The New Avengers, Volume 5 (2020)

The New Avengers, Volume 5 Brian Michael Bendis Michael Gaydos Carlos Pacheco Michael Avon Oeming Mike Deodato The New Avengers Volume It s the final explosive story arc for long time Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis Now that the New Avengers have sacrificed all they had to fight the Phoenix many are asking hard questions is it
  • Title: The New Avengers, Volume 5
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Michael Gaydos Carlos Pacheco Michael Avon Oeming Mike Deodato
  • ISBN: 9780785161585
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
The New Avengers, Volume 5 Brian Michael Bendis Michael Gaydos Carlos Pacheco Michael Avon Oeming Mike Deodato It s the final explosive story arc for long time Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis Now that the New Avengers have sacrificed all they had to fight the Phoenix, many are asking hard questions is it time for the team to call it quits Meanwhile, one of the New Avengers deadliest foes returns, hatching an elaborate plot for revenge that throws the team into disarray MaIt s the final explosive story arc for long time Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis Now that the New Avengers have sacrificed all they had to fight the Phoenix, many are asking hard questions is it time for the team to call it quits Meanwhile, one of the New Avengers deadliest foes returns, hatching an elaborate plot for revenge that throws the team into disarray Many hard and permanent choices need to be made in this final arc of the New Avengers saga Plus a Sorcerer Supreme ascends But who will be the new master of Marvel magic, and what sacrifice will they have to make to achieve such power An explosive ending to one of Marvel s longest running stories Collecting The New Avengers 31 34
The New Avengers, Volume 5 Brian Michael Bendis Michael Gaydos Carlos Pacheco Michael Avon Oeming Mike Deodato

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    196 Brian Michael Bendis Michael Gaydos Carlos Pacheco Michael Avon Oeming Mike Deodato
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One thought on “The New Avengers, Volume 5

  1. Nicolo Yu

    Read originally as individual digital comics on the Marvel Comics app.Someone or something is killing prime candidate for the recently vacated position of Earth s Sorcerer Supreme and all signs point to the former of that title, Dr Stephen Strange.This is Brian Bendis valedictory story arc on the title that has done so much of his career and the Avengers franchise and his last statement on the characters that has defined his career for a decade Some of his favorite artistic collaborators join on [...]

  2. Aaron

    Considerably better than Bendis s Avengers finale, mostly because it manages to tie up a loose end I hadn t thought about in quite a long time while still being pretty emotionally affecting It s not a perfect story, and it jumps forward at a pretty breakneck pace sometimes at the expense of letting things breathe That said, Bendis clearly had of an affinity for the New Avengers storyline, probably because it was where he got his start writing Marvel s team books.Regardless, it s pretty clear by [...]

  3. Ivy

    I liked this one Liked the characters Poor Hand though Am looking forward to reading another New Avengers comic.

  4. Chelsea

    2.5 I guess This was a swing and a miss for me I ll begin by saying, I ve never cared for Dr Strange Every interaction I ve read with him and the Avengers has not made me want to know about him Usually it s the Avengers coming to him for help because someone just died or they re seriously fucked and him saying I cannot do anything, the spirits won t allow me See when Clint was totally deadsies during Avengers Disassembled So, the fact that this book was 90% Dr Strange started it at a low point [...]

  5. Chris Lemmerman

    A very solid story to finish off Brian Bendis run on the New Avengers which began so many years ago This addresses the fallout from the first arc of his Heroic Age relaunch, as Doctor Strange and the New Avengers battle the spirit of Daniel Drumm, and Jessica Jones and Luke Cage try to move on with their lives after the Avengers Despite a disappointing death for a favourite character of mine, this was quite a tightly paced story, only taking up four issues which is an achievement given Bendis us [...]

  6. Anthony

    The ongoing soap opera of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones gets a satisfying ending in the back drop of a story that involves sorcery and black magic The final arc book ends with the first arc The Heroic Age arc of New Avengers, which is quite nice Doctor Strange is at the centre of the story, which is cool because he s awesome, but on the other hand he wasn t in the original line up, so is it good choice Bendis as been writing the Cage and Jones soap near enough since he started at Marvel, and it s [...]

  7. Anchorpete

    This book is worth looking at, Just to see the collection of covers, at the back of the book, which showcase every single Bendis era Avengers book.I remember finishing off his run in the Non adjective Avengers title, and feeling a sense of awe It is incredible that he consistently put out such high quality issues, over such a long period of time We would not have this modern obsessions with Superheroes, in our pop culture, had it not been Bendis and his work on New Avengers This book wraps up Th [...]

