See (2020)

See Jackie Nacht See When love allows you to see in your darkest hour Drew has had a tough couple of months Coming out to his parents wasn t too bad except it hasn t been brought up since However coming out to his friend
  • Title: See
  • Author: Jackie Nacht
  • ISBN: 9781771114158
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook
See Jackie Nacht When love allows you to see in your darkest hour.Drew has had a tough couple of months Coming out to his parents wasn t too bad except it hasn t been brought up since However, coming out to his friends his freshman year in high school is a whole different story His friends turn their backs on him and have become leaders in the daily tortures he has since had to endure.When love allows you to see in your darkest hour.Drew has had a tough couple of months Coming out to his parents wasn t too bad except it hasn t been brought up since However, coming out to his friends his freshman year in high school is a whole different story His friends turn their backs on him and have become leaders in the daily tortures he has since had to endure When a humiliation page pops up on the internet showing pictures of Drew being bullied, he decides to end it all.Just before he takes his life, the fourteen year old Mason appears telling him that he will be Drew s husband in the future and spirits are guiding him to help stop Drew from making an irreversible mistake Mason will be advised to take Drew on a journey to see what his future would be like if he didn t end his life When Drew is still unconvinced, Mason will show Drew the impact his life will have on the others around him if he does end it all Will Mason be able to show him that Drew has a future to live for and give him the guidance to help him get through his darkest hour Word Count 14917
See Jackie Nacht

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    195 Jackie Nacht
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One thought on “See

  1. Mandy*reads obsessively*

    Wow, the beginning of this is just heartbreaking, poor Drew, people who were his friends have not only turned their backs on him, they are among the most vocal and physical of his tormentors.His daily life is like running the gauntlet, always being attacked and tormented.Running for the school bus to make sure he isn t caught by others, always sitting behind the driver, not even daring to use the restroom at school.He feels so very alone and although he loves his parents he doesn t think they wa [...]

  2. Mark

    Teenagers can be so horrible to each other The beginning of this book deals with the cruel issue of bullying, but turns into a message of hope Just as he is about to end his life at 14, Drew s guardian angel appears in the form of his future boyfriend and is shown his life in the future and what it all can be This gives him the strength to continue and talk openly and not to bottle things up to himself which is unhealthy for anyone A sweet short story with a HEA.

  3. Deeze

    A nice idea but the telling could have been better.Sadly being a short read there was no time to flesh out the characters or some of the scenarios, so everything was rushed Also, for me, some of the dialogue and grown up scenes sounded childish.It s not a bad story, just never really grabbed me as emotionally as I expected.

  4. Stephanie

    What a touching story with an uplifting message It s unfortunate that this kind of bullying happens in real life and a lot of LGBT kids feel like they want out I like that Mace encouraged him to open up to his parents, talk to someone, a counselor or a friend and to not endure this pain alone Recommended

  5. Susan

    Wow This was one beautiful story.Drew is fourteen years old and since he has come out at school, he is being bullied After months of beatings he can t take it any and plans to kill himself in the woods.It is there he sees Mason, who tells him he is his future husband Drew doesn t believe him, so Mason lets him see We get a snippet of Drew s life, eight years in the future.But when that isn t enough, Mason also shows Drew what life is like for other people with Drew gone I ll be forever looking f [...]

  6. Jenny

    The most beautiful story The author made me cry with this amazing story I sat here, my heart wrenching in shared pain as the poor boy suffered on in torment just for being honest about who he really was And right when he s ready to give up a miracle happens in the form of someone who needs him to stick around Words cannot describe how much this hit me I only hope that every child or adult out there who needs a miracle gets theirs in time Please read this book You will not be sorry.

  7. Anke

    So, I m not a fan of paranormals, ghost stories, whatever With that in mind I really liked this one After a rather dark, dreary beginning it was like a fairy tale The end was very positive and left me with a teary eyed smile.

