City of Angeles (2020)

City of Angeles Marlayna Glynn City of Angeles Continuing her story from the wildly popular award winning Overlay A Tale Of One Girl s Life In s Las Vegas Marlayna details her remarkable journey in City of Angeles revealing the underside of
  • Title: City of Angeles
  • Author: Marlayna Glynn
  • ISBN: 1478226498
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
City of Angeles Marlayna Glynn Continuing her story from the wildly popular award winning Overlay A Tale Of One Girl s Life In 1970s Las Vegas, Marlayna details her remarkable journey in City of Angeles, revealing the underside of a life lived in 1980s Los Angeles.This searing, often bizarre tale of Marlayna s teens and twenties reveals the author s flight from glitzy Las Vegas to the formidable worldContinuing her story from the wildly popular award winning Overlay A Tale Of One Girl s Life In 1970s Las Vegas, Marlayna details her remarkable journey in City of Angeles, revealing the underside of a life lived in 1980s Los Angeles.This searing, often bizarre tale of Marlayna s teens and twenties reveals the author s flight from glitzy Las Vegas to the formidable world of self re invention among the angels and demons populating 1980s Los Angeles The author unflinchingly begets a self from the unlikeliest beginnings, and now delivers a sequel illustrating both heaven and hell on her continuing flight for self discovery An amazing story of a young girl who comes of age with only snippets of guidance from the adults around her This is a well written book with explicit prose of Marlayna s continued journey looking for love and acceptance She tells this very personal story vividly There were moments I had to stop reading to absorb the life shattering events Marlayna experienced that would have crushed many and other moments in the book that I laughed out loud Eileen Cahill Moalli
City of Angeles Marlayna Glynn

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One thought on “City of Angeles

  1. Lynda

    This is the latest installment of Marlayna s memoirs and I still shake my head in awe of how she has the bravery to put her life, mistakes and all, out there for all to see It also reminds me of the experiences in my own life that I ve cringe ingly repressed out of memory It seems that her therapy is to remember and commit to paper the experiences that went differently than she wanted and mine is to shove them into the recesses of my memory until I don t remember them any Kudos to her for this a [...]

  2. Cathy

    This book is a gift, to all of her readers, from the author She invites us into her world, and lets us view it from the inside out I felt as though I was beside her through each step of her joy, her pain, her choices her life I found bits of myself reflected in her words, which led me to new and deeper understandings of portions of my own life She describes her experiences with insightful precision, infusing them with the newness of each moment.

  3. Ann Miller

    City of Angels is a very sad, depressing tale I feel bad for Marlayna Glynn Brown I hope her life swung upward after this book

  4. Terri

    I read listened to this memoir in audio format via audible I love audios as the narrators tend to breathe life into the stories Audios also allow me to read on a daily basis and still get my work done Audio books also make great road companions Wow, what a story Here we are in book 2 of Memoirs of Marlayna Glynn Brown In book one we learned about How Marlayna grew up and memories from as far back as she could remember from being a toddler thru her High School years Now in book 2, we get to learn [...]

  5. Lisa

    I should have stopped at Overlay Not that City of Angeles was a bad book it just didn t come close to conjuring the same emotional response that Overlay did I do not fault the author, for this is her story as it continues from her late teens into motherhood However, her adult life experiences are not nearly as fascinating as her dismal childhood Although her adulthood is definitely not perfect, her experiences are not all that unusual Actually, for Marlayna, this may be a good thing It tells me [...]

  6. Jessi Nill

    Having previously read the first book I was eager to read While this part of the story is much different and not nearly as sad but there s of a feeling of melancholy rather than the strong emotions evoked from the first book I think it s interesting to see how her past likely shaped the way the author dealt with her future current relationships and while I was hoping she would have view spoiler left her husband much sooner I also know her story wouldn t be the same if she had And I like that e [...]

  7. Christina

    The 2nd book in her memoir series This book tells of Marlayna s young adulthood in Los Angeles and her trials and tribulations with love I truly enjoyed the reference of angels at the beginning of each chapter It was quiet an education to learn about the history and hierarchy of angels Although I found this book entertaining, I did not think it was as well written as her first book There were chapters that were truncated and really not necessary for any part of the story development Once again, [...]