  8. Frank Byrns

    Would ve rated higher if there had been Luke Jessica stuff and you would have thought Bendis would have, since it was his final Avengers story and less of the Dr Strange stuff.

  9. Sean

    This book is the perfect example of how too many artists can completely bring down the entire book Each chapter of the book, which is actually a good story, was by a different artist The artists varied in style an apparently editorial oversight as characters were wearing different costumes and hair styles A shame really Bendis delivers a good send off to some of his best storylines and it was great to read Overall, the editors owe readers an apology.

  10. Daniel Sepúlveda

    Puntaje 4,1.Me puse las pilas este mes y termin la segunda serie de los Nuevos Vengadores En este Vol men la magia vuelve a ser la protagonista Definitivamente Dr Strange es de los personajes m s impresionantes de todo Marvel.

  11. Christina Kneidel

    This is the last volume of The New Avengers before the Marvel Now volumes This was really hard to follow and the jumpy story lines and different artists towards the end did not help There was a lot of Carol Danvers, which was cool Plus this was a better introduction to Dr Strange than I have gotten from previous issues The best part was Luke Cage and Jessica Jones hiring Squirrel Girl as their Nanny Although I wasn t that impressed by this story, it was a nice set up and I am looking forward to [...]

  12. MB Taylor

    Great writing, totally ruined by inconsistent art This volume reprints the last four issues of the 2010 2013 New Avengers series, issues 31 34.The story is really good It well written and it focuses on Doctor Strange which is why I bought it.The covers of the four issues are by Mike Deodato Jr and form a single wide picture How I wish the interior art lived up the covers.The art in issue 31 is by Michael Gaydos, and isn t much too my liking, but it s OK.Issue 32 features art by Carlos Pacheco an [...]

  13. Brian Poole

    Vicious attacks on several mystics led back to Doctor Strange and the New Avengers Strange quickly realized that Victoria Hand had been possessed by an evil influence that jumped from person to person, sowing the kind of discord that brought the FBI and S.H.I.E.L.D to the Avengers door Nothing like threatening the team with legal sanction once for the road One casualty and a nasty mystical duel later, the real villain gave Strange a real contest Strange prevailed in the end and the spirit of th [...]

  14. Mike

    Now that is a solid way to end a series, and an incredibly involving story After the years of metaphysical stuff swirling around Doc Strange, it all comes home in one brutal storyline Unlike the meandering silly nonsense wrapping up the Avengers title, this one feels like Bendis crafted every page to fit into a cohesive whole.I ve been a big fan of the Luke Jessica sub story from the get go and their appearance here doesn t disappoint but also doesn t detract from the main event Their relationsh [...]

  15. Amory

    Meh It was fine And actually I love Doctor Strange, generally as a character This is from an era of Avengers I never read in real time It s got a variety of characters I like as Avengers say Thor and Vision though not that any of that matters as none are developed well within this mini fight scene arc Only Doctor Strange and the side story of jessica and luke cage are developed here that s how I stumbled onto this volume so no surprise The rest is a five issue fight scene, which is totally fine [...]

  16. Angela

    The concluding volume of Bendis s New Avengers Vol 2 reminded me of why I fell in love with this series in the first place After several middle volumes of Company Wide Crossover Spectaculars featuring a lot of pretty fight scenes but little in the way of actual plot and less in the way of a coherent plot because, you know, you have to read the entire Company Wide Crossover Spectacular for the full story , this collection brings us back to the heart of the team To Luke and Jessica s relationship, [...]

  17. Reni

    I found the story a satisfying conclusion to Bendis run on the New Avengers The drama surrounding the Cages relationship is wrapped up nicely without any lose ends, as is the Strange storyline that kept resurfacing throughout the run view spoiler although I m not too happy that we lost both Brothers Drumm, and Victoria Hand, just so Doctor Strange could get his title back At least Doctor Voodoo should not have stuck around What a criminally underused character hide spoiler Sadly the book does su [...]

  18. Todd

    Goodbye BMB You re the first person I read writing the Avengers It s been fun This volume is a great send off.I m a little sad at the death that takes place I really loved the character and was looking forward to stories Bu such is the way of comics I m a Joss Whedon fan I should know not to get too attached to anyone.Someone commented that the battle scene in the final issue with all the different artists would ve been better with artistic continuity but I like that each main opponent gets his [...]

