Little Mouse Gets Ready (2020)

Little Mouse Gets Ready Jeff Smith Little Mouse Gets Ready A Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book A Junior Library Guild Selection Will Little Mouse master all the intricacies of getting dressed from snaps and buttons to Velcro and tail holes Eisner Award winning
  • Title: Little Mouse Gets Ready
  • Author: Jeff Smith
  • ISBN: 9781935179245
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
Little Mouse Gets Ready Jeff Smith A Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book A Junior Library Guild Selection.Will Little Mouse master all the intricacies of getting dressed, from snaps and buttons to Velcro and tail holes Eisner Award winning cartoonist Jeff Smith and his determined Little Mouse reveal all the smallest pleasures of this daily task.
Little Mouse Gets Ready Jeff Smith

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    331 Jeff Smith
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One thought on “Little Mouse Gets Ready

  1. Patrick

    I d like to think that I know a little bit about kid s books at this point I ve read about a thousand of them, I figure And many of them, I ve read many times.This is a great one for little kids It s fun Simple And shows a little mouse getting dressed It s not hugely complex, but then again, it doesn t need to be There s a lot to be said for simplicity Truth is, I think this book might be a little too young for my youngest boy, who is not quite three years old But don t get me wrong here That s [...]

  2. David

    Little Mouse Gets Ready by Jeff Smith follows the progress of a small mouse getting dressed to go to the barn But is he really ready Smith s realistic illustrations focus on the process of a small child mouse dressing himself successfully The exuberance and struggle to dress oneself is clearly portrayed My favorite image is the action taken by little mouse after his mother tells him one fact about mouse behavior Other favorite images include 3 panels about underpants, 3 panels about putting on p [...]

  3. Betsy

    Jeff Smith Unwitting hero of children everywhere It s kind of a backwards story, but I like how Smith rose to fame He got huge in the comic and graphic novel world, producing great works like the Bone series and the reboot of Shazam Then Graphix comes along, repackages Bone for the kids out there, and suddenly comics are deemed something kids, as well as adults, can enjoy All well and good but Smith never really wrote specifically for children Not until now, that is For the first time ever this [...]

  4. Maria Grigoras

    Little Mouse Gets Ready by author Jeff Smith is about a little mouse who gets ready to go to the barn with his family of mice to see the farm animals He puts on his underpants, pants, socks, shoes, and shirt After the little mouse goes through the struggle of getting dressed, he yells out to his mother that he is ready to go But is he actually ready His mom calls him a silly mouse because mice don t wear clothes Smith uses cartoon illustrations in this book by incorporating white borders and spe [...]

  5. Jennifer

    This is part of the lowest reading level in the Toon Books early reader graphic novel series Little Mouse s mother is taking the kids to the barn for an outing, so little mouse works hard on getting himself dressed for the occasion Smith has created a great primer for kids on how to get dressed and a very good easy reader Smith s illustrations, drawn in ink and then digitally colored, are well suited to early readers with their thick lines, simple compositions, and solid washes of color For some [...]

  6. Erin Reilly-Sanders

    I was expecting a lot from this TOON book by Jeff Smith of Bone but seem to be the only person disappointed by it The illustrations clearly demonstrate Smith s skill through simple but beautifully expressive lines and clear but delicate colours However the story is an insipid tale of a mouse getting dressed only to find out that mice don t wear clothes It not only brings to mind the question of why he has clothes if he s not supposed to wear them but has no humour except for the punch line at th [...]

  7. Elizabeth

    Younger kids would love this book because of the cute mouse, whose the main character This book would be best for younger kids in preschool to kindergarten It s a graphic novel, so the pictures are eye catching, bold and it s an easy read due to the few amount of words This book is charming and a great read for kids I got this book from the Good Comics for Kids website.

  8. Alyssa Clark

    1 Little Mouse Gets Read by Jeff Smith won the 2010 Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor and it is a 2010 ALA Notable Children s Book 2 I think this book is appropriate for preschool and kindergarten 3 In this silly graphic novel, the little mouse is preparing for a fun day at the barn with his mom and siblings He carefully puts on his underwear, pants, socks and shoes, and shirt he s finally ready to go However, his mom looks at him peculiarly because mice don t wear clothes 4 This is an entertaining gra [...]

  9. Marissa Ebert

    This book has not won any awards Little Mouse Gets Ready is appropriate for pre k to first grade students This book is about a little mouse learning how to get ready before going out to the barn He needs to get dressed, and he goes through the steps of doing this He explains what he is doing while he is doing it, and although it takes him awhile to get ready, he finishes it all by himself This is a funny little story that is good for introducing students to graphic novels, and also the idea of g [...]

  10. Jenna McDonagh

    Book Summary This easy to read graphic novel is about Little Mouse He is a fun, busy mouse who has a lot of work to do each morning Readers are taken on a journey through a morning with Little Mouse before he goes to the barn Watch as Little Mouse has to button his clothes and snap on his pants Book Review This book is a cute story to read to a class as a read aloud It is definitely geared towards a younger aged group, but the graphics within the book are fun and engaging to students Little Mous [...]

