Apples for Jam: A Colorful Cookbook (2020)

Apples for Jam: A Colorful Cookbook Tessa Kiros Apples for Jam A Colorful Cookbook This is food for families for young people for old people for children for the child in all for life Apples for JamApples for Jam is a keepsake cookbook filled with savory recipes woven together b
  • Title: Apples for Jam: A Colorful Cookbook
  • Author: Tessa Kiros
  • ISBN: 9780740769719
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
Apples for Jam: A Colorful Cookbook Tessa Kiros This is food for families, for young people, for old people, for children, for the child in all for life Apples for JamApples for Jam is a keepsake cookbook filled with savory recipes woven together by a rainbow of colors, memories, and lavish full color photography.Tessa Kiros has circled the globe working in restaurants in Australia, Greece, Mexico, and London HThis is food for families, for young people, for old people, for children, for the child in all for life Apples for JamApples for Jam is a keepsake cookbook filled with savory recipes woven together by a rainbow of colors, memories, and lavish full color photography.Tessa Kiros has circled the globe working in restaurants in Australia, Greece, Mexico, and London Her extensive travel and multicultural background lend authenticity to than 200 recipes, which are grouped by color and presented alongside vibrant photographs, sound cooking advice, and heartwarming anecdotes about friends, family, and the whimsies of childhood.Kiros shares a bevy of diverse and easy to prepare dishes playfully themed in colored chapters An index references both specific foods and recipes With memories of daisy chains, ice cream cones, circuses, and four leaf clovers, Kiros shares her belief that good food sparks cherished memories that intensify life s melting pot of flavor A sampling of the flavors includes Sage and rosemary mashed potatoes Pecan butter cookies Roast rack of pork with fennel and honey Pomegranate sorbet Roasted zucchini and tomatoes with thyme Pan fried sole with lemon butter
Apples for Jam: A Colorful Cookbook Tessa Kiros

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    441 Tessa Kiros
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One thought on “Apples for Jam: A Colorful Cookbook

  1. Susan

    A confession I am a good gift giver I think about the other person, what they are like, what they love, what makes them happy, and I look for things that will be just right for them But I gave this book to my husband as one of his Christmas gifts While he is a splendid cook and does most of the house cooking, I bought it for the lovely pictures and the way it made me feel like home when my children were all younger I don t care if the recipes are in weird color coordinated order since I rarely c [...]

  2. Hirondelle

    It was not love at first sight with this book it was my first book by this author, and frankly I was expecting something else Not sure what else, but I was a bit surprised and even suspicious of it The recipes seemed a bit simple, the photography and design well it had its own aesthetic that I was not sure that I liked, the text seemed a bit random and in the spirit of total frankness a bit gushy I am into a hard science mode for cookbooks I just was not sure.But I am converted and will forgive [...]

  3. Autumn

    Very pretty esp if you are buying it at Anthropologie but the recipes are a tad uninspired Excellent for dreaming of how awesome you would be if you were raising adorable children in Tuscany.

  4. Carlie

    So disappointing I really wanted this book forever I d heard positive buzz for literally YEARS about it, read reviews, seen snippets places and mourned the humongous waiting list at the library And then my sweet brother in law bought it for me for Christmas Blast it all I wanted it to be so good And really I love the idea, a cozy homey book that is part personal memoir and part cookbook full of pretty photography and snuggly dishes If only that s what it was Instead I felt like the photography A [...]

  5. Amy

    I really wanted to love this cookbook, however I wasn t really impressed by it First the layout isn t a typical cookbook layout It is organized by color instead of by courses, ie appetizers, soups salads, meats, desserts etc Also I wasn t reallly impressed with the photography I believe they are really beautiful pictures but I really want food porn.This is for the cook who likes to daydream about cooking comfort foods and bring back a nostalgia I did try a few of the recipes and I really recomm [...]

  6. Barb Lawrence

    This book is magical Not so much for the content though the recipes I ve made so far have been good , but for the way it s organized by color , the anecdotes of family, and the photographs It makes me feel good just to look at it I tend to prefer cookbooks that have snippets of the author s life, memories, moments.

