The Big Reap (2020)

The Big Reap Chris F. Holm ChrisHolm The Big Reap The Collector Book Three Who Collects the Collectors Sam Thornton has had many run ins with his celestial masters but he s always been sure of his own actions However when he s tasked with dispatchi
  • Title: The Big Reap
  • Author: Chris F. Holm ChrisHolm
  • ISBN: 9780857663429
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
The Big Reap Chris F. Holm ChrisHolm The Collector Book Three Who Collects the Collectors Sam Thornton has had many run ins with his celestial masters, but he s always been sure of his own actions However, when he s tasked with dispatching the mythical Brethren a group of former Collectors who have cast off their ties to Hell is he still working on the side of right File Under Urban Fantasy Soul SolThe Collector Book Three Who Collects the Collectors Sam Thornton has had many run ins with his celestial masters, but he s always been sure of his own actions However, when he s tasked with dispatching the mythical Brethren a group of former Collectors who have cast off their ties to Hell is he still working on the side of right File Under Urban Fantasy Soul Solution Secret Origins Flaming Torches Double Dealing
The Big Reap Chris F. Holm ChrisHolm

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    331 Chris F. Holm ChrisHolm
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One thought on “The Big Reap

  1. Brandon

    Still reeling from the effects of The Wrong Goodbye, Sam Thornton is tasked by his handler Lilith to take out the mysterious Brethren, a group made up of former Collectors who have severed their ties with Hell.I received an ARC of The Big Reap from Angry Robot in exchange for a fair review Thanks to our literary robot overlords The opening scene of The Big Reap will have a spot among my favorite openers ever Not only does Chris bring you up to speed if this happens to be your first Thornton nove [...]

  2. sj

    You know those books that you want to tell everyone to read, but when asked to describe what they re about, you kind of draw a blank because even tiny details venture into spoiler territory Chris F Holm s third book in The Collector series, The Big Reap, is one of those books.Let me backtrack a bit, stay with me.Last summer I read Dead Harvest, then a few months later got my hands on an ARC of The Wrong Goodbye Both made my end of the year lists for all the right reasons I ve been waiting as pat [...]

  3. Andrew

    Trilogies never seem to go out of fashion well it does seems a striking number of books I have recently read or considered come in threes Either way it seems to the publishers favourite and after reading this the last part of the Collectors trilogy I cannot really disagree.I will admit that I struggled in places but not because of the book too many other distractions sadly However one thing I would say that there were a lot of monologues am not sure if there were or I was just aware of them wh [...]

  4. Melanie

    Sam has been given the almost impossible and deadly task of killing the Brethren Once human, The Brethren have been transformed into horrific monsters who inflict untold cruelty on humanity Interspersed with his present day mission Sam flashes back to his very first mission to collect the soul of Adolf Hitler The Big Reap is a jewel in the Collector series crown and Chris F Holm pulls out all the stops in book 3 It is beautifully written, gripping story with action and character development in e [...]

  5. Experiment BL626

    Book 3 was a game changer much to my enjoyment the charactersSam finally made full use of his power as a Collector by choosing to ride living people as his meat suit In previous books, his modus operandi was to ride the recently deceased because he wanted to avoid embroiling the living, i.e the innocents, in his business of Hell Now, he had few qualms in using the living, selectively of course, to accomplish his missions, and he didn t wallow in useless emotions when bad things happen out of his [...]

  6. Joe Jones

    I was lucky enough to manage to get an arc of this book which does not come out until July 30 This is book 3 in the Collector series following Dead Harvest and the Wrong Goodbye Fans of the series will be very happy to read about Sam s latest adventures This series just keeps getting better and better No doubt this will be on my best of the year list and one I recommend to as many people as possible.

  7. Mieneke

    Since the publication of Chris F Holm s first Collector novel, Dead Harvest, I ve been a fan of the series I absolutely adored books one and two and book three lived up to my expectations and and had me once again guffawing out loud at Sam s dry wit For those familiar with Raymond Chandler s The Big Sleep, the title gives some clue of what to expect from the novel as it s a word play off of Chandler s book, but there are some twists Chandler himself wouldn t have thought of Like the previous bo [...]

  8. Milo (BOK)

    Read The Review Here thefoundingfields 2013 06 A page turning story that will have you on the edge of your seats from the get go Chris F Holm s third outing for Sam Thorton delivers a great storyline, and provides readers with the best novel in the series yet Fans of the previous two books will love this one The Founding FieldsIf the previous Collector novel, The Wrong Goodbye, was a pulp urban fantasy style roadtrip, then The Big Reap barrels forward with a similar structure to a video game sto [...]