  8. Sarah Wright

    7 26 I just got this book through Kindle Unlimited and can t wait to read it I loved the author s first book and her style of writing Off I go to start this book.7 27 Have you ever read a book and before you realized it, several hours had passed since the time you started reading That was me with this book I am in awe of everything that Brown had to endure in this book, and through it all, she came out on top, facing each obstacle like a champ.The way that she writes, you forget that the events [...]

  9. Elizabeth

    The second of her 3 books about her life, this wasn t as good as Overlay, but I still really enjoyed it Although it s still amazing that she came out of her childhood and did so much better for herself, I found it strange how each time she got pregnant she was surprised and hadn t planned it After so many times, I don t know if she didn t use birth control or what, kind of strange But it was very entertaining and a great read overall.

  10. Dina

    Although I did not love the follow up book to Overlay as much as I did the first story, it was another well written and interesting story I loved following Marlayna s story and reading of where her life has gone I look forward to reading the final book in the trilogy I read the first two today if that tells you anything

  11. Jeni Sanderson rutjens

    The 2nd book did not disappoint Loved following Marlayna in her journey through her teens to adulthood, marriage, and becoming a parent This book leaves you wanting to know , and thankfully Marlayna writes a 3rd

  12. Kathy

    I loved her first book, and this one did not disappoint me Any story of rising above one s unfortunate circumstances without placing blame is always inspiring and encouraging for me Looking forward to Marlyana a third memoir

  13. Tara Jensen

    I was looking forward to this after reading the first memoir in this trilogy was not disappointed Very relatable, and interesting to read how childhood patterns affect us as adults I enjoyed the segments on Angels at beginning of each chapter as well.

  14. D. Quarles

    What an amazing memoir So uplifting and inspiring I love Brown s voice and her writing draws the reader in so completely I was riveted.

  15. Justine MDunn

    Another great read from this author, perhaps not quite so engaging as the first book, Overlay, but certainly worth buying and finding out how her life progressed.

  16. Loni Cranney

    I was very emotionally connected to Overlay her first memoir about her sad childhood , but I didn t feel that with this memoir It seems like she was able to put her life together and had lots of fun adventures, traveled, became a wife and a mother all of those things are great and I am happy for her But this memoir seemed indulgent and whiny than Overlay This time she made some unwise choices, but she keeps trying to blame others for her mistakes Only now she is a married woman and not a child [...]

  17. Carl White

    I enjoy memoirs, than anything, when you read about someone s life, you realize how alike we all are regardless of our experiences.Unfortunately I did not love this one Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, the writing is good, it simply did not make me feel anything.The writer had a fairly interesting life, seems to have had lots of boys and sex, good for her, the type life I imagine millions of women have lived but I can not say reading this book added anything to my life I hav [...]

  18. Jeff

    As with her previous book in this trilogy, Marlayna Glynn Brown starts threads then abruptly moves on to another Her story is engaging and she tells itwell, but so much is missing One never really gets a sense of Marlayna s daily life She mentions friends, but never really introduces them or describesmeeting them They re suddenly there, then just as suddenly she s talking about someone else Abby Elvidge s performance is probably the best part of this audiobook It s outstanding Her handling of th [...]

  19. Kathy

    The author has a gift for writing and an interesting story to tell I loved that at the end, she gave us an update on many of the characters she interacted with along the way She does seem to be a slow learner regarding men and her choices, in spite of often spelling out exactly where she went wrong Also, she talks about how much she hated moving from place to place while growing up, but does the same thing with her own children I d love to see a book written by her children, to see if their stor [...]

  20. Colette Fehr

    A little bit disappointed as I could not wait to read this after finishing the author s first memoir, Overlay, which was excellent I enjoyed it still but just not as much as I expected and I m not sure exactly what was missing in contrast to the first one but it just wasn t as compelling as I had hoped.

  21. Deedra

    I enjoyed this audiobook.Narrated nicely by Abby Elvidge,we continue the story of Ms Glynn Browns life in the 1980 s.Through ups and downs we live her life as it was,no glamour to weigh it down.A very honest book.This audiobook was provided to me at no cost for a fair and honest review

  22. Lisa

    I loved Marlayna s first book Overlay but this one lacked depth I felt like someone was telling a story over lunch and I was not invested I wish she wrote deeper about how she overcame her upbringing and how it affected her decisions on marriage, mothering, and life itself.

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