Beau Geste (2020)

Beau Geste P.C. Wren Beau Geste Por qu tres hermanos se alistan en la Legi n Extranjera Qu relaci n tiene esta decisi n con el robo de un maravilloso agua azul en su mansi n inglesa La trama enigm tica de esta novela que forma una
  • Title: Beau Geste
  • Author: P.C. Wren
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
Beau Geste P.C. Wren Por qu tres hermanos se alistan en la Legi n Extranjera Qu relaci n tiene esta decisi n con el robo de un maravilloso agua azul en su mansi n inglesa La trama enigm tica de esta novela, que forma una trilog a Beau Geste, Beau Sabreur y Beau Ideal, responde a un ambiente de encrespadas pasiones y de hero smo.
Beau Geste P.C. Wren

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    P.C. Wren

One thought on “Beau Geste

  1. Jim

    I ve read that a classic is a book that is never finished saying what it has to say I further define one by it being a great story hidden behind awful, dated writing that has been butchered by Hollywood, forced upon too young souls by sadistic English teachers This book escaped half of the usual criteria.First foremost, not one of my sadistic English teachers I went to a prestigious prep school had many ever forced me to read this book, thankfully It s taken me years to get over some of the prej [...]

  2. K.

    Reread Dec 2012, loved again What a fabulous book I am SO enjoying building up my reactionary library see article pasted in below Beau Geste was an ultimate boy man book to be much enjoyed by women who love real men too While I have to admit that there wasn t, perhaps, anything mind blowingly profound in this book except maybe that it s so very different from the messages found in most modern lit , there were a few things I thought made this book one I want the little men I m raising to learn a [...]

  3. Cphe

    A stirring historical mystery, a tale filled with adventure The story of three brothers who for reasons of their own run away to join the French Foreign Legion This is a rollicking good tale of loyalty, honour, love and mateship Reminded me of one of those boy s own adventure tales A few lulls in the pacing and delivery but a wonderful premise Far exceeded my expectations.I regret that it s taken me so long to get around to reading this IMO unappreciated classic.

  4. Elisabeth

    I stayed up till a quarter to midnight to finish it, so I think that says something for the blend of mystery and adventure

  5. Mike (the Paladin)

    This is one of those books I ve been meaning to read sincewell since i was a kid Gary Cooper is Beau Geste for me I ll say thisat old movie isn t too far from the book and it captures the book s adventure.Told from the beginning by a Frenchman who of course gets the compliment that he s like an Englishman telling the spooky, frightening, foreshadowing climactic tale of Fort Zinderneuf He lead the relief column to the fort which he found unfallen with it s gates closed and lockedbut entirely mann [...]

  6. Squire

    Cleverly structured and engrossing adventure mystery story with an intriguing set up for the main story of three brothers joining the French Foreign Legion Terrific British flair in speech and action carry this story through it s occasional lulls Wren also uses a lot of French terms and phrases in the book to give an appropriately exotic flavor While there are no footnotes in the text I read, context clues and being able to see the spelling of the words helped in deriving appropriate meanings fo [...]

  7. Jacqueline

    Is this book why I named my son Beau I don t know but I m pretty sure it was in the back of my mind when it came time to name him I read this when I was around 13 to 15 I loved it and am planning to read it to my boys as soon as I think they can tolerate the language A great adventure story with the French Foreign Legion What could be better It s not a perfectly crafted novel but is wonderful anyway.

  8. C Mac

    helloOH where is Max Perkins when you need himwordy slogadventure storyfar too much dead spacenothing nothing is happening does not age wellsee the Gary Cooper movieits much better than the bookyours trulymac

  9. Manny

    When people talk about running away and joining the Foreign Legion, they re probably referring to this book, even if they don t know they are Stirring British Empire stiff upper lip stuff There is a fantastic scene near the end which I often think of.

  10. Calzean

    I remember as a child watching Beau Geste, the ghostly dead men on the fort parapets and the viking fortress I had not realised what a frolicking good adventure mystery book that Mr P.C Wren had penned covering a stolen gemstone, the French Foreign Legion, mutiny, self sacrifice, loyalty and a happy ending Some very dated language and views but the English men are all gentlemen and that is all that mattered in those days.

  11. Lora

    Rousing tale of grim deeds and satirical heroic characters A real page turner, and while not a completely happy ending, it wrapped up well Glad I finally read it Side note the descriptions of heat in the desert may be a good aid in getting through your February, if that s what you need.

  12. Helena Jole

    Classic British tale of mystery and run away and join the Foreign Legion adventure It was a good read, though it did drag in places, and I absolutely hated the ending Or not the ending so much, but the bit right before the ending I first encountered this book at my grandmother s house when I was maybe 10 or so One bedroom had a big deep closet with a bookshelf full of old Superman, Lone Ranger, and Uncle Scrooge comic books We used to spend hours in that closet every time we visited There was al [...]

  13. Hal Johnson

    Beau Geste is pretty much the perfect book It s or less about some jewel thieves who flee to the French Foreign Legion to escape capture Once in the middle of the desert, they find that a psychotic and sadistic commandant wants them dead so he can claim the jewel a cabal of Mediterranean types wants them dead so they can claim the jewel the other Legionnaires want them dead so they can murder the psychotic commandant our heroes our too noble to mutiny against and the Bedouins want them dead bec [...]

  14. Michael

    This is one of those books I have wanted to read since I was in Junior High School I loved the movie with Gary Cooper that I saw as a kid and have since rediscovered it on DVD and watch it periodically The book did not disappoint although the beginning dragged on a little and although I knew what was going on having seen the movie I feel it would be a bit unintelligible for someone reading this for the first time and not knowing the story The story is the classic story of the French Foreign Legi [...]

