Solo (2020)

Solo Tania Aebi Solo Tania Aebe was an eighteen year old dropout and barfly She was going nowhere until her father offered her a challenge He would offer her either a college education or a twenty six foot sloop in which
  • Title: Solo
  • Author: Tania Aebi
  • ISBN: 9789064105173
  • Page: 260
  • Format: ebook
Solo Tania Aebi Tania Aebe was an eighteen year old dropout and barfly She was going nowhere until her father offered her a challenge He would offer her either a college education or a twenty six foot sloop in which she had to sail around the world alone She chose the boat and for two years it was her home, as she negotiated weather, illness, fear, and ultimately, a spiritual quest thaTania Aebe was an eighteen year old dropout and barfly She was going nowhere until her father offered her a challenge He would offer her either a college education or a twenty six foot sloop in which she had to sail around the world alone She chose the boat and for two years it was her home, as she negotiated weather, illness, fear, and ultimately, a spiritual quest that brought her home to herself.
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One thought on “Solo

  1. Natalie

    In my GR favorite quotes you ll find the following There s nothing absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats these words of Kenneth Grahame s from Wind in the Willows were cemented in my mind by my boat building father from such a young age that I can t remember ever not knowing them or doubting them After reading Aebi s memoir, it is clear that these words of wisdom are still worth quoting today If you ever wake up and question whether what you re doing is wo [...]

  2. Denise

    I enjoyed the book and reading about the adventures of the author s trip around the world That being said, I found the idea that a father would send his daughter out on a boat with the preparation that this girl had, ludicrous That paired with the fact that he was available and able to fly to her aid, or send much needed items at her every request, made this story hard for me to identify with The story as told seemed to come from someone far mature than even the author was when she finished her [...]

  3. Richard

    As a present for her high school graduation, Tania Aebi receives a 26 sailboat from her father with the admonition that she needs to sail around the world to increase her awareness of the world This is the account of this voyage I have read this book 2 3 times because I like sailing books I ve sailed around the world with 4 5 people over the years from my easy chair I will read this again,.

  4. Veronica

    This book is so inspiring I still find it hard to believe that Tania Aebi set out as an eighteen year old to circumnavigate the world And she succeeded Despite the fact that through this feat she definitely earned bragging rights, she is not braggy or boastful at all, but incredibly humble She is very honest about her fears and feelings of inadequacy and, at times, her desire to quit She is truly an inspiration to me Additionally, I found the writing beautiful She knows how to put together a sen [...]

  5. Jessica

    This book is a memoir of the author s trip around the world, alone, in a 26 sailboat, the conclusion of which trip made her both the youngest person and the first female to circumnavigate the world alone.Tania Aebi was 18 in 1985 when she left New York on the sailboat Varuna, and that departure marked the first time she had ever handled a boat by herself She alongside siblings and family friends had served as crew on her father s sailboat before, but he d handled most of the actual work of saili [...]

  6. Stephanie

    My boyfriend and I have been seriously discussing getting a sailboat and taking off to see the world, so naturally I ve turned to one of my favorite hobbies reading to educate and inform myself on what doing something like that might actually be like I was pleasantly surprised by this book Although not instantly hooked in the beginning or even midway through, I stuck with it and ended up really enjoying Tania s story The beginning is a bit choppy and the writing style takes some getting used to [...]

  7. Ben Starling

    Just finished Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi It describes her solo circumnavigation starting at age 18 from New York in 1985 and finishing 2 years later in 1987.Zipped through the whole book in less than a day Obviously a gripping tale.The stuff I loved She did it at 18 years old holy shiny binnacles, Batman She did it on a boat that was only 26 feet long At the time, she was the youngest person ever to circumnavigate minus 80 km during which she had a friend on board She seemed like a cat lover sh [...]

  8. William Graney

    I ended up liking this book a lot than I thought I was going to at the beginning The way Tania matured throughout the process was interesting and her way of giving credit to everyone but herself showed a level of character unusual for one that young or any age I kept projecting myself into her role and wondered how I would have handled the obstacles she faced when I was that age I m certain I wouldn t have done as well as she did and I doubt I would have had integrity to handle the long stretch [...]

  9. basia

    I received this book as a gift my senior year of high school from the teacher who supervised our literary magazine I read it back then and loved it From that reading, I mostly remember descriptions of the author sailing into foreign ports, hanging out with fellow sailors, and eating fruit It made me want to follow in her footsteps.This time around I noticed things I didn t pay attention to the first time The way her father manipulated her into this adventure The way, after she begins her voyage, [...]

  10. Tiffany

    An enjoyable and interesting memoir If you don t sail, some of the jargon used in descriptions of what goes on at various points in the journey are hard to understand, but in the end that doesn t distract from the theme of the book It is was particularly interesting to read about the things she learned to do as she went navigating for example She was both fortunate in the beginning and innovative in solving problems that came up Coming of age learning to do hard things stories come in many diffe [...]

  11. Amber

    An incredible recounting of one young girl s incredibly foolish but amazing goal of circumnavigating to world in a sailboat by herself I finished this book in a daze, it sucked me in I travelled around the world with Tania from my flight to Utah Maybe it was especially poignant to me as I had just gotten back from an international whirlwind trip to Peru But I felt like I lived that trip with her The emotions and the worries were portrayed in such a real way, that I couldn t help but feel as if I [...]

  12. Nancy Kilgore

    Maiden Voyage is a true story of a young woman s adventure sailing solo around the world at the age of eighteen Not the kind of book I would normally pick up, I couldn t put it down More than a tale of adventure and courage on the high seas, Maiden Voyage delves into the dynamics of Tania s fascinating family, the struggles in her heart, and the drama of falling in love, all portrayed with poetic sensibility and literary integrity.

