The Scarlet City (2020)

The Scarlet City Hella S. Haasse The Scarlet City In The Scarlet City Hella Haasse takes us to th century Italy which is torn by savage violence of war and sinister intrigues for power The novel centers around Giovanni Borgia a mysterious figure
  • Title: The Scarlet City
  • Author: Hella S. Haasse
  • ISBN: 9780897333726
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
The Scarlet City Hella S. Haasse In The Scarlet City, Hella Haasse takes us to 16th century Italy, which is torn by savage violence of war and sinister intrigues for power.The novel centers around Giovanni Borgia, a mysterious figure known in history as the infans Romanus, or child of Rome Although he bears one of the most notorious names in all of Italy, Giovanni doesn t know his parentage Is Cesare BoIn The Scarlet City, Hella Haasse takes us to 16th century Italy, which is torn by savage violence of war and sinister intrigues for power.The novel centers around Giovanni Borgia, a mysterious figure known in history as the infans Romanus, or child of Rome Although he bears one of the most notorious names in all of Italy, Giovanni doesn t know his parentage Is Cesare Borgia his father or his brother Or is he no relation at all Is Lucrezia Borgia his mother or his sister or possibly both Hella Haasse uses the ferment and intrigue of the Italian Wars during which French, Swiss, Spanish and German armies surged into Italy as a backdrop for Giovanni s agonizing quest for his identiy.Giovanni s search introduces us to some of the most intriguing people of the times Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Vittoria Colonna and Lucrezia Borgia Hella Haasse draws each with great depth and brilliant color.
The Scarlet City Hella S. Haasse

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    401 Hella S. Haasse
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One thought on “The Scarlet City

  1. Marita

    This novel is set against the backdrop of the sixteenth century Italian wars The story starts in 1525 although there are flashbacks to earlier years , and ends just after the Sack of Rome in 1527 It is told from the point of view of several people, but the main protagonist is Giovanni Borgia who does not know who his parents are, and whose life is shaped by his insecurities.Michelangelo BuonarottiThe famous artist Michelangelo is portrayed as a tortured genius, totally absorbed in his work His w [...]

  2. Jeanette

    Complex, multi narrator telling of the 16th Century s Italian wars The main protagonist is Giovanni Borgia, seeking not only his purpose and career, but also his exact blood identity He knows he is a Borgia but he does not know the sure identity of either parent, other than his own treatments while a child fall fairly toward the path that places Pope Alexander as his Grandfather Lucrezia s son by her second marriage, Roderigo, being raised with Giovanni They are continually hidden within distant [...]

  3. Sanne

    Borgia, it s like the warning sign on the door of a pestilence house orginal Dutch Borgia, dat is als het waarschuwend teken op de deur van een huis waar de pest woedt p 14 Finished What a wonderful read It s been a long while since I read anything by Haasse, but this reacquaintance reaffirms why she is my favorite author interesting historical topics, meticulous research, and beautiful writing What could a hf fan want SummaryThe Scarlet City a novel of 16th century Italy is a literary historic [...]

  4. Margje de Hoog

    Een meeslepend boek, maar wel een boek waarbij ik mijn aandacht niet kon laten verslappen De vele intriges, de schets van het politieke toneel binnen een historische context en de rijke taal maken het een prachtig boek, maar toch miste ik in vergelijking tot Het woud der verwachting iets.

  5. Jane

    I picked this up because I was interested in the time period 16th century Renaissance Italy, during the so called Italian Wars I liked it very much, although much of it was dark and depressing The protagonist was Giovanni Borgia, the so called infans Romanus He could have been the illegitimate son of one or of the famous Borgias, Cesare, Lucrezia or Pope Alexander VI.The novel follows Giovanni through his life first as a youngster shuffled from court to court At age 30, in the secretariat of a [...]

  6. Sera

    I m not very fond of historical novels, intrigues and relationships among the nobleman I even barely stared enjoying the popular Game of Thrones series and i literally don t have a special interest in the history of Italy either However, I loved the writing of this book as well as the storytelling from the perspective of several characters.

