Entfesselt (2020)

Entfesselt Kathryn Taylor Entfesselt Grace ist jung und beh tet f r M nner hat sie sich noch nie so recht interessiert Erst als sie w hrend eines Praktikums in London den charismatischen Jonathan Huntington trifft erwacht sie aus ihrem
  • Title: Entfesselt
  • Author: Kathryn Taylor
  • ISBN: 9783404168644
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
Entfesselt Kathryn Taylor Grace ist jung und beh tet, f r M nner hat sie sich noch nie so recht interessiert Erst als sie w hrend eines Praktikums in London den charismatischen Jonathan Huntington trifft, erwacht sie aus ihrem Dornr schenschlaf Jonathan ist reich, unfassbar attraktiv und noch dazu ein Viscount aber alles andere als ein M rchenprinz Immer tiefer entf hrt er Grace in seine WeltGrace ist jung und beh tet, f r M nner hat sie sich noch nie so recht interessiert Erst als sie w hrend eines Praktikums in London den charismatischen Jonathan Huntington trifft, erwacht sie aus ihrem Dornr schenschlaf Jonathan ist reich, unfassbar attraktiv und noch dazu ein Viscount aber alles andere als ein M rchenprinz Immer tiefer entf hrt er Grace in seine Welt der dunklen Begierden, immer haltloser verliert sie sich im Strudel ihrer Lust Doch als Jonathan einen schier unm glichen Liebesbeweis von ihr fordert, muss sie erkennen, wie gef hrlich ihre Gef hle f r ihn sind.
Entfesselt Kathryn Taylor

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    256 Kathryn Taylor
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  1. Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover

    3.75 I m Intrigued Stars Grace is a 22 year old from Chicago who has led a very sheltered life until she received an internship in London at the prestigious Huntington Ventures There she meets Jonathan Huntington himself The elusive, very good looking, filthy rich bachelor and the future Earl of Lockwood Upon arriving to her internship Grace is immediately drawn to Jonathan To her delight, Grace gets promoted to working closely next to her boss and things start to really heat up between them bot [...]

  2. Jen

    5 Stars OMG I loved this book After reading the blurb on NetGalley I quickly put in my request I was so excited when I received my approval and couldn t wait to read it Grace is a young 22 year old economics student from Chicago who was awarded an internship at the Huntington Ventures company located in London As she s walking through the airport in London she sees Jonathan Huntington waiting Jonathan is technically her new boss and a co founder of Huntington Ventures She mistakenly thinks he s [...]

  3. Elizabeth

    3.75 loves London starsGraceGrace Lawson is a 22 year old economics major from Chicago She is vibrant and has high expectations for herself She is driven in her studies and work She is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to experience a three month internship at Huntington Ventures in London Little did she know that this internship would change the course of her life forever The helm of Huntington Ventures is steered by the alluring Jonathan Huntington Jonathan Jonathan is rich, incredib [...]

  4. Snow

    4 he isnt good for me stars my name is Grace Lawson,I m twenty two, majoring in economics at the University of Chicago I m on my way to London because I got an unbelieveably, monumental, totally inconceivable lucky break Because I got the highly coveted internship at Huntington Ventures.Jonathan Maxwell Henry Viscount Huntington,a memeber of the British aristocracy, always busy expanding his various business enterprises, and, according to the local tabloids, one of England s most eligible bachel [...]


    This isn t a review, not really at least I wasn t supposed to read in November, I know, but I LIED TO YOU ALL I couldn t resist I lasted about two weeks without reading and then requested this book on Netgalley and before I even knew what was happening I was 60% done with this book I have no idea how that happened It just did Anyway, this wasn t the best book I ve ever read, to be honest At first, I was really enjoying it, and I feel like that might be because I was book deprived, once I got ove [...]

