Dog (2020)

Dog Michelle Herman Dog Single childless J T Rosen a poet and college professor who has failed to live up to her early promise has constructed a careful orderly life around her work and the little house she has lived in a
  • Title: Dog
  • Author: Michelle Herman
  • ISBN: 9781596921788
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
Dog Michelle Herman Single, childless, J.T Rosen a poet and college professor who has failed to live up to her early promise has constructed a careful, orderly life around her work and the little house she has lived in alone for many years Long ago, after a tumultuous youth filled with the Sturm und Drang of boys and men, she gave up on the possibility of love she has begun by now, in thSingle, childless, J.T Rosen a poet and college professor who has failed to live up to her early promise has constructed a careful, orderly life around her work and the little house she has lived in alone for many years Long ago, after a tumultuous youth filled with the Sturm und Drang of boys and men, she gave up on the possibility of love she has begun by now, in the Middle Western town she cannot bring herself to think of as home, to give up on the possibility of friendship.When the dog enters her life, almost by accident he takes over her life, as puppies do.But as the days and weeks pass, the relationship that unfolds between dog and woman provides a glimpse for her of the possibilities that life still offers, of goodness that she begins to understand can be counted on in some inexplicable way.Dog is about how a person constructs a life for herself, about the bits and pieces that make up a life as one goes along, and about the possibility of goodness, always, among those pieces the possibility of love, and grace.
Dog Michelle Herman

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    Michelle Herman

One thought on “Dog

  1. Emily Patterson

    Dog unfolds with such openness, such simplicity, such foursquare tenderness And yet, this small miracle of a novel is steeped in its protagonist s rich and nuanced observations of self, loneliness, companionship The concluding, miniature meditation on goodness and happenstance roots this brief but wise novel in the heart s memory.

  2. Judy

    This novella was brilliant While I don t think it is for everyone, it was definitely a gem for me I was once described by someone as not a pet person , which highly insulted me, but I am sure that is what the person felt Stating that, I also have several other similarities to the main person character, Jill, in this story That honestly isn t a good thing, since Jill has many issues.Her life is turned inside out for the better one day when she decides on the spur of the moment to adopt an unwante [...]

  3. Cynpai

    Not as focused on the dog as you might think, focused on the way a dog can influence and change a person s life, inside and out At times J T was a bit too much but she was consistent in this way, and I could appreciate her as a character, if not some of her feelings on things such as names This is the first book I ve managed to finish in years due to mental issues reading much at length and so for that I am very thankful this book was written and published If you want a short, sweet story that [...]

  4. Kim Migliozzi

    Really liked the parts about the connection with the dog and the insight the dog gives the narrator but

  5. Willa

    This is a cute little story about a single woman named Jill facing the end of her child bearing years who ends up adopting a dog While there are aspects that I don t think set a good example for dog ownership she doesn t think about what s involved in caring for a dog before adopting him, she doesn t properly lead train him, she doesn t socialize him, she doesn t play with him there are other aspects that make me happy she s very conscientious about his house breaking and his daily walks, and sh [...]

  6. Michelle

    Despite the title, the book is not really focused on a dog Rather it is about a middle aged, single college English professor who is looking for some way to reconnect with the world While surfing for adoptions, she comes across a dog rescue As she learns to take care of her puppy, she begins to reflect on her life and relationships and starts to develop a bond with him and grows to depend on his unwavering love and devotion She realizes the emptiness in her life and inches towards change While n [...]

  7. Jodi

    WARNING SPOILER This was a light and fun book about a middle aged woman getting a puppy completely on the spur of the moment, having never owned a dog before If you read it superficially, it s a mostly funny, sometimes sad book However, there s a deeper level because there are many parallels between her journey in life and that of the dog As she becomes attached to the dog Phillip she gains insight into herself and the reasons she may have problems with both friendships and romantic relationshi [...]

  8. Mommooshka

    This was a pleasant, short book It was relaxing and interesting to read, but then the closing pages really brought it all together into a philosophical realization about life, being optimistic, and believing there can be good ahead of you in your life All brought about by an impulse adoption of a rescue puppy and the close bound that developed between the narrator, Jill who had never been a dog person and her dog, Phil.Anyone who loves animals and has had a special pet of any type will probably [...]

  9. Deschka

    The dog, the dog , the dog the dog had taken over her life But this was not necessarily a bad thing Perhaps she had needed to have her life taken over How can you not be pulled in and want to read on after those first sentences Anyone who has ever been owned by a dog, or has taken care of another being understands how being responsible for a living creature can take over everything and alter your life And consequently we relate to these thoughts and wonder how the protagonist will handle the cha [...]

