Room with a Clue (2020)

Room with a Clue Kate Kingsbury Room with a Clue Lady Eleanor Danbury thoroughly enjoyed the view of the ocean from the rooftop garden of the Pennyfoot Hotel until someone pushed her over to fall four stories to her death In order to keep secret th
  • Title: Room with a Clue
  • Author: Kate Kingsbury
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Room with a Clue Kate Kingsbury Lady Eleanor Danbury thoroughly enjoyed the view of the ocean from the rooftop garden of the Pennyfoot Hotel, until someone pushed her over to fall four stories to her death In order to keep secret the goings on of her illustrious guests, Cecily takes on the task of tracking down a killer There are no shortage of suspects, since Lady Eleanor managed to alienate everyoneLady Eleanor Danbury thoroughly enjoyed the view of the ocean from the rooftop garden of the Pennyfoot Hotel, until someone pushed her over to fall four stories to her death In order to keep secret the goings on of her illustrious guests, Cecily takes on the task of tracking down a killer There are no shortage of suspects, since Lady Eleanor managed to alienate everyone with whom she came in contact That includes the downstairs staff of the hotel, the fellow aristocrats staying at the hotel, and even her own husband Since Inspector Cranshaw of Scotland Yard is bound and determined to shut down the Pennyfoot and put a stop to all the hanky panky, Cecily must work fast and be terribly discreet, or she might lose her home and her livelihood.
Room with a Clue Kate Kingsbury

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    369 Kate Kingsbury
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One thought on “Room with a Clue

  1. Leslie

    3 stars.It is a relief to read a cozy mystery that is a mystery and not a romance novel The protangonist in this cozy is a recently widowed hotel owner who decides to investigate the death of a guest in order to protect the hotel and its staff I like the Edwardian setting and the main character Cecily Sinclair but a few of her close friends from the nearby town were less convincing Phoebe and Madeline However, the mystery was well crafted so I will be reading at least one in this series.

  2. Natalie

    Although I finished this in less than 5 hours, I don t really know what I found engaging I didn t really enjoy the characters, but I did like the mystery, I suppose The politics are very hit you over the head, and while I suppose the suffrage movement did have women like that, and our main character even expresses she would like to be out there, I was not overly fond of the way we would be talking about the mystery and then suddenly derailed by 5 minutes of how uncomfortable corsets are.

  3. C.

    Everything about this book appeals to me How s that for high praise It isn t supernatural, it s historical fiction, and I dislike multi character viewpoints But despite lying outside my preference, I couldn t help loving the book from the first page I m a fan Widowed hotel proprietor Cecily Sinclair shares a spotlight with her best friends but the shifts are brief and keep plots in motion The images of these ladies are so hilarious, I don t mind.The protagonist is a thrilling presence in an age [...]

  4. ❂ Jennifer

    This was not a bad story at all, but I gave it 2 stars it was ok because it took me forever to get through it I just could not get into the story at all, and found myself repeatedly reading a page or two, then putting it down and walking away.The plot is clever, with the author doing a very good job leading the reader astray with clues, suspects and a runaway snake I suppose I just didn t find I could relate to any of the characters, and for that reason, it just didn t hold my attention.

  5. Tyra Burton

    I enjoyed the early 1900 setting and a new widow contemplating her new place in society Women s rights, servant decorum and corsets are all topics covered while the mystery unfolds The cast of characters is an interesting one that I can t wait to learn about through our the series Nice back and forth with the main character and Baxter the hotel manager.

  6. Tina

    Read the book a few years back now doing a revisit for our group I like her writing, love Cecily Has a bit of Upstairs, Downstairs feel about the staff Fun

  7. Mary Kay Kare

    I cannot imagine how this series became popular enough to run to 21 books The writing is painfully awkward and the plotting both illogical and transparent I m willing to give the series another try as this appears to be her 1st book But it needs to improve a lot and quickly.

  8. Megan

    2.5 stars 3 stars I can t decide.There was a scene shortly into the book where the soon to be victim and soon to be murderer were in the same room talking and I thought to myself, Well they are definitely going to kill her And then really the rest of the book was like coasting downhill from there Because that s exactly who had done it, not for the motive I would have thought butOver all I found the book a very light read that felt like it didn t really have any substance I was surprised when a l [...]

  9. Drebbles

    Still mourning the loss of her husband, Cecily Sinclair is doing her best to keep the Pennyfoot Hotel running not only because her husband loved the hotel but because she needs the money It has been hard but she is succeeding with the help of the ever loyal Baxter The future of the Pennyfoot is threatened, however, when one of the guests falls to her death and it wasn t an accident Plenty of people disliked Lady Eleanor Danbury Cecily just needs to find out who hated Lady Eleanor enough to kill [...]

  10. Valorie Hunter

    An old British Hotel is very interesting This is my first time reading this author, I say BRAVO I have always liked British TV shows on Public television.This book about this Hotel reminds me of a British show called Upstairs Downstairs I couldn t put this book down.Cecily Sinclair has inherited this Hotel from her late husband, James Sinclair, which he made his hotel manager Baxter promise to look after his wife.Cecily is an intelligent, smart witted woman, she is fearless when it comes to righ [...]