  7. Elizabeth

    Niet aan mij besteed Te literair Na 1 maand ben ik pas op 1 3e van het boek en het boeit mij niet Rome, het Vaticaan, het gekonkel 3 Sterren voor de moeite van Hella Haasse want er is ongetwijfeld heel veel research aan vooraf gegaan.

  8. Vicki Kondelik

    The Scarlet City by Hella S Haasse takes place in early 16th century Rome, at a time when Italy was divided into many city states, whose alliances were constantly shifting between the invading French and Spanish armies Against this background, Haasse tells the story of Giovanni Borgia, an illegitimate son of one of the notorious Borgias who should be familiar to fans of Showtime s TV series The Borgias But which one Giovanni grows up believing he is the son of Cesare Borgia, but when the family [...]

  9. Cynthia

    Fantastisch boek, alsof je zelf in Rome bent in de zestiende eeuw Al kan ik mij voorstellen dat als je weinig weet over wie, wie is, dit boek lastig te begrijpen kan zijn

  10. Argos

    Ger ek ki ilerle ger ekle tirilen ama ger ek olup olmad anla lamayan tarihi bir roman R nesans talyas na ait Yazar Hollanda l S r kleyici, dili ve anlat m ok g zel bir kitap.

  11. Ingrid

    Als je een boek zoekt om te lezen voor Nederlands dan raad ik je aan niet deze te lezen Het is een boek met veel politiek waar je je doorheen moet worstelen

  12. Ferda Nihat Koksoy

    G NAH EHR Roman HELLA S HAASSE, Yazar Hollanda Edebiyat n n B y k Han mefendisi , FL 1951, TR 2011, Helikopter Yay n, eviren Ay en Anadol, 334 sf Roman n arka plan nda, R nesans d neminde ya ananlar 1495 1527 ve Roma n n ya malanmas ile biten talyan Sava lar yer al r ve ad ge enlerin t m Michelangelo, Machiavelli, G.Borgia, vd ger ek ki ilerdir Yo, ne lmekte olan s nd rebilir ate ini ya ayan n, Ne de sonsuz zaman d zeltebilir kar kl klar Michelangelo dan Vatikan koridorlar pazar kurulan sokaklar [...]

  13. Nelleke

    Ondanks dat het mij niet lukte om alle namen uit elkaar te houden, toch een boek wat mij erg wist te boeien De zoektocht naar de afkomst van Giovanni Borgia, een van de hoofdpersoon blijft tot het eind een mysterie Ook leuk was het om de verhaallijn door de ogen van diverse personen te zien die in meer of mindere mate te maken hebben met deze Borgia.

  14. Jorg Van Velzen

    Misschien dat Hella Haasse onbewust mijn liefde voor geschiedenis heeft aangewakkerd, maar op de een of andere manier moet ik vaak aan dit boek denken wat toegankelijker dan Woud der verwachting, naar net zo mooi geschreven.

  15. Ekmef

    Het was dat ik de personages al half kende van Assassin s Creed, anders had ik dit boek uit pure wanhoop weggelegd Je valt namelijk midden in het verhaal binnen en er wordt veelvuldig verwezen naar gebeurtenissen waarvan je het gevoel krijgt dat je ze moet kennen Maar voor de gemiddelde lezer had het net zo goed een Game of Thrones achtig verhaal kunnen zijn want wie weet nou precies hoe het met Frankrijk en Spanje zat in de 15de eeuw Ik denk oprecht dat dit boek als fantasy veel beter te behaps [...]

  16. Hans Wigman

    Were I asked to name some of the best Dutch authors, one of the first would be Hella Haasse I ve read quite a few of her books and usually I find them riveting, contemporary and historical novel alike Recently I finished her great historical novel Het woud der verwachting dealing with the life and times of Charles of Orleans, turning with high expectations to The scarlet city It deals with Rome just after the downfall of the Borgia family and the main protagonist is a young man trying to find ou [...]