  9. Nikki

    I m so happy I got the ARC of this from Netgalley So happy There were aspects I didn t like much at first that actually, yeah, I really started liking them as things developed I loved that we got to see characters from the previous two books however briefly , and that the whole Lilith plot thread developed further and developed the way it did I was so prepared to love this series based on the fact that it was a pastiche of Chandler et al alone, but now I love it for its own merit, too.Things tha [...]

  10. Kate Sherrod

    Stop me if you ve heard this one Boy gets job Boy hates job but is totally, totally trapped in it so he does the best he can at it according to his lights Boy s boss gives him an important new project that s finally going to put his talents to use Boy finds out that this only makes his job suck Once again, there is no girl, nor is there a spoon Well, there is a woman we do like being called women when we reach adulthood but she s pretty much off limits, because she s the boss.I m pretty sure we [...]

  11. Jeff Dick

    My name is Cheffo and I m a Holm a holicI didn t mean for this to happen.Hell, a year ago I didn t know who Chris F Holm was.Somebody, somewhere in the Twittersphere posted something about some war between the covers of Dead Harvest and Chuck Wendig s Blackbirds Curious to see what could possibly compare to Joey HiFi s beautiful rendering of Miriam Black, I rushed over and like a dutiful little minion cast my vote against the pulpy goodness of Dead Harvest.But I was intrigued.Clever title Creati [...]

  12. JK

    ARC from NetGalley.This was another great addition to the series, but it was not without its weaknesses I enjoyed the overall plot, but not the execution Sam s job this time around was to eliminate The Brethren and from the get go this seemed awesome It really seemed like this would be a time to explore his character and the dangers of the job, but the rushed episodic nature of this story left me wanting I wanted to really see some kind of consequence for what happened, but each time the story [...]

  13. Kim

    ONE STARUnreadable A character I thought was maybe growing between books just seems to have shifted and thinned out as the series progressed The series sets rules and then goes about working outside of them The central character finds out things as he goes his now widow s pregnancy, for instance , and then he always knew them with no mention of having to have things pointed out to him first as of the following book In the process of breaking his own rules, he also makes an arrangement to stretch [...]

  14. Drew

    Looking back, I almost regret being so vaguely snooty about the first book in this series Holm has grown into the series and as a result deserves notice as one of the most exceptional writers working in the genre today His faculty with language presenting beautiful, thought provoking digressions conversations on MAJOR philosophical religious issues then hitting you with a hilarious smartass remark from Sam is matched only by his evident joy in putting this story on the page Even when it veers to [...]

  15. Ummu

    It took me a while to finish this I don t know if by blaming Pokemon Go and the ton of things that I need to finish can help ease the fact that I delayed my reading s Yes, my readings.Anyway, this is a superb series I love every bit of it I like the way the author writes too He managed to create humour during serious scenes.I did not expect the twist at the end Such a fine lady Lilith has always been described as quite a charming person or is it entity since she is not human nor a collector XD S [...]

  16. D

    I really enjoyed this series, but I m also glad that this was the end of the trilogy The author always made the stories interesting with plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat But by the end of this book the story pattern had become too familiar The same kinds of bad guys were encountered, and they all sort of talked in ways that were similar to characters in the previous books Defeating the bad guys began to follow a repetitive theme I d never heard of this series before and I wa [...]

  17. Amy

    Sometimes I take my time getting around to things.It was some time ago that sj started telling me I needed to read Chris F Holm s Collector series It wasn t that I didn t trust her I did, and I do, especially when it comes to literature but I just have to defend myself by saying I have a TBR list that ll last longer than I live Sometimes I think of it and get super daunted I know There are worse things in the world to stress over But still SO MANY BOOKS SO LITTLE TIME.I read Chris s two story co [...]

  18. Michael Tildsley

    This book is phenomenal I highly recommend it and the whole series Great story, and I really hope the author continues the series.The whole book is a step up in action from the previous two in the series It was hard to put the book down, especially toward the end, but I don t want to give anything away Suffice to say, the ending really pays off in a huge way, and the book manages to achieve something bigger than its noir pulp fantasy premise.

  19. Vanessa Delamare

    My full review here vanessa s bookshelvesWhat I think of itI loved it The best of the three books Holm better controls his characters, his universes and his collector, Sam Speaking of Sam We feel that he distances himself from his human side he finds it and easy to wear a living human, whereas in the first books he sought only corpses I recall that Sam is a damned soul who can t live by himself, but must have a body We follow his questioning because he doesn t want to lose his humanity, but we [...]