  15. Lady♥Belleza★✰

    When I was a girl, boys would talk about running away to join the Foreign Legion I have a feeling this book, or maybe the movies made based on it are where they got this idea The dramatic story of the French Foreign Legion, where men hid from the law or a woman but never from death Call me naive, but I had my doubts about if there really was a French Foreign Legion Not only was I wrong about it existing, it still exists, they even have a website Whatever your origins, nationality or religion mig [...]

  16. Rafeeq O.

    P.C Wren s 1924 Beau Geste, a seemingly dated novel of mystery and adventure, with settings that range from the comfortable drawing rooms of the landed gentry of an idealized England to the blazing deserts of a savage North Africa whose colonization is presented only with approval, actually remains quite a decent three and a half to four star read.The reader must understand, of course, that this book is not the place to look for modern notions of cultural tolerance, let alone cultural respect, o [...]

  17. Wade Grassman

    Let me say that I am a huge fan of old adventure movies, one of my favourites has been Beau Geste 39 with Gary Cooper, Robert Preston and Ray Milland The source book has been on the Get to read list for a very long time, thanks to my wife s thoughtful gift of a Nook last Christmas, I ve been slowly popping off some of the classics on that list If you have a Nook or a Kindle, I would advise you don t get the lowest price version of this classic The text was so filled with typos it was difficult t [...]

  18. Robert Hays

    I have the good fortune to have access to a great collection of classics from my late father in law s 1930s and 40s library Beau Geste is one of the books I was a long time getting to, and that s a shame What a read I know it was made into a movie maybe than once, I m not sure and so if you watch classic movies you may have seen it With an exotic setting that features the French Foreign Legion, how could it fail But I promise that if the opening scene of Beau Geste doesn t grab you, you are hop [...]

  19. Jc

    I have seen each of the film versions of this, including Marty Feldman s Last Remake, at least 3 times each NOTE don t bother with the 1966 Doug McClure Leslie Nielsen Telly Savalas version the 1926 1939 versions are both must see But, I had never read the book before It is very much a 1920s romantic adventure, and the model for many a Fr.Foreign Legion book and film made since then Don t expect a modern novel, but if you have fun with The Saint and other adventure mystery books from this period [...]

  20. Viktoriya

    This book was recommended to me by someone who read it as a teenager I can see the appeal this book would have on a boy that age All that heroism, adventures, running away from home, the mystery of a stolen jewel Reading it at my old age I didn t really see all that appeal I think this book would have benefited from a better editor I can t tell you how many times I was about to give up reading this book.

  21. Ann

    Amazing story The beginning is a bit confusing and you have to allow time to get into the flow of the language and the old fashioned style of the story But once you do wow Brothers Beau, Digby, and John and their friends Hank and Buddy and of course Sgt Lejaune are characters you will never forget I understand the 1939 movie version with Gary Cooper was quite good, although the idea of Gary Cooper playing a 20 year old English gentleman is a bit of a stretch

  22. Jenna

    One of the best books I ve ever read It made me laugh, cry, and feel for all the characters like no other book An must read for anyone who loves the classics

  23. Matthew

    It is one of the mysteries of yesterday s popular fiction that much of it rapidly becomes barely readable to future generations of the general public In the case of popular novels written before the twentieth century, we often see the works as stiff and stilted In the case of popular novels written from this point on, we end up seeing the books as stodgy and starchy.Why this change, we may ask I think it partly reflects changes in education Before the twentieth century, education was less univer [...]

  24. Gita Madhu

    Early Education a la Gerald Durrel I had a rather unfettered childhood thanks to my psychiatrist father School I found most repulsive and so I hardly attended The empty field, near our small bungalow, in Bangalore, provided all the education I desired and a gentle elder sibling nudged books my way when I began to read But, while Enid Blyton corrupted my naive years with her adventure stories, I was strongly drawn to dictionaries The transition to H Martin, P.C Wren s High School English Grammar [...]

  25. Randall Moore

    I had wanted to read this novel for several year now and finally took the plunge I ve watched the Gary Cooper movie several times and my remembrance of the film was brought back as I started to read the novel.It s a wonderful adventure story with a bold mysterious beginning, an adventurous middle and a surprise revelation in the last two pages.My rating is 4 stars and not 5 mostly because of the leisurely fashion the book begins and the language and punctuation used The beginning is told through [...]

  26. Larry

    I remember the Gary Cooper movie of the 30 s and I couldn t help but think the book in black white Is that possible The exotic locations Algeria and North Africa and THE exotic French Foreign Legion sigh While I enjoyed the movie, the book provides so much detail.It s an eerie start The narrator arrives at a desert fort manned by dead soldiers and a murder A mystery unfolds A confession the famous Blue Water sapphire was stolen by Michael Beau Geste There s a flashback to aristocratic stiff upp [...]

  27. Monica

    RATED PG13FOUL LANGUAGE NopeSEX NopeVIOLENCE Yes Portrayal of a battle Some of the realities of Foreign Legion life and the places they live May be surprisingly blunt, but not graphic or gratuitous.MISC Be aware the book contains biases of the English male living in the late 1800 s early 1900 s.Nothing that bothered me too much, but it s there.DID I LIKE IT Yes This is a nostalgic family favorite My Grandma bought the book for my family and we all enjoyed the mystery and adventure.

  28. Iván Giménez

    Un buen cl sico de las novelas de aventuras que he disfrutado mucho La combinaci n de la ambientaci n e frica con la trama del robo del diamante es un gran acierto As como la estructura con la que se plantea toda la historia, jugando muy bien con el punto de vista de los personajes que narran la acci n.

  29. Greg

    The book took awhile for me to get into because of the writing style However I did enjoy the end and the story coming together I might give this book another go in six months I did enjoy it.

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