Strobe Edge, Vol. 6 (2020)

Strobe Edge, Vol. 6 Io Sakisaka Strobe Edge Vol A heartwarming story about first love that s one of the most hotly anticipated new shojo series among U S fans What is love anyway Ninako Kinoshita s friends tell her it s one thing but Ninako wonde
  • Title: Strobe Edge, Vol. 6
  • Author: Io Sakisaka
  • ISBN: 9781421553146
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
Strobe Edge, Vol. 6 Io Sakisaka A heartwarming story about first love that s one of the most hotly anticipated new shojo series among U.S fans.What is love, anyway Ninako Kinoshita s friends tell her it s one thing, but Ninako wonders what this mysterious feeling really is When she meets Ren Ichinose, the handsome, enigmatic guy that all the girls worship, her life takes an unexpected turn With justA heartwarming story about first love that s one of the most hotly anticipated new shojo series among U.S fans.What is love, anyway Ninako Kinoshita s friends tell her it s one thing, but Ninako wonders what this mysterious feeling really is When she meets Ren Ichinose, the handsome, enigmatic guy that all the girls worship, her life takes an unexpected turn With just a few words and a smile, he changes her worldReads R to L Japanese Style for teen audiences.
Strobe Edge, Vol. 6 Io Sakisaka

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    394 Io Sakisaka
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One thought on “Strobe Edge, Vol. 6

  1. Sesana

    I love that this series is avoiding a lot of the temptations of the romance genre Ren s girlfriend has broken up with him Perfect Now Ninako can move in without guilt Except Ninako won t do that because she knows that, whatever happened between Ren and his girlfriend, he must be sad that the relationship is over You know, I think I d read ongoing romance series if the roadblocks between the heroine and the boy of her dreams were based on being respectful and genuinely caring instead of authoria [...]

  2. Kristine Hansen

    It s the break up of the century Whew, while I m kind of glad it happened, I also dreaded it because it just feels so awkward how it all came about Ren was so set on keeping his promises that he would deny himself what he truly wanted that s just sad So now what This whole moving forward thing gets complicated too especially in how those on the outside react.

  3. Holly Letson

    News has spread around the school about Ren being available Instead of feeling sorry for him, like people should, girls are contacting him like crazy or sending him letters via his friends If he were logical, he would use this opportunity to confess to Ninako, which would send those girls running, but he s not He still believes it s best to HIDE his feelings Conveniently, Valentine s Day is right around the corner, and Ninako s admittance that she is not giving anyone chocolates has Ando s feath [...]

  4. Viridiana Ivashkov

    Pues resulta adictivo este manga y la tem tica del amor no correspondido La prota es fiel a sus sentimientos, por el momento se aleja del clich de la mala novia.

  5. Judy (Geeky Reading)

    4 4.5 5 Read at my blog, Geeky Reading May contain spoilers, including for previous volumes I don t really understand what happened with this volume, but suddenly I m kind of in love with this series again And really wanting the next volume.So, first off, something small Manabu, a classmate of Ren s, who s kind of a busybody, but also a little gullible, but with a good heart I kind of love him I barely even remembered his name, but he s shown up several times, he has a really fun relationship w [...]

  6. Theresa ♫

    HYAH What a twist Alrighty, this review will probably go by way faster than my review for volume 5IS REVIEW WILL DEFINITELY CONTAIN SPOILERS DEFINITELYTAD.AHEAD That is, if you don t want to be spoiled But if you so dare as to read ahead past my warning, remember I WARNED YOU MWAH HA HA Anyway, remember the story of Andou and his ex girlfriend And how his ex girlfriend was in love with Andou s close friend, but she used Andou Jeez, after Mayuka broke up with Ren, there s a bunch of drama going o [...]

  7. Tammy Smith

    Well, things seem to be heating up a bit Ren sees Daiki in the morning before school starts and Daiki tells him he has no hard feelings towards Ren because Ren and Mayuka broke up However, they are overheard and soon the entire school is a buzz with the news.Tsukasa and the other girls in class are talking to Ninako about it, telling her to make her move, that the other girls will start making a play for Ren Ninako, however, can t feel happy about the situation Since she knows Mayuka, she can t [...]

  8. Jenni Frencham

    Sakisaka, Io Strobe Edge VIZ Media, 2013.Ninako is in love with Ren, but he s already dating someone And another boy likes Ninako, but she s only interested in Ren and continually turns down Boy 2 This is the entire plot for at least the first six of these books Ninako is obsessed with Ren, who thinks she s nice and all but is already dating and isn t looking for someone new This book irritated the fire out of me The first volume was bad enough with this, I love Ren He s so cute I want to date h [...]

  9. Samantha Tai

    Volume 6 focuses on the friendship between Ren and Ando In middle school Ren and Ando were best friends Things change because Ando s girlfriend Mao uses him to get to Ren Things finally come to a head in Volume 6 Ando doesn t want Ren to act on his feelings for Ninako because he wants her for himself Word is out that Ren and Mayuka broke up All the girls are hoping that they have a chance with Ren now Ninako still loves Ren, but doesn t want to act on her feelings because she knows that Ren is [...]

  10. Kate

    Now that Ren is available, having broken up with his girlfriend, the girls at school are wasting no time in asking him out But, he s not ready to enter into another relationship, and Ninako has the maturity to recognize this and let him alone.This volume could have played on all the conveniences that shojo manga is so good at creating Instead, it approaches the story in a realistic way Relationships and friendships are complex Ren may like Ninako And Ninako may like Ren But it s not as simple a [...]

