The Engagement (2020)

The Engagement Chloe Hooper The Engagement Liese Campbell is working as an estate agent in Melbourne when she first meets Alexander Colquhoun The handsome scion of a prominent farming family he is searching for a pied a terre in the city At a
  • Title: The Engagement
  • Author: Chloe Hooper
  • ISBN: 9781926428376
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
The Engagement Chloe Hooper Liese Campbell is working as an estate agent in Melbourne when she first meets Alexander Colquhoun The handsome scion of a prominent farming family, he is searching for a pied a terre in the city At another disappointing viewing, Liese leads Alexander to the bedroom, and they sleep together Afterwards, he pulls out a roll of cash, and she takes three hundred dollars HLiese Campbell is working as an estate agent in Melbourne when she first meets Alexander Colquhoun The handsome scion of a prominent farming family, he is searching for a pied a terre in the city At another disappointing viewing, Liese leads Alexander to the bedroom, and they sleep together Afterwards, he pulls out a roll of cash, and she takes three hundred dollars Half price , she says jokingly, because I like you Liese is not a prostitute, but it is an erotic game, she thinks, that both parties are playing Whenever Alexander is in the city he calls her, and pays for sex For Liese, who has travelled to Australia from England after losing her job, the relationship is fun, and a useful way to begin paying off her debts When Liese decides to return home, she receives a letter from Alexander inviting her to the country for the weekend, and offering a price she cannot refuse A few days of sex and luxury, she thinks a final fling before she departs At his house, a grand Victorian mansion at the centre of countless acres of farmland, he presents her with a ring It is a ridiculous proposition, but in it Liese sees a way out of her penury, and a fairytale ending She accepts Alexander however is not quite ready to make Liese his wife First he wants her to tell him what she does with other men When she explains she is not a whore, he refuses to believe her Worse, he shows her letters he has received from former customers, describing in obscene detail what she used to do for them One of the letters even refers to her schooldays in Norfolk Who has written these letters And why Trapped in the house, Liese must uncover the true nature of Alexander s fantasies, and her own, if she is ever to escape A powerful and unsettling novel of sex, deception and the lure of money, The Engagement is a provocative and thrilling new work from a writer of rare talent.
The Engagement Chloe Hooper

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    Chloe Hooper

One thought on “The Engagement

  1. Blair

    I swallowed The Engagement whole, in one gulp altogether it can t have taken me than two hours to read this book Although I probably over use the word compelling , it s been quite a while since I ve read something I felt I absolutely could not put down until I found out what would happen in the end, even if that meant not sleeping Liese is an English girl in Australia, working for her uncle s estate agency Here she meets Alexander, a wealthy, if somewhat weatherbeaten and often quite awkward, f [...]

  2. karen

    psst, there is a real review nowblair has written an amazing review of this book and even though she liked it than i did, reading her review made me like the book just because i liked her review so much and all of her reviews, honestly.i will probably review this, but for now read hers and give it a million votes, because it is grand okay, so now i will actually review this but you should still give blair a lot of votes, because she liked this book a lot than i did, and enthusiasm should alwa [...]

  3. A. Bookzilla.

    With all the complaining I did in my status updates reading this book, you d think I d have given it a star and half and been done with it.No This book gets four painstakingly earned stars from me Never had a book worked so hard for my four stars.Put together the book is pretty awesome You will never know how much it actually pains me to say this, because yes, at times I was shaking my head and screaming This is ridiculous at my Kindle.But there you have it.I won t repeat the blurb, but I ll jus [...]

  4. Michael

    Liese Campbell is an English architect working in real estate trying to make ends meet, but she is in a financial crisis Enters Alexander Colquhoun, the heir to a pastoral dynasty who is looking for a city apartment or maybe something The two enter into an erotic game that includes sex for money This leads to a weekend away in luxury, in what is known as the girlfriend experience But is this just a fun game or is this a disaster waiting to happen I ve not read a book like this, at one point I t [...]

  5. Kathy

    Despite the hype about this book, I didn t enjoy it at all I found the characters not only unattractive, but boring I ve read and enjoyed many books featuring unpleasant people, but the characters in The Engagement are so two dimesnsional I couldn t get to know them They left me cold I felt no interest in trying to understand and explain them This applies not only to Liese and Alexander, but to the minor characters as well.It s an unrealistic situation It s confusing and difficult to follow, and [...]

  6. Lou

    To the undiscerning eye this couple may seem an ordinary pair, but behind that picket fence lurks a very sordid affair Melancholic and disturbing, a psychological tale that will unravel misjudgements and the reader put amidst a delirium and wonder at who is the concocter.The story has you feeling for the woman and sometimes pity for the man in this story, an example of reeling another soul into a trap, a deception, actors on a stage.A real stick with you tale, you will be musing over who is the [...]

