Il tuo volto domani, Vol. 3: Veleno e ombra e addio (2020)

Il tuo volto domani, Vol. 3: Veleno e ombra e addio Javier Marías Glauco Felici Il tuo volto domani Vol Veleno e ombra e addio La conclusione mozzafiato di una trilogia straordinaria sulla pace e sulla guerra sulla violenza e sulla paura sul segreto che prima o dopo deve raccontarsi e sul peso del passato Sull impossibilit
  • Title: Il tuo volto domani, Vol. 3: Veleno e ombra e addio
  • Author: Javier Marías Glauco Felici
  • ISBN: 9788806212964
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
Il tuo volto domani, Vol. 3: Veleno e ombra e addio Javier Marías Glauco Felici La conclusione mozzafiato di una trilogia straordinaria sulla pace e sulla guerra, sulla violenza e sulla paura, sul segreto che prima o dopo deve raccontarsi e sul peso del passato Sull impossibilit di conoscere gli altri, e anche se stessi.Infine, l attesa si compie ecco la terza parte, quella finale, del grande romanzo di Javier Mar as Dove il protagonista Jacobo oLa conclusione mozzafiato di una trilogia straordinaria sulla pace e sulla guerra, sulla violenza e sulla paura, sul segreto che prima o dopo deve raccontarsi e sul peso del passato Sull impossibilit di conoscere gli altri, e anche se stessi.Infine, l attesa si compie ecco la terza parte, quella finale, del grande romanzo di Javier Mar as Dove il protagonista Jacobo o Jaime Deza, misterioso agente segreto, rivaluta il suo modo di vedere il mondo dopo avere assistito a un imprevedibile atto di violenza compiuto dal suo capo, l ambiguo ma pacato Tupra Allo stesso tempo, deve congedarsi per sempre da due figure fondamentali il padre, che gli ha trasmesso la coscienza di quanto incline al tradimento sia l essere umano, e Sir Peter Wheeler, che lo ha introdotto al suo dono maledetto di interprete di vite.
Il tuo volto domani, Vol. 3: Veleno e ombra e addio Javier Marías Glauco Felici

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    113 Javier Marías Glauco Felici
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One thought on “Il tuo volto domani, Vol. 3: Veleno e ombra e addio

  1. William1

    It s a bore Terribly bloated The longest of the three volumes I guess the editor was out sick that week Endless abstract digressions It s sad because a good editor could have sliced it into far better shape than this turgid heap we ended up with A missed opportunity.

  2. Rise

    Poison, Shadow and Farewell is the valedictory volume of Javier Mar as s spy novel whose prose style represents a calcification of the novelist s poetic images, lines, phrases, and symbols, all unfolding in slow motion in the pedantic mind of its narrator In the 1,200 page opus Your Face Tomorrow, we find Jacques Deza, recently separated from his wife Luisa in Spain and employed in London as an interpreter and as a kind of behavioral consultant under the tutelage of his boss Bertram Tupra, an en [...]

  3. Justin Evans

    There s a select group of novels in my reading history the first time I read them, I would occasionally become deeply envious of people who hadn t started them, because that meant they had something amazing to look forward to The first time it happened was with War Peace It also happened with The Magic Mountain, Gravity s Rainbow although I was sick when I read it, so it might have just been a fever , The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, and Gerard Woodward s sort of memoir trilogy That s not to say all [...]

  4. Marjorie

    The reality is this if you are lucky as a reader, you will find that writer who is a mirror of yourself, who pens the sentences and stories you would pen, had you the nerve, the time Marias, for me, is that writer, so it is with great narcissism that I award him five stars and recommend any and all to read him Of course, many won t, and the pity is that he has such a long eye reaching both back and forwardhe understands our sins, and he casts both aspersions and patience on them I put this book [...]

  5. Jessica

    I FOUND THIS TODAY AT THE ALBANY, CA LIBRARY BOOK SALE Amazing They didn t have the first, or the second, but THIS ONE, the third, a gorgeous hardcover in perfect condition and only 1 THIS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME SINCE I FOUND THE THIRD VOLUME OF PROUST RIGHT AFTER FINISHING THE SECOND AT THE LIBRARY BOOK SALE IN WOODSTOCK, NY IN 2009 This is so miraculous and wonderful that I actually feel dizzy It s enough to make a girl get religion.

  6. Deanne

    Can t really put my finger on the one thing I love about this book The language of the book is superb, the story moves along at a leisurely pace, but isn t stagnant There are sections of the book which seem to deviate but are interesting and absorbing in particular the last episode with Wheeler.I also like Jacques, Jaime, Jacobo call him what you will.

  7. Will

    I was initially excited by the structure of Your Face Tomorrow, seeing in it something like the inverse of Paul Auster s foray into detective fiction in The New York Trilogy instead of starting with a distinctly framed genre story and then dissolving its conventions, Mar as seems to begin in a fog of abstraction and obsession through which the alluring outlines of a spy novel occasionally coalesce before again being obscured by the narrator s ruminations I was also interested to see how the nove [...]