  8. Kazza

    This is a lovely, sensitively written ebook about bullying, with reference to a young gay male fourteen and what the catastrophic results can could be It is easy to read and digest and should be read by parents of LGBTQ children, and teenagers alike, and used as a resource to open up communication in families Full review at Greedy Bug Book Reviews greedybug 2013

  9. Melissa

    Fourteen year old Drew been bullied nonstop since he came out of the closet and he can t take it any He s about to end his life when a spirit of his future husband appears to him and shows him what his life could be like if he doesn t give up and pushes through the bad times I was expecting to cry through this book but it was surprisingly heartwarming instead of heartbreaking It was so nice to get the glimpse of Drew and Mason together in the future and to see Drew finally decide to hold on and [...]

  10. V

    What a beautiful story, and guest what no sex scenes and I m still rated it 5 stars This showed me that a story can be perfect without the kinky parts I do miss them though

  11. Gabbi

    top2bottomreviews.wordpress Wow I just finished reading this gem of a book and I find myself thinking of how much we don t always realize how much our lives influence others I ve had the privilege of reading and reviewing several of Ms Nacht s books, and See is definitely the most thought provoking and favorite one I ve read by her so far.Drew is fourteen and is living with the consequences of revealing his sexuality to his family and friends Although, his parents have been quietly supportive, t [...]

  12. mw138

    Fourteen year old Drew is constantly bullied and ridiculed at school after coming out months before In an act of desperation, he decides it would be better for everyone if he ended his life Before he has the chance, an apparition, who looks to be a boy his own age, appears and pleads with him to reconsider Explaining that he is Drew s future husband, Mason sets out to show Drew that life is indeed worth living.I really enjoyed this story It was heartbreaking to read about the torture Drew endure [...]

  13. John Ames

    Oh My God I loved this novel This novel stars Drew, who has had a very hard couple of months Why He was brave enough to come out to his family and friends as a gay guy That bravery was short lived because his parents are completely ignoring the fact that he s gay and his schoolmates are not very gay friendly They bullied him to the point that he decides to end his life And that s where the story takes off.I loved Drew He was so sweet and loving He was simply trying to find his way in life and be [...]

  14. Amber

    Pretty average quick read for me The story goes pretty much as you would expect it to Drew s problems are in a far extreme of bullying and done to quick of a fashion for me to draw out alot of empathy The look into your future is fairly standard and with the short length of the book it doesn t flesh out the character enough for me to really care about them Not horrible but nothing that really strikes me as amazing either.

  15. Sadonna

    2.5 stars While I liked the characters ok, I was hoping for something original Like a big muddle of stories I ve already read Some editing issues that started on the 2nd page that I found distracting.

  16. Leaundra

    I loved this book For it being so short you get a lot of story It made me cry, but make it to the end and it will make you smile Why I didn t know about his book sooner I did end up going on a Jackie Nacht buying book spree though So glad I found this one

  17. Dutchgirl

    This is a great story The beginning so sad and yet so powerfull.Wouldn t it be nice if everyone who felt like Drew had the possibility to look at his or her future Love the parents, Logan and of course Mason.

  18. Brenda Maldonado

    Yes, the plot is heavy handed and predictable However, the emotional rollercoaster than makes up for it I love a book that makes me laugh, sigh and cry.

  19. Hearts On Fire Reviews

    Reviewed by MandyGenre M M Young AdultRated 4 hearts Check out the review at Hearts On Fire Reviews

  20. Dena

    This book made me cry I totally felt what the MC was going through The HEA was perfect so I ended with a smile If only bullied teenagers had parents such as these Recommend

  21. Sarah

    This book is the first book I read by this author and it was by far one of the best books I have read I will certainly read of her books in the future

  22. Tamela

    For a short story this one packed a lot of punch I loved the fact that Mace saved Drew so he could meet Logan who would help him meet Mace Wow, ripples Recommended.

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