CLAIRE ANGE M.A. Kirkwood CLAIRE ANGE literary fiction for the mid teen and up The great composer Ludwig van Beethoven once said Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life One can only wonder if author M A Kirkwood had
  • Title: CLAIRE ANGE
  • Author: M.A. Kirkwood
  • ISBN: 9780985237905
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
CLAIRE ANGE M.A. Kirkwood literary fiction for the mid teen and up.The great composer Ludwig van Beethoven once said, Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life One can only wonder if author, M.A Kirkwood had this in mind in creating Claire Ange Here we have a spirit entity, a former human, if you will, who stumbles upon this story pertaining to the world of musical compo literary fiction for the mid teen and up.The great composer Ludwig van Beethoven once said, Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life One can only wonder if author, M.A Kirkwood had this in mind in creating Claire Ange Here we have a spirit entity, a former human, if you will, who stumbles upon this story pertaining to the world of musical composer aspirant, 17 year old Claire Actually, the timing couldn t be better for we meet Claire just as she s kicked out of the house by her wicked, jealous, mother who has bigger plans as she selfishly covets the social elite scene in upper crust New Orleans society.The spirit entity an unintended emcee of this narrative amusingly gives us the rundown on life in the spirit world, his wish to break the spell of forgetfulness in knowing who he was when he was last human, all the while, newly homeless Claire has nary an idea of his protective presence.Perhaps the clincher is that this spirit guest though very much aware of Claire has no idea that she unwittingly holds the key to unlocking his own mystery Hardly a victim, Claire turns obstacles into opportunity with humor and deftness, as she s almost always advised by her street wise, best bud, Darva Jean a Sancho Panza to Claire s Don Quixote Add the array of hilarious characters, including a gambling nun who nurtures the girl s spirit, a math professor drag queen who gives Claire her first break as a working musician, and you have a hard book to put down.Ultimately, music becomes the conduit by which these two opposite characters find themselves and in a most unexpected way.Both are released from their disparate spells of enchantment one, from a pernicious, jealous mother, now landing on the path of her own true destiny as a musician, and another, whose spell of an amnesia of sorts comes to full realization of noble deeds done, therefore, releasing this honorable being back into his spirit home, and perhaps, onward to the music of the spheres, making this narrative, truly, a faery tale like no other.

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One thought on “CLAIRE ANGE

  1. Thom

    I m not one for social networking I rarely look at book sites but I had to say something about this novel As I m retired, I have much wonderful free time on my hands I hang out in coffee houses in the hip town I live in, and I happen to come across this read I enjoyed this author s other work as well Where do I begin It s a play on the fairy tales most of us grew up on At least, tales like Snow White and Sleeping BeautyA beautiful girl and her downer mother throwing her wickedly out into the wor [...]

  2. June B.

    I read this author s remarkable first book a few years ago When I recognized the name on the cover of her new work, I didn t hesitate to buy CLAIRE ANGE at one of my favorite bookstores in Denver, as I was on my way to visit relatives for Thanksgiving I enjoy books for youth I especially like Markus Zusak, author of THE BOOK THIEF, and I have a liking for the strange writings of Ellen Hopkins, but CLAIRE ANGE is above and beyond most teen Books It s not really that, as what you find with Zuzak s [...]

  3. Lit Folio

    I can count on one hand American authors who are actually brilliant and engaging comedic writers One hand To wit Mark Twain, the best of the very best , Kurt Vonnegut who blended humor and deep human insight as Twain, but in a pop mode that still appeals to this day John K Toole another author from New Orleans whose untimely suicide marks a tragic loss as to how much further this author could have taken us , some of Tom Wolfe unfortunately, the last few efforts have only moments of his biting wi [...]

  4. Zara

    Never in my years as a pretty avid reader have I come across something as delightfully weird and delicious as this read I don t believe I have ever read a story where one character is in another dimension while visiting the physical one that we all know and love In this case, the planet earth What s also unique is we have one character telling his story in this case, the spirit directly to the reader, while 17 year old Claire goes about her life in contemporary New Orleans There are so many craz [...]

