Idiopathy (2020)

Idiopathy Sam Byers Idiopathy A debut novel of love narcissism and ailing cattleIdiopathy d p i a disease or condition which arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown Idiopathy a novel as unexpected as its title in
  • Title: Idiopathy
  • Author: Sam Byers
  • ISBN: 9780374709877
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook
Idiopathy Sam Byers A debut novel of love, narcissism, and ailing cattleIdiopathy d p i a disease or condition which arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown.Idiopathy a novel as unexpected as its title, in which Katherine, Daniel, and Nathan three characters you won t forget in a hurry unsuccessfully try to figure out how they feel about one another and how they might bA debut novel of love, narcissism, and ailing cattleIdiopathy d p i a disease or condition which arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown.Idiopathy a novel as unexpected as its title, in which Katherine, Daniel, and Nathan three characters you won t forget in a hurry unsuccessfully try to figure out how they feel about one another and how they might best live their lives in a world gone mad Featuring a mysterious cattle epidemic, a humiliating stint in rehab, an unwanted pregnancy, a mom turned media personality Mother Courage , and a workplace with a bio dome housing a perfectly engineered cornfield, it is at once a scathing satire and a moving meditation on love and loneliness With unusual verbal finesse and great humor, Sam Byers neatly skewers the tangled relationships and unhinged narcissism of a self obsessed generation in a remarkable, uproarious first novel.
Idiopathy Sam Byers

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    287 Sam Byers
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One thought on “Idiopathy

  1. Snoakes

    I really enjoyed this book It is populated by a cast of self obsessed and narcissistic characters and none so than Katherine, the novel s protagonist She should be loathsome but she is so self destructive, so unable to feel anything or even exist except in relation to others reactions to her, usually while making then uncomfortable or unhappy, that I found her compelling She d wanted this, and now it was here all she could think was that the wanting was a weakness, and all she could feel was th [...]

  2. Blair

    I wish I hadn t read this on holiday, or read so many other books immediately before and after it I find myself with nothing but a scrappy page of notes to refer to and there s a lot I d like to say about it that probably can t be said articulately without a re read of at least certain parts of the book It seems to be generally kind of misunderstood or misinterpreted, and not very well liked on or book blogs I enjoyed it a LOT, maybe not so much because the story was particularly brilliant but b [...]

  3. Jerad Tinnin

    I don t give many reviews of books, but this one I will My partner always says if you re not into it by the first chapter, stop reading I wish I listened The problem with this book is one character kathryn the first chapter 10% begins with her, and if I d listened to my partner I would have given up and been happy Instead I continued reading and found the other characters fine Not loveable or endearing, but fine Whereas kathrynIf I could I would write her out of this book, I would She was every [...]

  4. Chris Young

    Chilling, bitter, black as pitch three self obsessed, depressed and wholly believable characters clash in Norwich, against the backdrop of a nationwide cattle epidemic Laugh and despair for the world at the same time There s nothing likeable here but a lot to enjoy.

  5. Antonomasia

    A book about, by and quite possibly for bitter, cynical, British white middle class people in their mid thirties Critics like Idiopathy, it won the Costa First Novel award, I like it but the general public don t seem to like it much there are quite a lot of negative reviews on and Or there were when I last looked in December I m keeping away from reader reviews as much as possible just now I read the book in two chunks a couple of months apart, so my different impressions of the beginning and th [...]

  6. Kate

    In my professional life before children , I spent a large amount of time writing things for government ministers to say most often these things were published in documents, brochures and as part of press releases The aim of the game was sound bites pithy little one liners that got to the guts of the matter in my case, it was all about river and water management and made for quotable quotes for ministers.Idiopathy by Sam Byers is novel written in sound bites Punchy, carefully crafted sentences ma [...]

  7. Meredith

    I don t often use the phrase emotional rollercoaster , and I don t want to use it here because it implies a certain sentimentality that this book would kick in the nethers More like a ride in a speeding car on a mountain road, too warm and smelling of someone else s lunch, it s exhilarating but exhausting you ve got to stick with it, even though the turns make you slightly queasy.I almost hated this book and didn t see its point the characters are horrible, self absorbed, irredeemable Having fin [...]

  8. Ian

    Funny, British, quotable Some of them wanted to fuck her because they liked her, and some them wanted to fuck her because they hated her This suited Katherine reasonably well Sometimes she fucked men because she felt good about herself, and sometimes she fucked them because she hated herself 6 7 morals were what dense people clung to in lieu of a personality 8 His convalescence had not, however, gone according to plan, and it was this precise sense of missed opportunity that now led him to resen [...]

  9. Otilia ILIE

    The book was amazing, witty and such a pleasure to read, I loved it It was a fresh breath of air among the latest books that I have read I totally reccommend it.

  10. Christian

    hnlich wie auf der Achterbahnfahrt der Emotionen, welche die Protagonisten erleben, ging es mir auch mit dem Buch An manchen Stellen ist der Roman z h und ich musste mich tats chlich zwingen, weiterzulesen Das mag auch daran liegen, dass es so gut wie keine Handlung gibt, weil sich das Geschehen gr tenteils um die verkorkste Psyche der Figuren dreht Doch genau deswegen ist Idiopathie auch wiederum lesenswert, da Byers hier mit bitterb sen Humor erz hlt und es teilweise so berzogen darstellt, das [...]

