Jackrabbit Junction Jitters (2020)

Jackrabbit Junction Jitters Ann Charles Jackrabbit Junction Jitters The dusty pit stop of Jackrabbit Junction Arizona is rampant with jitters and not just the pre marital kind Claire is back blowing in with a monsoon storm on her heels and raining trouble throughou
  • Title: Jackrabbit Junction Jitters
  • Author: Ann Charles
  • ISBN: 2940014602792
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Nook
Jackrabbit Junction Jitters Ann Charles The dusty pit stop of Jackrabbit Junction, Arizona is rampant with jitters, and not just the pre marital kind Claire is back, blowing in with a monsoon storm on her heels and raining trouble throughout the cactus filled valley A burglar is on the loose and she wastes no time forming suspicions, but her usual suspects are temporarily off the hook when a treasure hunt sideThe dusty pit stop of Jackrabbit Junction, Arizona is rampant with jitters, and not just the pre marital kind Claire is back, blowing in with a monsoon storm on her heels and raining trouble throughout the cactus filled valley A burglar is on the loose and she wastes no time forming suspicions, but her usual suspects are temporarily off the hook when a treasure hunt sidetracks her Could the treasure be buried in the Lucky Monk mine, which someone is trying to swindle from Claire s soon to be grandmother Forced to seek help from her boyfriend, who wants a commitment she is not ready to give, Claire is swirling in a whirlpool of chaos Throw her guy crazy sister into the torrent, along with an angst ridden teen, a nervous bride, and some randy old men, and Claire struggles just to keep a toehold in the current Then her mother arrives
Jackrabbit Junction Jitters Ann Charles

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    346 Ann Charles
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One thought on “Jackrabbit Junction Jitters

  1. Julie

    The Great Jackalope Stampede is the third book in the Jackrabbit Junction series, and as a third book it ups the stakes in the mystery and expands the cast of characters If you ve been following along, we have the series star Claire up to her regular hijinks Claire is one of those women who has studied a lot, but doesn t have much to show for it in terms of actual university degrees or gainful employment What she does have is a varied skill set that is quite useful for the mysteries she finds he [...]

  2. Jane

    Although Arizona has never been my home state, it is one of my favorite states to visit and the setting for Jackrabbit Junction Jitters the second book of this series Claire is back and knee deep in a new mystery with the break in, her Grandpa s upcoming wedding to Ruby and her acidic mother arriving to stir everyone up until her misery is spread to one and all.Claire finds a stick figure and sandal she is sure is an artifact, plus a human hand in Joe s hidden safe She finds a poem about treasur [...]

  3. Dee

    I loved this book I love Ann Charles I love the Deadwood series and the Jackrabbit Junction stories There were only two problems I had with this book First, the minor one, is that it took Claire and Joe til almost midway in the book to have a little satisfying interlude moments And the bigger problem, this book ended I love the whole cast of zany characters Claire s sister was fun from the moment we meet her and I m sure all readers will be just as annoyed by mom Deborah as I was This lady defin [...]

  4. Susan

    Every one of her books is better than the last I love the unforced humor, romance and the twists and turns Keep them coming, Ann I am saving the 5th star for your next book, because I know I will love it too Can t wait to meet Ronnie,lol

  5. Darrell

    Wow ,Fun fun funWow , these stories are such fun reads and Clair and her family are like a train wreck of fun fun fun , along with mystery, murder and mayhem , and the writing is just fantastically great

  6. lfntwlk

    A great read A family full of drama that just keeps you laughing A mystery that unfolds later by later with twists and turns So fun with a perfect reveal and resolution of all the layers

  7. PJ Lea

    Very funny story The characters are all a bit crazy, though the descriptions of the heat explain why Great mystery.

