Tug of War (2020)

Tug of War Barbara Cleverly Tug of War Joe Sandilands is back and headed to France where he s scheduled to stay as the guest of a glamourous French war window on her estate The widow needs Joe s help to support her claim that a shell shock
  • Title: Tug of War
  • Author: Barbara Cleverly
  • ISBN: 9781845294281
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
Tug of War Barbara Cleverly Joe Sandilands is back and headed to France where he s scheduled to stay as the guest of a glamourous French war window on her estate The widow needs Joe s help to support her claim that a shell shocked soldier suffering from amnesia is actually her husband The problem is that four other men have identified this soldier differently As Joe investigates all the claims, heJoe Sandilands is back and headed to France where he s scheduled to stay as the guest of a glamourous French war window on her estate The widow needs Joe s help to support her claim that a shell shocked soldier suffering from amnesia is actually her husband The problem is that four other men have identified this soldier differently As Joe investigates all the claims, he uncovers a cleverly concealed murder committed during the war years This discovery presents him with an even grater dilemma he must not only solve a killing in the past, but avert a tragedy in the future.
Tug of War Barbara Cleverly

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One thought on “Tug of War

  1. LJ

    TUG OF WAR Licensed Investigator France 1926 VGCleverly, Barbara 6th in seriesConstable, 2006 Hardcover Commander Joe Sandilands is planning to take his 14 year old niece, Dorcas, to be reunited with her father in the South of France However, his superior has asked that he stop in Reims A former soldier, suffering from shell shock, residing at a local sanatorium, is being claimed as the husband of a wealthy owner of a champagne vineyard The woman s son claims his mother murdered her husband and [...]

  2. Marilyn

    This really was a 4 star but, alas, I don t know how to do that After my great disappointment with Sandilands 5, I m happy to say that, although Joe is not back in India, this was a great read for several reasons First, Cleverly restored her amazing sense of place when she took Joe to France where he had fought in the war Somehow, for me, the last novel lost that sense of place that it always had in India which is one of the reasons I read this author The descriptions of France in relationship w [...]

  3. Deb

    This mystery, set in France nine years after the close of the Great War, was atmospheric, full of wonderful characters and a wonderful puzzle to the last page I don t know how I have missed Joe Sandilands all this time He is a wonderful combination of the perspicacity of Christie detective and the dogged appeal of Daniel Craig s version of James Bond And his niece Dorcas provided a marvelous albeit precocious foil for him to talk things over with between interviews The plot revolves around a mys [...]

  4. Writer's Relief

    TUG OF WAR, the sixth novel in Barbara Cleverly s series of historical mysteries featuring Scotland Yard Commander Joe Sandilands, is a sheer delight Rich in historical detail, meticulously drawn scenes, and fully realized characters, the story unfolds primarily in post WWI France While traveling on personal business in France, Sandilands is asked by the British War Office to look into the puzzle posed by a hospitalized veteran suffering from shell shock and amnesia whose identity is unknown.The [...]

  5. Dan Adams

    Absolutely fantastic sixth story in Barbara Cleverly s books featuring Joe Sandilands Tug of War has Joe returning to post WWI France to sort out the identity of an anonymous soldier and resolve a murder mystery along the way.

  6. Shannon

    After reading 6 books in the Joe Sandilands series, I finally was able to unravel most of the mystery Joe is asked to interview four French families who believe that an amnesia victim former WWI soldier is a long lost relative The man is mute except recently when having a nightmare,he spoke in English Now the French powers that be think he might be an English soldier, which would solve all their problems and send him off to England for them to deal with That is what Joe is supposed to investigat [...]

  7. Spuddie

    This particular entry in the series was somewhat predictable and I knew how the resolution of the mystery was going to play out before the author had even laid out all the clues Again, not my favorite time period historically 1920 s and I find it odd how the author keeps finding strange cases for the main character to solve that have nothing to do with his actual work as a policeman.Still, these books read quickly and are well written and thus I plan to continue reading on even if they are getti [...]