  7. Rose

    I love this book The photos are wonderful as are the stories Perfect book to day dream by The author is a creative cook and is extremely well traveled The recipes are organized by color and the book is wonderful to just read, much less cook out of What I liked most about the book is how clearly the writer shines through her stories Warm, creative and interesting.

  8. Amanda

    I am smitten with Tessa I m not sure what I d like to be her OR be content making all the lovely meals for my family that she does with creativity and splendor for hers And, being an absolute color junkie, I devoured this cookbook as its chapters are defined by color Love, love, LOVE this cookbook The cover alone makes it worthy of a spot in your kitchen

  9. Chocolate & Croissants

    Look at this beautiful cookbook cover Apples for Jam is a colorful cookbook I must say it is adorable Everything about this book is adorable and charming from the title of the book Apples for Jam to the way the recipes are categorized, by colors to the photos.I love the idea of organizing the recipes by color The color categories are red, orange, yellow, pink, green, gold, white, brown, monochrome, stripes and multicolor The chapter on multicolored food starts off with a fun photo of a merry go [...]

  10. Kyla

    I read this cookbook from cover to cover twice hoping to see what other people saw in it I liked the emphasis on kid friendly meals and blending of cultures and even the idea of grouping foods by color is kinda sorta interesting But there was just so much meat seriously, every recipe seems to have meat and the writing was fuzzily dreamy in the way I can t stand and the design apart from the cover, which I like was not half as pretty as it could have been Got it from the library as a trial run fo [...]

  11. Claire

    Another of my Sunday browse books I love to be able to search by color, particularly with fussy kids They love to look through and pick out a picture and we can cook together The recipes never disappoint I am particularly fond of the ice cream recipes from here.

  12. Belknits

    Beautiful book to look at eye candy for me but the recipes aren t holding up so far I haven t tried that many, to be fair The granola burnt according to her instructions Oh well, I ll try some other recipes

  13. Ramona

    Such a gorgeous book.Even if you didn t like cooking at first she will make you change your mind loves it.

  14. Spirited Stardust

    As beautiful as it is visually there really were almost no recipes that I wanted to cook, aside from one involving yoghurt and orange.

  15. Mary

    Beautifully done, of a life kitchen journal than a cookbook, which I loved I also liked that all the recipes were organized by color familiesd foods in the red section, gold foods in the gold section My right brain wiring appreciated it The recipes were home cooking for the adventurous, bright and cozy Basically, I read it every night before bed, and.sweet dreams

  16. Bree

    Notes recipes organized by color not helpful at all blah photosrecipes are supposed to be kid friendlydidn t love it

  17. Daisy

    I think my favorite photograph is the risotto with a fried egg and sage on it.I just started this tonight and some of the recipes look good, you know, basics And the photos are pretty but and this is only a first impression it s too, too precious It s got kids drawings throughout and the author s childhood memories and the chapters are organized by food or meal color red, orange, yellow, gold, etc No blue at least I ll keep at this to be fair and maybe I ll even try a recipe I m intrigued by som [...]

  18. Catherine

    This is the second Tessa Kiros book I own My first was Falling Cloudberries which I really enjoyed I just can t bring myself to like this book It s organised according to food colour which I just can t abide by I also find the writing to be a bit over the top and gushy I liked the backstory to recipes in Falling Cloudberries but I just find myself completely disinterested with the stories in this book In fact I m pretty disinterested in the recipes in this book too There are a few simple and tas [...]

  19. Erica

    I doubt you could find a gorgeously photographed cookbook There s no way I d leave this one splayed open on my counter top with flour flying and butter sizzling away in the pan though A beautiful mix of food shots, still lifes, drawings and ethereal photographs of children in their natural environment if by natural environment you think of tree houses and dragging stuffed animals around by the eart and in a nightgown from the 20 s The novelty of grouping foods by color is definitely of an aest [...]

