Dynamics of Faith (2020)

Dynamics of Faith Paul Tillich Marion Pauck Dynamics of Faith One of the greatest books ever written on the subject Dynamics of Faithis a primer in the philosophy of religion Paul Tillich a leading theologian of the twentieth century explores the idea of fait
  • Title: Dynamics of Faith
  • Author: Paul Tillich Marion Pauck
  • ISBN: 9780060937133
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
Dynamics of Faith Paul Tillich Marion Pauck One of the greatest books ever written on the subject, Dynamics of Faithis a primer in the philosophy of religion Paul Tillich, a leading theologian of the twentieth century, explores the idea of faith in all its dimensions, while defining the concept in the process.This graceful and accessible volume contains a new introduction by Marion Pauck, Tillich s biographer.
Dynamics of Faith Paul Tillich Marion Pauck

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    144 Paul Tillich Marion Pauck
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One thought on “Dynamics of Faith

  1. John Doe

    Tillich argues that the belief in god is not comparable to some empirical statement that we have no evidence for He argues that the belief in a god is needed for the integration of the personality That is, just because we don t use the word god, it does not follow that we don t treat something in our lives as a god That means, money, sex, wisdom, politics, drugs, progress, the nation state, etc can give our life a sense of purpose, value, but that we cannot find peace in these false idols Tillic [...]

  2. Benjamin

    I first heard of Tillich in a conversation where he was presented as an example of a reasonable voice in a debate where the loudest voices are anything but reasonable, and I agree with that assessment Much of the book is thought provoking in general, his redefinition of faith certainly seems superior to the popular meaning of the word Much, however, oscillates between very specific statements about absolute truths that, I feel, really require some justification for example, that all men of all t [...]

  3. Ben De Bono

    For an evangelical like myself, my assessment of this book depends a great deal on perspective If I m viewing Paul Tillich as a Christian theologian than the book, while still insightful and interesting, is hugely problematic While it probably wouldn t be correct to fully associate Tillich with theological liberalism, he s obviously quite influenced by it and shares much in common with it i.e his denial of the virgin birth and the bodily resurrection of Christ Whether or not we can fully see him [...]

  4. Wil Roese

    Paul Tillich defines faith as being in a state of ultimate concern or loving something with all our mind, body and spirit Examples of an object of our ultimate concern include money, success, God, and our nation The object of our ultimate concern becomes our god If we put our faith in something other than the ultimate, than that faith can be destructive Therefore, there is always a risk in faith and this risk causes doubt This doubt is overcome by courage which is one aspect of faith Faith invol [...]

  5. Ted Hovey

    Paul Tillich defined faith as the state of being ultimately concerned The dynamics of faith, therefore, are the dynamics of being ultimately concerned.Tillich distinguishes between true faith and idolatrous faith In true faith, he asserts, the ultimate concern is a concern about the truly intimate an awareness of holiness The awareness of the holy is awareness of the presence of the divine, namely of the content of our ultimate concern In contrast, idolatrous faith involves lifting finite realit [...]

  6. Katrina Best

    While this book is fairly small around 140 pages , it requires your full attention This isn t a light read Tillich dissects faith and breaks it down to a very specific formula of what faith is The book starts out with explaining what faith is Faith is man s ultimate concern He discusses the reasons as to why science can t disprove faith and faith science He discusses faith in an organized and systematic fashion This is a must read for those who think faith is based purely on emotion It s a great [...]

  7. Adam

    I don t have time at the moment for a review, but this book did some amazing things for me both intellectually and spiritually Highly recommended for those who would like some sort of spirituality or faith in their lives, but feel like they don t fit due to intellectual or other concerns Also recommended to committed believers of a religious tradition who want to deepen or strengthen their faith Also recommended to Richard Dawkins, as Tillich proposes a God that even an atheist could believe in, [...]

  8. stormhawk

    I decided recently that I wanted to understand about Faith, and what it is beyond dictionary and personal definitions A couple of searches and review readings later, I was directed to this book, which is apparently a classic in the understanding of Faith I m not sure what I ve learned, really I grasp Tillich s definition of Faith as ultimate concern, but he is less explicit about what constitutes either ultimacy or concern.The language of the book is academic and stilted, not surprising given t [...]

