Brie Bows to Her Master (2020)

Brie Bows to Her Master Red Phoenix Brie Bows to Her Master The final week at the Submissive Training Center has arrived Join Brie as she encounters challenging sessions crafted specifically for her five extraordinary days of training and pleasure Her graduati
  • Title: Brie Bows to Her Master
  • Author: Red Phoenix
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Brie Bows to Her Master Red Phoenix The final week at the Submissive Training Center has arrived Join Brie as she encounters challenging sessions crafted specifically for her five extraordinary days of training and pleasure Her graduation includes interviews with potential Doms, but things get horribly complicated for Brie The determined little sub will experience heartbreak, betrayal, and true love inThe final week at the Submissive Training Center has arrived Join Brie as she encounters challenging sessions crafted specifically for her five extraordinary days of training and pleasure Her graduation includes interviews with potential Doms, but things get horribly complicated for Brie The determined little sub will experience heartbreak, betrayal, and true love in this fitting ending to the series.An exciting and unexpected finale completes Brie s journey into submission Brie Bows to Her Master is a roller coaster ride you won t soon forget.Extended Description Brie, Lea, and Mary are about to experience their last week at the Submissive Training Center The friends embrace it with a sense of humor and excitement, unaware that the final week involves individual lessons with each of the five trainers Can Brie handle Ms Clark s instruction Will her heart survive when Sir takes her out on a private outing As graduation approaches, things unravel forcing her to make an unexpected choice Which Dom will earn Brie s devotion and become Master of her heart Adult Material 18 Warning This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.
Brie Bows to Her Master Red Phoenix

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One thought on “Brie Bows to Her Master

  1. Jacque

    Wow Wow WOW Oh my gosh What can I sayw that was a roller coaster ride Lady Red has outdone herself with the final installment I m wiping away the tears and holding back the laughter just to write this review.It s time for graduation for the 3 subs and time for the big reveal of who Brie chooses But it s than just that We finally learn the story behind all the players The author did a wonderful job that left me with no linger questions I found myself gasping during each reveal Some I anticipated [...]

  2. Brandi

    Brie Bows to Her Master was the perfect ending to this great series of books Red has such a way with her writing that conveys so much emotion that I was feeling it all with the characters as I read it was like I was right there with Brie It was exciting, it was sad, I cried, I laughed, I worried, I felt respect for a character that I have always loved when he gave Brie something she so badly needed at a troubled time she was having I wanted to reach into the book an hug the man.I was shocked to [...]

  3. Fernanda

    I truly thought she was going to choose someone else What What I didn t like about this book is some trainers did have subs at their homes but still went to the training center and have sex with the trainees and Faelan with his attitude toward Brie when he claimed he wanted to have her but he also had inclination for other subs and his secretiveness of everything he do with Mary or about his Dom graduation, like if he were hiding everything he does claiming to be a privilege of being a Dom It si [...]

  4. Krista Bunny

    I m not sure where to start, there s a lot of things going around my head about the final installment in Brie s training week.I went into this book really not getting what Brie saw in Sir Yes, he s hot, he s smouldering and he took her backdoor virginity even though it was against the rules, blah blah As I read on, my views didn t change, Sir acted like a total douchebag to her I understand he was trying to keep her at arm s length as she is a student and he is a teacher, but he crossed the line [...]

  5. Jen

    Well, I have said it before and I ll say it again, I love you Red This was an awesome finale to Brie s training weeks as a Submissive It was bittersweet for me as I was dying to find out who she picked as her Master, yet I didn t want the series to end I m so glad to see that Red will be continuing to follow Brie into her life with her MasterI look forward to any upcoming books on Brie s life embracing submission.I don t want to spill any of the details in this book as I feel the element of surp [...]

  6. Fani

    The last week in the Training Center was very fun to read and the graduation ceremony was very exciting Phoenix knows really well how to drive a reader crazy with anticipation.Until the last minute i couldn t guess who Brie would choose as her Master.Even though the master who was chosen was not my favorite in the end i couldn t help but support Brie in her choice because i could see why that master suited her so much.When i started reading those series i did it out of curiosity, what i didn t e [...]

