The Piano (2020)

The Piano Rosemary Border Jennifer Bassett Tricia Hedge The Piano A level Oxford Bookworms Library graded reader This version includes an audio book listen to the story as you read Written for Learners of English by Rosemary Border One day a farmer tells a farm b
  • Title: The Piano
  • Author: Rosemary Border Jennifer Bassett Tricia Hedge
  • ISBN: 9780194229821
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
The Piano Rosemary Border Jennifer Bassett Tricia Hedge A level 2 Oxford Bookworms Library graded reader This version includes an audio book listen to the story as you read.Written for Learners of English by Rosemary Border.One day, a farmer tells a farm boy to take everything out of an old building and throw it away It s all rubbish, he says.In the middle of all the rubbish, the boy finds a beautiful old piano He has nevA level 2 Oxford Bookworms Library graded reader This version includes an audio book listen to the story as you read.Written for Learners of English by Rosemary Border.One day, a farmer tells a farm boy to take everything out of an old building and throw it away It s all rubbish, he says.In the middle of all the rubbish, the boy finds a beautiful old piano He has never played before, but now, when his fingers touch the piano, he begins to play He closes his eyes and the music comes to him and the music moves his fingers.When he opens his eyes again, he knows that his life is changed for ever .
The Piano Rosemary Border Jennifer Bassett Tricia Hedge

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    337 Rosemary Border Jennifer Bassett Tricia Hedge
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  1. Amaor

    Tony Evans was from poor family and not good at school work, but he was a lucky boy He got a job in the farm and worked hard for his job.He got an old piano and play the keys secretly every evening after work He got find by an teacher who taught him free lessonsHe got send to college of Music by Mr Woods, who was his farmer boss it really he was a lucky boy He is hard working and honest boy and he found his true love

  2. Moe

    1 Publisher OXFORD Book Series OXFORD BOOKWORMS Level 22 11 3 40min 11 4 30min 70min in total 3 7words summary boy poor farm piano conpetition won happy end4 Do you have any thing which makes you addicted or interested in so much Yes, I have For me it s camera Scince I was a high school student, I ve been interested in taking pictures I started to have a camera with no particular reasons, but now it s my biggest hobby and I beleive it will be the forever hobby in my life 5 I really liked this st [...]

  3. Mizuki Touda

    1, OXFORD Level 22, 07 08 100 minutes 3, FamilyPoor WorkFarm Piano Competition Famous 4a, Anthony who is a man called Tony by everyone There are six people in his family Therefore, his family is poor Even though Anthony is thirteen years old, he has to work for family to make money He worked for farm One day, he finds a piano in his work place He has never played the piano so far However, he played the piano very well His friends and worker were very surprised He took part in a piano contest He [...]

  4. Yuki Okuno

    1 Oxford 2nd level 2.5 18 80min3 Piano poor farmer talent school marriage teach4a Favorite passage But one day I shall be rich and famous Then I ll come back again, and I ll ask you to marry me She gave me a long, loving look Then she laughed Oh, Anthony, she said Don t wait until you re rich and famous Ask me now So I did and here we are 4b Anthony was so poor however Linda was rich girl so firstly it was impossible love when they young Though old piano their love started Finally they are marri [...]

  5. Ken Horie

    10 24 60 minutes1 The Piano2 Poor3 Farm4 School5 Competition6 Linda7 Musician Where are you now, Mrs Lark He thought Do you remember Tony Evans You gave us a lot of happiness, Mrs Lark Thank you Thank you His hands flew over the piano keys Beautiful sounds filled the theatre This sentences from when Tony played the piano in the competition and perhaps when he became Anthony I chose this sentences because I believe the most delightful or unforgettable memory gives huge impact to the person s futu [...]

  6. Kiko Kawashima

    1 Oxford level32 1 04 30minutes 1 05 45minutes3 Piano farmer rubbish poor concert 4 a Tony is calm boy of poor family and lives in small village He is not special, not good at study and sports, he just a boy who spent his life ordinarily One day, he and his friend found an old piano from a garage Tony have not play the piano, but when he touch it, his fingers moved naturally and playb I love the scene when Tony play the piano at the piano concert I really moved because he got excellent prize 5 T [...]

  7. Takuma Kusagawa

    1.OXFORD,Level22.11 6 20minutes,11 11 40minutes3.piano,farmer,boy,music,fingers,rubbish,school4.Anthony How many concert have I given Two thousand Three thousand For me, every concert is new and exciting I thought he had aspiration about playing the piano,that s why he could be a famous pianist.5.Before I read this book, I found an interestiong sentence in introduction of this book He finds a piano He also finds that he can play the piano So, perhaps we can say he does not find music, but that m [...]

