Sundancer (2020)

Sundancer Shelley Peterson Sundancer From the outside year old Alberta Bird looks like a typical teenager She spends her days attending school riding horses and helping out on the farm where she lives with her Aunt Hannah But Bird
  • Title: Sundancer
  • Author: Shelley Peterson
  • ISBN: 9781552638422
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
Sundancer Shelley Peterson From the outside, 13 year old Alberta Bird looks like a typical teenager She spends her days attending school, riding horses, and helping out on the farm where she lives with her Aunt Hannah But Bird is anything but typical For one, she hears things that no one else hears, like the thoughts of the various animals she befriends For another, she doesn t talk AlthoFrom the outside, 13 year old Alberta Bird looks like a typical teenager She spends her days attending school, riding horses, and helping out on the farm where she lives with her Aunt Hannah But Bird is anything but typical For one, she hears things that no one else hears, like the thoughts of the various animals she befriends For another, she doesn t talk Although it causes some problems at school, and with the kids who come to the farm to train, Bird s unwillingness to speak isn t a big issue for her aunt In fact, when a new problem horse arrives at the farm, Hannah realizes that the strange and silent Bird is the only one who can break through his defenses But when Bird s mother Eva decides to pay a visit with a new boyfriend and Bird s younger sister in tow old wounds are opened and everything changes Shelley Peterson s Sundancer is a remarkable story about the damage that people can do to each other and to the creatures that live with us and the many ways that we can heal.
Sundancer Shelley Peterson

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    319 Shelley Peterson
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One thought on “Sundancer

  1. Laura Wright

    My daughter was disgusted by my 4 star review, so she has decided to review it herself here we goSundancer is a really good book I wish I could give it than 5 stars because it s about a horse who has been treated really badly and a girl who doesn t talk any She decides to take care of him The horse and the girl change The girl can talk but she decides not to, but she can hear what animals are thinking and talks to them If you like animals this is a very good book and I would recommend it to you [...]

  2. Ashleigh

    It was a cute story It does a great job of showing the bond and communication of The horse and the girl

  3. Abby

    This is a GREAT book It is very explanatory and Shelley Peterson is an awesome writer Defenitly recommend it

  4. Nicole Lauraine

    Really Inspiring I enjoyed reading about the connection between Bird and the animals One of my favorite books

  5. Caroline Harbour

    I don t like horses and I don t usually like horse books , but this one is a very sweet and creative piece of magical realism.

  6. Claire

    What is even up with this book I seriously have problems with horse books in general, it might be a disease This one was no different But I thoroughly enjoyed itRST OFF The summary of this book is in entirety BAD It doesn t even cover the main conflict of the book and leaves out several important details Summarizing Department, YOU FAILED As a side note, the summary I am referring to is the one on the back of the book, not the one featured on this website NOTES What kind of person names their ho [...]

  7. Rebecca Gosiewski

    Of Elective Mutes and Talking Horses With Anger IssuesShelley Peterson s book Sundancer is about Alberta, or Bird She s an elective mute, and has been since age six Now she s thirteen and living with her aunt, having been dropped off two years earlier while her mother took her younger sister Julia and drove off into the sunset in search of yet another boyfriend Sundancer is a young gelding with a horrendous past of mistreatment, abuse, scarring accidents, and has spooked his way through nine tra [...]

  8. CG

    My first interaction with Sundancer was in a library when I was in the third or fourth grade Some years later one, or perhaps two I decided that I wanted to read a book with horses playing a major role, and it was Sundancer that instantly leaped to me mind At this time, I knew not the title nor the author of Sundancer and only a vague image of a large chestnut horse and a bright blue sky behind him.It is to the librarian that I am eternally thankful, for it was she that understood what I meant w [...]

  9. Sequoia Emerson

    Sundancer is about a girl named Alberta, but most people call her Bird She lives with her aunt Hannah, because her mother left her a few years ago, most likely because Bird hasn t spoken since she was six She can talk, but the doctor said that she is an elective mute, which means she chooses not to talk.Bird has a special gift She can talk to animals She talks to them through her mind When Bird still talked, she was teased about claiming to be able to speak to animals, which is one of the reason [...]

  10. The Review

    This is one of those heart wrenching stories that I have a love hate relationship with I loved this book, though a lot of it was predictable Horrible plot twists and events kept happening every turn, keeping me reading and yet dreading to turn the page what if it was sadness But what if it was something good Perhaps I should have stopped at a happy part and went to sleep, but instead I turned the page late last night and was unable to put it down until I was finished early into the morning This [...]

  11. Cyn

    People never look up I never really thought of this before reading this novel but ever since I have made a point of looking up Bird is a young but very smart and interesting girl She depends on her animals, communicating with them than she does the people around her whom she communicates with only when necessary after all the animals are happy to have a human to talk to This is a book that I have read countless times and is definitely one of my favorites Bird is relatable without being predicta [...]