  13. Lindsey Scully

    Such a good book I m amazed at what Tania had went thru at the age of 18 21, I can t even begin to imagine how I would have coped with any of the situations that arose during her voyage Although she is quite lucky to have had a wealthy father Great book and it has helped me in deciding where I should go when I circumnavigate the world in a sailboat with friends in a few years

  14. Denise

    Sailors will enjoy this one I came away grateful that my sailing dream includes a partner This was one tough adventure

  15. Jayway

    As the proud keeper of a Contessa 26, how could I not be enchanted and mesmerized by this wonderful tale of circumnavigation Recommended reading.

  16. Neeka

    Loved it I want to sail the world now Well, maybe not but it s a truly inspiring book that makes you want to experience out of life.


    I really enjoyed this book It made me want to buy a sailboat and learn to sail I figure if she can do it so can I.

  18. Sheryl

    So, I enjoyed this story, for that is what it is, a story I have to take with a grain of salt the memories of over 30 years ago for it to be autobiographical The author is around my age, and I can tell you, I could not describe to the detail this book has of her travels of my life in the 80 s But I did enjoy the book.I do have to say I feel no love for her father in anyway I feel her dad s way of dealing with how Tania rebelled in her teen years, which was a normal reaction to her parent s inabi [...]

  19. Jaclyn

    18 year old Tania has been given the opportunity of a lifetime the opportunity to sail around the world The catch she has to do it alone, and she has to do it in under 2.5 years, fast enough to set the world record Tania is a troubled child and her dad is concerned she s going no where fast So in an attempt to rescue her from this fate, he makes a risky proposal he ll buy her a boat, but she has to sail it around the world and support herself while she s sailing Tania jumps at this scary but exc [...]

  20. Hailey

    I read this book, as some of you know, because Cale is working on making his dream of sailing as a family someday my dream This is the second sailng book I ve read I was very interested in the book the first couple of chapters Then, I set it aside and almost didn t finish it, but I m really glad I did It s an inspiring story This girl was 18 and knew pretty little about sailing when she left to sail around the world She nearly died several times but it was all worth it because she became a matur [...]

  21. Macy

    Maiden Voyage is an inspiring book about a young girl that sets of to accomplish what seems to be a unattainable task I found the book very interesting At times the plot wasn t always as captivating as I had wished, and I considered putting the book down However I am grateful that I didn t The author does an amazing job of describing the hardships of being at sea alone, some scenes are so well described you feel as though you truly are there with the main character, patching up the sails, readin [...]

  22. Nicole

    This book might be interesting for people that are into long, detailed books and are ready to commit to the story It s about an eighteen year old girl that didn t have any intention on going to college, so her dad offered to buy a boat for her to go and travel the world instead It was harder for me to read the book because I am younger and get bored distracted pretty easily if something exciting doesn t happen Most of the book was about how she was sailing for long periods of time, and every f [...]

  23. sofi

    Maiden Voyage is about a girl named Tania Aebi who at age 18, sails around the world all by herself for two and a half years I would recommend this book to avid sailors and people who love to travel I will admit, though, I thought I would love this book, sharing a love for sailing and traveling with Tania, but I did not love the book It was very repetitive, always too much wind, or too little, with a different guy somehow tied in She didn t go too deep in telling us about each adventure in the d [...]

  24. Lucy

    The hype Tania was the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the world alone in a sailboat What could be interesting Well, a lot To start with, she spent 2 1 2 years doing this, which means that she spent time hanging around on land than sailing And then there s the alone part Sure, on the boat it was just her and her cat s , but whenever anything significant went wrong she d just call Daddy and he d meet her at the next port of call to help fix things For me, some of the most interesting par [...]

  25. Michelle Gaines

    I very much enjoyed this book I was not that excited at first, because its nonfiction, but I was pleasantly surprised Tania did manage to sail all around the world by herselft in only 2 years, which was her goal At one point, though, she gave her friend a short ride, so she was not completely alone the whole time, meaning she did not technically break the record Tania didnt care too much about this, the trip was not about getting in the World Record book, but it was still a little disappointing [...]

  26. Cait

    I wanted to love this book so hard, and instead, I hated it a lot When I was younger, I spent a few years obsessed with boats, in much the same way many young women are obsessed with horses BOATS YAY And here was a young woman who was given a boat GIVEN a boat, just like that, OH the JEALOUSY and told allowed to sail around the whole world, all by herself Like, Dove But with a girl.But then she was super unprepared and kind of a jerk, and she left without knowing how to navigate, and I basically [...]

  27. Maryli

    I picked this book up because I read a lot of travel and memoir, and this looked like a unique spin on both The author, Tania Aebi, is an 18 year old who sails around the world by herself as she comes of age, and her story is exciting and inspiring The writing itself, though, is reflective of the author young, too earnest and unrefined At times I enjoyed the tone as it reminded me of how I saw the world as a young traveller, but I usually found it irritating Surprisingly, this did not deter me f [...]

  28. Jp Bleibtreu

    Completely and totally amazing I could not put it down This is the true story of a headed no where teenager whos adventuresome father made her a proposition I will pay for you to go to college or buy you a sailboat but if you pick the boat you have to sail it around the world singelhanded.what follows is the most intimate and revealing portrait of a young woman who discovers not only herself and the world but a whole subculture of singlehanders and floating charecters filled with nail biting sus [...]

  29. Melanie Guerra

    I picked this up at the give take library at our favorite campground, in Maine off of Boothbay Harbor Boothbay is a sailing town, so it seemed an appropriate read for our vacation I had never heard of Tania nor her story, but am SO glad to be wiser now At 18, she boarded her 26 foot sloop armed with very little sailing experience and became the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe alone save for a cat or two Soon after, she wrote this book about her 2 year adventure Her writing is as impre [...]

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