  8. Kosuke Kamiya

    1 Oxford level 22 4 13 50min3 poor, work, farmer, piano, a gift, musician, marriage4 a I can play the piano Nobody taught me, but my mind tells my fingers what to do b He really liked the music class which Mrs Lark taught him with piano and so he could know how toplay the piano without teaching I think he has an inborn ability to play the piano Mr Gordon can discern his a talent becausehe also like the music.5 I like the scene that Tony has to leave the farm to study how to play the piano at mus [...]

  9. Aki Tanaka

    book Oxford, level 2 time 11 12, 80 minutes summary boy, farm, piano, practicing, pianist, girl, marrying questions 1 Can you play the piano No I am no good at playing the musical instrument autually, there is a piano at home because my parents bought for my sister or me, but we can t.haha I can play the japanese wooden flute only because I played it when I took part in thefstival in my city.2 Main characer practiced the piano very hard and at last, he became a famous pianist Have you ever pract [...]

  10. Kahveci

    Uzun zaman nce okudu um bu kitab se mekte herhangi zel bir amac m yoktu, epey zaman nce bir yerde g rm , akl mda kalm t Biraz ngilizce pratik yapmak amac yla a t m okumaya ba lad m ilk sayfas n hala unutam yorum lk sayfa oldu u i in spoiler koymak gerekmedi ini d n yorum, buyrun The young boy in this story is not good at school He is not good at learning words or numbers He likes to sing with the other boys and girls but he is not good at singing He does not get the first job that he tries to ge [...]

  11. Hiroki

    Rosemary Border level2 10 25 20min,10 26 20min,10 27 20min,10 28 20min Anthony Evans,Sally Hill,Lark,Linda,Gordon,piano,musician I found the musician Anthony Evans was a poor child He liked music, especially to piano One day, he sneaked into the school after school Fortunately, the music room was not closed, so he began to play the piano, but he was found by the music teacher named Gordon Then, he listened to Anthony s piano, and he moved so much.Then, he said this line Of course, Anthony was no [...]

  12. Hiroki Yasui

    THE PIANO Oxford Level.2 5 28 95 minutespiano, music, poor, farmer, school, teacher, concert You ve won the competition This is the most important night in your life I think music can change people dramatically Music has a big power to change their life The main character boy of this story is very poor, but the encounter with the old piano leads him to be a musician Everyone can play, listen to, and like music It not problem how rich or poor Actually, I belong to jazz band club and I play the al [...]

  13. Tomomasa Sawada

    The Pianowritten by Rosemary BorderTime about 60 minutes Seven Words piano move farm concert change musician marryDiscussion QuestionHave you ever experienced something that your life changes until now Actually, No However, I have had precious experiences until now One of them is gone to the Australia I experienced a lot of things.Do you like playing music Yes I have been playing Japanese fruit for about seven years However, I am not good at playing music like piano, guitar.CommentsI thought tha [...]

  14. Miyu Kojima

    1 Oxford, level 22 5 4 20min 5 5 60min.3 Tony, poor, farmer, piano, teacher, competition, famous4 a Of course I want to touch them That s why I m here b Of course everyone is tense before they perform something in front of many people However, I thought of a thing same as him when I played the piano in front of people at competition So I can really understand this feeling.5 I learned the piano when I was in elementary school But, now, I sometimes play it I agree with music is feeling I thought T [...]

  15. Rie Shimizu

    1 Oxford level 22 7 15 803 piano, family, poor, work, farmer, concert, marriage 4 a I can play the piano, he thought Nobody taught me, but my mind tells my fingers what to do, and I can make music b I liked this passage Tony has never played the piano before, but when he touched the keys, he could play I was surprised I thought that he has a born talent of the piano.5 The encounter with the piano changed his life He has a great ability Further, he is a hard worker The ability is important, but m [...]

  16. ゆきてぃ

    Oxford Readers, level 2 Time 4 26 30min 4 17 35min.4 30 20min total 85min.Seven word summary a boy, piano, farmer, poor, childhood, find, winQ Have you ever played the piano A Yes, I have learned to play the piano for 5 years But because my teacher is very strict, I don t like her and piano lesson and I quit my piano lesson So I cannot play the piano now.Because Himawari recommended this book to me, I read this book She is right This book was very interesting And when I finished reading this boo [...]

  17. Nanae Sugimoto

    1 Oxfords Level 22 7 5 10 7 6 20 7 7 30 7 8 20mins3 Tony, Mrs Lark, piano, Mr Mrs Wood, Pip, John and Mr Gordon4 Tony is a boy s name Anthony is a man s name Tony Evans was a farm boy Anthony Evans is a musician One day, Anthony Evans will be famous all over the world And from today I m going to call you Anthony I think this scene is important because from this scene, He became a musician and I guess the author wanted us to notice it.5 Actually Naomi recommended me to read this book I was excite [...]

