Blackburn (2020)

Blackburn Bradley Denton Blackburn Jimmy Blackburn grows up in the Midwest believing the things that adults tell him He questions his teachers and they lie to him He questions his parents and his father beats him He questions the world
  • Title: Blackburn
  • Author: Bradley Denton
  • ISBN: 9780312130299
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
Blackburn Bradley Denton Jimmy Blackburn grows up in the Midwest believing the things that adults tell him He questions his teachers and they lie to him He questions his parents and his father beats him He questions the world and it hurts him.And so Jimmy Blackburn becomes a killer.In this novel we meet many of Blackburn s twenty one victims They include law enforcers, writers, adulterers, autJimmy Blackburn grows up in the Midwest believing the things that adults tell him He questions his teachers and they lie to him He questions his parents and his father beats him He questions the world and it hurts him.And so Jimmy Blackburn becomes a killer.In this novel we meet many of Blackburn s twenty one victims They include law enforcers, writers, adulterers, auto mechanics, and other liars.This is an exceptional novel, at once riotously funny and searingly potent a vision of America through the eyes of the central bogeyman of our culture.
Blackburn Bradley Denton

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    Bradley Denton

One thought on “Blackburn

  1. Stephen

    3.0 to 3.5 stars An at times funny and at times shocking novel about a serial killer who only kills those that deserve it at least in his mind No women and no children An excellent character study of a serial killer with a code that is not based on any of the social s that most people have Through Bradley Denton s excellent writing, he makes us care about a character that kills people Not an easy thing to do Recomended Nominee Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel 1994 Nominee Locus Award for Best Ho [...]

  2. Scott

    A wild vivid ride through the psychology and accounts from one man s abused upbringing into a world where his actions and experiences are grafted together to form a cause that leaves male victims justifiably executed As opposed to loathing or fearing him, you immediately love and root for himJimmy Blackburn IS the ultimate vigilantee cleaner People can t punish themselves for their sins Only the people they ve sinned against can do that That is where he steps in You can almost imagine this as a [...]

  3. Taysha

    Blackburn is my favorite, and the best, novel written from the perspective of a serial killer One could argue that, since those are few and far between, there isn t enough basis for comparison to crown a winner However, the qualities of Blackburn that place it miles ahead of anything that might compare are distinctive and many in number.Bradley Denton uses his sincere third person narrator and straightforward, down to earth writing style to fully draw the reader into the mind of James Blackburn [...]

  4. Pisces51

    BLACKBURN By Bradley Denton MY REVIEW 2 STARS I purchased this book on January 10th of this year and it has the dubious distinction of being the first novel I read in the year 2018 BLACKBURN was first published in 1993 in the fall of this past year I had been perusing assorted lists of recommendations for serial killer thrillers Initially I had been working my way through SERIAL KILLER NOVELS 10 OF THE BEST a somewhat dated posting on Britain s Crime Lover Fiction site It listed Silence Of The L [...]

  5. Joey Simeroth

    A sympathetic killer Perhaps at times Slightly disturbing in places, but otherwise a quick fun read It almost started to fall apart for me at the end but the final pages brought it all back together for a satisfying finale.

  6. [Լ૯νі] ~ slow rp replies, please be patient!

    This book started out so good The first handful of chapters were amazing, especially Blackburn s childhood Seeing how others saw him as a freak while also having access to his motivations provided the emotional base needed to feel for him and his troubles through the rest of the book But I just seemed to have really bad timing with this one The first time I stopped, where the book picked up next was his first real relationship It started with a lot of sex and then things moved very fast, and end [...]

  7. Ren Rabbit

    This review contains spoilers Please proceed at your own discretion I don t know who you are, Bradley Denton, but I love you I love you simply because you gave the world something as uniquely fantastic as Blackburn , which is not only a novel whose details are going to be imprinted on my brain forever but which had me going through every single human emotion there is I don t even care how tongue in cheek this book was supposed to be according to some or that Jimmy Blackburn was not supposed to b [...]