  7. Mary

    What a bizarre little book It s not every day I read a book with a naked woman on the cover, so I suppose I should have expected as much.Liese Campbell, feeling the tightening noose of debt, falls into a complicated relationship with Alexander Colquhoun, an attractive, somewhat awkward farmer who pays her for sex She believes they are playing a game, so when he invites her for a weekend to his isolated farmhouse in the Australian outback, she accepts, thinking the money he offers will solve some [...]

  8. Bill

    3 StarsThis was a very challenging book for me to rate as I vacillated between 2 stars and 4 stars from cover to cover In the end the 2 star portions about evenly matched with the 4 star segments so by default I landed on the statistical mean of 3 stars Part of the challenge was the length of the book Just 197 pages long, was it a very short book or a very long short story It felt like there just wasn t enough time and space to fully explore the characters and develop a powerful story It was goo [...]

  9. Bree T

    Liese Campbell is a British woman in her 30s who lost her job as an architect due to the financial crisis and made her way out to Australia where she s been working in Melbourne for her uncle s real estate business Most recently she s been showing Alexander Colquhoun properties Alexander is the heir of a pastoral dynasty in country Victoria near the Grampians and lately he s been looking for a city crash pad.The luxury apartments Liese has been showing Alexander don t seem to be to his taste so [...]

  10. Holly

    This will be in the running for the worst novel I read all year Yes, it was almost as bad as The White Masai I read it because Hooper was an author with whom I was previously not familiar, and an earlier novel of hers had been nominated for the Orange Prize I just searched the other 1 and 2 star reviews so that I could simply like someone s else s review and not have to write this, but no one else put into words what I thought no one hated it in the way I did It began with an intriguing premise [...]

  11. Yvonne Boag

    Liese Campbell is going to stay with a man for the weekend This is a man she knows and has sex witha man who pays her I ve never been with a prostitute before, he said after our bondage session, as if apologising for the awkwardness I ve never been a prostitute before, I thought The word itself seemed to make me one What Liese imagines will be a dirty weekend quickly proves to be something then that Alexander is a different man then she thought and as the weekend progresses the atmosphere grows [...]

  12. Bronwyn Rykiert

    I did not enjoy this book The back cover looked interesting enough but the story did not deliver for me I did not really like either character very much Liese Campbell is working for uncle s real estate business and soon after meeeting Alexander Calquhoun to show him around some property she was having sex with him each time he called and she showed him another property Liese thought they were playing a game with her telling stories of her past exploits etc n which were not true but it looks lik [...]

  13. Caitlin

    One of my all time favourite non fiction books is The Tall Man so when I discovered its creator had written a book which was a similar plot to THAT WHICH SHALL NOT BE NAMED which I could hold up while reading and laud over the luddites, I was than excited.I heard this great interview with Hooper about the book which made me want to read it even themonthly engagemeUnfortunately, this book was surprisingly hard work The premise was so dark and intriguing, and I love nothing than a good healthy [...]

  14. Jessica Woodbury

    Like the narrator, Liese, this book has you constantly on your toes, second guessing what s real and what s not Dark, constantly surprising, utterly creepy.As you can tell from the variety of reviews, this isn t for a casual reader looking for a fun story Hooper is working hard at keeping you disoriented This isn t an escape book or a romance If you don t like reading books that make you uncomfortable, avoid this because that s one of its primary goals.Hooper s prose is strong, which is necessar [...]

  15. Aly is so frigging bored

    ARC courtesy of Scribner and Edelweiss This book is not for me Unfortunately I haven t read the blurb before requesting this, but it plainly states it s a psychological thriller I hate those, I hate thrillers and Gothic novels.I couldn t finish it What the heroine goes through, her emotions, her unhappiness and uncertainty drive me insane I picked up this book hoping for a fun read, but this is not it.The writing is very good as well as the editing The author has a way of creating the scene, jus [...]

  16. Alix

    goddamn it when the last sentence of a book changes everything a very claustrophobic story, such odd dynamic in the characters exchanges and little games but who the hell was playing are we dealing with an unreliable narrator or is this just a perplexing sexual roleplay a discussion on female sexuality, liese s detachment and the self conscious flatness of its characters is thrillingly exciting but utterly terrifying So this is how it ends I would go howling into the dark night

  17. Cheyenne Blue

    What a mindfuck of a book.What a perfect, compelling, chilling, beautifully written and utterly believable mindfuck of a book.English girl, Liese, is working in her uncle s real estate agency in Melbourne when she meets Alexander, an upperclass cattle farmer from Victoria s western district, who is looking for a city residence Liese seduces him on a whim and then takes the money he offers The game commences sex in ritzy properties for sale, with Liese taking his money each time Alexander invites [...]

  18. Alan

    enjoyable two character thriller classified by the library it has a little gun on the spine however there are no guns apart from ones used on a farm An Englishwoman works for a relation s real estate business in Australia and starts a sexual relationship with one of the clients she shows around a house He turns out to be rich and seems to like paying her for her time On a trip to his family mansion she begins to feel trapped there he has an ulterior motive Using the tropes of romantic fiction he [...]