  8. Helenk

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Since Downton Abbey, I have become very fascinated with this era of history This book fits right in It is a search for the identity of a shell shocked soldier several years after the completion of World War I The search has been narrowed down to the families of four claimants Commander Joe Sandilands a key figure in Cleverly s previous five books is dispatched to assist in unraveling this mystery The descriptions of France and the citizens who fought and lived duri [...]

  9. Matt Tarasuk

    My first Barbara Cleverly book, and first Joe Sandilands novel.A very engrossing read, great historical background of the first world war, and a very complex mystery around the mysterious soldier in Reims.I thought I understood the ending, but it left me a bit unsure Despite that, I enjoyed the journey through France and Champagne.I will move on to other books for sure.

  10. Kenneth Cook

    Slow in starting but good read as it once got going A good Cleverly story Good characters and development.

  11. Dee

    Clever, well constructed mystery with enough twists to keep me interested The ending, while satisfying, could have been fleshed out a bit

  12. Eugene

    Well, in the end it was worth the read It is 1926, and Joe Sandilands, WWI veteran and current member of the British police, is sent to Champagne in northern France A mysterious shellshocked ex soldier has turned up in a local sanatorium, unable to speak and apparently having lost his memory The attending physician wonders if he might not be a British soldier of that war, and Sandilands is dispatched to look into the case I had expected that given the venue , the book would be richly atmospheric [...]

  13. Denise Tarasuk

    Fantastic, right to the very end Great history and the characters had me really turning the pages I am crazy about the Joe Sandilands Murder Mystery series I am sure you will be too

  14. Pmalcpoet Pat Malcolm

    An amazing little book featuring Scotland Yard s Commander Joe Sandilands and his sister s charge, sixteen year old Dorcas On his way to deliver Dorcas into her father s care in the south of France for the summer, Joe is commissioned to stop off in the Champagne region to help determine whether an amnesiac war survivor could possibly be British, and not French as had been assumed Joe enters wholeheartedly into the quest to determine the man s identity Through interviews with several claimants to [...]

  15. Val Sanford

    Battle torn France a no man s land in the later years of WW1 where boys were lost in a mire of blood and mud and fleas and rotting corpses of those who had already given the last full measure of devotion For Americans of my generation, WW1 is far away from our memory Our fathers and grandfathers didn t fight in the Great War We did not hear the stories and horrors We cannot really imagine the chaos and terror of living in trenches defending, gaining and losing the same mile of land We cannot ima [...]

  16. Laura Rittenhouse

    This book is set just after WWI with plenty of flashbacks to the war A soldier is returned to France, where he was captured a the end of the war The problem is, he has no memory, no ability to communicate and the authorities are having a hard time finding his family.He has nightmares and in one of them he shouts in English This gives the French the idea that perhaps it is an English soldier so they call on Scotland Yard who press gang Joe Sandilands into making a detour on his holiday to check i [...]

  17. Mary Ellen

    I remain a fan of this series, but this particular entry disappointed a bit First, I am not a big fan of the Precocious Young Person, especially the PYP as deus ex machina, and I d have liked this book a whole lot had Dorcas not been in it, or had she been given a much, much smaller role Second, I thought the author really tried to have her cake and eat it too, with the ending With regard to one of the major characters is the person cruel, two timing and a liar, or not I know human beings are v [...]

  18. Rita

    Finally a historical crime novel that I really enjoyed reading This author unlike the authors I ve been trying out actually writes English competently I will look for of her books this is her 6th one she s been publishing one a year The two sleuths are Brits who speak excellent French, and the asides on French language and customs are entertaining and perhaps educational tho I can t judge that.Learned something about WW I from a humanitarian point of view too It is true that her two sleuths are [...]

  19. Donna

    5 26 17 Finally worked my way back to this one after starting at the beginning of the series Excellent book and excellent series.9 24 10 This is the first book I have read in this series although apparently this is the sixth book I didn t have any confusion about the characters so they seem to work well as stand alone stories This story is set in 1926 and involves trying to determine the identity of a shell shocked soldier suffering from amnesia I am always drawn to books set in this time frame [...]