  5. Aaron T.

    This has got to be one of the best under the radar authors writing today I read SIMON LAZARUS a while back and only recently came across this newer work at THE BOOKIES my favorite bookstore The guy there recommended it and I told him I had read the author s first book Well, he went on and on about it and he didn t have to.O.K So what s so great here EVERYTHING The fact that there are two stories running side by side and the fact is, there s this spirit character who addresses the reader while th [...]

  6. Meghan

    I m a young adult reader I have loved books since I can remember Sure, I have read Harry Potter and Twilight saga, but they cater to the minds of the young and are unable to hit the topics that a TRUE young adult 17 24 might find interesting and relevant One of the things I loved about Claire Ange is the sheer ambiance of it all it brings you back to that fantastical world of ghosts and the good days of New Orleans But there aren t any ghosts here Ah, but there is a delightful discarnate entity [...]

  7. James Leo

    Southern fiction just got one big step in evolution Claire Ange goes down as one of the funniest, most creative works anyone will find amid the many ordinary reads out there This is a little masterpiece The best comparison that comes to mind is the one of a kinder, Confederacy of Dunces , but this is a whole lot than a comical farce.It s a rich, metaphysical exploration, thanks to a wandering spirit character, on life, what we are doing here and then some, all set in one of my favorite Southern [...]

  8. Virginia

    M.A Kirkwood has once again written a story that resonates well with readers of all ages I read the first book from this author and really liked it The main character, Claire, who becomes somewhat homeless because of her nut case mom, enters a very brave journey Kirkwood demonstrates the importance of friendship and acceptance This author has written exuberantly, with a kookie cast of characters, an upbeat attitude and a funky way of talking There is relentless cheer spreading throughout this en [...]

  9. Barbara Miller

    What a gem of a book Recommended by a friend so glad I followed up Loved the clever tapestry woven skillfully by Kirkwood focusing parallel narratives of teen turning adult and a spirit entity in a lush background of delicious New Orleans, cast of colorful characters,and a surprise, satisfying finale Contemporary, yet timeless Best of all,sprinkled generously with humor No matter what your age you will love Claire Ange

  10. Cathy Cooke

    CLAIRE ANGE is very interesting, funny and entertaining I felt CLAIRE ANGE anguish Great vocabulary.

  11. Jen

    It looks like I m breaking ground here by writing a review of this author s amazing new novel I m maybe one of the few readers out there who read the author s first, the underground classic, SIMON LAZARUS, where I absolutely fell in love all over again with being young, stupid, and cynical as only an 18 year old could problem is, I m in my 30 s But here is an excellent follow up, so marvelous and just as original and fresh, I m not sure now which is the better There s something truly unique at w [...]

  12. John Alan

    An altogether quirky and charming fiction with alternating narratives of a teenage girl whose memorably awful mother unfairly casts her out of their upper middle class home and onto the streets of New Orleans and a disembodied ghostly spirit observer who would like to but can t quite manage the job of her guardian angel The resourceful Claire, a budding musical prodigy, manages to mostly keep her homeless status secret, keep attending her Catholic girl s high school for her senior year and conti [...]

  13. Joanna

    I read this amazing story again recently and I can t stop telling people what s so terrific about it I originally read this before the holidays and I think I enjoyed it all the the second go round CLAIRE ANGE has got to be one of the most enjoyable and original stories I ve ever come across Imagine a spirit character who talks to the reader in even intervals as the story of a 17 year old alternates So you have a third person narrative about these wacky people a nun, a drag queen Math professor, [...]

  14. C.C.

    There s so much I loved here Firstly, I was born and raised in New Orleans, and though I visit relatives only every so many years, I have the best memories of my hometown and this read brings it all to the fore The descriptions of the craziness of the Mardi Gras season are so alive and true to the excitement of the season but what really grabbed me was the variety of characters There s a democracy here, with a sampling of black characters next to white characters and it s all portrayed so well I [...]