  8. Lisa Caudill

    This book is engaging and enjoyable to say the leaste characters are warm and inviting and you quickly come to love themI could not put this book down and finished in one sitting was a keeper

  9. Douglas Cook

    This second book in the series is twice the fun, as Claire s sister and mother come to visit the RV Park.First paragraphsChapter One Wednesday, August 11th Jackrabbit Junction, Arizona Sometimes life tossed Claire Morgan a bone other days it walloped her upside the head with it Today was turning into a real knockout, the flat tire on the old Ford pickup the final bonk on her noggin Claire dragged her ass out of the passenger side of the truck, joining her grandfather who stood grimacing at a fro [...]

  10. Cheryl Landmark

    I m not sure I enjoyed this second book as much as the first, but it still had enough humour, hijinks and mayhem to make reading it fun.The characters were all zany, crazy and quirky, especially Manny and Chester, two over sexed teenagers residing in seniors bodies, who boasted constantly of their sexual prowess and conquests Like teenagers, I m sure many of those conquests were just in their minds and not actual fact, but it was entertaining listening to the two old codgers nevertheless.I m not [...]

  11. Julie

    This 2nd book in the Jackrabbit Junction series is firing on all cylinders and expands the cast of characters We have the same fun crowd as before with Claire, Harley and his besties my favorite is Manny , Ruby, her daughter Jess, and Mac Add to the mix Claire s mother Deborah, her younger sister Kate and the very hot bar owner Butch, and things in the Junction just got jittery.They mystery is less mysterious this time around, but that s only because it relies again on the misdeeds of Ruby s dea [...]

  12. Lisa

    Claire helps out at an RV ranch as her grandfather prepares to marry the proprietor, Ruby An attempted robbery leads her on a treasure hunt Such is exacerbated by the arrival of her boy crazy sister and her overly critical mother the latter of whom is convinced her future stepmother is a gold digger , Ruby s 15 year old daughter who is intent on leaving Arizona for Ohio, some mysterious fellows, and questionable ownership of a mine Although I liked this book okay, the pace in the beginning was n [...]

  13. Dotti Elrick

    This is book two in the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery series Once again Claire is back in Jackrabbit Junction to watch the R.V park while her grandfather, Harley goes on his honeymoon with the parks owner Ruby Claire will be watching the park and the owners sassy 16 year old daughter Jess Mac is slated to join her but Claire is not sure where she and Mac stand They ve been living together in Tuscon for four months now And Mac has said the L word And that has Claire freaking out and wanting to run [...]

  14. Betsy

    Ann Charles creates worlds that would be stressful and frustrating if not for looking through the prism of absurdity How we see the constantly over flowing toilet can either be awful or hilarious With Ms Charles charming eye for humor and playfulness we the audience are always laughing with her as hijinks ensue and trouble in on the way I love Ms Charles heroines, especially Claire She is curious, capable, interested and interesting She is in her 30 s, she doesn t have a flawless body or perfec [...]

  15. Judy

    This is the second book in the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery series by Ann Charles This book is set several months after the first book, with Clair Morgan returning to the Dancing Winnebagos RV Park to stay while her grandfather, Harley and Ruby, the owner of the RV park are getting married and to run things while they are away on their honeymoon In this book we are introduced to Claire s mother, Deborah, and her sister Kate The book changes POV between Claire, Kate Mac, Claire s boyfriend and Rub [...]

  16. Linda Baker

    The second book in Ann Charles Jackrabbit Junction Series is as much fun as the first, Dance of the Winnebagos Claire is back in Jackrabbit Junction because her Gramps is marrying Ruby It should be a happy time, but her mother, Deborah Mommy Dearest , has come as well and is determined to stop the wedding at any cost We get to meet Claire s sister Kate Kate is a schoolteacher who has secretly quit her job, and under her polish is someone almost as zany as Claire To add to the stress, commitment [...]

  17. Mary

    Ann Charles keeps outdoing herself She has created a cast of characters to rival her Deadwood series And I love those guys I enjoyed this book than the first one in this series I will not make the mistake of reading her series back to back I was confusing the Deadwood characters with this cast thru the entire first book in the Jackrabbit series I became too distracted and undoubtably missed many key elemants to the story I became lost at times and didn t enjoy 1 as much as 2.But I still think t [...]

