Daybreak (2020)

Daybreak Shelley Shepard Gray Daybreak In this close knit Amish family nothing is as perfect as it seems When Viola Keim starts working at a nearby Mennonite retirement home she strikes up an unlikely friendship with resident Atle whos
  • Title: Daybreak
  • Author: Shelley Shepard Gray
  • ISBN: 9780062204400
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
Daybreak Shelley Shepard Gray In this close knit Amish family, nothing is as perfect as it seems .When Viola Keim starts working at a nearby Mennonite retirement home, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with resident Atle, whose only living relative, son Edward, is living as a missionary in Nicaragua Viola understands the importance of mission work, but she can t imagine leaving her father in tIn this close knit Amish family, nothing is as perfect as it seems .When Viola Keim starts working at a nearby Mennonite retirement home, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with resident Atle, whose only living relative, son Edward, is living as a missionary in Nicaragua Viola understands the importance of mission work, but she can t imagine leaving her father in the hands of strangers Even though her family is New Order Amish, it s not the Amish way, and though she doesn t know Ed, she judges him for abandoning his father.But when Ed surprises his father with a visit, Viola and Ed both discover an attraction they never expected Despite her feelings, choosing Ed would mean moving to a far off country and leaving her family behind She can t do that Her twin sister, Elsie, is going blind and will need someone to care for her all her life Her family is reeling with the recent discovery that her grandmother hid her past as an Englischer Her father seems forgetful and distracted and to be harboring some secrets of his own.Does Viola dare leave them all behind and forge her own life Or will family ties mean her one chance at love slips away
Daybreak Shelley Shepard Gray

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    259 Shelley Shepard Gray
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One thought on “Daybreak

  1. Amy

    Solid 3 stars, wanted to like it even but some things got on my nervesa couple of characters, actually But my favorite character is Edward and I liked Viola, of course The story had some different situations than what you might think you would find in a book with Amish folk, And that s why I liked it, but at times it seemed a little too clean, it could have been a little longer and gone a little deeper But overall, it was a good read and I will read the next book at some point.

  2. Susan

    Great start to a wonderful series Fortunately I have the second book and will start today I ve also pre ordered the third This was refreshing on so many levels The Keim s have had too many grievous secrets for too long As the secrets start coming out things really get interesting I loved hearing about Edward s mission work and his call to serve All of the characters are special and well developed The romances, the old and new are superb as well I read all that I can find by this author She s so [...]

  3. Donna

    I just found a new series by one my favorite authors This one is the first in the series and I thoroughly enjoyed it Set in Berlin, OH in the heart of Amish country, it had some interesting characters and situations Looking forward to going on with the series.

  4. Abigail

    This book reminded me of the series that kind of got me hooked on the Amish genre, Abram s Daughters by Beverly Lewis I think because it had several plot points going on at once instead of just the typical romance It wasn t nearly as much of a soap opera as Abram s daughters though Anyway, one of the things I found amusing about this book was that it takes place in Berlin, Ohio Which is a real place I used to live maybe 30 minutes away from there It kind of made me laugh when the author would de [...]

  5. Janice Aitkens

    I read this on the kindle This is the 1st in a series The book is good I enjoyed it of course while it sort of finished the main story it leaves lots of questions which as you read the rest of the series I guess will be answered having started on the 2nd a bit is told about the family all the secrets that is hidden I think this book is one that if you aren t going to read the series it s not worth reading as you will be left not knowing what happens I do have the 3 in the series plus the 4th bo [...]

  6. Kathy Apple

    Didn t finish This is romance than Amish and not my thing It seemed to be well written but I was looking for Amish culture.

  7. Debbie

    I liked the theme title throughout the book and in the end I really like this author s style of writing.

  8. Kathleen (Kat) Smith

    What if everything you ever believed about your upbringing and the life your parents had lived was nothing but a lie What would that make you think about all the decisions you ve made that were called wrong when instead they could have been right, if only the true were allowed to shine through Now you have the premise behind the latest novel from Shelley Shepard Gray in her new series The Days of Redemption In the first book, Daybreak we are introduced to the residents of Daybreak Retirement Hom [...]

  9. Bekah

    This was my second book by this author and it was so very good I read Snowfall, a Christmas novella within this series back in 2015 I was introduced to the Keim family when reading the Christmas story and was intrigued and definitely wanted to read the actual series, as the novella takes place after the first three books.What I Liked This book centered on several different viewpoints, which can get kind of tricky, but this author did an excellent job with it and I didn t get confused at all This [...]

  10. Kimberly

    A brand new day brings new beginningsThis is book one is a series set in Holmes County Ohio and centered around an Amish community I really like how Ms Gray makes the characters not perfect , but with family problems just like we all have Sometimes the Amish genre is portrayed as an idealistic way of life, but this story helps the reader realize that the Amish are people that can have family problems just like everyone else they just use their faith to work through those problems Viola, one of t [...]

  11. Shari Larsen

    This is the first book in the three part Days of Redemption series.Viola Keim is working in a Mennonite retirement home when she strikes up an unlikely friendship with one of the residents, Atle Swartz, whose only living relative is son Edward, who is working as a missionary in Nicaragua Even though Viola understands the importance of mission work, she can t understand how Edward could leave his father with strangers, it s not the Amish way, so even though she does not know Edward, she judges hi [...]

