Life of Christ (2020)

Life of Christ Fulton J. Sheen Benedict J. Groeschel Andrew Apostoli Life of Christ Filled with compassion and brilliant scholarship Fulton Sheen s recounting of the Birth Life Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ is as dramatic and moving as the subject Himself
  • Title: Life of Christ
  • Author: Fulton J. Sheen Benedict J. Groeschel Andrew Apostoli
  • ISBN: 9780385132206
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
Life of Christ Fulton J. Sheen Benedict J. Groeschel Andrew Apostoli Filled with compassion and brilliant scholarship, Fulton Sheen s recounting of the Birth, Life, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Christ is as dramatic and moving as the subject Himself.
Life of Christ Fulton J. Sheen Benedict J. Groeschel Andrew Apostoli

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    276 Fulton J. Sheen Benedict J. Groeschel Andrew Apostoli
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One thought on “Life of Christ

  1. booklady

    Life of Christ by Archbishop Fulton Sheen is a rich exegesis of Our Lord s life from the four recorded accounts in the Christian New Testament Reading this book was the opportunity to delve into familiar passages and come away renewed in spirit Although much of what Archbishop Sheen writes wasn t new to me, it was frequently written or presented in such a way as to shed light from a different angle or draw my attention to subtle nuances long overlooked or forgotten Also I found a sympathetic fri [...]

  2. James Boardman

    If Ronald Reagan was the great communicator, then Fulton Sheen was the master communicator both in speech and in written word This book is not only for CATHOLICS, but is a marvelous recapitulation of the life of Jesus, weaving together all four Gospels into a rich tapestry of the life and love of Jesus Christ I remember when I was seven or eight that I would sit enraptured by the Bishop s talks on radio and TV I have recently rediscovered him, and he is no less captivating today If you want to k [...]

  3. Jamie

    I read this book every Lent, especially on Good Friday.It has also come in handy for Bible studies, due to the many scriptural cross references.More importantly, the way Sheen wrote was the way he spoke eloquently, direct, and witty He will have you grinning one moment, followed up by smacking yourself in the head for not seeing what he just made seem blatantly obvious You ll understand, but you ll also wonder Excellent for meditation and study.

  4. Doreen Petersen

    Absolutely loved this book but saving my thoughts on it for the group I m in For those interested in this type of subject I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Stan Blackburn

    This book took me about 6 months to get through, reading about 10 15 minutes a day The reading duration was not because of its theological depth or sometimes ornate language Bishop Sheen writes clearly and presents our Lord in very understandable terms throughout the book I read this slowly to savor the beauty of Bishop Sheen s message, to drink in the life of our Lord This book presents an absolute treasure trove of discoveries and meditations on the gospels and the beauty of God s greatest gif [...]

  6. Charles Lewis

    Brilliant It will not make you a believer, but if you are and even if your belief is tepid, it will be made stronger I always dismissed Sheen as someone for an older generation I had no idea he could write so beautifully The wonderful thing about Life of Christ is it can read through or referred to from time to time when something deeply spiritual is required I m looking forward now to reading his book on Mary.

  7. Thadeus

    The book lived up to its reputation A book you will want to read if you are interested in following Christ and getting to know Him A lot of depth and connections you might not have known about.Highly recommended.

  8. James Andersen

    A spiritual masters, masterpiece, this book unpacks the life of Jesus Christ and seamlessly teaches us both history, spirituality, and morality without it becoming preachy, a classic of the Modern Christian Library.

  9. Michael

    I very much enjoyed this book by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Although its title suggests a biography of Jesus Christ, it really is much than that a commentary by Bishop Sheen upon the life of Jesus Christ It is intellectual in style, but still readable, and is written in the clear, eloquent style of how I remember Archbishop Sheen s television show that I saw back when I was a child I would also point out that, although this book was written by a Catholic, its truths and insights are really poig [...]

  10. Richard Grebenc

    A book that I have meant to read for years has now been completed by me My only disappointment is that I waited this long Outstanding I would find it remarkable if a better life of Christ has been written.Sheen remains entirely faithful to the scriptural texts while weaving in historical data and spiritual fruit I am sorely tempted to perpetually read this book, starting over the moment I have finished In any case, I will certainly be referring to it again and again it my studying and writing I [...]

  11. Dan

    A truly wonderful read An in depth look at the entire life of Jesus I actually got out of this than I did Pope Benedict s Jesus of Nazareth in fact, I think this should be read before Jesus of Nazareth because, while theologically deep, it s broken down in a way that is easier to comprehend I m still young in my Christian understanding I love how well it ties the prophesies of the old testament into the Messiah s coming For the first time in my studies I could relate and comprehend how the apos [...]

  12. Susie

    This book is a very in depth take on the life of Christ hence the title that is filled with many things to ponder, reflect and pray on This is my first read by Fulton Sheen but will not be my last Very deep, but accessible at the same time I m sure I will return to this book in the future

  13. Bill Main

    Having read the Gospels, many study notes, commentaries, histories of their times and beyond, I found a major need and desire to read them in a story type format for cohesiveness I searched long and hard and decided on this one Like movies, there are so many views and interpretations, you have to stomach the fact that personal views are pushed Similar to each Gospel and some works that weren t included in the final Canon, they too are designed by intent to influence Who and how are up to the rea [...]

  14. Sue

    Every time I opened this book, I felt like I was sitting down to a good meal This book has everything you need to know about Jesus in an ordered and comprehensive format It pieces together his full life from birth to ascension, which can be difficult to grasp by reading the gospels, all telling a slight variation of the story The author, Fulton Sheen, gives background behind many of the events and words of Jesus which put things into context and gives understanding Mr Sheen had amazing insight [...]