  19. David

    Bendis run limps to the end Finally Hip hip hooray It s been a LONG 9 years for this Avengers fan Bendis is great at witty bantering I just never liked the direction he took with Marvel s main team book The Avengers are not Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Wolverine and Spider man The Avengers are the Pyms, the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, Ms Marvel, Quicksilver and Jarvis the human Includes book collects some of the worst art available from Marvel There s artists involved than there are issues Some only ge [...]

  20. Alex Sarll

    And so we reach the end of Bendis over long, strange New Avengers Especially towards the end, it seemed like an excuse for him to play with his favourite characters than a team the idea that this was some rebel underdog team, as against the main ones over in Avengers which he was also writing , would have been plausible had you not had characters like Spidey with membership in both Typically, this is half Jessica Jones Luke Cage soap and half Doctor Strange murder mystery two books that would [...]

  21. Silas

    This was a decent ending for this edition of New Avengers It tied up some loose ends from previous volumes plots and did a reasonable job of breaking up the team while also bringing Doctor Strange, in particular back to his status quo The story is engaging though there were a few weird oversights What detracted most from my enjoyment of this volume was the highly variable art style, which was distracting, and featured some pretty jarring changes from page to page I understand why those happened, [...]

  22. Holden Attradies

    More of the Cage s and their babies story Count me in The series continues to be an amazing page turner and throws a few satisfying curve balls at the reader If I had any complaints it would be the art This second run of New Avengers seems to have a higher than annoying change in artists and most of them tend to not be very good Even some of the art from artists I noticed and liked seemed below par and kind of shitty here Hoping that the art gets better or at least the story keeps being good eno [...]

  23. Cameron Johnson

    I have never seen anything about Daniel Drum really, so I can t know if this is authentic to the character In any case, it was clever in the way these actions were done I have to say the ending is satisfying.Seeing a hero family outside of the Richards is a nice change of pace as well It must be tough to make a decision like that considering all the time he spent with the others My one regret is that Squirrel Girl did not get any action time in there, still one of the most underrated characters [...]

  24. Talk Comix

    What the hell is going on with this art I mean really i get that styles have to change However these styles are so far apart its hard to go from page to page Michael Gaydos s work is very uncomfortable to look at and really doesn t sit well with the rest of the book Than we have a repeated page Maria hill just walks around shouting your under arrest This is Bendis at his worst I can only say how disappointed with how this series finished.d slightly confused

  25. Shannon Appelcline

    This is a fine end to the Bendis New Avengers run It s got some fine character, some fun adventure, and nicely closes up the Victoria Hand story and the Sorcerer Supreme plotline both of which were continuing arcs for the comic On the other hand, there was enough of the same ole, same ole that I m eager to see some new equally good writers come in to offer their own take on the Avengers team 4 5

  26. Mitchell

    That was a pretty good book, but it should have been a great book But throw in a couple of pages of horrifyingly bad art and I don t know what you have And then 3 pages that were duplicates I liked the story and the writing And Luke and Jessica And Spiderman discussing law with Daredevil And the whole magic plot and sub plot And some of the art was really good But not to get past insultingly bad art.

  27. Craig

    I like the idea of this volume, a battle for Master of the Mystic Arts, but what TERRIBLE execution It hinges on Bendis s penchant for murdering characters for no reason, with AWFUL art by Deodato The only reason this gets 2 stars is the Gaydos Luke Jessica portions of the story and the Oeming issue.

  28. Kris

    Good solid story, cool dialog, and for most of the book good art But issue 33 and especially parts of 34 some of the worst artwork I ve ever seen in comics The book lists Mike Deodato as artist, and a group of jam artists , whatever that means I think it means, Let s use the final story arc of a series, not to showcase our best artists, but to give the interns a shot.

  29. Jason Ball

    Best of Bendis Avengers runI will seriously miss this team, Luke Cage s team, of Avengers It had all my favorite characters, Thing especially, in the book He wrote it very well and dealt with a street level Avengers team, which I think was needed Hopefully some day they will reunite this teamwe will see.

  30. Stephan van Velzen

    Apparently this is some sort of end of an era, but I don t think that excuses the use of half a dozen different styles in one comic Seriously, it s downright ugly The story itself isn t all that awesome, either It s just a bunch of Avengers punching right and left, without much of a story tying it all together to speak of.

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