  11. Natalee

    An interesting enough read once you get into it The characters are rather annoying at times and I felt myself wanting to slap Katherine numerous times then feeling sorry for her Daniel and Nathan are a little easier to put up with but would drive you nuts as well The book is however humorous and I had some real laugh out loud moments.Not bad 3 5

  12. Elizabeth Moffat

    This is the May read for The Waterstones Eleven debut authors, please see my previous post HERE The tag line for this story is that it is a novel of love, narcissism and ailing cattle, which actually sums it up quite well On starting, I really wasn t sure if I was going to like it, as all the characters are quite awful to each other, and it s written in quite an original style The author focuses on three main characters Katherine and Daniel, who used to be a couple but have broken up, and Nathan [...]

  13. Barb

    I received this book as a First Read giveaway Intrigued by the title and cover blurb, I found it to be much than the story of three people trying to find their way in a world gone mad.Byers has created some of the most ridiculous and unlikable people I ve ever encountered, but I was compelled to read their story by the author s uniquely British wit The three main characters immediately grabbed me They can t be described as friends, although they have associated with each other socially Katherin [...]

  14. Marc Nash

    It s quite hard to review this book Clearly the author cab write, some of the dialogue is spot on, there s some nice interweaving of modern technology and social anxieties within its metaphors and similes But and this is a big but, all the characters are loathsome And that makes it hard to like the book Even the notion of it being a satire of modern day manners can t rescue it entirely to my mind The characters made me cringe, but not in a satirical way.The two main characters were once in a rel [...]

  15. Kaye

    A woman writes a well formed sentence.I read this a while ago and loved it, and found myself thinking about it again as I read Eimear Macbride s A Girl is a Half Formed Thing for my Baileys list project Both books are written by young writers from Norfolk Both books have abject, abused women at the centre who are driven to self destructive behaviour and masochistic sex Both books are highly stylised with plots and forms which dissolve round the reader But only McBride s has been greeted as a rad [...]

  16. Charlotte Snel

    Heel erg hard gelachen tijdens het lezen van deze debuutroman Niet om de inhoud want die is knap ellendig maar om de droge beschrijvingen en observaties van de verteller Verder is het geen feestje De omgeving en de levens die de personages erin leiden zijn allemaal tamelijk troosteloos En het lijkt er ook niet op dat daar verandering in komt of dat ze daar zelfs maar hun best voor doen Of zoals een van de hoofdpersonen Katherine zegt Wie zegt dat ik gelukkiger wil zijn Blijkbaar heb ik wel wat m [...]

  17. Marcia

    TONY gave this book a fantastic review Greenwich Library had not bought a copy Westchester Library System had one copy Available Stephen in Greenwich ordered one copy and I noticed that it went out immediately I snagged the copy from the Westchester Library System Harrison library s copy If you have ever spent an evening with friends you like or at least have a history with but whose social skills leave your head reeling, with the sheer extent of their unhappiness with their geography, their bod [...]

  18. Michelle

    I have nothing good to say about this book I keep thinking the plot will hit me upside the head and I ll have an epiphanyI m still waiting Once I start reading a book, I have an asinine rule about not finishing it but god help me I wished I could break that rule Honestly, I was browsing the shelves at the library and thought the cover looked interesting I read the reviews on the back and was fully convinced when one of the reviewers said it was gut busting funny Let me be clear, there is nothing [...]

  19. Kyle Hipke

    Really believable, realistic depictions of characters with a wide variety of personality issues Funny in a smirking at modern society sort of way Only reason for not giving 5 stars is that, compared to other books, the content can start to feel a little bit samey as the book goes on and on describing the repetitive thought process and neurotic habits of the relatively unlikeable characters.

  20. Jill Lamond

    A cast of miserable and annoying people you would be hard pushed to meet anywhere Katherine s bitter and hate filled attitude suffused the book It was not an enjoyable read That said I feel it was well written, just not my thing.

  21. Jeff Raymond

    I m not sure how this landed on my to read list which is a common occurrence , but this book utterly failed to grab me Not funny enough, overly profane, not really engaging Didn t work for me right now.

  22. Aharon

    If you hate humanity or just appreciate those who marshal impressively thorough arguments for doing so this is the book for you.

  23. Lauren Barth

    This book was so awful and painful to read that I abandoned it a third of the way through I kept waiting and waiting for the plot to hit me but it never did All I was left with was the memory of absurdly annoying, depressed, hateful, and narcissistic characters I picked up this book because I was drawn in by the title, cover, and the reviews on the back claiming I would shiver with pleasure and bust my gut with laughter In reality, I just wanted to gouge my eyeballs and put myself out of my mise [...]

  24. Michella Tora

    Denne bog markedsf res som humoristisk, men det synes jeg alts bare ikke den var Det skal det siges, at med min sn vre erfaring med britisk humor, s tror jeg faktisk bare ikke jeg forst r det Bogen blev langtrukken, s tningerne synes af og til uendelige, og jeg synes ikke karakterne udviklede sig Noget m n sten v re g et min n se forbi.

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