Bridie's Choice (2020)

Bridie's Choice Karly Lane Bridie s Choice Bridie Farrell and Shaun Broderick come from opposite sides of the tracks Unlike Bridie s family who are perennial strugglers the Brodericks are the wealthy owners of one of the most prestigious pro
  • Title: Bridie's Choice
  • Author: Karly Lane
  • ISBN: 9781743311608
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
Bridie's Choice Karly Lane Bridie Farrell and Shaun Broderick come from opposite sides of the tracks Unlike Bridie s family, who are perennial strugglers, the Brodericks are the wealthy owners of one of the most prestigious properties in the district Still, all is not well in either family Bridie s father is doing time in prison and her younger brother has fallen in with the wrong crowd Shaun haBridie Farrell and Shaun Broderick come from opposite sides of the tracks Unlike Bridie s family, who are perennial strugglers, the Brodericks are the wealthy owners of one of the most prestigious properties in the district Still, all is not well in either family Bridie s father is doing time in prison and her younger brother has fallen in with the wrong crowd Shaun has problems of a different kind, with his dictatorial father not allowing him to take his own direction in life Shaun s parents are dismayed when he eschews the charms of the district s most eligible young women and falls in love with Bridie instead, and they make their feelings clear not just to their son but to Bridie as well However, parental opposition is just the first of many troubles that Bridie will face.
Bridie's Choice Karly Lane

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    166 Karly Lane
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One thought on “Bridie's Choice

  1. Sharon

    Since Bridie Farrell s mother passed away Bridie has been doing her best in looking after and taking care of her seventeen year old brother, Luke But lately Bridie feels as if Luke is starting to land himself in trouble and that s the last thing she wants for him With their father in jail Luke has no male influence in his life and seeing as Birdie isn t getting through to him lately she feels as if some days she is fighting a losing battle with her brother Bridie enjoys working at the local pub [...]

  2. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

    Bridie s Choice is Karly Lane s third novel set in regional Australia, following on from her success with North Star and Morgan s Law While North Star included an element of suspense, and Morgan s Law explored regional issues, Bridie s Choice is focused on the romance between Lane s protagonists, Bridie Farrell and Shaun Broderick One of those Farrell girls , Bridie has been dreaming of escaping Tooncanny for as long as she can remember Having lived her whole life in the shadow of her extended f [...]

  3. Brenda

    Bridie Farrell had been caring for her younger brother Luke for quite a few years since their mother had passed away from cancer and father had ended up in jail Luke had been a good kid, but now at seventeen he was rebellious and angry all the time trying to get him to finish school was an uphill battle He was mixed up with a bad crowd of kids, and she was terrified he would end up in trouble with the police, which would put paid to his and her hopes of him joining the army when he turned eighte [...]

  4. Lauren K

    Karly Lane is a very talented Australian author drawing on her love of the land she creates complex, engaging characters against a backdrop of intrigue, conflict and rural communities.Bridie Farrell has one goal in life to get out of Tooncanny For years she has set her hopes on leaving, getting far away from the small town that holds too many bad memories and a reputation she feels suffocated by In her mid 20 s, Bridie works as a bartender at the local pub and is the primary caregiver of her tee [...]

  5. Jess

    Bridie s Choicewas the first novel by Australian author Karly Lane that I had the chance to read I picked it up on a whim from work from one day and loved it so much, that I now own her entire backlist Including her new e book Burnt, which I can t wait to read.In small town Tooncanny, Bridie Farrell is easily identified as one of those Farrell girls Her father s in jail, and despite Bridie s best efforts, it looks like her younger brother is heading down the same path a point that irks Bridie to [...]

  6. Juanita Kees

    Karly Lane, you ve done it again and this time you ve aced it Ms Lane is a brilliant example of an author who not only writes from the heart, but pours her soul into her stories.When I received my review copy of BRIDIE S CHOICE from Allen Unwin, I was over the moon It s one I ve had on my high priority reading list since NORTH STAR and MORGAN S LAW With every new release, Karly s writing just keeps on getting better and this was her best by far.To read the full review go to kees2create the oth

  7. Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews

    Karly Lane is one of my favourite go to author s in the Australian rural romance genre Her third book, Bridie s Choice, does not disappoint Showcasing her love and understanding of the land, combined with compelling characters and an enthralling romance, Bridie s Choice is a perfect read The story is about two young lovers who are from completely opposite sides of the tracks Bridie Farrell works as a barmaid in the local pub, while also playing guardian to her younger brother Luke Luke is strugg [...]