  8. Marc

    Third and final part of the trilogy Your Face Tomorrow , another 500 pages and again but 1 single real scene of action As in the previous parts Jacques Deza keeps on observing, registrating, interpreting and above all reflecting, pages and pages on end Yet something has changed In the previous part his boss Mr Tupra confronted Deza with the use of bold violence the intense scene in the toilet for the disabled and the suggestion that there are no real moral laws In this part Tupra adds something [...]

  9. Vilis

    skatoties visas tr s gr matas kop un t ir j dara, jo visa trilo ija pa lielam ir viena sa elta gr mata , dro i varu to saukt par lab ko, ko esmu p d jos tr s gados las jis, un laikam jau daudzus n kamos gados atsauk os uz Mariasu ne vien gr matu recenzij s un citos ar literat ru saist tos pierakstos, bet ar citur dz v , jo aj s 1200 lappus s ir smalki aprakst tas oti daudzas tepat vien atrodamas par d bas, kur m reiz m ir pietr cis v rdu vai domu, lai izpaustu tikpat skaidri un prec zi, varb t p [...]

  10. pierlapoquimby

    segue Quando infine si arriva al termine ci si accorge di essersi assuefatti al mondo inventato dalla penna di Mar as e si tende a guardare con indulgenza agli eccessi, alle ridondanze e ai momenti di stanca, che pure ci sono, e rimpiangere gi la raffinatezza dell intuizione, la curiosit e lo stupore che suscitano personaggi e situazioni, la ricchezza dell opera.

  11. Ilona Cieniuch-Lonardo

    Imag nate que vas a estar unas cuantas semanas en una isla desierta Qu libro llevar as contigo Piensa en un libro que ha sido muy importante para t , un libro que ha dejado una huella, ha cambiado tu manera de pensar, te ha hecho so ar, re r, llorar, un libro esencial.No deber a uno contar nunca nada, ni dar datos ni aportar historias ni hacer que la gente recuerde a seres que jam s han existido ni pisado la tierra o cruzado el mundo, o que si pasaron pero estaban ya medio a salvo en el tuerto e [...]

  12. Johan Thilander

    Har avvaktat recension p denna, pga var tvungen att sm lta Your Face Tomorrow b ckerna, tillsammans med den inledande Alla sj lar, har varit en stor l supplevelse Jag har inte mycket att till gga ut ver det jag skrivit i recensioner av de tidigare volymerna Trots de brister jag d r p pekat s kan jag n stan str cka mig till att dessa har varit bland de b sta b cker jag l st tminstone top 20.Svensk vers ttning ska komma 2017 p Bonniers, och jag tippar att den kommer vinna Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns [...]

  13. Cody

    Should one never tell anyone anything How responsible are we for the consequences of our actions, our words, our thoughts Do we really know ourselves, and, if we think we do, how long will this self knowledge last Are we ever the same tomorrow as are today Having spent a couple of years with Your Face Tomorrow I read each volume pretty much as they were released , I m still not sure I know the answer to any of these questions, which permeate the whole of the text But therein lies the wonder of M [...]

  14. Lenore Beadsman64

    veleno che ingiunge che ci si faccia ombra per poi dare un silenzioso addioterzo e ultimo capitolo delle peripezie di Jamie Jack Jacobo che qui ritrova il vecchio Custardoy, gi in altre avventure collegate a un altro personaggio protagonista alter ego dello scrittore, e qui mette in pratica le cose che ha visto fare al turpe Tupra, cercando di difendere la vita di Luisa non trova niente di meglio da fare che minacciare, come ha visto fare al suo capo, e prendere cos parte al ballo dei precedenti [...]

  15. jeremy

    and besides, everything has its moment to be believed, isn t that what you think completing his monumental 3 volume novel, your face tomorrow, javier mar as s poison, shadow and farewell veneno y sombra y adi s wraps up the unforgettable story of jacques deza and his foray into the shady, complex domain of secrets, spying, and intelligence as a whole, your face tomorrow offers a fictional account of espionage international and interpersonal , propaganda, deceit, violence, and legacy framed aroun [...]

  16. Mike Puma

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Your Face Tomorrow which is not to say it s a title easily recommended I had the luxury of reading all three volumes one after the other and over a relatively short period of time I think my enjoyment was enhanced by this opportunity The individual volumes are not episodic or self contained I suspect readers who picked up these volumes as they were translated published were probably left wondering what what they had got themselves into The books are not volumes in a [...]

  17. Jafar

    This three volume series just blew me away I read the second and third volumes back to back and what a joy it was The first volume was heavy on introspection and reflection The plot gets going in the second volume one incident in one night and thickens in the third which is the largest volume As I said in the review of the first one, you shouldn t read Marias for the plot, even though this turns out to be not a bad story The writing props to Margaret Costa for a superb translation is simply magn [...]