  15. Sharon Todd

    Bishop Sheen is a scholar, quite brilliant Loved his TV show, One Life to Live This book has been on my shelf for a long time, and its size discouraged me Nevertheless, I started reading Sometimes it was fascinating, sometimes the book lay unopened for months, and often, Sheen s tendency to include too many people, or too many ideas, or too many correlations from different moments in history would cause me to have to start the paragraph all over again to figure out the meaning I learned a lot, h [...]

  16. Regan Leigh

    I don t think any book has ever been written that can explain Christ better than Fulton Sheen does here Nothing makes sense now in life than Christianity This book is like a brush that teases out all the tangled snarls of confused thoughts and doubts that any believer or nonbeliever may have You discover that any doubt whatsoever, any pessimistic thought, any struggle you ve ever encountered with Christ s story, has all been addressed in the story of Christ s life This book will answer question [...]

  17. Orchid

    From the moment I cracked open Life of Christ was back in June for a book club my sisters has dragged me to, I knew that this book would be hard to resist because it was just full of everything it was inspirational and eye opening when it came the fulfillment of the life of Christ and how everything was foreshadowed within the the Old Testament, to the way that Fulton J Sheen wrote and brought the whole story of Christ to life, to finally the connections that were brought into the light of day.F [...]

  18. Shannon

    This is the best book I ve ever read on the life of Christ, mostly due to Sheen s poetic imagery and illustrations in almost every sentence His lifetime of reflecting on the life of Jesus is written down.Chapter 3, Three Short Cuts from the Cross is a great sample of the depth of insight and writing you would find in the rest of the book, delving into the temptation of Jesus.If you have Catholic phobia, you may flinch here and there but I m a Protestant and I think it s better than Yancy, or Luc [...]

  19. Michael

    Anyone that has watched Sheen when he was on TV or the numerous YouTube videos knows how relevant he makes the Bible Every chapter is a sort of reflection that takes us on a journey to the times of Jesus and in addition to this traveling in time, it offers food for thought to modern Catholics and even Protestants in order to show us how to follow Jesus s teachings in today s world This book perfectly reflects his personality and love of God and the amount of wit he has when explaining a topic th [...]

  20. Ce

    At first I was not sure to read this, since it is less than a year I read Jesus of Nazareth from Ratzinger Gladly, I was guided to read this every morning during month and a half It was a total delight Bl Fulton Sheen uses the word in such a poetic and strong way, that I had to stop several times to mark and re read some parts This is a must for any Christian Catholics will find this a MUST.

  21. Seth Hanson

    Sheen has the reputation of being one of the greatest communicators of the 20th century and this book does not disappoint I didn t know how he was going to make the little we know about the life of Jesus stretch out to the tune of 600 pages but he did so easily A very interesting and enjoyable read, I especially appreciated the insights afforded by 2000 years worth of Catholic tradition and perpective.

  22. John

    About a chapter a day for a few months A great help for quiet time in prayer His use of quotes from scripture really give weight to his writing.

  23. Nancy

    Bishop Sheen explains the 4 gospels according to their time, place and culture and makes things so much clearer Pages 116 128 were my favorite parts of the book.

  24. Joey

    I thoroughly enjoyed Bishop Sheen s work, but there s a reason it took me a year to get through it it ended up being a slog, and I can t pin down why I wonder if my overall familiarity with the material was the problem Sheen goes through the life of Christ chronologically, in very small bites, explaining the relevance of each of the events and teachings While he tends to an allegorical interpretation, it s entirely appropriate, for he ties what Christ does and says to who Christ is, instead of b [...]

  25. Pamela Tucker

    I read this book back in 1978, and it is full of lessons of Christ as He taught the disciples the way in which they were to go This life is only a journey and there would be lessons to learn along the way.Again, I do not have the original, but I did manage to get a book called the Life of Christ with 47 lessons in this edition from the Berean School It was copyrighted in 1968 at the Gospel Publishing House Springfield, It has Units One through Four It covers all things pertaining to the Life of [...]

  26. Sara

    Very good book it really puts Christ s purpose, what He is all about, into perspective It s all about His sacrifice to save our souls everything in His entire life It focuses a lot on countering modernistic errors in this respect The life of Christ is summed up by these two words the cross My only complaints are that here, as in other things I ve read by Fulton Sheen, he seems very repetitive in his writing And also his treatment of Saint Joseph seems glossed over too much and disagreed with thi [...]

  27. Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

    The book is a detailed account of the life of the Savor While I am no expert, and indeed, this is my first book about the life of Jesus, I did not find the light and love I was expecting from this book Please note, that this is my personal feeling and opinion It was a bit too technical for me Perhaps, I simply need to develop my inner life to fuller understand this particular book and or have a different opinion about it.

  28. Ben Daghir

    Bishop Fulton Sheen provides an extensive analysis of Jesus Christ He deeply discerns and contemplates vivid moments of Christ throughout the Gospels Through his wisdom, intellect, and passion Sheen gives any reader an opportunity to see the face of Christ from a refreshing angle I encourage all Catholics to give any read of Fulton Sheen a shot in their lives His voice is a voice that will propel many people to the foot of the Cross.

  29. Denise

    This book was considered by Archbishop Sheen to be his best work He said it took him 25 years to write During those years, he experienced much suffering he didn t expand upon what exactly that suffering was and said that this suffering is what brought about the many insights in the book It is a very enlightening book and yet written in a very down to earth way so that it s easy to understand Highly recommend

  30. Michael Hsu

    This book was recommended to me by the Father at my church His decision to become a priest was partly influenced by this book Although I have no such high aspiration to join the priesthood, I now have a better understanding of why someone would want to dedicate their life serving God and the children of God A very thought provoking and inspiring book.have to read it again.

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