  8. Paula Clark

    Another great novel by Karly Lane she just keeps getting better and better As the saying goes the grass is always greener on the other side You spend your life dreaming and planning of how your life is going to be, only to discover what you really want need is what you ve left behind.

  9. MarciaB - Book Muster Down Under

    The Blurb Bridie Farrell and Shaun Broderick come from opposite sides of the tracks But unlike Bridie s family, who are perennial strugglers, the Brodericks are the wealthy owners of Jinjilu one of the most prestigious properties in their local district.All her life Bridie has longed to leave the small town she grew up in But time after time family responsibilities have kept her anchored there Meanwhile, Shaun s dream of taking over the management of Jinjulu is dashed by his dictatorial father w [...]

  10. Claire

    I really enjoyed this rural romance, it was an enjoyable read while at the same time covering some pretty full on issues The characters were real as were the situations they found themselves in and it showed how family relationships aren t always as they seem.

  11. Monique Mulligan

    You know the warm feeling you get when you ve just finished a really good read That s how I felt when I finished Bridie s Choice by Karly Lane warm, satisfied and wishing it wasn t finished so quickly Lane s novels this is her third have a distinctively Australian feel and give readers an insight into life in regional Australia she s tapped into a genre rural fiction in which there is growing demand and she does it well Bridie Farrell is one of those Farrell girls It s a reputation Bridie has wo [...]

  12. Tash

    Reviewed for Confessions From RomaholicsTo see review at ConfessionsBridie s Choice is the authors third release and the first book of hers I have read The story follows Bridie Farrell as she navigates through a few months of her life in her small hometown where the Farrell s are pretty much the black sheep Doesn t matter that Bridie tried to make something out of her life with her limited education and stayed out of trouble because the rest of her family has made up for it Now her brother, Luke [...]

  13. Chanpreet

    I love, love, loved this book You ve got two people from opposite walks of life, struggling to identify themselves independent of their last names and trying to be happy Bridie Farrell is tired of being judged because she s one of those Farrells She can t pick and choose her family Her father s in jail, her brother s acting up, and her extended family is all giving her ulcers All she wants to do is get out of Tooncanny and see the Gold Coast Shaun Broderick belongs to the founding family of Toon [...]

  14. Stacey Houllis

    This is the first book of Karly Lane s I have read I like this book very much It is set in the coutnry town of Tooncany Where Bridie Farrell is working behind the bar, raising her younger brother Luke who is 17 years old after the death of mother and father who is in Prison for drug bust Luke is pushing the boundaries hung out with wrong company But Birdie Farrell family doesn t not have a good reputation in the town she is trying to change this giving her brother a chance at life and to keep hi [...]

  15. Megz

    Simple Stereotypical Story.Rich farmer poor barmaid from wrong side of the tracks Sure, we all love a good rural fairytale, and the first few chapters depth of delivery allowed a wonderful sense of the characters dramas and a true magical feel of the countryside ButAbout a third through it became cardboard, with rare snippets of word magic The main character, Bridie, was a frustrating contradiction who became unlikeable towards the end, and part of the story is where two women get assaulted and [...]

  16. Emma (EmmaBookish)

    Rating 3 starsReview This was a nice, easy read about two people who fall in love despite all their life dilemmas and challenges Bridie has always wanted to leave the small country town that she s grown up in , while Shaun has always wanted to stay and run his own farm The romance between them was cute and sweet, however wasn t overly passionate or romantic, which are my all time favourite types of books I definitely think the author could have spruced up the romance department of this book, con [...]

  17. Bettina

    Best book by Karly yet Liked how two people from different walks of life can come together Unlike his parents, Shaun didn t judge Bridie because of her families past and saw her for who she really is Grr I just wanted to strangle Douglas thoughch a bastard No wonder his kids were depressed It was nice to see that Bridie finally forgave her father too, although I never did understand why he ended up in jail and his brothers didn t book

  18. Kiah Stephens

    While I enjoyed this story, I found myself getting frustrated at many points as it seemed with each new challenge it would end with one person walking away.Otherwise it was a lovely read with believable settings.

  19. Aileen

    Another great book by Karly Lane A story that shows you that you can move on from your past and make a future that you didn t expect yourself to be doing The relationship between Bridie and Shaun was one that no one expected to work but did.

  20. Jessica

    I really enjoyed this book A light read Touched on some relevant Australian rural issues Farming these days in Australia is obviously technical than just planting and harvesting I found this interesting Thanks Karly LAne.

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