  12. Ncc

    This book is different I have read a myriad number of horse books and fantasy books and this one is a little of both.Quick synopsis Bird is 13 and she has not spoken to people since she was six She never knew her father and her mother left her on her aunt s horse farm Bird has a secret she can speak directly to animal s minds and they speak back to her.Then, Sundancer, an abused horse comes to the farm and his outrageous back story slowly comes to light through Bird and both of their lives are c [...]

  13. Anna Phoenix

    I love stories that take place in reality but have an unexplained fantastical element in this case, Bertie s ability to read the thoughts of animals and speak back to them She is a scared and confused girl, but she has a strength which she comes to realize slowly throughout the course of the book I also love stories about children that don t ignore the adults in their lives or oversimplify for the benefit of younger readers, and this one delivers Bertie s aunt is frequently frustrated and flummo [...]

  14. Jaden T-M

    I love horses, so when I recieved this book as a present, I instantly shoved myself into it The main character, a mute girl, lives on a farm with her aunt One day, a tempermental chestnut horse is brought to them, and she automatically tries to connect with him through her mind, a mental gift she d had since she was a child.One thing I absolutely have to say, this book made me cry I haven t cried over a bookwell, ever While there are tons of books that made me want to cry, this one brought the t [...]

  15. Claire Evans

    Though this is of a children s book, this story is fantasically told from the point of very of a child with I think it s AD HD or ADD it could be another type of learning disability maybe dyslexia , but I m pretty certain that it s something along those lines and shows her perpective of a tough family life and just wanting to fit in It also shows the feelings of every equestrian how horses have always been there for us in our toughest times, and how, thanks to horses, we keep carrying on.

  16. Abby Rowe

    Amazing A truly wonderful tale that combines humans and animals alike with a common theme I have read this book twice already and have loved every second of it I will say that it had me wanting afterwards and I hope that it has the same affect on others It is as though that Peterson has combined the Dr Doolittle theme with flare and drama that will hook a reader at the very beginning and have them begging for I know it had me doing so.

  17. Anastasia

    I keep on coming back to this book it s just so perfect.I love the way Bird can communicate with animals For a couple months after reading this, I was convinced that if I just tried hard enough I could too.This book never explains why Bird stops talking, though, and that bothered me I have always wanted to know that.This book has made me laugh and cry and I read it probably at least twice a year It s fantastic.

  18. Jessica

    A fantastic, yet short, read Shelley Peterson does an incredible job as she puts into words the life and dreams of a selective mute teen girl, Bird Throughout the book, she recognizes detailed hardships throughout this girls life while bringing a troublesome and unforgiving horse in as well This long lasting hardships and memories come back to haunt the twosome as they look into their pasts together to find whod what they are made of

  19. Kristen

    A clever, well written novel with a fascinating concept that I would recommend to horse lovers of all ages Shelley Peterson is able to take a complex concept the main character has the ability to speak to animals especially horses and make it understandable I found all of the characters to be very interesting and it was surprisingly realistic.

  20. Tiffany

    A beautiful and stunning book I was completely in love with this story.Once you start reading it, you can t help but beg yourself for another page and another and another.The story is completely unique and fascinating and speaks the friendship between an abused horse and a selective mute girl Highly recommended book.

  21. Amanda

    Loved this book I found Bird a bit difficult to relate to at times but once I got into the book it made sense Toward the end Bird relates her story to Sunny, so all of the pieces finally fit together Definitely going to read the next one soon

  22. Celise

    When I heard Shelley Peterson was coming to the local bookstore a few years back I rushed to finish this book so I could get it signed while knowing that I had thoroughly enjoyed it Of course I wasn t disappointed and I think this is the author s best book.

  23. Sarah

    I really need to re read this book I haven t read it in a while but I remember it so vividly It is a great story about a girl who used to speak but then one day she just decided not too any She can telepathically communicate with animals and it is just a really sweet story.

  24. Rebecca McNutt

    Really great kid s book with elements of Doctor Dolittle and National Velvet Bird is a character easy to relate to and the book, although fast paced, was well written, with a great amount of imagery and vocabulary.

  25. Mackenzie

    Bird can connect with animals and she learns than any normal human does but with the new horse Sundancer she can not, he refuses to reply but when he does choose to learn and to listen Bird is threatened with Sundancers old owners to come back and take him.

  26. Joanna

    This is my 3rd time reading this book I think and it will forever remain a favourite of mine I cry every darn time Preciously read in Aug 2012, and once earlier before I had

  27. Izzie London

    So I just remembered this book It was one of my childhood favourites A total must read for kids that love animals

  28. Rose

    This is a very enjoyable story about an elective mute animal whisperer Mostly focussing on horses, and showing, but it has enough side issues to be a well rounded story suitable for tweens.

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