  19. Richard

    A truly bizaare book, I wasn t sure how to rate this novel I don t want to give to much of the premise away, but pick certain details about it This young woman has an affair w this man for money , thus she is sorta of like a prostitute, but really want to pay off debts to Mr.Visa I thought that was a bit funny Well, he invites her to his home out in the bush country where I would think they are 25 miles away from civilization It seems he has kidnapped her, but I thought their were several situat [...]

  20. Natasha

    Well what can I say about this bookI am still completely comfused as to what the in the world was going on What a very strange story line Were they both just as mad as one another or what And what about those letters was he really writing them And why go to all that trouble of making out he is so in love with her and wanting to save her from herself by marrying her and then in the end only dump her and send her on her way Is he twisted or what I wished I hadn t of read this book I m am still sha [...]

  21. Ann has a dirty mouth

    What a great little gothic I couldn t stop turning the pages I wish that parts of the book had been clearly stated, and that the ending had been longer, but this is a fun book with a lot to say about the essential horror of traditional roles and the games men and women play to make them work I may come back and write about this later because although the book is short, it was very thought provoking.

  22. Emily Crow

    This book was kind of odd It s literary fun fiction a well written psychological thriller, laden with symbolism and self importance, about two rather strange people on an isolated farm in the Australian outback Liese is an Englishwoman who is working for her uncle s real estate business in Australia, showing apartment buildings to Alexander Colquhoun, a prosperous farmer On impulse, she takes off all her clothes and lies on a bed, and after they have sex, he offers her some money She takes it, a [...]

  23. Thanaku

    DripDrip goes the rusty tap, whose sounds implode in my highly sensitized brain I look around and see skulls and rickety shapes dancing their strange dance, sucking and thriving on my fears The sane part of me tries to bring a semblance of order to my half crazed mind It s the fucking light It s playing with you Something flutters, a ray of hope My soul spots a kindred and beckons it close I can see it, yes there, right there Comee closer.ue me But it stays mute lost in its vicious pleasure Ther [...]

  24. Alexandra

    This was very well written and very clever, however I just wanted it to end It was like watching a car accident in slow motion I wouldn t recommend it to anyone.

  25. Jillwilson

    The bride in novels it s a rich line of investigation The British cover of The Engagement features a woman in a wedding dress holding a dead swan see image here theasylum.wordpress 2013 0 It s quite a good introduction to what could be seen as a depiction of Australian gothic in this narrative And a much better cover than the Australian version see it here blogsikey liticism 2012 12 The cover made me think of other bride stories Miss Havisham of course, or The Bride Stripped Bare, bride wannabes [...]

  26. Alison Quigley

    It s rare to find a book this compelling with language that is so wedded to the occupation of the character The crucible, in this instance, is an isolated farm with no mobile phone service and a landline that has gone dead Our protagonist agonises over the mental stability of her oppressor who may also occupy the role of liberator I loved the way the writer navigated across this ethical divide and the way the readers discovery of the antagonist s power unfolded in lockstep with the protagonist s [...]

  27. Monique Mulligan

    For full review see writenotereviews.wordpressI love an engrossing, goose bumpy psychological thriller and The Engagement is without a doubt an excellent example As I read I became entangled in the characters games, not knowing myself who was playing who Was it a game all along and was Liese just going with it Was Alexander a sociopath Was Liese losing her grip on reality Was Alexander The blurring of reality and fiction was faultless The ending left me with just as many questions I can see why [...]

  28. Julia

    This book requires some degree of intellectual engagement.Therefore I cannot for the life of me think why this might be compared to Fifty Shades of Grey Firstly, Cooper s book is LITERATURE, the other is incredibly awfully written trashy pulp If it s erotica you are after, please try reading Anais Nin, who does it SO much better, maturer and classier than the rewritten Twilight fanfic that bore no evidence of any intelligent or professional editing WHATsoever Secondly, this book has no explicit [...]

  29. Saunders

    Well it took me long enough to read this and I only got round to it because this year I am determined to obliterate my to be read list on Good Reads and The Engagement has been on my TBR since 6 Jan 2013 So a t least I ve made some progress So what does Chloe Hooper give us After being made redundant from her job as an interior architect, Liese Campbell arrives in Australia to work at her uncles estate agency to earn money to clear her mounting debts The job is tedious and uninspiring that is un [...]

  30. Marian

    Oh My Gosh What did I just read For the first time ever, I have no idea what to say about a book Unfortunately, I can t recommend this one The term mind freak was on replay in my head as I read this story If that was the author s intent, it was successful Unfortunately, I was not able to get emotionally invested in this story The Engagement is about a seriously messed up girl named Liese She is working at her uncle s estate agency, where she shows clients around to potential properties Her story [...]

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