  8. Margaret Skinner

    I Know it wouldn t be healthy if we all liked similar things but i truly don t understand this novels aggregate rating Quite simply one of the best written,smart,horrible and in parts downright hillarius books i ve ever read and i have read an awful lot of books in 55 years Never will i forget Morton son of Stan

  9. Tripp

    Because I am apparently a sap for marketing and other shiny objects, I gravitate towards new books I am well aware of all the older books I have yet to read, but I still focus my attention on the new sections of the library and the bookstore I really appreciate it when publishers reissue classic works that missed my attention the first time So a hearty thanks to Picador for re issuing the stellar Blackburn by Bradley Denton.The story is a tragic tale of a creation of a monster, Blackburn, with w [...]

  10. Brad Kirk

    If you are a sociopath, do not read this book If someone you know is a sociopath, do not recommend this book to them If your child is a sociopath, do not let them read this book I think the scariest thing about this book is that I can just see some person roughly the same age as Jimmy Blackburn in this book and really identifying with him and saying, Yes This is the answer and then going on a killing rampage Having said that, it is not the job of authors or any other artist to make sure that the [...]

  11. Jay T.

    Blackburn by Bradley DentonHave you ever wished or hoped to be able to teach others a lesson Have you ever witnessed an injustice only to later wish there was something you could do Have you ever just wanted to help others being taken advantage of If yes , have any of the outcomes you invisioned resulted in the murder of others For Jimmy Blackburn he has done just that.Bradley Denton s protaganist Jimmy Blackburn was raised in a broken home with a drunk abusive father who both physicaly and ment [...]

  12. Monique

    Read this short, concise character study of a serial killer in two and a half days, it kept my attention and is written simply enough to absorb quickly overdrawn, overdescriptive sentences here just a straight up and down story of the hardships and actions of a disturbed boy done wrong by the world basically or everyone in his world from his parents, his community and even his wife You end up feeling sorry for him especially when he kills over the mistreatment of a dog, potentially his only frie [...]

  13. Daryl

    What a great book Blackburn tells the story of Jimmy Blackburn, a highly intelligent and moral in a very skewed fashion serial killer We get some flashbacks to Jimmy s youth, showing some of the reason why he turned out the way he did, but most of the novel centers around Blackburn s encounters with his various victims as he moves from town to town, taking on different identities The back cover blurb describes the book as riotously funny I wondered how the story of a serial killer could be that, [...]

  14. Anna Maria

    Jimmy Blackburn has a childhood full of abuse, and grows up to become a mass murderer The twist is that he only kills people he feels truly deserve it and that you, as a reader, will be so convinced by him that you will feel they deserve it, too Anyone who is just a little bit honest will find themselves rooting for him as he deals out justice to animal abusers, wife beaters, unfaithful spouses, lying salesmen and all the other sorts of jerks that have made most people or dogs miserable at some [...]

  15. Chris

    In my point of view this book received its fifth star in the last two chapters With the inclusion of a new messiah named Morton and the combination of an amazing practical joke and touching moment as the book closes.Jimmy Blackburn s life starts out hard and never gets easy But I was entertained by the workings of his mind even as early as the third grade, even if it was a bit far fetched Author Bradley Denton winds a tale that is touching, funny, cruel and heartbreaking It s a night and day dif [...]

  16. Lisa

    This is the story of a man who deals with unfairness and injustice the only way he knows how That is with violence.The story is an interesting one It begs the question is a serial killer really evil if he only kills those that take advantage of and harms the innocent What makes someone the bad guy or the good guy in today s society is it the person s behavior, or is it the motive behind that behavior, regardless if it upholds or breaks the social contract Possibly one of the few stories that we [...]

  17. Emily

    Wow Blackburn was a page turner It was disturbing at least 80% of the timebut also funny In the scenes with Morton towards the end of the novel, I laughed out loud several times And of course, as I think Denton wants, you do start to feel some strange and unexpected sympathy for Blackburn, some understanding of his rationale I d be interested to see what else Bradley Denton has written While Blackburn wasn t exactly life changing, it was definitely a worthwhile read that held my attention and ma [...]

  18. Kristal

    Read this on a recommendation from my best friend who loved it And like all true Best Friends, she knows me to the core This is now on my list of All time Favorites Jimmy Blackburn has had his share of pain and suffering But unlike most of us, he decides to so something about it But only to the ones that really deserve it Like the man that beats his wife Or the driver that intentionally runs over a dog Blackburn is a serial killer with sympathy and morals Funny, touching, morbid and surreal, it [...]