  20. Carla

    Joe has been sent to France to stay as the guest of a glamorous French war widow, who is determined that Joe should support her claim that a mysterious shell shocked soldier is her husband The problem is that four other claimants have identified him differently, and his doctor suspects he is an English soldier.Nice that the setting has moved from India to France for this one, it was time for a change Great coincidence that I read Wine and War before this as there were a lot of related references [...]

  21. Gloria

    This is my first Joe Sandilands murder mystery and I really enjoyed it Characters are well developed and the plot has interesting twists and turns I actually did not get the ending at first and only understood it after a nap because it was based on a pretty small clue much earlier in the book.British vet, Joe S is sent by Interpol to France because a shell shocked war veteran WW I has turned up without speech or memory France is not sure of his nationality Four families lay claim to him and Joe [...]

  22. Julie

    I grabbed this off the front display when I was afraid I d run out of books and was pleasantly suprised She writes so well, and the era she writes about just after WWI is one I don t know as much about The characters were really engaging and interesting, making the mystery kind of secondary, which is totally what I like I actually learned a lot about the war and the people weren t cookie cutter It s kind of too bad her name looks so much like Beverly Cleary, I almost didn t pick it up.

  23. Sally Atwell Williams

    Another Joe Sandilands Mystery This time Joe has been asked to travel to France to determine if a soldier found aimlessly walking around, could be English A picture of the face of the man was put in the local paper, and four groups came forth one an entire family and three were women That said, Joe is dealing with the French military, the French police, and his niece Dorcas, who he agreed to drive to the south of France With these introductions, I leave the rest for you discover I just finished [...]

  24. Debbie

    Read this when it first came out, and probably not quite so enad of it this time Some of the dialogue is a bit stilted and overly formal Although rather traditional in outlook, it does give a taste of a post WWI France and the traumas the people and the land experienced Aline and Clovis s personalities are perhaps a little too opaque for the reader to make judgments on their motives and actions, but that might be intentional And at the end is that the smile of a charmer, a lost man found,or a co [...]

  25. Kim

    This is one of the best in the Joe Sandilands series It deals directly with the First World War and it s aftermath on the Champagne area of France It s a unique mystery in which an unidentified, mentally traumatized soldier is being claimed by four different families and Joe has to figure out who he is The only fault is that this book was too short and I blew through it in about 24 hours I m relieved that this proved to be so good, because I was a little worried about the author after reading he [...]

  26. Cyn Mcdonald

    About 3 1 2 stars In this mystery, Joe Sandilands has a smart, gutsy assistant 14 year old Dorcas He s escorting her to the south of France to join her family, but must stop near Riems to try to identify a shell shocked soldier The man doesn t speak while awake, but cries out in English in a nightmare If he s English, Joe will see that he s sent home If he s French four different families are claiming he s their relative.

  27. Ruth Barrineau-brooks

    Joe is finally going on a vacation until he finds that he has to solve the mystery of a soldier several claim as their own With the delightful Dorcas as his clever sidekick, Joe tries to sift through the stories to discover the truth The twists and turns in this book made it one of the best of the series I enjoyed the resolution which you ll have to read the book to learn I definitely recommend this book.

  28. Susan

    A well earned vacation takes a sharp detour when Scotland Yard inspector Joe Sandilands is called to France to try to determine the identity of a mysterious shell shock victim a delicate task since several families, for reasons of their own, are claiming the unknown soldier A detour with his honorary niece, Dorcas, to a champagne ch teau uncovers an even complex mystery The book is haunted by the shadows of World War I and evokes the place and time with uncanny resonance.

  29. Jo Marie

    This is the first I ve read in this series and I will probably read I like the Sandilands character a lot not so crazy about his teen assistant and niece, Dorcas She s clever and smart but got on my nerves after a while The story is an unusual one and the twists and turns are well done The language is a little stilted and I ll admit i was a bit confused at times Possibly because I read the last chapters too fast.

  30. Mickey Hoffman

    This book is prey to a certain vagueness and I m not talking about the author leaving things unsaid to create suspense There were many times within a dialogue when I wasn t sure which person was being referred to, or which activity At one point I was afraid I d lost the thread of the story, but I was able to keep up with the plot The very end is also vague I am only 90 percent certainwell, that would be a spoiler.

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