Wanted (Flick Carter #1) (2020)

Wanted (Flick Carter #1) Tim Arnot Wanted Flick Carter rd Century Britain No oil No electricity It s been years since The Collapse and the Information Age has long gone The clouds of data that once drove humanity are little than ash the knowledge
  • Title: Wanted (Flick Carter #1)
  • Author: Tim Arnot
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Wanted (Flick Carter #1) Tim Arnot 23rd Century Britain No oil No electricity It s been 150 years since The Collapse, and the Information Age has long gone The clouds of data that once drove humanity are little than ash, the knowledge once held in their servers lost in the mists of time The few remaining people get by as best they can, improvising and living off the land, or scavenging through lon23rd Century Britain No oil No electricity It s been 150 years since The Collapse, and the Information Age has long gone The clouds of data that once drove humanity are little than ash, the knowledge once held in their servers lost in the mists of time The few remaining people get by as best they can, improvising and living off the land, or scavenging through long derelict cities for scraps and trinkets This is the world of the Kingsmen, elite law enforcers with the power of life and death.Sixteen year old Flick Carter has saved the life of an injured Scav But it s not just the Kingsmen who want to get their hands on the boy and his secrets there are forces far dangerous who will stop at nothing, not even murder.For Flick, the small Oxfordshire town of Faringdon is no longer safe Wanted for murder, and with no one left she can trust, she must run Or die.Note Contains scenes of death and violence, and very occasional swearing.
Wanted (Flick Carter #1) Tim Arnot

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    Tim Arnot

One thought on “Wanted (Flick Carter #1)

  1. Graeme Rodaughan

    Tim Arnot has written an excellent addition to British Sci Fi The story starts from simple beginnings and then builds up steam, gathering pace and momentum such that at 00 43 in the morning, I had to keep reading to finish it, as I could not put it down.Tim has a talent for drawing characters that you will care about and putting together a narrative that surprises you with suspense and thrills that creep up on you with stealth.I m a new fan of Tim s writing and will soon read the 2nd instalment [...]

  2. ♥ ᔕαmi

    Wanted The words that fly into my head upon reading this title are, Epic Amazing Incredible This is a post apocalyptic tale set in the town of Faringdon What I love the most about this story is the branch off from the norm Most books of this genre go down the route of chaos and destruction after the end of the world Instead the author has taken us along a realistic path It takes place a couple of hundred years after the collapse of society, electricity and technology are but a thing of the past [...]

  3. Kath Middleton

    This is a post apocalyptic book with a difference Most of them concentrate on a devastated world where chaos rules Tim Arnot has taken a world which collapsed maybe a couple of hundred years ago and people have adapted He creates a Britain in which electricity and technology are forbidden except to the Kingsmen an elite law enforcement agency Sixteen year old Flick Carter makes flint arrowheads, hunts and helps her dad to run the local inn Out hunting, she finds a young man, Shea, injured after [...]

  4. Michael Brookes

    I think it would be fair to say that this isn t my usual type of read and if it hadn t been for the opinion of a few reviewers it would have probably passed me by And that would have been a shame The first thing that struck me was that this was a dystopian future that wasn t a nightmare to live in The people have made it work and that creates a setting that is both interesting and practical.The story is good and draws you along at a decent pace There s some well timed twists and turns along the [...]

  5. G J (Gaff to my friends) Reilly

    Flick Carter Young woman, heaps of responsibility.We join Flick in the midst of her daily life, as she helps to run the family business This is important Without this overview of what is normal, the reader wouldn t appreciate what happens next.While out hunting one day, she comes across a downed sky cart and a young man that needs attention This is where life begins to get complicated for Flick Little does she know just how much this single act of kindness will influence her future.When Flick is [...]

  6. Michelle

    I can t believe I finished this in one day I was so absorbed into the book that time just literally passed before my eyes.Wanted by Tim Arnot is in my opinion a different type of YA dsytopian, post apocalytic genre First off the story is set on the small village of Faringdon in a time where electricity is evil and as such people in this time are going back to farming basically starting from the basics I especially loved the characters Flick, Shea and Adam They were very real and I didn t find th [...]

  7. Gladys

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author.Being a Hunger Games fan made me decide to read and review this book At first I thought that this is just a mock up of the Hunger Games because of its post apocalyptic storyline but then when I read the book every turn of the page proved me wrong All were delivered differently, storyline, characters, themes and style I love the way the author did the world building which was expertly done that makes the story believable There [...]

  8. A.K. Michaels

    Loved this story Not the first book I ve read by this author and it won t be the last either Great characters and development of the storyline and have to say I wanted to cause physical bodily harm to the baddie lol I don t do spoilers so you ll have to read for yourself to find out who I m talking bout Flick and Shea what can I say loved these two and can t wait to read the next instalment of the story which I ve already bought Very well written and congrats to the author, Tim, for taking me al [...]

  9. Philip (sarah) Willis

    I was captivated from the outset by this post apocalyptic tale set in the village of Faringdon I found the plot original and the strength displayed by the female characters memorable.During the time I was reading I was transported into the Inn, the watchtower and the dungeon such was the atmospheric descriptions drawn by this talented author I felt the hard, damp, cold floor and smelled the odours I could imagine the streets and carriages and even the clothing of the cast.This for me was storyte [...]