  20. Cheryl

    This is another gorgeous book from Tessa Kiros.And much like other Kiros cookbooks, it has that feeling of a gift that your older sister gave to you when you took ownership of your first home, first kitchen Apples for Jam doesn t deliver high food with complicated steps This is the cookbook that you can go to when folks are hungry and the pantry seems bare This is the food that real families eat behind their shuttered windows.Chapters are organized by color of the food The biggest chapter seems [...]

  21. Morgan

    What a fun book Part cookbook, part photo album, and part diary, this is an entertaining read With memories from childhood combined with hand me down meals, you feel like part of the Kiros family With her Greek heritage, homegirl cooks lots of good, simple food with quality ingredients and lots of love And the best part It s organized by color Oh my goodness, what a book My favorite from it is the Buttermilk and Berry Cake I think kids would really enjoy this book as well as it s very bright, co [...]

  22. Lissie

    I d give it three and a half stars if I could The bad thing about this book is its layout The recipes are arranged by color making it difficult to go looking for something specific dinner, dessert, breakfast, preserves, etc The binding makes it nigh unto impossible to open all the way which makes it really impractical in the kitchen The layout is really a shame because otherwise this could be an only cookbook you ll ever need since it has a little of everything and the way the recipes are writte [...]

  23. Jenny

    This is an amazing book I was stunned by it The recipes are arranged by color which is clever , they represent a myriad of cultures and families I love the pencil and marker illustrations by her children as well as the photos of them in the book The photos of the food are beautiful The recipes I have tried are all yummy so far, and the list of recipes I want to try is long This book is on my wish list I will be very sad to send it back to the library while I save my pennies to buy my own

  24. Tracy O

    Liz gave me this and it is one of the most beautiful books I ll ever have the pictures of her family and the memories at the beginning of each section make me very happy Also, you ll never find a larger compendium of comfort food everything seems to be pudding ish and big on the carbohydrates yeah A really nice book for kid friendly food, but I spend time just looking at it the organization by the color of food is unusual there s even a section on striped food , but that s how kids choose food [...]

  25. Toni

    I have wanted this book for so long and treated myself to it last weekend It is one of the most creative cookbooks I have ever looked at I read it from cover to cover this week and fell in love with it s simplistic recipes with what seems like an abundance of flavor I love the way the author incorporates her memories and children s artwork throughout and my favorite part is how the recipes are categorized by color This book is a must have for foodies Especially if you love to read cookbooks and [...]

  26. Amy

    I actually bought this cookbook because I thought it was such a brilliant idea how she organized the recipes by color I love sorting things by color It doesn t make for an easy to use cookbook though More importantly, the recipes didn t inspire me much, regardless of color Reading through it made me feel my life was so boring suburban American that I have avoided opening it on all but my most brave days.

  27. Celia

    I photocopied a few recipes out of this book, but wasn t particularly delighted with it It s divided into sections by colour, which is kind of nice to browse but is a frustratingly obscure way to organise a cookbook Perhaps if it was of a memoir about food it would have suited, but as it consists mostly of recipes, I was just irritated by it it would be most frustrating trying to find a recipe in a hurry.

  28. Nicole

    I didn t make anything in this book because I hated the layout and didn t have time to sort through hundreds of pages of scattered mealsI m old schoolI need my cook books to be sorted out like breakfast, lunch and dinner Not red, blue and stripes This book is just too overwhelming and there s no way my kids would eat 3 4 of these dishes.Wanted to love itbut just got to frustrated to try it

  29. Deb

    Love Tessa Kiros I have had Apples for Jam sitting on my shelves for ages I look at it but hadn t cooked from Luckily she is our new chef for the next six months our online cooking club I Heart Cooking Clubs so I will be delving into all of her books often I made the Risotto with Fried Egg and it was both simple and really delicious Here s a link to the recipe and pictures kahakaikitchen 20

  30. Kristy

    First the good things This is a lovely conceptual cookbook It s organized by color and features lots of beautiful shots of family life and handmade crafts The recipes are yummy and unique and diverse The downside of this book, however, is that it s impossibe to find anything It s hard to think about what color a food is Also, while the non food photography is lovely, it doesn t really have anything to do with the bulk of the book

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