  18. Gerald Camp

    This is among the five best books I have read in than 60 years as a reader Though it runs 1250 pages, divided into three volumes,I raced through it as if it were a thriller And in a way it is a James Bond novel minus the bad guys as if written by James Joyce in the style of Ulysses Everything in all three volumes pulls the reader toward the climax in Vol.3, so if it seems nothing is happening in Vol 1, keep going for the payoff But don t forget anything you read in Vol 1 or Vol.2 because all th [...]

  19. Mat Sletten

    I ve praised the previous 2 volumes of this book, and this cemented what I already suspected while reading the first volume this is one of the best books I ve read It is not action forward, but the writing is filled with obsessive detail and fantastic insight that I looked forward to every moment I had with the story It s best to indulge long sits with these volumes as that is how they work best for a reader I can t get over much Marias writing has changed how I read character At it s heart a sp [...]

  20. Sebastián

    Y qu dice uno finalmente cuando la historia se concluye, cuando aparentemente todo se resuelve Porque una de las lecciones m s insistentes es que decir cualquier cosa puede traer consecuencias nefastas paralelo a la idea que alguna vez tuve que hagase lo que se haga alguien saldr perjudicado con nuestros actos Me parece que no hay cierres tan definitivos como se creer a, pero esto es bastante coherente con el nebuloso contenido de la novela, en la que nada est tan demarcado como podr a Y no por [...]

  21. Greg

    A lot of other reviewers here have done a fantastic job of analysing such a dense book in ideas, and yes in pages if you amalgamate the trilogy so let me just say Your Face Tomorrow is well worth a read if you want you like a bit of philosophy in your novels There is scant plot one conversation, lasting maybe an evening, takes up a hundred pages Marias command of language is such that the words dance off the pages.

  22. Asarosa

    Volumen tres Llegar hasta ac hace que todo haya valido la pena Jaime ya sabe de qu se trata su trabajo Todos entendemos de qu se trata Aqu los dos tomos pasados se unen magistralmente y dan forma al presente del personaje, que se enfrenta a un nuevo rostro m s complicado de leer el suyo No a todos nos pasa Nuevas reacciones, nuevas herramientas, nuevas formas de usar nuestro pasado, nuestra historia, y nuevo equipaje con el que habremos de cargar.

  23. Jonathan yates

    Awesome, generally as a reader i have been lost in the world of dead writers and this is a voice that s alive and compelling, a three volume set that explores only a few social interactions, but manages to weave a story of how people interact with each other and a narrative of violence that given the ease of the present seems shocking and is awesome because it is very real Highly recommended

  24. Diego

    Fabuloso, el tercer y ltimo volumen de esta maravillosa trilog a Todos los cabos son atados con contundencia Pero m s importante a n, entendemos que la obra es una disquisici n completa sobre el caracter humano, sobre el sentido humano, una reflexi ninmensa sobre loq ue somos y podemos llegara ser Una obra monumental en la lengua espa ola.

  25. Ariadna73

    No estoy segura de lo que le pas a Marias con esta tercera novela de su saga, pero la verdad es que no pude encontrarle la punta en ning n momento Lo intent con juicio, la le de cabo a rabo y trat de disfrutarla solo por el placer de leer como las dos anteriores pero en este caso la f rmula no me funcion y creo que a Mar as tampoco

  26. Fernando Martinez Hinojal

    Javier Mar as sigue siendo, en mi opini n, uno de los mejores novelistas en castellano de la actualidad.Adem s de contar, sugerir, enso ar, rebuscar en la memoria, lo hace con un estilo que me desarma, me rinde Escribe impecable, y se regodea en la belleza de las construcciones de su prosa.Pedazo de tocho de ochocientas p ginas, y me est dando pena que se acabe, oigan

  27. Mario Soares

    Despu s de leer el ltimo tomo de la serie, una sola conclusi n inevitable La trilogia de Tu Rostro Ma ana es una de los mejores novelas que he le do en toda mi vida Larga vida a Javier Mar as

  28. keatssycamore

    Perfect for folks who read spy novels and think, What s with all this action What I really want is TONS of character development

  29. Kaycie

    5 stars for the entire series and not just book 3, as it is not at all a standalone novel.That being said, YFT was everything I wanted to get from Proust that I did not The writing has the same dreamy quality, complete with long, run on sentences see one reviewer s comment about the shocking comma to period ratio , but the material was much modern and could be applied to my own life Due to the nature of Proust s subject, I had difficulties relating to him and therefore to entire books in his se [...]

  30. Michael Flick

    Not the worst book I ve ever read, but not one of the best In fact, pretty unsatisfactory It s as if the author didn t have a plan or a plot when he began and just enjoyed ambling along in constant digressions, distractions and asides The final volume turns from being a kind of spy story never really developed into a domestic melodrama Disappointing in a book of this length that the author seemed to know so little about the main character But that main character, an expert at reading, translatin [...]

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