  10. Julia

    From a literary standpoint, some lines were very beautifully written The story line threw me a little I thought it would be about the dog The book is about a semi reclusive poetry professor who quite accidentally takes adopts a puppy I believe she googled adoption with the idea of looking at adopting a child She basically does so many things wrong with raising her puppy that it s surprising that the dog turns out as well as he does Overall I found the book quite frustrating, and the main chara [...]

  11. Lara

    Dig this Stars were strewn across it the night sky as if they d just been shaken and cast and any minute now the way they d landed would be read aloud to her in a hushed, thrilling voice I really love that And I loved the way she describes the transformative power of a dog in the house As a person who has recently become a first time dog owner, I found myself nodding along with the narrartive I also could relate, many of us academic type ladies might, to how utterly she lives in her own head.

  12. Erin

    I read this for a book discussion group that reads books about animals however, this one ended up focusing on the main character I kept waiting for the moment predictable, yet engaging when the dog starts to make the main character s strictly confined life a little larger and generous, but it never arrived Instead, she drinks wine, mulls over past boyfriends, and dwells some on past boyfriends She arranges her life with the dog in such a manner that she continues to minimize her interaction w [...]

  13. Kathy

    I didn t really like it and was disappointed not to There wasn t enough dog in it and too much going on in the main character s head And I found her truly unlikable, she was an intellectual snob and altho she sorta comes around, she didn t nearly enough for my liking And I didn t like the portrayal of the dog I know How is that possible, I m such a dog person He was too much like her, kind of aloof Altho I know there are plenty of dogs like that, I ve never had one, thank god.

  14. Sharen

    A jewel The undercurrents are deep and thoughtful, prompting reflection about the choices we make in life, and how we deal with the people closest to us In Jill s case, this includes her mother in particular, but also her brother, her lovers, her students and colleagues Absorbing Phil , formerly known as Dog , into her life brings on the kind of wistful self examination that accompanies mid life as well as a new mindfulness, sense of humour included Michelle Herman writes beautifully.

  15. Laura

    While the picture on the cover makes you want to take it home, it s the story that makes this book stick with you I m not sure that Jill is meant to be a likable character, but how you not like someone who s taken in Philip It s a great story that makes you feel lonely, but that makes you enjoy the loneliness, and appreciate your dog.

  16. Az

    fun, though i would ve liked to have it be about the dog there s probably a lot here than i m willing to discuss, about women and aging and expectations it was nice to have of a loner ish character who wasn t insane but the discussions of past lovers and things was really lost of me maybe i just wasn t in the right mood.

  17. Fred Kohn

    This was a delightful little book I could only give it three stars because I could not relate to the main character very well I think it would be a very good book for a woman to read, especially a middle aged single woman, to read There wasn t a whole lot of action the book was psychological This is the kind of book I enjoy it gives opportunity for character development.

  18. Anika

    I chose this book off the shelf because of the photograph on the cover and it turned out to be an auspicious choice I loved this book from poet turned novelist Michelle Herman It is the story of a sad English professor and the turn her life takes with the introduction of Phil the dog Bizarre and beautiful.

  19. Stephanie A.

    Despite what other reviews say, my expectations were exceeded when I picked this up in the general fiction section and found it actually focusing on a woman acquiring a puppy Heavens There s also a lot of introspection and no truly discernible point or plot, but it s cozy I feel like I ll appreciate it when I m actually the age of the 45 year old main character, though.

  20. Brett Newmyer

    It was pretty cute, but not especially deep, which you should expect going in I was a little turned off by the supporting cast being so minimal That was of course to put emphasis on her relationship with her dog, but it still bothered me Fun little book, but there are better dog books out there

  21. Maggie

    Technically a 3.5 star rating.Very sweet and much well written than Marley Me, although not much happens at all, beyond the getting of the dog, which has technically already happened when the book begins.

  22. Michal

    I picked up this book on a whim while at the library It s a quick read stream of consciousness than plot, but the characters are well designed, the story flows well and there s food for thought in it.

  23. Kellie

    I was disappointed This wasn t about the dog, it was barely about her relationship with the dog, it was all about her.I found this to be tedious, a chore to read Honestly, I did not like the writing style at all It was like reading one long run on sentence.

  24. Kris

    Dog is the story of a lonely, single, middle aged college professor who adopts a puppy She is so anti social that she decides to walk the dog at midnight to avoid chats with other dog walkers She finds the company of the dog to be enough to satisfy her Written by an OSU professor.

  25. Sue Kozlowski

    I thought this story would be better Jill, from NY, lives alone in Iowa she is a poetry prof, middle aged She adopts a dog Walks him in the middle of the night.

  26. Chris

    Didn t care for this in fact found myself skimming through parts that were repetitious in story line Thought it would be a cute story but ended up with me thinking I d missed the point

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