  10. Alannah Clarke

    Normally I would say I was hooked from the first chapter but in this case I was hooked from the first paragraph I am honestly lost for words here I have read quite a few post apocalyptic books lately but this was very different and I loved it The characters to me were so real and very engaging, I enjoyed reading about an independent, strong female character This book is perfect for teenagers, even though there is some swearing, it is not really that overboard.I really look forward to the next bo [...]

  11. Rosemary (grooving with the Picts)

    This was a great read, and I were 14 or 15 I would probably think it was one of the best things I d read It s good to find a well written female character, and she has been placed in a post apocalyptic society that has been created with great care and attention to detail leading to a very believable atmosphere I liked the mutual distrust of the various groups that were introduced and all the characters were lifelike.

  12. E. Bard

    Action, straight out of the gate, makes for a nearly perfect beginning to a YA adventure So it s always a thrill to pick up a story with plenty of action right from page one And it just gets better from there when the action continues All the way to the end So for me, the action was what really made this book a good read.Wanted is the first book in a series that takes place in a not too distant future 23rd century where technology and society as we know it have collapsed People are living simply [...]

  13. Kat Steiner

    I really enjoyed Tim Arnot s first book, Wanted, which features a post apocalyptic Oxfordshire without electricity or modern technology Instead, farming and horse drawn carts are the order of the day, except that the carts are often than not old non functional cars, and there is a mysterious organisation of Scavs who scavenge and try to fix up any old tech they can find And then there s the sinister Kingsmen, who disappear anyone found using tech, but nevertheless are suspected of using it them [...]

  14. Jenna

    Flick Carter is a 16 year old girl who lives with her father, sister Rosie and brother Adam Her live changes drastically when she saves a Scav Shea who was shot down when he was flying a little plane.The mayor is looking for the Scav and will do anything to get his hands on the boy even put Flick in jail for the murder of her father and sister, meanwhile Adam is picked up by the Kingsman.Now she is on the run from the Mayor and the Kingsman Flick is strong female heroin, she is brave she never g [...]

  15. Shaun

    An enjoyable post apocalyptic YA novel set a couple of hundred years in the future The characters are engaging, and for the most part, the dialogue works The setting is believable and well described, although a few repeated words in close proximity could do with editing, and some of the characters reactions sometimes felt a little contrived and unrealistic In this world, technology from the past is forbidden, except to Kingsmen, who are a law enforcement type of army, but with the amount of tech [...]

  16. ✿Claire✿ (Tiny Owl)

    This is a dystopian novel with a difference Where most stories of the genre seem to focus on an oppressed and beaten society, Tim s post Collapse world, while not perfect and still full of hardship, seems realistic and fairer than usual The characters as well have a sense of realism, they re not immediately brilliant at things the first time they try them, they make mistakes and it makes them much likeable I particularly like Flick and the way she copes with the events that unfold I can t wait [...]

  17. Bookworm

    I don t normally read this genre, but I can t wait to read Hunted It was bizarre to in the 23rd century It brings back the memory when I used to watch Buck Rogers in the 21 century But this was way better I loved Flick and of course Shea, with the many twists in he story, and imagining all the things we are used to, electricity, air travel, and a life without books Loved it till the last page.

  18. Nav Logan

    Wanted Flick Carter You can always tell a good book, when you manage to devour it within a couple of days, despite heavy work commitments, and this is just such a book It is fast pacing and riveting, with great characters and an excellent plot I can t wait to start the sequel.

  19. Tim

    I had a brilliant time writing this book, and I hope you all enjoy it.I promise the second book won t take so long

  20. M.T. McGuire

    I was recommended this book on the forums on , if I remember rightly I downloaded it but didn t read it for a long time because well you know, it s dystopian and dystopia usually equals a thoroughly depressing read But this book is different I like that it s up beat Life is hard but civilisation hasn t completely imploded, it s a future that looks like our past, which is realistic and convincing The characters are well rounded and importantly, likeable well except for the baddies which appealed [...]

  21. Joo

    I d ignored this book for some time as post apocalypse dystopian books are not my thing , but once I started reading it, it was a normal story of survival and teenage angst Flick meets Shea and even though she s young, sparks fly But is that because Shea has been shot down whilst in a flying machine that surely doesn t exist in this post technological world where old cars are pulled by horses Whilst this story is set in times where technology doesn t exist any, it s still a story that seems very [...]

  22. Donna

    I was recommended this by a friend, and it s certainly lived up to his recommendation pattern I liked the easy flowing nature, the fact it was set in the future but had so much that made you think of the past.Some areas not addressed that maybe why it s a book 1 as certainly I want to know what happened to the electricity supply for example A lot of leaders in to future stories but that maybe if addressed here would have made a single book not a series and make this better.

  23. Mary

    Okay story Not my usual cup of tea It held my attention And was a one time story Will let my daughter read it Recommended

  24. Julie Powell

    A well written story about a post apocalyptic world that now forbids technology except for the few of course.In many ways this book shows that nothing changes and despite the destruction, the few rule and make choices for others, and corruption remains.Will the human race ever learn I think not.Overall, a good story with believable characters and a realistic plot.

  25. Nth Wolf

    Even though, I m a fan of the post apocalyptic genre, I m not sure how I feel about this story It took me a bit to finish and it didn t really grab me from the get go.I guess the pacing was a bit on the slow side for me.

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