  20. Gef

    I liked Dead Harvest, and I loved The Wrong Goodbye, so I kind of had my hopes up when I started on the first page of the third book of Chris Holm s Collector series, The Big Reap.Sam Thornton has been collecting souls for so long, hopping in and out of bodies and losing a shred of himself each time hes does, that he feels a little less human each day He s really human any anyway, what with selling his soul to save his tubercular wife and serving eternity as a reaper of wayward souls, but what r [...]

  21. Kristin Taggart

    I don t use star ratings, so please read my review Description nicked from BN Sam Thornton has had many run ins with his celestial masters, but he s always been sure of his own actions However, when he s tasked with dispatching the mythical Brethren a group of former Collectors who have cast off their ties to Hell is he still working on the side of right I m amused by how quickly I took to this series, given that it leans heavily towards noir fiction even though it s technically paranormal fanta [...]

  22. Larry

    Visit us at thefoundingfields djinn24 reviews The Big Reap, the epic conclusion of The Collector series by Chris F Holm This book comes out in print and ebook on July 30th, 2013 by Angry Robot Books.The end of a series is such a bittersweet moment with a series as great as this one Chris said he wanted to end this strong, he ended it Herculean The Founding FieldsCAUTION This is a review of a book in a series which may contain spoilers about previous books.It s hard to believe that just last year [...]

  23. Daniel

    Part action adventure, part dark fantasy horror, part thriller, with a touch of history and literary allusions and mythology makes for one spine tingling, leaves you breathless book Sam Thornton collects souls as an agent for a dark force In this book, he is sent to collect the souls of The Brethren former collectors themselves He can hop bodies and inhabit a living soul, or recently dead one Or, if the body he is in is destroyed, he will re establish himself He s the perfect collector.Author Ch [...]

  24. Mikel

    My full review is at untitledunited 2013 12 12 In The Big Reap, Chris F Holm again delivers a cracking Collector adventure As previously seen in the equally entertaining Dead Harvest and The Wrong Goodbye, Sam Thornton is damned to service with Hell as a Collector of souls Years ago he traded his to save his wife s life, now he wanders from body to body some living, some recently deceased collecting the souls of others who ve made the same awful trade he did.This time around, he s been sent to d [...]

  25. Robert

    This is the third book in a series I ll be honest, without reading the first two books, this one is probably too full of references to events and characters from those novels to be entirely enjoyable on its own That said, the first two novels are both pretty darn good and readable, so if you haven t read them, go and give them a try The Big Reap continues the tales of Sam, the Collector of souls Unlike the first two novels, this time he doesn t take on heaven and hell, and this time he isn t per [...]

  26. Stephen

    The last thing I remember was dying.The opening line grabs you, right Want to read what s next Damn right, you do.Starting just minutes after The Wrong Goodbye ends, we meet up with Sam at the grave of fellow Collector Danny If you don t remember, Danny was the Collector in the last book who wanted to perform a ritual to free himself from his Collector contract The ritual was performed by a group of nine Collectors thousands of years ago and produced the Great Flood you knowe story of Noah Sam i [...]

  27. Patrick Sprunger

    To say The Big Reap suffers from silliness is a little unfair The Collector series has built its entire cache on indulgent silliness Collector stories are engineered for long flights, vacations, and general escapism They re not exactly literature Nevertheless, the first two exceeded expectations for different reasons The Big Reap was, sadly, in line with mainstream expectations for genre fiction.Which is not to say The Big Reap isn t enjoyable The Collector premise still has a lot of miles lef [...]

  28. Josh

    Sam Thornton s latest assignment is to hunt and kill the nine members of the Brethren immortals that resemble a beast man monster concoction with powers that far exceed many a supernatural being His guardian angel from hell Lilith, the messenger delivering these ambitious orders, thrusts Sam around the globe from meat suit to meat suit in a whirlwind of violence and terror to encounter all manner of nightmarish beings in order to fulfil his mission Dry humour and wet sticky gore run rampant thro [...]

  29. Tonya

    I have mixed feelings about this third novel in the Collector series, I was intrigued in the beginning and started to lose interest in the middle and by the end my emotions were, as I said, mixed.Sam is a Collector of souls for Hell In the first installment,Dead Harvest, Sam refused to take the soul of a girl that was innocent and caused Heaven and Hell to clash The second in the series,The Wrong Goodbye, Sam is sent to a remote area in South America to pick up a really, really bad man s soul an [...]

  30. David Harris

    This is the third volume in The Collector series after Dead Harvest and The Wrong Goodbye If you haven t read either, you may find this review a bit spoilery, in which case stop now In that case I d also recommend reading the other books first if you read this book you will probably want to read them anyway, and although this part is perfectly good as a standalone, it does give away a fair amount about their plots.Sam Thornton is The Collector bound, after agreeing a Faustian bargain, to the ser [...]

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