The Violence Of Love (2020)

The Violence Of Love Oscar A. Romero The Violence Of Love A volume of meditations by the martyred archbishop of San Salvador The passages give witness to the hard life of Oscar Romero who was killed by an assassin s bullet because of his faith
  • Title: The Violence Of Love
  • Author: Oscar A. Romero
  • ISBN: 9780874869514
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
The Violence Of Love Oscar A. Romero A volume of meditations by the martyred archbishop of San Salvador The passages give witness to the hard life of Oscar Romero who was killed by an assassin s bullet because of his faith.
The Violence Of Love Oscar A. Romero

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    228 Oscar A. Romero
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One thought on “The Violence Of Love

  1. Adam Ross

    Oscar Romero was a Roman Catholic bishop in El Salvador in the 1980s When he began his ministry in El Salvador he was a supporter of the political and economic status quo In the span of three years, as he came into contact with the real, struggling people of his parish, he was transformed into a man determined to speak out against the oppressors and in favor of the oppressed poor who comprised his parishoners He was publically attacked and slandered during this time, his church was persecuted an [...]

  2. Thomas

    What would Jesus be like if he lived in the 20th century Archbishop Oscar Romero incarnated Christ in a way that few others have His message of love, peace, and reconciliation was not well received in a country torn by violence and corruption His call for social justice, land reform, and rights for the poor was attacked and dismissed as a form of communism He was ignored by the government, betrayed by his fellow bishops, and subject to constant harassment Yet he inspired the people of El Salvado [...]

  3. Monica

    This is a collection of excerpts from Romero s radio broadcasts homilies over a period of 3 years and ending with his last before his assassination It s an interesting way of understanding what Liberation Theology and the preferential option for the poor meant to the Archbishop I ve assigned it for my Latin American history classes and my students have loved it Many of them have used this book as a devotional, but they are especially drawn to the message of social justice and spiritual liberatio [...]

  4. John Tucci

    Amazing that so much of what Archbishop Romero stated continues to be striking and relevant today and in our country.

  5. Paul Bickel

    Contains some very powerful and thought provoking passages, especially concerning the concept of Gods preferential option for the poor Ultimately, however, it is best in short bursts as it quickly becomes a bit repetitive.

  6. Salina

    Have you ever felt or seen something that made you so uncomfortable that it compelled you to take action Well if you were to ask Archbishop Oscar Romero this same question, his answer would be a definite yes After observing countless infractions of human rights, Romero began to speak out on behalf of the poorer people of his country and the people who were subject to the oppression Though his speaking out caused quite a ruckus in El Salvador, Romero would not stop until justice was served to his [...]

  7. Joshua

    Read this for the first time last year, and it utterly changed my conception of what Christianity is Currently re reading with a neighborhood group Finished sometime in November, 2011 Romero has become incredibly important to me The Violence of Love is a selection of his homilies during his tenure as Archbishop of El Salvador, which, at the time, was in the throes of violent civil war The general populace Romero s congregation was caught between the fear campaigns of the ruling oligarchy and lef [...]

  8. Kurt

    This is not a good book for reading cover to cover, but I recommend it for reading in short bursts, like a devotional Archbishop Romero and liberation theology in general is often criticized for focusing on political economic liberation over eternal spiritual liberation through Christ In this collection of quotes from sermons and other sources, like written work , though, Archbishop Romero hits the point home again and again that his focus is on calling sinners both oppressors and oppressed to [...]

  9. Grace

    Description This book is a collection of short excerpts from Salvadoran bishop Romero s writings and preaching.Source Free for kindleWriting style The book was difficult to read because it was excerpts I find it difficult to read writing that doesn t sustain thoughts at length and doesn t really shape the narrative.Audience Those who are interested in liberation theology I know a little about it, but hadn t read any I feel like this book was an introduction to it, but again, not an organized one [...]

