Scary Fucking Stories (2020)

Scary Fucking Stories D.F. Noble Scary Fucking Stories Just beyond the small bandwidth of light our nervous systems can filter there are worlds there is life in the dark Those moments where you swear something is watching you Those moments you swore som
  • Title: Scary Fucking Stories
  • Author: D.F. Noble
  • ISBN: 9780615633145
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
Scary Fucking Stories D.F. Noble Just beyond the small bandwidth of light our nervous systems can filter, there are worlds, there is life in the dark Those moments where you swear something is watching you Those moments you swore someone has called your name, but you find yourself alone You are than happy to tell your children of angels, but you speak in hushed tones of demons From the Dark, IJust beyond the small bandwidth of light our nervous systems can filter, there are worlds, there is life in the dark Those moments where you swear something is watching you Those moments you swore someone has called your name, but you find yourself alone You are than happy to tell your children of angels, but you speak in hushed tones of demons From the Dark, I bring you Scary Fucking Stories.
Scary Fucking Stories D.F. Noble

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    437 D.F. Noble
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One thought on “Scary Fucking Stories

  1. Ms. Nikki

    Scare me good.Scare me right.In my dreamsor broad daylight.Under the covers or under the bed.Tell me about the dead.Make me screamor squirm in fright.Tell me what lurksin the dark of night.Scare me onceScare me twice.That s what happens whenHorror s done right NikkiMy poor poem This read did Not do my rambling justice Boo hoo 2 Stars The Cellar I got it, but the gettin wasn t great.2 1 2 Stars Through The Walls The endings are falling short Great concept, but the end result leaves a lot to be d [...]

  2. Flint Macwood

    I might need to change my commandos I just finished D.F Noble s Scary F ing stories and you know what he freaking scared me What I love about this guy, not only is he rediculous good looking in a rugged sorta way, but he s a beast at intellectual horror The cover alone says the scare might be visual, but he toys with your senses, bringing things we take for granted to the forefront He takes on mankind s weaknesses that most of us have seen in one way or another, and wraps it up in a brand new tw [...]

  3. Kris Lugosi

    This author has taken classic children s nightmares and twisted them into a modern day mind f k for adults Granted my setting for reading this book was at a funeral home, lights out, cuddle in bed.but I don t think the setting matters The stories in this book get into your head and stay there Night or day, this book managed to get my heart pumping and beating fast not lying Loop Road made me panicky and THAT is what I look for in a good horror read What I loved the best about these stories is th [...]

  4. Adam T.

    I don t believe I ve ever seen a title be blunt, and to the point, and importantly correct, as this books title is I recommend venturing into this one armed with a flashlight, in the pitch dark, and at three in the morning You ll be pissed at me later that night when you vainly attempt sleep, but it s oh so worth Check it out, the explict verison of Scary Stories to tell in the Dark

  5. Kaitlin

    I met D.F Noble at the Wizard Con in St Louis We were interested in the sign for his book Beer Run of the Dead, so we came up to the booth and began talking to him and his brother First of all they were extremely cool and we just bullshitted for a while I have always been a fan of anything and everything horror, so when I saw the book Scary Fucking Stories, I knew that I had to pick it up It took me a while before I was able to start reading it and after the first story I knew the rest was going [...]

  6. Melanie Catchpole

    The trouble having grown up reading mostly horror stories, is that you reach a point where you have already read a story similar than the one you are attempting to read Unfortunately trying to come up with something new these days is difficult, as I imagine with all genres Dons stories are good but not anything I have not heard before I would recommend this to someone who is not familiar with many horror stories, I think it would be a nice introduction into that world Personally though I would l [...]

  7. K.M.

    Scary EFFING stories That aren t really about effing If you re looking for that, try Strange Sex A Strange Anthology StrangeHouse has done it again This isn t your run of the mill Hell, I could write that myself literature D.F Noble shares with us that horror doesn t always mean blood and guts From real life accounts of the paranormal to an experiment you can try at home if you re brave enough , these pages are full of bizarre and messed up stories to get you thinking and make you paranoid.

  8. David Anderson

    What else to say about this If you liked SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK or GOOSEBUMPS as a kid, this captures the spirit and brings it to a modern adult audience Nuff said.

  9. Frank

    Before BEER RUN OF THE DEAD, there was SCARY FUCKING STORIES by DF Noble This is a collection of nightmare inducing yarns that could only have been spun by the dark mind of DF Noble You been warned.In contrast to the feel of BEER RUN OF THE DEAD, this collection of short stories takes on a decidedly dreadful tone Each story seems to borrow from some real life experiences then they are dealt a literary broken nose and bloodied lip to add that special creep factor The result is a collection of st [...]

  10. Jessica

    Scary Fucking Stories is a collection of short horror tales which started out quite strongly but ultimately failed to really fucking scare me The foreword was gripping and a lot of the stories began wonderfully, the author managing to create both a creepy atmosphere and an air of distinct dread However, the endings of most stories were abrupt and anticlimactic, as well as some being rather predictable Further, the outlandish title of the collection is misleading and much too extreme for the stor [...]

  11. Elaina

    Great book, well written I wish so badly that there were illustrations Some of these would have terrified me as a kid, as they really hit all of the interests that make for a great story Very descriptive, which is great, and easy to read Would definitely recommend for anyone who likes frightening tales

  12. Alex Aro

    Scary Fucking Stories This book had been on my radar for quite some time I can t remember where I first heard about it, but the title was intriguing and it had glowing reviews online About a year ago I tried to track it down but it was out of print, at least from what I found However, I recently did an search on a whim and there it was, available to purchase for 9.99.The forward to the book perfectly informs the reader of what they are in for This book was constructed from past experiences of au [...]

  13. Michael

    This book is not for the faint of heart It will amplify the simplest noise and have you convinced that there is something lurking in the dark just waiting for you to fall asleep so it can kill you It will have you swearing at your dog because we all know dogs have no timing and if where reading Scary Stories it will probably make you squeal like a girl.The beauty of Scary Fucking stories is that D.F Noble has amazing timing He knows how to ease out the tension so much that we start jumping at sh [...]

  14. John Bruni

    This is a collection of top notch horror stories In many ways, they re old fashioned, but Noble brings a lot of newness to them One of my favorites in this book is Loop Road, and it may be one of the most frustrating and harrowing tales ever written The treachery of The Door Man is downright spooky The ending of James is shocking And then there s the gleeful story of The Pen or Sword, the Ghost or Gun, a revenge tale unlike any you ll probably read There are a lot of good yarns in this one, but [...]

  15. Kate

    I ve just finished this and thought it there were some great ideas for stories but most of them didn t finish strongly enough The endings for most of the stories were disappointing especially as the ideas were interesting.My favourites were Wait in LineJamesThe Pen or Sword, The Ghost or GunBlood Tide.I think that Door Man had a few creepy moments but the ending again just wasn t strong enough and view spoiler I m not sure I understood the relationship between the old lady and the doll hide spoi [...]

  16. Missy

    it was OK none of the stories were scary but that s OK I can t figure out what the hell was going on in the last story about ghosts but turned out to be a long talk about shrooms and UFOs just not for me some stories were interesting but just ended too abruptly.

  17. Terri Baldwin

    This is such an awesome and diverse collection of horror stories I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them, and I even enjoyed the Foreword something I almost always read the first sentence and skip over READ THIS

  18. Casey

    More hits than misses in this collection of stories Lots of what look to be basic, cliched endings have twists that one wouldn t expect.

  19. Shadow Girl

    The imagery of these ss stick with you long after putting the book down Full review posted on BBB beckisbookblog.wordpress 2

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