  15. Glenn

    Brilliant this read certainly is, but it s than that it s funny at every clip and engrossing as it is profound I obtained my copy via a friend who handed it to me as I was leaving her house one evening She and I read this author s first which was great she just shook her head read this and laugh your butt off but you will be profoundly moved by the way it all sums up in the end not so unlike SIMON LAZARUS.And she was right There s something so different about this writer, But why, oh, why, can [...]

  16. Wandering

    As I sat down to tread this novel, it seemed to be a read for teens As I began to read, I realized that it is so not a YA book The public library where I looked it up has this incorrectly categorized, for sure This is literature, first and foremost While it features a teenager, there are so many characters, one of whom is not even of this world The writing is very dry witted, sophisticated and substantive, so much so, that I had to consult the dictionary so many times But be forewarned this nov [...]

  17. Cyril

    Out of the vast number of books out there, this one was one of the best I ve come across in years It s so different from anything I ve seen Alright, so what do I mean by this There s a spirit , from the other side, that drops into the pages and starts yakking away to us the readers while the other story is going on about this high school girl, all of 17 and her situation with a very selfish mother What s so different is the way the Spirit or Ange in the story follows the girl around yet she has [...]

  18. Elaine Brooke

    First of all, I don t write reviews Ever But I may start now After I read this, I had to It s just that I don t believe I have ever seen a story like Claire Ange.It s overall design is so weirdly good the idea that there s a spirit character pulling on the coat tails of the reader and asking for our attention on his situation is hilarious The fact that the main character is this teen age girl who doesn t know beans about his presence makes it all the fun So we read her story in between the spir [...]

  19. Sandy

    I so much want to give this book five stars, but what holds me back is the writing style As I was told many times in my college writing classes show, don t tell There is simply too much narrative voice and not enough scenes with dialogue and action I loved the Mardi Gras part it lived for me because the characters were interacting, talking and being goofy That scene was so serendipitous and funny perfect for Young Adult readers who lose interest quickly if there isn t enough action The story was [...]

  20. Les

    This is a read that proves word of mouth is alive well, without the hype a gal friend at work insisted I d love it, and she was right friends usually are It s the characters foremost and the males are just as hilarious and engaging as the females so it s not a chick bookActually, it s so enjoyable on so many levels you can take your pick It s a comedy, and it s a unique and privileged foray into the spirit world Its prose and construction is unique and experimental without being annoyingly cute. [...]

  21. Gerry Renner

    This is a great read, no matter your age, no matter where you live, although I must say, the New Orleans touch is wonderful in every way As a frequent visitor to the region, I couldn t appreciate the culture than what is so beautifully rendered here the colorful array of characters, the richness of the scenes at Mardi Gras, but the story itself is totally universal and it s got a touch of read genius to it that s just rare Brilliant all the way through Wanted to add something I notice that the [...]

  22. Michael Maholchic

    really let me down here I read the reviews of this book, which were glowing, a couple of hours before my book group was to meet to discuss The Martian As host, I was obligated to choose out next book, and I chose this.I imagined I would get another quirky novel reminiscent of A Confederacy of Dunces A clue that something might be wrong was that this was impossible to download from , because it was self published Instead, I got a really bad book that lost me on page 3 The book opens with the prot [...]

  23. Steph

    This is a strangely good read It may seem like a teen read, like the hundreds or so that are out there today, like the novels by the over rated John Green but it isn t, although the story is centered around a teenage girl attending an all girl s school in New Orleans, and a ghost like character who drops in on the story and gives his unique perspective throughout Very droll Very dry witted, and the characters are fully drawn and very engaging and entertaining What ends up happening here is a bea [...]

  24. Lexa

    I really enjoyed this novel I had been out of the reading game for some time, but I was given Claire Ange as a gift and decided to pick it up I ended up captivated by the image of New Orleans through the eyes of Claire and her observer Kirkwood s use of language is fantastic, and I definitely picked up a few new favorite phrases It wasn t perfect, but it was far better than many novels I ve read recently.

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