  10. Marti Martinson

    These snippets from his homilies are, to me, like the Essais from Montaigne They are as revealing as an autobiography, just in a drastically different format I will admit to not being 100% with him on such topics as the vicarious substitutionary atonement of the Cross and the Virgin Birth, but his dedication to love, justice, equity, and fellowship was unmatched in his time considering today s climate, possibly even longer Since many passages have been rearranged in stanzas, there is a lot of wh [...]

  11. Andrea

    A great book for meditation as it includes excerpts from Archbishop Romero s homilies and speeches The sections are both labeled by theme and arranged chronologically so it can be read in two ways 1 As the story of the El Salvador Revolution through the words of Romero s weekly homilies and radio broadcasts or 2 As a reflection on different standards of social justice i.e the section Option for the Poor In this way, you can flip to a section you are drawn to at that time and read Romero s passio [...]

  12. Jen

    Bishop Romero s homilies are appeals to goodness, truth, social justice, and reconciliation They read like poetry, but with force and persuasion because the concern real events.What it must have been like to be a bishop, surrounded by an indifferent church and a brutal government They last one is the same day that he was assassinatedd in that moment, showed what being a true priest and father to his people can cost.Now I have greater respect for the struggles in El Salvador, which like Argentina [...]

  13. Robert D. Cornwall

    Excerpts from homilies preached by the martyred Archbishop of San Salvador Oscar Romero These all come from the time he served as Archbishop They re laid out chronologically and beomce increasingly focused on hthe need to speak out for justice for the poor He makes it clear that he s not entering politics, but he recognizes that to speak prophetically, one will engage in political acts But, he speaks from a perspective of faith.One can read this in a free ebook from the The Plough Publishing Co [...]

  14. Rob

    So many of Romero s speeches are moving and inspiring and delve into a richer part of the Catholic religion and people s spirituality The only problem that I had with this collection is wondering where each one was coming from, if it was part of a homily or the whole homily, what about the rest of the talk, etc The bits and pieces were wonderful and maybe the other parts that were not included would have brought down the flow of the passages, but at least I would ve liked to been able to make th [...]

  15. Elise

    Honestly, it was amazing So poignant So beautiful So powerful The book is composed of a priest s journal entries and snippets of his radio talks, so it s a very easy read reads like poetry, almost Simple, eloquent, and stirring His steadfast commitment to the poor, his unswerving hope and faith in God s promises despite dire circumstances, and his unbelievable prayers and love for his enemies is remarkable Even if you just flip through some of the entries, you won t regret picking up this book P [...]

  16. Tom Phillips

    My five star review is not so much for the quality of the writing The words are mostly his spoken words Anyway, he was a modern saint in the sense of the word that we need of He was a bureaucratic churchman, until he began to hear the voices of the poor and see their struggles against brutal government and vested interests He began to speak for the people and, for that, was murdered martyred He is an inspiration to me.

  17. Rachel

    I held my breath through these homilies, knowing what was coming and certain that Archbishop Romero knew too That he persisted is inspiring Even when he called out the worst crimes torture, abductions, murder, his faith still inspired hope.

  18. Albert Hong

    Holy cow I had a tough timetting through this book because I spent half my time writing down quotable passages A beautiful call to solidarity and suffering with the poor Poetic words backed up by courageous action And at the root of it all love.

  19. Allyn

    The words of the man who waged a war of peace are challenging, provocative, and humbling It helps me focus wandering thoughts I have about the difficult combination of my Christian faith and the problems it has caused in the world They are the words of a true prophet.

  20. Benjamin Britton

    I have no ambition for power,and so with complete freedom I tell the powerfulwhat is good and what is bad, and I tell any political groupwhat is good and what is bad That is my duty.

  21. Kevin

    A wonderful collection of writings and sermons from the martyred El Salvadoran priest who spoke out for the poor and oppressed.

  22. Traci McGrath

    One I revisit often love these short but powerful, poetic, prophetic, humble yet radical excerpts from Romero s homilies.

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