  6. Aɤɩ

    I didn t quite enjoy the story to be honest It was too much mystery and the big revelation wasn t worth it The characters, I felt were underdeveloped and weak And the writing was average Free copy provided via netgalley

  7. ⊱ Poppy ⊰

    ARC provided by Bastei L bbe publishing in exchange for an honest review Review to come When I ll finally know what happens after the first book ends in a cliffhanger I HATE CLIFFHANGERS

  8. Karen

    Unbound Colours of Love, 1 by Kathryn TaylorThis novel was translated by Iona Italia Grace Lawson is a very young and a very naive twenty two year old Economics major from Chicago Grace has worked very hard to win a three month internship in London at a company called Huntington Ventures As Grace is leaving Heathrow airport she spots the owner and CEO of Huntington Ventures, Jonathan Huntington Grace thinks that he is looking at her and smiling, but he is really looking at the Japanese man stand [...]

  9. Eva

    StoryGrace ist eine junge Amerikanerin, die gerade ihr Wirtschaftsstudium in ihrem Heimatland abgeschlossen hat mit jungen 22 Jahren und nun einen Praktikumsplatz in England bekommen hat, besser gesagt in London, bei einem gro en unternehmen, welches Jonathan Huntington geh rt.Bereits am Flug ist sie relativ nerv s, kommt sie doch aus einem wohlbeh teten Haus, hat keinerlei Erfahrungen mit intimen zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen und ist auch sonst relativ unerfahren, aber gut in ihrem Beruf Au [...]

  10. Dilushani Jayalath

    I kindly received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I quickly went from thisto thisLike in record time Looks like I fall on to the minority who definitely didn t enjoy the book as much as they wanted to From the beginning of the book I lost interest It was a lot like Fifty Shades without the whole SM factor and the story line was not original at all The same old repetitive playboy billionaire falling for a completely hot girl who happened to be a virgin and she manages to ch [...]

  11. Arlena

    Title Unbound Colours of LoveAuthor Kathryn TaylorPublisher Bastei EntertainmentSeries Color of Love 1Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating 4Review Unbound Colours of Love by Kathryn TaylorMy Thoughts.This twenty two year old naive Grace Lawson from Chicago was delighted to go her three month internship in London at the Huntington Technology Ventures However, Grace never knew she would meet up with the owner Jonathan Huntington and to become his sex slave NO What impressed Grace so much with this guy to [...]

  12. Esther

    3.25It had potential to be really good but fell short to an average rating.This sounded like a good story and I found the first few chapters to be interesting The set up of the story had a good beginning Our heroine Grace leaves her home in Chicago for an internship in London with Huntington Ventures in finance She meets our hero, Jonathan who is the CEO of the company at the London airport and believes, surprisingly that he s there to pick her up Come to find out he s actually their to pick up [...]

  13. G.S.LIMA

    Halleluja Ich hab das Buch endlich beendet bzw das H rbuch Aber leider musste ich mal wieder feststellen, dass Erotik Romane einfach nichts f r mich sind, obwohl dieser einer der besten war die ich gelesen habe Aber ich kann mich einfach null mit den Leuten in solchen B chern identifizieren, und ich finde die M dchen immer sooooooo naiv dadrin, und die H rbuch stimme hat sie noch naiver wirken lassen haha D au erdem find ich die Typen in diesen B chern auch nicht so super sexy wie sie immer besc [...]

  14. Viollar

    ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review DNF at 66%Up until this point there is just too much sex and very little actual content At 66% i am yet to relate to the hero or understand what the hell he is about Now, i could keep going to find all this out but i have lost interest.Reminds me a bit too much of 50 shades of grey, apart from the part that Christian was like able.

  15. Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm

    Grace was a virgin in every sense of the word It s her first time in London and unfortunately, her supposed residence wasn t anywhere near existence when she realized she d been conned Plus, she actually thought her new boss was at the airport to pick her up for an interview, when in reality, she was just at the right place at the wrong time Her new boss, the tall, dark and handsome, rich, brooding and so sexy Jonathan Huntington Little did she know that her little crush on her boss would lead h [...]

  16. Sophie

    Posted in full reviewedthebook 2015 I was a little wary when I first started reading Unbound I ve not read or seen 50 Shades of Grey, only the trailer, but the naive girl, silent, domineering, hot guy and a scene in a lift all seemed a little familiar But after reading a little bit further into the story, Unbound didn t feel like another author trying to rip off 50 Shades and I found myself gripped with the passionate, captivating story Kathryn Taylor sure knows how to write a hot sex scene my K [...]

