem rias que guarda com mais carinho remontam sua inf ncia, um tempo que recorda como m gico De visita a casa da m e, Justine abre inadvertidamente uma carta que vai mudar tudo o que ela julgava saber sobre a sua fam lia e at sobre si pr pria As revela es s o t o chocantes que a jovemJustine Nolan uma mulher de sucesso com uma carreira art stica fulgurante Mas as mem rias que guarda com mais carinho remontam sua inf ncia, um tempo que recorda como m gico De visita a casa da m e, Justine abre inadvertidamente uma carta que vai mudar tudo o que ela julgava saber sobre a sua fam lia e at sobre si pr pria As revela es s o t o chocantes que a jovem pede a ajuda e o conforto de Richard, o seu irm o g meo Juntos, resolvem descobrir a verdade custe o que custar Mas para o fazer, ela ter de viajar at Istambul a vibrante e sedutora cidade onde se cruzam Ocidente e Oriente um lugar com os seus pr prios segredos e cujo magnetismo aproxima Justine de um homem fascinante que parece saber mais do que aquilo que est disposto a revelar E quando os enigmas ocultos durante d cadas pareciam finalmente deslindados, Justine recebe um revelador livro de mem rias No cora o deste di rio reside a sua verdadeira identidade Esta a sua grande oportunidade de sarar as feridas de trai es do passado e de abra ar um novo amor e uma nova vida.
Uma Carta Inesperada Barbara Taylor Bradford

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    Barbara Taylor Bradford

One thought on “Uma Carta Inesperada

  1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    I finally finished this, and I am very glad I did While some parts did not appeal to me, the memoirs of Justine and Richard s grandmother, Gabriele were very moving and at times heartbreaking I can t quite give this four stars because it was too slow moving initially, but it s definitely worth 3.5 stars, just for the WW2 narrative.Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine affairedecoeur.

  2. Kitti Boesel

    I would give this book negative stars if I couldThe premise is good The writing is horrid The story is choppy, at best and feels forced The conversation between Americans keeps grabbing English phrases, for no apparent reason There are random comments thrown in to the story that just feel like an afterthought I usually only give a book 40 pages, but I really wanted to enjoy this story I gave it 150 pages and they were painful and never once made me care about a single character in the story.Ther [...]

  3. Eva Leger

    4.5 I won this from FirstReads after entering because the description captured my attention When I received the book I got a little nervous It looked like an older Delinsky book than I would have liked More romance y chick lit y if you will Not my thing.I read an ARC in early March so I don t know if the cover of the ARC is the same as an actual edition cover but I don t feel it s right for this story It s not that it doesn t fit it s just too generic It gives no real feel for the story.Luckily [...]

  4. Eve

    This story sounded so good, I really wanted to like it The writing was so terrible, tons of extra words just thrown in, it felt like high school when you added words to just make the paper longer The characters were just not real, too rich, too dramatic, too perfect Constantly reminded sentence after sentence of teh same thing, traits that were already established Twin Bond to name one I stuck with it for several chapters hoping that once it got going it would get better as the story line really [...]

  5. Katherine

    I am a bit embarrassed to admit I read this book and astonished that the author has written 26 other books and received the OBE While the story is original in many ways the prose is terrible Obviously I am not on the same planet as many other people who seem love this type of writing.

  6. Aileen

    Justine Nolan is a Film Director, she lives in Manhattan she has a twin brother Richard who is grieving his wife s death and a niece Daisy 8 years ago their mother Deborah moved to Californian therefore Justine and Richard have use of her house Deborah is away for 6 weeks in China so when Justine is going through the mail she finds a letter addressed to Deborah with an Istanbul postmark she opens it and is speechless and shocked to learn that Deborah lied to them 10 years ago by telling them the [...]

  7. JoAnne

    I have loved all of Barbara Taylor Bradford s books and Letter From A Stranger is no exception The book was nothing like I expected but it drew you in from the beginning The memoir written by Gabri Gran was unbelievably vivid and you felt every emotion Throughout the book there was laughter and tears, romance and strong female characters I would love to see a continuation of this story While there is closure due to the epilogue there is so much story to tell of the reunion, the new family dynami [...]

  8. Raquel Bernardes

    Posso vos dizer que tenho este livro h pelo menos um ano e que j tinha come ado a ler, mas outras literaturas meteram se pelo meio e acabou sempre por ficar para o fim Mas l decidi acabar com ele e arrependo me de n o ter come ado mais cedo Um livro que fala do tempo do Holocausto e que acaba por nos tocar, pelo menos para quem possa ter um cora o mais sens vel claro aviciadadoslivros

  9. Diane Davis

    Great Book This is the second book that I have read in the last month that had to do with the holocaust While the book was fiction, the holocaust wasn t and it is always a heartwrenching story I cried buckets through this one but it had a wonderful ending so all is well Loved, loved, loved this book

  10. Bayneeta

    This is Bradford s 27th book I know she has a loyal following, so I expected better I thought the dialogue was frequently awful the plotlines were frequently over the top or added nothing and the reader, while sometimes spot on, was often annoying Why did I finish Reading for a genre study.