  12. Michelle

    The first thing you will notice about Daybreak is the beautiful cover It will capture your attention with the vibrant colors and make you want to jump right into the story Well it did to me at least Admittedly, I would have read this regardless of what the cover looked like because with a Shelley Shepard Gray book I know what is in store for me a page turner that will keep me up late at night and leave me super antsy for the next installment The cover scene adds an air of mystery to the book I w [...]

  13. Kristi

    Daybreak is the first book in the Days of Redemption series It focuses on Viola Kiem, a young Amish woman who works at a retirement home One of her friends at the retirement home is resident Atle Swartz, whose son Edward is a missionary worker in Nicaragua Viola does not agree with Atle s only child being so far away from his father When he comes home to visit his father Viola is unsure of her feelings towards him Viola s home life is chaotic as it is discovered her grandmother has been keeping [...]

  14. LindaVan Wert

    Summer is a busy season at the inn, so proprietor Jo Marie Rose and handyman Mark Taylor have spent a lot of time together keeping the property running Despite some folks good natured claims to the contrary, Jo Marie insists that Mark is only a friend However, she seems to be thinking about this particular friend a great deal lately Jo Marie knows surprisingly little about Mark s life, due in no small part to his refusal to discuss it She s determined to learn about his past, but first she must [...]

  15. Whoopie

    Most family secrets don t usually involve the matriarch of the family Except in this one Daybreak by Shelley Shepard Gray is yet another page turner True to Ms Gray s style in writing, she leaves you wanting the next book in the series And as a teaser, gives you the first chapter of the next book in the back of this one This family secret, once revealed, starts a domino effect and we start finding out that there are secrets in this family Some can be rectified Some can t And you will wonder thr [...]

  16. Mary

    This was a sweet romance set in an Amish community in Ohio It was interesting to see the daily lives of this New Order Amish family depicted Viola has always thought her family was one of the best examples of a Godly family in the community, but as and secrets come out about members of the family, she is not sure of anything any Her grandmother has always been so strict and pious, but when the family learns that she was raised English, everything gets turned upside down It s not the best time [...]

  17. Vivian

    After having read several heavy books, I needed something light and easy to read This book was it No great literary piece but entertaining Having grown up around Amish and Mennonites, I will say that this book much accurately depicts a typical family than what is shown on Discovery Channel s reality shows The author throws in an alcohol abuse issue and family relationship issues which truly happen in real life If there is anything I have learned from the Amish and Mennonites I have met, it is t [...]

  18. Joy

    Daybreak is a beautifully written story about family secrets Viola works in the Daybreak Retirement Center which is in the Mennonite community Working with the residents makes her wonder how children can leave their parents and never look back Though New Order Amish are not to judge others she can t help herself When she becomes aware of powerful secrets her family has kept from her, she sees things in a different light Viola learns a valuable lesson which would be helpful to many Loved this boo [...]

  19. Sharon Chance

    Daybreak is an intriguing look into the little known private lives of the very close knit Amish people, and Gray shares with her readers that they have day to day problems and worries just like the rest of the world The difference is in the manner in which they handle these problems, both privately and religiously This new cast of characters is lively and very personable, and the setting, as always, is peaceful and soothing I enjoy how Gray brings a saucy side of realism to the story and makes D [...]

  20. Edith Ray

    Another successful book about the Amish and their particular daily life problems that are compounded when the children and grandchildren discover that they don t know the truth about their parents grandparents The children reflect on the very strict upbringing they had which made them feel guilty about being worthy or the best This new knowledge gives them the power to go back and correct past decisions which brings them happiness It is interesting to see the inner workings of the Amish and how [...]

  21. Carolyn E

    I had a little trouble getting into this one I finally had to make a list of the characters so I could keep all of the relationships straight After I got past that, I did enjoy the story It s a little different from the usual Amish story, but it s a good read I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series, Ray of Light The Days of Redemption, which is due to be released in May, 2013.

  22. Darlene Torday

    Enjoyed this slightly different love story as secrets are revealed in what the heroine always believed was the perfect family Nice to see the hero and heroine grow to love each other and learn they need to figure out what God wants them to do, along with what is their heart s desire for themselves This was a bit different than most Amish stories but I liked the different characters as even the secondary ones came alive as I read this story.

  23. Debbie

    To be fair, this is what I would write if I were writing a book Nothing fancy, quotable or even memorable Simple dialog, one dimensional characters, predictable ending Then again I m no great author Reading this book was difficult because I had just read a really good book I guess it s all about perception.

  24. Tara Thompson carter

    I love any Amish based novel and have read many but this one left me wanting something Maybe if I hadn t read some many and compared this one to them it might have seemed better but I felt this novel was somewhat lacking.

  25. stacie

    This book had some good tidbits but it was slow moving The ending was anticlimactic I presume that this book gives the background for the next two books in the series, but as a stand alone book, it was a let down.

  26. Marj

    The main character is part of a large extended family, and the parents secrets, which is the premise of the book, is never explored, which makes this a set up for further books I am not fond of that type of story, since I chose my books individually Ok read

  27. April Suter

    Viola s life is about to change Her grandmother s secret is revealed, her father s battle is faced, her aunt finds a lost love and Viola, herself, meets Edward a missionary and son to her favorite resident where she works.248 pages

  28. Nancy

    I enjoed this first book of a series, that takes place in an Amish community There are family secreets, that are tearing the family apart, and there is love that brings them together I listened to this book on CDs.

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