  18. Erth

    I enjoyed the story It may have been easier to jump in at the beginning if i would have read book 1 first I loved Clair She reminds me of myself at times Deborah would have been run off from day 1 if it were my mother What a nosy busy body she is Jess is the typical pain in the back side teen She doesn t know when to listen or button the lips.Even though it seems and of today s family s are like Claire s, constantly bickering, nagging or being a smart mouth, i feel it was a bit much I was rais [...]

  19. Lynda

    Rv parks can be funThis story keeps you guessing from start to finish Claire manages to get into trouble in a few days than most people have in their whole lives A Rv part in arizona that somehow seems to cater to the older crowd brings together a diverse group of people We have a mom and a teenage daughter that own the Rv park, the geriatric bunch, a granddaughter and when Harley and Ruby get together the rest of their families just seem to come along Claire manages to fall for Ruby s nephew a [...]

  20. Kristy McCaffrey

    In this second installment of Claire and Mac s romance, we meet Claire s sister Kate and her mother, a well meaning but obnoxious woman All the well loved characters from Book One are back as well Claire is trying to juggle everyone s high emotions as her grandfather prepares to get married while also trying to solve a mystery surrounding a mine and a skeleton hand she discovers As her sister pursues a romance with Butch the local bartender Claire attempts to quiet her own jitters over Mac s dec [...]

  21. Susie

    2 is the Jackrabbit Juniction series is just as great as the first Claire Morgan is back in Jackrabbit Junction for the wedding of her grandfather to the owner of the RV park, Ruby Unfortunately, things aren t going all that well for Claire Her relationship with Mac has hit a slippery slope for her and to make matters worse, her sister is coming to the weddingd is bringing her mother Add to that someone suing to take one of Ruby s mines, her sister s penchant for lying and getting into car accid [...]

  22. Harold Shaver

    Even for an old retired person like myself life has a way of cutting into my reading time or I would have finished this hilariously entertaining second installment of the Jackrabbit Junction series many days sooner Claire, Mac, Harley et al are up to their eyebrows in still another mystery surrounding the nefarious Joe Martino s ill gotten gains Joined this time around by Claire s sister Kate and their mother Deborah, who is determined to nix Harley s wedding to Ruby The usual mayhem ensues with [...]

  23. P.A. Wilson

    I read the first book in the series and went looking for This is one of those series that follows a family through different romantic story lines What makes this one different is that at least so far the first romance is still an ongoing story in the other books.Well written and kookie.I like this series and plan to read of her books If you like sassy heroines with crazy families, check this one out.

  24. Tammy Kenney

    Fun read A bit long but well edited I love the characters in this series although Jess is a brat and Claire s mother is a nightmare Hopefully Jess isn t as annoying in the next one as she seems to be growing up a bit Gramps his 2 friends, Manny Chester, make me laugh I will continue to read these.

  25. A.B. Shepherd

    This is book 2 in the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery series and I found it enjoyable than book 1 We are now familiar with the characters and they feel like they are part of our crazy family, not just Claire s Ann Charles lives up to her reputation of quirky characters, humor, steaminess, and tons of mystery with this one Lots of fun here.

  26. Faith

    Ann Charles is just too damn cute I really enjoyed this book I loved the witty quips and the developed twisting plot line Again, finally a book where the author took her time to tell the story Thank you Ann I think I liked this book than the first in the series It was a fun ride I recommend it.

  27. Mary

    Hilarious, chaotic, surprising Jackrabbit Junction Jitters is all these things I frequently found myself laughing out loud at the shenannigans, banter and characters And the mystery kept me guessing Loved the book and am on the lookout for the ebook version of Dance of the Winnebagos Highly recommended as this book is not to be missed.

  28. Carrie

    In this 2nd Jackrabbit Junction book, Ann Charles continues to entertain her readers with funny characters, great dialog, mystery and romance I love the expressions she throws in and the silly situations Claire finds herself in If you re tired of regular romance novels, give any of Ann s books a try, I think you ll be very happy you did.

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