  11. Linda Jaejoong

    Ren und seine Freundin haben Schluss gemacht was eigentlich ein Grund zur Freude w re, aber Ninako wei das es ihm nicht leicht gefallen sein muss Ren wei jetzt das er mehr f r Ninako empfindet, aber er hat noch nicht den Mut gefunden einen Schritt in ihre Richtung zu gehen Was zum Teil auch daran liegen k nnte, dass er ja wei das auch Ando sie sehr mag.Es hat lange gedauert bis wir an diesem Punkt der Handlung angelangt sind und langsam wird es ganz sch n langatmig Ich hoffe sehr das es jetzt Be [...]

  12. Amy Keeley

    This volume is interesting simply because Ren is truly upset over breaking up with Mayuka Even though he was falling in love with Ninako, he wasn t dating Mayuka out of habit As he himself points out in the previous volume, she was his first love It was supposed to last forever Now that it s over, he s not interested in any relationship at all.And what s great is that Ninako picks up on this and focuses only on being his friend She doesn t put him in a situation where he feels he has to do anyth [...]

  13. KaYeah

    Series rating 4.0 stars It was a really fun read I did this especially when it came to the end I was annoyed in the first parts because the Ren kun already had a girlfriend but yeah, can t argue if that s the plot In the first parts, I also did think that Daiki will become one of the hurdles of Ren and Ninako s blooming romance eheh but uh, he ended up with Sayuri I must say, he moved on pretty fast huh Though, I did like it how persevering Andou kun was in trying to win Ninako s affections I wa [...]

  14. Amy Gideon

    My favorite in the series so far This installment concentrates on Ando and Ren as they slowly start to rebuild their friendship even in the face of their growing feelings for Ninako I m interested to see if their tenuous friendship will remain intact by the end of the series I really like Ninako and the the series continues the I like her She s both optimistic and sensitive My only issues with the series is still the artwork Some of the characters look way too similar I also really liked the b [...]

  15. Jennifer

    Much of this volume really focuses on the friendship between Ren and Ando I appreciate that Sakisaka is dealing with all sorts of relationships, not just romance although there s still a lot of romance While I think the art fits the style of the story really well, sometimes I have trouble telling the characters apart particularly Yu and Ando Once I understood who was who, some of the scenes made so much sense I did not like the bonus story in this volume about unrelated characters as much as I [...]

  16. Nicki

    The story continues.Here is what happens in this one Ren is single but still trying to play in cool in front of Nina Ando is still trying to get Nina to like him We finally see the full back story of Ren Ando Ando s ex girlfriend show up at his school and he ignores her but then another mystery girl that Ando is surprised to see shows up too Ren Nina are in the same class for the new semester.The ending is a little confusing because something happens and I can t tell if it s Ando or Ren s blonde [...]

  17. Fidia

    Males sama karakter utamanya Ren._ berusaha bertahan sampai volume akhir demi nyampe endingnya, tapi Ren terlalu tipikal Dingin , kekanak kanakan, tapi sok baik Entah pola pikir Ren ga spesial Mungkin sementara stop volume 6 sebelum lanjut kalau malesnya udah ilang Andou bertingkat tingkat lebih baik daripada Ren.Untuk volume 1 6, jalannya lambaaaat sekali Padahal komik ini mungkin bisa saja dipadatkan menjadi 2 3 volume Terlalu panjang bisa berasa hambar Mungkin komik romance bersambung yang pa [...]

  18. Helen

    The cat s out of the bag Ren is available Or accurately, Ren and his girlfriend have broken up, but he isn t ready to date anyone Ren and Ando s relationship becomes tense, but they seem to reach an understanding Ren and Ninako do not get together, and I m becoming impatient It looks like Ren s friend the tall one whose name I can t remember must have been Sayuri s boyfriend who was taken away from her in middle school by another girl In any case, that s how the story ends and then there s ano [...]

  19. Jayaira

    God, I just feel so bad for Ando, like, can t he get something good going for him too And not lose to Ren for once And why the hell have Ninako as 2nd first love when there s no chance Damn it Not that I don t want her with Ren, but, man, most of these girls are just shallow and ugh This series really stirs up my feelings.

  20. Soobie can't sleep at night

    Questo sta diventando uno dei migliori manga che abbia letto negli ultimi anni I personaggi, le situazioni, le emozioni non sembrano false ed esagerate, bens molto naturali E non c solo Ninako al centro dell attenzione, ma anche il rapporto tra Ren e Ando viene preso in considerazione Ando il pi aperto dei due, mentre Ren tende a tenersi tutto per s Gi i due si sono scontrati, pi o meno, in passato per una ragazza e adesso devono cercare di trovare un equilibrio tra di loro, perch , come dice An [...]

  21. Chelsea

    This volume was really enjoyable and had some great Ando scenes The Valentine s Day chapter was also a lot of fun This volume also provides a chance to better understand the friendship between Ando and Ren The Bonus Story Colorless Dreamer was also a really interesting story about another couple that isn t part of the main story This volume contains chapters 20 22 Bonus Chapter Colorless Dreamer

  22. Amanda [Novel Addiction]

    Thanks to for recommending this series to me I never would have found it otherwise While I m super sick of the whole love triangle trope I think this series does it well I m also pleased with how well all the side characters are developed, even getting their own stories now and again I d definitely check out something else by this author in the future.

  23. Carrie

    Volume finds the crew a school year later and Ninako is happy to be in the same class as Ren It s funny what can happen in a year Ren is dealing with his breakup and Ninako is wondering what to do with the news This volume also expounds on the friendship of Ando and Ren.

  24. Arwela

    C est chouette d en apprendre plus sur la relation de Ren et Andou J ai bien aim aussi en apprendre un peu plus sur Sayuri m me si a sortait un peu de nulle part on ne l avait pas revue depuis super longtemps.

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