  11. Joy

    Pennyfoot Hotel is quite the rage in 1906, known as a place for the rich to retreat and have a good time discretely Vindictive Lady Eleanor Danbury, planning to make trouble, takes a plunge to her death from the roof garden Her husband, a poor man who married wealth, is the obvious suspect, but hotel owner Cecily doesn t believe it Cecily is supported by her butler Baxter, her friend Madeline with the witchy reputation, and Phoebe whose love of extravagant shows gets out of hand when she rents a [...]

  12. Michell Karnes

    This is a great little book I love the Edwardian time period and the lead female character is endearing Ceceily is a woman of her time without being delicate She is a widow running a seaside hotel that her deceased husband bought for them to run in their retirement Her hotel manager is the perfect partner in the running of the hotel as well as solving crime albeit reluctantly The story also provides a hint of royalty with King Edward vii making a very brief appearance I am eager to read the next [...]

  13. Sara

    I really debated the rating on this one It almost got a one star I gave it the second star only because I didn t really hate it It s just kind of meh None of the characters are really all that interesting, and I was left wondering why some of them had even been included Same goes for the subplots It all felt like padding to turn a semi decent short story into a bloated, over written novel I felt no emotional attachment to anybody, so I just didn t care about the victim, the sleuth, or anybody el [...]

  14. E.L.

    A decent story with fairly interesting characters The mystery was quite obvious, and the plot too confused in an attempt to distract from the obviousness of whodunnit All in all, a series I might not mind continuing when I ve not much else to read, but it s not going to the top, or even middle, of my priority list.

  15. Lisa

    Quintessentially English and set in the 1900 s this is a sweet and intriguing murder mystery Loved the main character Cecily who is a feisty widow running the Pennyfoot hotel and the hotel manager Baxter who is a traditionalist Great easy read.

  16. Bobbie

    Murder mystery meets Downton Abbey I really liked the pace of the book as well as the author s writing style I look forward to reading in the series.

  17. Elisha (lishie)

    A new comfy cozy series for me to fall back on with dependable characters I like Cecily, Baxter the gang.

  18. Janet McCord

    Oh dear I have a lot of this series on Kindle at the recommendation of others and now I m regretting it I probably will read , since I already have them thankfully bought at a very reduced price but I may not do so anytime soon The premise was great a seaside hotel in Edwardian England in which all kinds of things might happen along with a cast of interesting and different characters working and staying there Good so far The mystery itself was well done and I was only slightly suspicious of the [...]

  19. Tirzah

    Moderately entertainingWhile I enjoyed the core story, the historical inaccuracies brought the book to merely okay If you re choosing to write a story set in a particular time period, it s imperative that the dialogue and characters reflect it The date given is 1906 but the dialogue read like the 1920s at least Also, there was a lack of understanding regarding class structure and relationships between them Finally, the clothing choices killed it for me There is NO WAY a reputable hotel would ha [...]

  20. Laurel Benson

    Easy read, started and finished while traveling in the car today Interesting start to a series set in the early 1900 s in England at the Pennyfoot Hotel It is run by a recent widow during the timeframe when women were trying to win their rights as equals.

  21. Micki

    Easy read, often light hearted British mystery Set in the Pennyfoot Hotel in the 1900 s Characters are delightful and oh so Victorian The ending Not surprised that the mystery was solved by the hotel owner, Cecily Sinclair She s reminiscent of Mrs Trotter.

  22. Chris Stodola

    PredictableSimple and predictable Mildly entertaining but not particularly well written The main characters were developed but the others were very shallow.

  23. Kevin Mckone

    KnockoffTo Agatha Christie for my liking One and done for this reader No need to go any further In this series.

  24. Laura Lamar

    A lovely little cozyGood mystery, charming setting and characters Managed to surprise me when the murderer and method were revealed I will look for books in this series.

  25. Christine Lewis

    I really enjoyed this book.I enjoyed the characters in the book and look forward to reading book 2 of the series Great story, easy read.

  26. Susan

    Room with a Clue by Kate Kingsbury is the first book of the Pennyfoot Hotel cozy mystery series set in the small English seaside village of Badgers End, early in the 20th century Cecily Sinclair, recently widowed, vows to carry on running the hotel she and her late husband James purchased 5 years ago She is ably assisted by her competent manager Baxter, who is a good friend, if perhaps a bit too solicitous at times Cecily wants to assert her independence than Bax feels is proper Eccentric suppo [...]

  27. Linda Smatzny

    This is the first book in the Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery series set in Badgers End, England in the early 1900 s The main character is Cecily Sinclair who is the owner of the hotel after the death of her husband One of the guests, Lady Eleanor Danbury, is found dead in the garden and it is assumed that she fell to her death However, Cecily isn t sure that is what happened and starts asking questions The book was an easy read.

  28. Annette

    The Pennyfoot Hotel is a place where the posh people come to escape London in the early 1900 s It is run by Celia and her talented, competent staff Celia is a widow who inherited the concept for this hotel from her late husband.She still mourns for him, but she is so busy and involved with the day to day of the hotel, she is slowly moving on in her life.There is a murder The victim is the kind of person who needed to be killed She was a Lady who ruled her world with an acid tongue and a cold hea [...]

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