  17. Michele

    This novel centers around Giovanni Borgia, known as the Infans Romanus, or child of Rome Although he was always acknowledged as a member of the Borgia family, it was never clear who his parents were according to this book, even to him He is intently focused on finding out The characters in this book are all real historical figures, and the author tries to get inside their heads, with long passages of internal monologue This, frankly, is where the book loses steam All authors of historical novels [...]

  18. Marc

    The life of Giovanni Borgia, very popular these days As usual with Haasse she presents a very erudit picture of the time the vatican court, the italian imbroglio And the main characters are beautifully brought to life The main theme is the wrestling of these characters with their upbringing, their place in life and ofcourse the sense of life Giovanni Borgia is victim of his obsessions, his counterpart Vittoria is a much wiser character.This all seems very interisting, but I must confess I didn t [...]

  19. Nara

    Yo, que no tengo ni pasado ni futuro en el sentido habitual de estas palabras, no me sent en ninguna parte tan completo, tan libre, como cuando combat en Navarra y el Delfinado y luego en Lombard a y ante Pav a Si no llevar conmigo esta maldita inquietud, esa sensaci n de que s lo puedo justificar mi existencia mediante logros espectaculares, vivir a incluso contento como mercenario, sin m s posesiones que mis armas y mi soldada, sienti ndome uno del mont n, siempre subordinado a las rdenes de o [...]

  20. Clara

    Un 10 como libro por su estructura y tempo, su rigor, su po tica la tiene seg n qu personaje toma la palabra en la narraci n , por la construcci n recreaci n de sus personajes principales esa Lucrecia Borgia duele por todos los costados , por el misterio que subyace como premisa de la historia, la lectura psicol gica del personaje del bastardo de los Borgia el hilo conductor en su boca y mediante l he le do algunas de las mejores aproximaciones al patetismo del origen, de la carga de la familia [...]

  21. Red

    authors and painters are both part of public domain once i saw hella in the street she was old and no glamour was to be seen the story in this book is about the time of michelangelo in rome he is portraid like a moviestar once i met a dutch poet and painter what struck me deep was the humbleness of the man being part of public domain is being part of projection question is made hella a true story don t think so.

  22. Janneke

    Op zich is het onderwerp van dit boek wel interessant Ik vind wel dat het erg langdradig gebracht wordt Je kunt het hoe en waarom van alle bijfiguren niet echt volgen Waarschijnlijk zijn ze allemaal een puzzelstukje in het ontwarren van het raadsel van Giovanni Borgia s afkomst Maar het wordt er niet duidelijker op Wel een mooi historisch beeld van het begin van de 16e eeuw en de strijd tussen paus en keizer Karel V.

  23. Rob

    All in all I found this book a hard nut to crack I very much enjoyed Haasse s style but at the same time I wonder if the way she presents the story isn t making it a lot complicated than it has to beFull Random Comments review

  24. Yuè

    DNF 60% and almost 200 pages later, I decided to give up It s a shame, because I did like Haasse s other book Oeroeg although like is a big word for a book I needed to read for school My friend Nini recommended both of them, but the story of Oeroeg was way better This one, on the other hand, is just annoying and confusing as fuck Putting it on my worst shelf.

  25. Janet

    Mooi historisch gegeven hoe verloopt het leven van een bastaardkind uit de Borgia familie in het Italie van het begin van de 16e eeuw.De eerste hoofdstukken nodig gehad om de hoofdpersonen het boek wordt geschreven vanuit het perspectief van meerdere hoofdpersonen, een mooie stijl en alle historische gegevens te kunnen plaatsen Daarna een mooi meeslepend verhaal.

  26. Bonnie

    I agree with someone else who reviewed this book, not knowing anything about 16th century Italy Half the time I had no clue who they were talking about, but I completely loved the way this author writes and would read of her books if they were available.

  27. Laura

    Couldn t quite get past the first few pages, her writing style is very slow and her use of comma s is bad Didn t finish reading it

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