  11. Amanda Knowles

    Summary Little Mouse must get ready before visiting the barn with his Mama She is waiting for him as he takes on daily tasks to prepare She s wondering what is taking him so long, when she realizes the silly mouse has been putting clothes on Review This book is a great introduction to graphic text for young children It is quick, silly and to the point while offering vibrant illustrations The inclusion of this text in a classroom library would be sure to spark students interest in graphic texts.O [...]

  12. Francia

    Impressions Very simple read, interested how a mouse is teaching the reader on clothes, illustrations are simpleImpact Interesting, unique, funny, understand that it takes time to get ready, not so many colorsConstructive Opinion Unique, helps reader understand the struggle to get ready, simple to read, very clear illustrations 2 Literary Elements Repetitive words phrases, humor, 2 Design Elements Illustration matches word bubbles, background is just one or two colors and colors of the characte [...]

  13. Lauren McEnerney

    For beginning readers, this fictional book really breaks down the idea of a graphic novel by including comic book like air bubbles and panels Little Mouse and Mama are the main characters in this book, where Little Mouse decides to get ready to visit the barn In the book, Little Mouse goes through the routine of getting ready and has the mentality of a younger reader by buttoning each button, putting on underpants the right way, and etc The illustrations reflect simple and cute computer generate [...]

  14. April

    This book is good for preschool and early elementary students The book shares the how Little Mouse gets ready children can see and relate to him Smith s images work together with the text to tell a hilarious story of a young mouse getting ready Darienne Stewart n.d notes that The surprise ending bowls over Little Mouse and readers The book is perfect for young readers to have read to them or by themselves.

  15. Chelsea

    The Little Mouse Gets Ready is a great book to teach kids about getting ready I like how it goes step by step of how the mouse gets ready The mouse is a character used in a lot of childrens books due to the size of the mouse The mouse really represented a child with his random thoughts of going to the barn, while getting ready.

  16. Melissa

    initial impact The realism of characters and morals of the life of a mouse getting ready for the day To finally realize that all the reality is fictional and learned features about mice expand through out this novel The main characters show the readers the importance of getting ready the proper way in the morning Then to find out that the character was not right the whole time The moral of the story helps children understand the importance of humans getting dressed and background knowledge on di [...]

  17. Melissa

    Brenner was thrilled that Little Mouse got ready the same way he does Of course, the ending cracked us all up.

  18. Jennifer Parker

    I really enjoyed how this book went through the process of getting ready and then the twist at the end gave me such a great laugh I am glad Jeff Smith continues to create such enjoyable books

  19. Karen

    A great book about the process of getting dressed Cute illustrations, simple language, and fun little twist at the end.

  20. Jessica Riben

    Title Little Mouse Gets Ready Author Jeff SmithIllustrator Jeff SmithGenre Graphic Novel Theme s family, learning how to put on clothingOpening line sentence Little Mouse Yes, Mama Brief Book Summary In this book, Little Mouse s family is going to the barn to play Little Mouse shows us how he puts all of his clothes on, one piece at a time When he is finally ready to go, his Mama asks him why he is wearing clothing, because mice do not wear clothes He throws all of his clothes off and runs to th [...]

  21. Ally Patch

    Little Mouse Gets Ready by Jeff Smith Copyright 2009 Genre FictionKid Lit Monarch Award Nominee for 2017 SPOILER ALERT Little Mouse Gets Ready is a book about a mouse that is getting ready so that the family can go to the barn Throughout the book it shows the mouse getting ready by putting on clothes The book goes step by step on how the mouse puts on clothes The ending of this book is hilarious, at least to me it was The ending has the mom asking what the little mouse was doing when he showed u [...]

  22. Tongtong Wu

    Little Mouse Gets Ready 2009 by Jeff SmithSummary Little Mouse s mother is taking the kids to the barn for an outing, so little mouse works hard on getting himself dressed for the occasion With simple instructions, Little Mouse leads readers through the perils of getting dressed For underpants Just be sure to get your tail in the tail hole For trousers, I have to sit down to put my pants on Step by step, Little Mouse gets dressed until at long last he is finished Mama comes and then immediately [...]

  23. Aknipfel

    Little Mouse Gets Ready Little Mouse Gets Ready is a book for beginners It is an introduction to graphic novels I would introduce this book to my kindergarten class towards the beginning of the year to teach the lesson of responsibility and listening To get them excited about the book I will simply show them the cover of the adorable little mouse and give them a brief preview of the mouse I would let them know that the mouse really wants to go to the barn but first he has to get ready first I wi [...]

  24. Cailey Colombo

    Overall, it was very catchy and cute story The initial impact that caught my eye was how there were only 2 characters, but mainly only about one This book is perfect for kids, and it would make them laugh It is a simple story about a young mouse getting ready, but the whole process of it is very fun This story has the perfect balance of images and small amounts of text, but still being able to telling a fun story at the same time.For the most part, all the panels have the same image lay out and [...]

  25. Evette

    Genre Controlled VocabularyTitle Little Mouse Gets ReadySummary This book begins with the mother mouse calling to the little mouse She tells him that she is headed to the barn with his siblings She asks him if he s ready to go As he gets ready, the little mouse comments on the level of difficulty for each item that he puts on While dressing, he tells the reader how excited he is to get to the barn and how fun it will be once he gets there He will be able to run and hid, eat oats and even swim in [...]

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