  11. Carolyn

    The dialogue was really unbelievable, why do people write the way no normal person would speak The story a little on the fluffy side.

  12. Ana Luisa

    Desde que li a sinopse deste livro que algo me despertou a aten o N o conseguia explicar o que era, mas queria ter a oportunidade de o ler e essa leitura acabou por ser mais ou menos aquilo que eu esperava Este um livro que promete ao seu leitor revelar segredos e paix es, mas na verdade penso que apenas ir revelar um dos segredos mais bem guardados da fam lia Nolan Tudo come a quando Justine abre uma misteriosa carta endere ada sua mae e o que descobre ir mudar a sua vida e da sua fam lia para [...]

  13. Connie

    A memorable work of historical fiction that spans from the 1930 s to 2004 in such diverse locations as New York City, London, Istanbul, Berlin and Connecticut.While I have read a great deal about the Holocaust of WW II, I knew very little about Istanbul It was fascinating to learn about the city and its rich culture and history I especially enjoyed learning about tulips and the fact that they originated in Asia Tulips have also been my favorite flowers, and I have always associated them with Hol [...]

  14. Toby

    I thought this was a very good book I think you might like it, Lisa About a family torn apart the mother telling her twin son and daughter upon their graduation from college that their beloved grandmother had died in a plane crash Ten years later the mother receives a letter that the daughter opens saying she should contact the grandmother Unfortunately there is no return address on the envelope, but the daughter remembers the person that wrote the letter was a very close friend of her grandmoth [...]

  15. Cathryn Dolly

    Excellent touching bookI like the character Justine for many reason filmmaker and willing to track her grandmother down so curoius to KNOW her Rediscovering her grandmother who she didnt know and finding out on the letters the difficult time her grandmother growing up during the holocaust losing many for her supporters and her family I cried too nice story on istanbul and the culture too Iffett the character personatily reminds me of a nice friend I know in a forgeien country Remmononed for thos [...]

  16. Esther Bos

    I gave this book two stars only because the WWII section was interesting Even that wasn t compelling, but at least it was believable than the story line of wealthy jet setters, who fall in love and into bed at first sight and have servants to care for all their needs The author uses several expressions e.g It was a fluke , she was a flake and descriptions e.g the tulip gardens, the evil mother over and over as if there were limited words in the English language Finding the grandmother by accide [...]

  17. Abby Cooley

    I won this books in a first reads giveaway This book was a very good book.After Justine finds a letter from addressed to her mother from someone she doesn t know she realizes then ten years ago her mother lied to her and her brother when she told them that their grandmother died in a plane crash.Justine then sets out to find her grandmother This book is a very emotional book about family, love, lost, and war I really enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who wants to read about a girl s lo [...]

  18. Rebecca

    I listened to it And to begin I hated the romance, Ive never read such tasteless romance before in my life You could actually see me grimacing while going through it I plodded on only because it was a recommendation from my sister in law who promised me that the end would be rewarding And it was The 2 stars are only for Gabri The grandmother and her story As for Justine the heroine better things left unsaid The book requires a lot of editing too as the same information is repeated by different c [...]

  19. Rosemary Lauryn

    Do Not Waste Your Time.I ve wanted to give Barbara Taylor Bradford a try for a while now because she comes highly recommended and she s written like 82,000 books But she fell short with this one.Read full review at bit 1Pnf9ns

  20. Dottie

    This suspense filled novel takes you on a panoramic tour of Istanbul, leaving you longing to travel there Packed with danger, secrets, Nazi occupied Germany, intrigue and a once in a lifetime love, this story is unforgettable

  21. Jean

    I have never been disappointed by Bradford s books and this one was no exception She wrote with content on this one, and certainly made the reading a a good one.

  22. Hope

    I enjoyed this book There is arel surprise turn of events, and without giving away too much, WW2 events are recorded.

  23. Amy

    Predictable in places, a little unbelievable in others, but overall an enjoyable romance novel Loved the descriptiions of Istanbul made me want to put it on my travel list

  24. Elaine

    Intriguing story at the beginning, but ends with chapters of description of life in Nazi Berlin supposedly the grandmother s writing about her early life for her grandchildren At the end, the novel seemed to have been written as a vehicle for sharing the dreadful bleakness and terror of life in Nazi Berlin.I enjoy rereading many of BTB novels this one is off to the resale shop.

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