The Warriors (2020)

The Warriors Mark Andrew Olsen The Warriors A thrilling novel that compellingly weaves the action of the spiritual world into the physical showing a clash between powers that carry eternal consequences
  • Title: The Warriors
  • Author: Mark Andrew Olsen
  • ISBN: 9780764202742
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
The Warriors Mark Andrew Olsen A thrilling novel that compellingly weaves the action of the spiritual world into the physical, showing a clash between powers that carry eternal consequences.
The Warriors Mark Andrew Olsen

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    491 Mark Andrew Olsen
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One thought on “The Warriors

  1. Neil

    This book is a sequel to The Watchers It moves at a good clip, for the most part The majority of the conversations are believable, but there are times they sound cheesy and forced The plot is good it held my interest through the entire book It also reminded me of Frank Peretti s books if they were on steroids Some of the narrative is fascinating, some of it is horrific I will say this, though because of some of the clues provided early on in the book and because of another book I read by Patrick [...]

  2. Mont'ster

    This is the first of Mark Andrew Olsen s books that I ve read and, while this book does work as a stand alone story, it reads as or less a sequel to Olsen s book The Watchers This is not the best Christian fiction that I ve read, but the author does make a good effort and the book is very readable if you are at interested in apocalyptic fiction in the vein of Peretti or La Haye Olsen does make a good effort at styling the book after Crichton without seeming too formulaic In that respect I found [...]

  3. Lilly W.

    I am on page 292 So far this book is about Abby and her mom getting a dream about Dylan being in a lot of trouble so they travel to many different country s to find him and see what happened When she found or a government official found her he realized she knew way to much about the mission through her dream And finally after many discussions about the matter they told her Dylan was dead, but the next day she came screaming in yelling at everybody and when she came to the gov t official she scre [...]

  4. Becca

    The Warriors is a wonderful example of putting a visual image to the constant struggle between good and evil, God and Satan The epic tale takes you from the western shores of America, to a smuggler in the Arctic Ocean, throughout Western Europe, and even to the Western shores and islands of Africa It challenges you to step out beyond what you can see, and have faith in a God who wants to answer prayers and who is powerful than any evil that we face.I thoroughly enjoyed this read and would recom [...]

  5. Sue Mellgren

    Favorite Quote Human debaters have yet to explain the link between passionate intercessory prayer and corresponding response from the Almighty Whether prayer and supplication empower His response, or change His mind, or simply intensify His attention is not known All humans know for certain is that prayer can create change, that somehow prayer can move God on humanity s behalf And when that movement is brought about by the prayers of huge numbers of people, the impact can magnify beyond anything [...]

  6. Carol Caldwell

    This is the second in a series about Abby Sherman, an ordinary young woman who has been given a gift by God that allows her to see demons She has a vision of the destruction of America s east coast cities, and learns that it is up to her to awake Christ s followers to stop the wave of death The reader follows Abby on her quest for The Summons to War that will be the wake up call to the Warriors She doesn t know where to go or what to look for, but follows God s leading It is well written and ful [...]

  7. Charles Gibson

    The Warriors by Mark Andrew Olsen is an excellent blend of physical and spiritual warfare and shows the relevance of both It is a fast paced page turner that pulls you in and keeps you involved throughout A powerful clash of good and evil The part of the book that walks through the history of the Waldensians and the persecution they went through at the hands of the Catholic Church is heartbreaking I would highly recommend it.

  8. Stacey Lozano

    I really liked this story, and I have not read the first in the series I may go back, but not sure I simply picked the book off the shelf at the library and went with it, but I know it was for me right here and right now Too many things within the book not to know that for certain.

  9. Evy

    I first read the Watchers, and was blown away The Warriors picks up where The Watchers left off and is full of action, adrenalin, and on the edge of your seat action Worth the time to sit and read Like The Watchers, this book will not leave anyone disappointed

  10. Kim

    Olsen kept me on the edge of my seat The story was an empowering tale of the meaning of faith and a modern day battle between good and evil The characters travel around the world and are drawn to places and points in time by providence in an attempt to prevent a monumental catastrophie.

  11. Wayne C Anderson

    Sequel to the Watchers You need to read Watchers before to understand characters and many of the reasons for the happenings.

  12. Nick Woodall

    Really an insightful book regarding spiritual warfare Very well written with lots of very descriptive narrative.

  13. Randy

    I am a great fan of spritual battle and action stories This one, like its predessesor, Watchers, had it all

  14. Lady Van Helsing

    This is like the coolest book ever Demons, Angels, a cool black ops dude, the end of the world, um, it doesn t get much better

  15. Dion

    A curious mix of tactical military action and spiritual warfare that at times is convincing and entertaining, and at other times cringe worthy in its naivete.

  16. Elijah7

    This book is awesome, if you like black ops assains, angels and demons, and suspense that keeps you addicted than your average crack, then read this book

  17. Marie

    I read the second one without reading the first one and found it an enthralling, mind boggiling adventure with touches of fiction and truth.

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