The Winning Element (2020)

The Winning Element Shannon Greenland The Winning Element Give me a With two successful missions under her belt GiGi is finally feeling comfortable and confident with the Specialists But then she learns about Eduardo Villaneuva a notorious chemical smuggle
  • Title: The Winning Element
  • Author: Shannon Greenland
  • ISBN: 9780142410523
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
The Winning Element Shannon Greenland Give me a With two successful missions under her belt, GiGi is finally feeling comfortable and confident with the Specialists But then she learns about Eduardo Villaneuva, a notorious chemical smuggler currently at large Not only is he a present danger, but he was responsible for the deaths of GiGi s parents The government has been trying to track him down for yGive me a With two successful missions under her belt, GiGi is finally feeling comfortable and confident with the Specialists But then she learns about Eduardo Villaneuva, a notorious chemical smuggler currently at large Not only is he a present danger, but he was responsible for the deaths of GiGi s parents The government has been trying to track him down for years, and with GiGi s fierce determination and TL s help , the Specialists are hired to capture him And this time, GiGi s in charge of the mission Only, she can t do this alone She needs Beaker s chemistry expertise But when their cover has to be cheerleaders at a national cheerleading competition, Goth girl Beaker is not too pleased.With personality conflicts, mission challenges, and the demanding schedule of the cheerleading competition, Beaker and GiGi find it difficult to focus on the task at hand But with all that s at stake, can they put these issues aside and apprehend Eduardo, or will GiGi s opportunity to stop him be blown to bits
The Winning Element Shannon Greenland

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    370 Shannon Greenland
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One thought on “The Winning Element

  1. Sara

    The 3rd book in the Specialists series I d say this was better than the second by far, since the plot actually made sense but still not great enough to completely blow me away I do think it s a fun read that teens would enjoy, though.In here, GiGi learns about this notorious chemical smuggler who was responsible for the deaths of her parents when she was young, and she immediately decides she has to go after him Her organization gets the go ahead from the government because they want to capture [...]

  2. Chanin Malley

    I didnt like this book as much as the other series.I mean i enjoyed it yes but i really wish happened i guess Gigi and David were cute the couple times they were together in the book.It was nice finding out about Beaker which is something I can always enjoy,as i love learning about the other characters while still staying in GiGi s perspective so it was nice.A reason why i didnt enjoy this book as much as the others I think is because it felt like Gigi, who was supposed to be the leader in thi [...]

  3. Victoria

    I m definitely placing this series on a must reread list because they re such quick reads I am a quick reader but, still the plot flows nicely and the background stories on each of the characters on the team satisfies my curiousity I m glad we get to see beakers side of the story now and how important this mission is to Gigi to be able to get some closure There isn t a cliffhanger but view spoiler that woman at the end can t be her mom right Don t tease me like this hide spoiler I m definitely s [...]

  4. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

    Greenland, Shannon The Winning Element, 231 p Speak Penguin , 2008 Gigi has won the right to lead a Specialist mission to tail the man who killed her parents Her partner on the mission, however, is Beaker, a genius chemist who also is a Goth with a MAJOR attitude problem And their cover Cheerleaders Gigi isn t sure that she can juggle Beaker s tude along with the emotional rollercoaster of the mission not just spying, but also trying to win a cheer competition But this may be her only chance to [...]

  5. KPKnupp

    Oh man The cheerleading aspect of the storyline was Amazing There were tons of moments that had my laughing Especially putting those two characters together to accomplish this task I loved getting to see GiGi and Beaker hash it out and the outcome that followed There were still plenty of intense moments of what s going to happen next PLUS it has a great twist at the end of the book that will leave you begging to read the next

  6. Cara

    This one felt a little simplistic compared to the other two I still liked it and it was a fast read, but I think I wanted a little .

  7. Faith

    I liked this one than book 2 of the series It had good character development as we got to know Beaker a lot better.

  8. Ally

    The Winning Element introduces yet another member of GiGi s team Well, like focus on than introduces But that doesn t matter Beaker is an expert on chemistry It is so fun to see the ties with the Leverage team GiGi and Beaker is Hardison Wirenut and Cat is Parker TL and Jonathan is Nate Ford Most of them are grifters Sophie Bruier and Jonathan is Eliot See, it is all the Leverage team I, however, prefer the books to the movie They are a tad bit descriptive You see, sometimes I have no idea wha [...]