  18. Daichi Yokoyama

    I took 60minutes in total I really enojyed this story This is a brilLiant story I m impressed with it.Seven words boy poor farmer old piano music famous happy end Q Do you play the piano Have you ever played the piano or some musical instruments A Umm I haven t played musical instruments.Q In this story, main character has a lot of great friends, teachers.Do you have such a person Who when did you meet A Yes I guess, I have many friends who understand my personality.

  19. Inaba Rina

    Oxford university press stage 2 time 10 23,24 15minutes each day 11 26,27 20minutes each day 7 words summary boy poor farmer piano school concert marry Discussion question 1.Have you ever gone to the concert which use musical instrument Yes When I was high school student, I belonged to brass band, so I often went to the concerts.2.If you can play the piano, what kind of music would you play I would like to play classsic It was so cool.I cannot play the piano I think person who can play the piano [...]

  20. Ryosuke Sakai

    ROSEMARY BORDEROXFORD BOOKWORMSSTAGE26 4 30min 6 5 20min 6 6 10min7words summaryconcert musician poor monkey farmer competition marriedDiscussion QuestionQ Have you ever learned piano lesson except for music class A In my case, when I was 6 years I used to go to piano lesson but I don t remember that time well,actually I can t play the piano.There are many accomplish lessons, so parents have to consider which one is better and valance with school is also important.

  21. Rie Koyanagi

    1 Level2 Penguin2 85minutes3.piano,concert,poor,farmer,music,competition,teacher4a Nobody taught me, but my mind tells my fingers what to do , and I can make music 4b I thought it was incredible thing I thought he has a gift for playing piano like Beethoven I learned trying to do anything is important 5 I like this story because it was hart warming story People who helped and advices Tony were really kind, especially Gorton When he won the competition, I felt happy and I was moved I respect his [...]

  22. Namiko

    Level 2 This is a story about a famous pianist, who tells a newspaper reporter how he became a pianist He was born in a poor family so he had to work at farm One day, he found a piano and even though he never played one before but he played it very well A school teacher found the boy s ability and he taught how to play the piano Then the boy was getting really a good piano player.The characters in this story are very nice and kind The main character married the daughter of the famer s They had b [...]

  23. Naomi Mori

    1 Oxford, level22.5 11 40minutes, 5 13 40minutes3.eightieth birthday, fourteen, silent,poor, farm, classroom, competition4.a.While he slept, his mind was still full of music Small black notes dancedin front of his eyes When he woke up the music was still there Tony livedin a world of music b He is really into playing a piano It is wonderful to do something hard.5.This story is easy to understand I was glad when his efforts were rewarded,After read this book I thought it is important to charange [...]

  24. Momoko Fujigaki

    1.Oxford level 22.5 30 50min 5 31 15min3.Concert, Poor family, Farm boy, The piano, Play in the school, The Music Competition, Famous Pianist4.a Give me three tickets for your concert, and I ll be happy.b This is said by farmer He was not Tony s real father, but he allowed him to practice the piano He payed the money in change for three tickets of Tony s future concert I was really moved by his words How kind man he was 5.Tony was poor at once, but the meeting with the piano changed his life bet [...]

  25. Himawari Ogawa

    1.Publisher Rosenary Birder Book series Oxford Level 22.Time 4 17 33minutes3.Piano,Boy,Farm,School,Poor,Music,Pianist4,Can you play piano Yes, I can I had learned it since I was five years old When you were elementary school student, what kind of class did you like I liked Music class I love this class s teacher.Every classes I enjoyed it 5, This story is so good I love it It s easy for me to understand this story and the story is so good Please read it if you have a time

  26. Masahito Ueto

    1 Oxford level22 5 30 30min 5 31 30min 6 1 30min3 piano, poor, farmer, music, teacher, school, concert4 The passage I like the most is I foubd a musician because Tony hasn t practiced the piano when he was a childhood, but he practiced it from an elementary school student I can t play the piano at all Music can move anyone.5 Music can move anyone, I think Big talents change people s life dramatically Mr, Gordon said he can give Tony his first lessons I think Mr, Gordon was sure that Tony is able [...]

  27. Sayaka Kiko

    time 70minutes7words summary TONY POOR FAMER MUSIC PIANO PRACTISE HAPPY discussion questions1 Do you have a thing which devote yourself And what Yes I do Recently I enjoy watching DVD both English and Japanese.2 Who do you look up to the most Toyohiro senpai.He is my senior at this university s DELT He is very kind for us,and he is very clever He always tells some information about a lot of things,for example a credit or french I want to be a moman like him.He is my ideal man

  28. Takahiko Masuda

    1 Oxford Rosemary Border level 22 95minutes3 Piano, cuntry, boy, farmer, competition, music, marry4 Do you think do you have a secret genius What is it Yes,I do I think I will become a super baseball player However there is no reason.5 This is the book which was read by Saki last week When I heard her bookreport,I became to want to read this book This book is very interesting as Saki said earlier I recommend this book,too because this is happy end story And this story is easy to understand Have [...]

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