  19. Karen

    I always enjoy Bradley Denton s work This is probably the least horrific novel about a serial killer I ve ever read Admittedly it s the only one, but I imagine that most will be about the gore factor, which this isn t.It s just the story of a guy who had a tough upbringing and after accidentally killing someone finds that he is comfortable having crossed that line, and so, when someone pisses him off enough he shoots them in the head.He does at one point dabble with ironic murder, but finds it g [...]

  20. Stephanie

    I read this book in high school, a long time ago well not THAT long ago and I remember really enjoying it, not being able to put it down Going to pick up a copy an re read it so I can give a proper review For now, I m going to say 4 stars, since I still think about this book from time to time What I do remember is that it s about an abused child who grows up to become a serial killer And believe it or not, you don t read the book hating this guy weird I KNOW, but thats what I remember.

  21. Sandi

    While usually I try to steer clear of any books with the serial killer taint this was different enough that I ended up thinking it was well worth reading More of a character study, with some extremely dark humor I originally meant to read it back when it was first published but had forgotten about it Was reminded by the Rap Sheet s list of underappreciated books therapsheet onebook

  22. Neilie J

    Loved the descriptions in this one For example Mrs Porter was fat, and her breath smelled like burnt newspapers Other than that, its appeal lies mostly in its deft, Dexter like justification for murder The hero learns early about the ugly side of humanity and reacts the way many of us wish we could Wife beaters, grifters, rapists, people who abuse animals they re all in Blackburn s sites and it s hard not to cheer him on as he subjects them to some frontier justice.

  23. Shopgirl

    I ve read a number of serial killer novels, but this has to be my favorite Jimmy Blackburn isn t like most serial killers he doesn t kill for the thrill of it or for some sexual need, but rather to dispense justice where the system so often fails Con artists, scammers, cheaters, religious extremists who would bomb abortion clinics, they all find themselves brought to account by Jimmy And the journey from Jimmy s childhood in poverty in Kansas to his execution is both poignant and funny.

  24. Baal Of

    I m not sure what to say about this book It s both repulsive and compelling, just like the character of Blackburn A serial murderer with his own set of rules about when it s ok, or maybe necessary, to kill The ending is brilliant in it s stark, unflinching realism, and the fact that it doesn t resort to a happy ending I didn t find the book funny, as some reviewers did, so I m not sure how it gets tagged as a dark comedy, but perhaps that speaks to how intense the characterizations are.

  25. Jeremy Hurd-McKenney

    3.5 stars, I think This was a pretty fascinating character study, and it was highly readable, but it skirted the line between dark humor and dumb just a few too many times to give it a full 4 stars It s definitely a one man show, though outside of Jimmy Blackburn, the rest of the characters were pretty one dimensional.Unrelated to the story The cover art on the edition I read was pretty righteous.

  26. mstan

    This was hard to put down But it s creepy how view spoiler I ve now read two books within one month wherein a kite is used for devious purposes the other being The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks hide spoiler.

  27. Teresa Lukey

    Definitely a strange story Blackburn is a serial killer who you ll feel sorry for and occasionally side with He is presented with a variety of typical quirky people and you ll find out just how he deals with these people Sometimes entertaining and sometimes morbid, this book is a unique read for sure.

  28. Rachel Swindler

    I ve never really read any serial killer fiction before so I really have nothing to compare it to It was an enjoyable and quick read I read it in a couple hours that didn t require much thought besides the oh, I wonder who he s going to kill next and how this is going to end It did explore quite a bit the interesting idea of killing someone because they are doing bad things.

  29. Josh

    Well written Interesting to read a book about a serial killer and feel sorry for the killer Also interesting to see a moral code from a killer Not saying its the way I go, but the premise is thought provoking.

  30. Jeff

    Killing is wrong But what about a person who kills for the right reasons The story of a man with strict moral guidelines who struggles to understand the cruelty he sees in the world He would never harm a woman or a dog And he only kills men who deserve it.

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