  7. Marla

    Brie 9 is the end of Brie s story at the training center and you get a spectacular enjoy reading it Red Phoenix wrote a masterpiece with this The emotions are so intense you get to laugh, to cry, to be happy, to be unhappy, to talk to yourself and the book characters while reading And no No other book, outside this author s, has brought so intense feelings like you are inside the book It s something you have to live to understand.Don t ask about the hot BDSM scenes You feel the heat on your skin [...]

  8. Kathy

    Where do I begin I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I was filled with angst and I cried some Red Phoenix has truly outdone herself in Brie Bows to Her Master A masterpiece Red at her finest The roller coaster ride that she takes you on is a thrilling one You have no idea where the next twist and turn is going to be It was exhilerating and suspenseful Brie is faced with betrayal and heartbreak, but how will she deal with it Brie doesn t no idea who she will choose as her Master I was on the edge of [...]

  9. Becki

    Red Phoenix does it again Wow What a roller coaster ride I went through the whole gamut of emotions while reading this final installment of the Brie series Brie completes her 6 week training course at the submissive school and chooses her Master.

  10. Vickie

    The sign of a great author is someone who can pull you in from the first sentence A great author can use the characters, storyline, and setting to evoke the strongest of emotions from the reader The sign of a great author is someone who doesn t make reading difficult The sign of a great author is someone who can make the words on the pages play like a movie inside my head Red Phoenix is one of those authors Brie Bows to Her Master is the final installment of the story of Brianna and her entrance [...]

  11. Christine

    There are no words to describe this book and the ending I felt myself reading faster to find out who Brie chose, then I had to take a few deep breaths, slow down and focus again on the story and what was happening I enjoyed the previous Doms s stepping back into Brie s spotlight and reconnecting the previous books together I am glad to have read this book but I am also sad and feel a tightness in my chest at the loss of this chapter in Brie s life I am not sure how I will survive until 2013.

  12. ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝

    Brie Bows to Her Master by Red Phoenix Brie 9 This is a BDSM erotica short coming in around 90 pages.Week 6 Graduation Collaring CeremonyI am a mess I really don t have words right now This took me from extremely high to extremely low and everywhere in between While I don t really agree with her choice, it is her choice I understand the reasoning, but don t have to like it I m just glad she has committed, so others can go on with there life I hope to see some of these eager faces after graduatio [...]

  13. Janet

    BRIE BOWS TO HER MASTER is in one word amazing This series is a must read It took me on a emotional roller coaster i loved every minute of it mistress you are truly a very talented and creative writer Can t wait to follow bries journey.

  14. Erzabet Bishop

    I loved this book What a wonderful ending for this series and a great stepping off point for the next one in 2013.

  15. April

    Perfect ending to the series Red Phoenix takes you on a rollarcoaster of emotions and everything works out perfectly in the end A must read

  16. Roxy

    Phew Thank goodness Red really had me worried there for a while I spent half the book mentally screaming at the page So devastating when Sir told her the night before graduation that trainers were off limits although really that should have been stated very early on to all students to avoid those kinds of complications as most would assume that after graduation they would no longer be considered a student so therefore could approach a trainer I hated that he sat there after giving her that news [...]

  17. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V.

    I really cannot think of a better way to end this series Red s ability to draw you into the story and make you care about the characters is uncanny Not only do you want to know what happens to Brie but all of the characters that are introduced I had so many favorite people in this story that I hope we get to see again in other stories by Brie I won t say who they are because it may or may not give away part of the story Let me just say that throughout reading this series I hoped that it would en [...]

  18. carol

    I loved it, the whole fantasy of the submissive training school and the ability to create all the facets of basic training in a school within a dream collective of gorgeous Doms Teachers Instructors who balance their Dominance well with the requirements the perfect little submissive should be accomplished in That they get an option of choosing a Dom Domme but no guarantee of who it will be to enter the world they have chosen is a nice idea I didn t think Red Phoenix would end it as did, It surpr [...]