  9. Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    This one just flew by I couldn t believe I had finished it so quickly While I thought the story was enjoyable, it didn t make a whole lot of sense GiGi finds out her parents had been murdered and wants to hunt down the guy responsible He happens to be staying at a hotel in Florida where a huge cheerleading conference is being held Gigi and Beaker pose as cheerleaders to get close to the Bad Guy When I read the description I guess I was expecting something else I m still not sure what the cheerle [...]

  10. Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooGigi learns how her parents really died and it s not an accident like she was told She flips out and demands to be allowed to go after the uber dangerous man who s responsible TL agrees on the condition that Gigi run the mission and that Beaker goes along with her Gigi researches and discovers that Eduardo will be in Florida in a few weeks time Unfortunately, the only way to get close to him is to go undercover as cheerleaders, as the hotel is hosting [...]

  11. Gie

    Book 3 in The SpecialistsWith two successful missions behind her, GiGi is feeling confident and comfortable with the Specialists Unfortunately, things are about to change TL has informed her that a notorious chemical smuggler was personally responsible for the death of both her mother and father The government has been trying to track him down for years, to no avail Enter the Specialists, and this time, GiGi s in charge of the mission Only there s a catch the success of the mission depends on ma [...]

  12. Krista

    I liked the relationship between Gigi and Beaker They started off rocky from the first book and did not improve till this book and even then their relationship improve that much, just like dislike to each other and into teammates that they are I like that they have a real relationship with each other and became better teammates to each other and found common ground Everything still comes together far too easily towards the plot of the story but overall not a bad one.5 5 for nostalgic reasons.

  13. Sam

    I read this because our school is having Shannon Greenland come to our school, and the librarians suggested that I read one of her books so that I can be one of the students to meet her Overall, it was a fairly good book, and it wasn t too confusing to start in the middle of the series the library had already checked out the first two books, much to my dismay Overall, it was still very good, and if you re looking for a fast read about teenage spies, I d go with this one

  14. Jordan (The Heart of a Book Blogger)

    This review and can be found at The Heart of a Book Blogger.The Specialists is a younger YA series They re quick, fun reads about a group of teenagers with special abilities who have been recruited to work for a government program I borrowed the first from a friend in May, and then borrowed the next three from the library I think a younger audience would enjoy these books a lot.

  15. Jeff Crosby

    Terrorist bombs, vicious killers, and cheerleaders Okay, the goofiness level ramps up in this third volume of the series, but its fun As with the first two books, the story stays grounded in the real world, although some of the situations are comical, especially the perky cheerleaders This time, computer nerd, GiGi, and Goth girl, Beaker, have to go undercover in Florida during a national cheerleader competition I had a blast.

  16. E-Zhen

    Overall, this story was okay Not as good as the previous two, partly because it was quite confusing, not just because of the computer and science, but also because of what happened near the end Will we ever know who that agent was Maybe in the next book But I wished that the author had told us about her in this book though.

  17. Andy

    I love this book I love how things turned up It reminded me that people sometimes hide there true selves to stop other people from hurting them So we should remember one of the rules of life, Don t judge a book by the cover It also shows how a child love her parents A twist in the ending that shocked me

  18. Karen Guthrie

    Young group of kids who become spies because of their unique talents They don t get along in school becaus they are so brilliant They are taken out of school and their talents are used to their fullest A very neat perspective on utilizing people to their fullest.

  19. Laura

    This book was fascinating, out of the specialist saga this one wasfilled with the most humour, as the most unexpected task is requiredupon GiGi, The winning Element was the 1 2 of my favourite specialist books.

  20. Shahnaz

    Okay, half sister So finally Beaker found her dad, yay But I kinda suspicious about that female agent I m guessing she was GiGi s mom Well I hope so This book pretty much a bit boring toward the middle but I m quite happy afterward.

  21. Kristen

    I read this a couple months ago, and I m not sure why I didn t review itI did enjoy it I remember that I know it had a little bit of swearing, but I can t remember how much

  22. T.M. Carper

    Not my favorite one of the series, but it s interesting to see GiGi s family brought into the equation a bit Still a good, light hearted spy series for teens.

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