  17. 2.75 5 starsARC via NetGalleySo, yeah, this was another innocent, virgin college student meets hot, mysterious CEO One would think I d already gotten my fair share of those, but I keep coming back for And that s why I wanted to read this book, because of its formula.But I m sorry to say that the writing wasn t enough to keep me interested.The first couple of pages already showed me I d be coming across A LOT of telling vs showing problems I kept editing the book in my head, and if I m doing tha [...]

  18. Linda

    When I first started reading thi book I had an immediate sense of d j vu , the extremely handsome and intense CEO lures the young innocent intern into his dark world.Jonathan Huntington is exactly that , an intense , handsome CEO and English viscount but he is also as a strong dark and secretive personality.So , it was absolutely no surprise that Grace Lawson, young and sheltered intern from America, falls and falls hard I am getting ahead of myself however.Grace Lawson has secured the internshi [...]

  19. Patrice

    First, let me start by saying I received a free copy of this book through Net Galley, thank you Bastei Entertainment, for an honest opinion There were a few typos and grammatical errors that occasionally derailed the smooth lines of the story as I read it but, not enough to detract from the whole story I liked the story concept, it reminds me a little of 50 Shades of Grey The story is written in the first person, from Grace s point of view I also didn t realize that this is a series and this sto [...]

  20. Bambi Unbridled

    3.5 stars 4 flames This is one of those books that I liked, but I don t really have much to say about it It s the story of a young intern who meets and falls in love with the unattainable uber rich CEO of a huge investment firm The whole time I was reading it, I couldn t stop thinking this would never happen in real life or this is so unrealistic I know these books are all about the fantasy, but I guess I was hoping for a little realism than what I got Other than that, this was a decent start t [...]

  21. Michelle

    Unbound has me intrigued and slightly addicted The blurb already had me curious and piqued my interest in reading this book This book was raw, sensual, and a exploration of sexuality I love how the author was able to lure readers down the proverbial rabbit hole as we are doused with raw sexuality and passion But as with any tale, can feelings be kept at bay when a heroine submits herself sexually to a powerful man All I can say this book is addicting and I need after that cliffhanger ending

  22. Holly

    It was an ok read Fairly predictable and not enough background set up of the characters which makes the whole story feel pretty shallow Main two characters clearly have chemistry but its so superficial at this point it makes the feelings Grace thinks she has seem silly.

  23. Blushing Reader

    Hmm Not sure about this one It started off good then fizzled out a bit toward the end, but the damn cliffhanger gas me needing to read book two.

  24. Melanie

    Grace is a twenty two year old economics student that has been awards an internship in London at Huntington Ventures for three months Grace is a very sheltered and shy She has not been interested in men yet until she lays eyes on her new boss and the co founder of Huntington Ventures, Jonathan Huntington When Grace first sees Jonathan at he airport, she sort of makes a fool of herself assuming that Jonathan is there to pick her up when in fact he is there to pick up a client of his Jonathan play [...]

  25. Scarlett Se Leva

    This was just not my cup of tea The synopsis got me interested the book left me bored Grace, Grace, Grace She was annoying and could not listen at all Naive I skipped majority of the book and read the dialogue between Grace and Johnathan Guess what I never felt that I missed any important information.

  26. Doris

    Review to followFor this one I can only feel comfortable with 2.5 stars I felt as though I was reading different books combined into one Virgin good girl and millionaire bad boy While some of the plot was a bit different than the rest, it still resonates with the same story line There was too much detail that I found myself skipping paragraphs and still not missing any details This one I leave up to each readers discretion weather to read or not.

  27. Andrea

    I won this book on Netgalley for my honest opinion This is my first book by this author and I am looking forward to the second book Yes, this book is similar to Fifty Shades of Grey You have the rich haunted guy and the naive young virgin It has those elements and some elements of kinky, however, not to the same degree as Fifty Shades Depending on how you look at it I gave this four stars because the main character, Grace, was some times too unbelievably naive There were some grammar errors as w [...]

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