  19. Mummy's Naughty Corner

    Cover 5 starsSex steaminess 5 starsIndividual story ratings Brie s First day of submissive training 5 starsBrie learns to obey 5 starsBrie learns her power as a submissive 4 starsBrie lives her fantasy 4 starsBrie practices her oral skills 5 starsBrie embraces bondage 4 starsBrie on display 4 starsBrie surrenders to his will 4 starsBrie bows to her master 4 starsOverall rating 4.3 starsPersonal rating 5 stars Pairings Mixed M f f fDid it give me a book hangover YesIs this a review book or person [...]

  20. Dαɴιjα

    What an amazing ending to an amazing series This was my favorite part, no doubt about it.It started with a little fun and joking around What did the naughty sub say to her Master Who died and left you in charge Then the last week arrived and brought cooking classes Man, if she could cook like this her Dom would be kissing her feet just before he commanded that she kneel and flogged her for a job well done.That was dreadful.But as the week progressed, things got serious, emotional After all, Br [...]

  21. Ange

    Brie is in her final week at the Submissive Training Centre and is faced with choosing a Dom who she d choose to be her Master She s stuck between 4 men who she has become attached to in different ways Who will she choose I M NOT TELLING What a brilliant suspenseful end to a fantastically exciting journey I have to admit I got really annoyed towards the end because of Brie s choices, then Lady Red goes and throws me a curve ball and I couldn t be happier I really didn t want it to end, although [...]

  22. Deborah

    Wow What a beautiful ending to a truly extraordinary and exhilarating series This book had me yelling, laughing, and crying than once I sooo wanted her to end up choosing my favorite dom but Red kept us guessing who it will be till the very end I literally was holding my breath This series had me hooked from the start as Red engages us to fall in love with Brie We love her for all that she is and as the series goes, all that she becomes We feel her heartbreaks and joys We embrace her stubbornne [...]

  23. Celsey Seivert

    Graduation is upon Brie and she is an emotional wreck she knows that she is going to choice a Master on Graduation day but still is fighting to figure out who that is She is informed by Sir that she can not choose a trainer at all even though she has graduated they are still her trainers till they resign or get fired So that knocks out 2 of her choices now she is left to choice between Tono who she has been in love with since the moment they meet, and Faelan who started talking classes because h [...]

  24. Silviene

    WOW I love Sir and would be his submissive anytime any day This final installment for graduation was the best I have ever read It s heart stopping, enthralling, emotional, intense in every aspect and it kept me on my toes till the very last page Because your in a suspense see who Brie will choose to be her Master in the end because her heart has already decided but in a way it goes against all the norms and she is left with a really hard choice, I almost had a heart attack with the scene where s [...]

  25. Shanna

    Literally spent just spent the entire day pleasure reading and absolutely fell in love with another series which I also happened to read all in one day short series Red Phoenix has absolutely captured the dynamics between the D s relationship beautifully written, the conclusion successfully began to bring outrage, then discouragement all in time for a bitter sweet vindication Lovely job Red.I will definitely be following Brie and her Master anywhere you choose to take them from here.

  26. Jane

    Brie Bows to Her Master is the last week of her training that was a roller coaster ride for Brie as she has a final session with each trainer She continues the night of graduation on the roller coaster of emotions as new twists and turns come her way form every direction The ending was as exciting as the entire series and just as sexy as the entire series Lets hope Red Phoenix keeps the readers up to date on how Brie and her new Master learn to live together in domination submission and love It [...]

  27. Sanet

    So without giving anything away I ll have to sum up my FEELINGS about this book and the series This was the last book and yes its has a happy for now ending as predicted and so on and so on but Did she pic the right master ummm I m not even sure if she should have pickedDo I think its love well it could be but I would call it infatuation Would I continue the series perhaps I d like to see where it goes what happens with Tono, out little wolf and our fantasy doms

  28. Katie

    This review is for all of Brie s Sub Training Fabulously wild and crazy sex scenes Lots of variety too Not exactly what I consider good writing technique, kind of abrupt sentences weird repetition Odd for me to notice in this genre, I guess I mean I know the whole shades, eh Whatevs, it s a quickie read The ending is worth it.

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