  9. Jay Batson

    This is an incredible book, and it is so if your faith is a traditional religious faith Protestant, Catholic, Islam or something else that you are treating the same as another might treat a religious faith.Tillich is clearly and rightly known for his existentialist approach to faith but, who knows what that means Unless you re someone with a strong philosophy career or bent, you may have a little sense, but not really This book changes that though not explicitly But, be prepared It is NOT a ligh [...]

  10. Ci

    In his Dynamic of Faith , the author explained the tensions of religious life in the conditions of the modern human the problem of belief and access of holiness through established religious institutions In most people s cases, the tension comes from the demands of creedal beliefs and sacramental rituals, in an insistently personal and individual preference for rational thoughts and evidences Here are some initial notes 1 Faith a state of being ultimately concerned Ultimate demands a total surre [...]

  11. Chet Duke

    Tillich is undeniably a genius and a pioneer in Christian theology, whether or not you accept all of his conclusions Dynamics of Faith is concerned with properly defining and engaging faith Tillich believes the caricature of faith as belief without sufficient evidence is inadequate For him, faith is about being in a state of ultimate concern According to Tillich, since every human has an object disposition perhaps disposition is a appropriate word than object in his context of ultimate concern, [...]

  12. Micah

    My father is a Lutheran pastor, and much of my life has revolved around the church People are often shocked to hear this about me, assuming my politics today are a product of an upbringing that involved my parents reading me Christopher Hitchens or something before I went to sleep as a child right after they read from Capital They are then further shocked to learn that I don t see my political engagement as a life development in spite of but rather because of my life in the church.It took me qui [...]

  13. Matthew Kern

    Yep 5 Stars This was not a perfect book, by any means, but the basic framework that Paul Tillich presents is so compelling and clarifying in my life right now that giving it anything but a 5 does not make sense There were times, especially in the beginning, where I had no idea what he was trying to say Actually part of the problem was that I thought I knew what he was saying, but it did not make sense until I began to see his vision and understand his terminology That took me 50 60 pages until i [...]

  14. Geoff Glenister

    Paul Tillich opens this book with quite a reality check and one that is as relevant today as it was the day it was written There is hardly a word in the religious language, both theological and popular, which is subject to misunderstandings, distortions and questionable definitions than the word faith It belongs to those terms which need healing before they can be used for the healing of men Today the term faith is productive of disease than of health It confuses, misleads, creates alternately [...]

  15. Aidan

    Without telling you exactly what Tillich thinks about faith that would spoil the fun, and also be extremely difficult , let me explain what I thought was useful about this book.First, it proposes a coherent and accurate definition of faith Many of his terms and explanations make spiritual sense Sidenote I would not recommend Tillich to an atheist If you don t agree with his basic initial premises, it might be hard to hack your way through 150 dense pages On the other hand, if you re an atheist l [...]

  16. Megan

    Faith is what pushes a person passionately forward, seeking to be joined with what is just beyond More than a simple belief in the impossible or unseen Paul Tillich s idea of faith is that it is a part of all people In this way faith underlies all action, thought, and decision Using this thesis the author looks at several aspects of faith After building up his arguments he lays out some provoking ideas about how faith and one s life are interwoven I particularly enjoyed his thoughts on the disti [...]

  17. Nathanael Booth

    Tillich defines faith as the state of being ultimately concerned 1 Thus, it is an existential rather than an intellectual state, a state made manifest by myth and symbol and concerning the whole person in relation to whatever that person considers ultimate Idolatry, then, is counting the wrong thing as ultimate I actually find Tillich helpful that, for instance, Francis Schaeffer, since Tillich focuses on faith as a movement by the entire person, rather than as the assent to a set of rational r [...]

  18. Matt

    I liked this book, although it was one of those that I wish I had read in class and could hear someone else s thoughts on I m not sure if I understand all of the finer points regarding faith.Below is a brief primer to help me remember when I look this book over on main points the book had It may be useful to others, or it may not Tillich argues that faith is the process of being concerned with the ultimate Since the ultimate is uncommunicable man needs to use symbols to communicate their ultimat [...]

  19. Zach

    In Dynamics of Faith, Tillich challenges commonly held misconceptions of faith, belief, doubt, symbols, divinity and religion in dense but efficient language that forces the audience to stop and meditate on what is being said Unlike many other works of theology philosophy I have read, I found Dynamics of Faith clear and concise, never once offering an idea or concept that was beyond the grasp of the average individual such as yours truly Never once did I feel like Tillich was spiraling or losing [...]

  20. Steve

    The first Tillich book I ve read not the last and I will refer to this wonderful short book often The idea of an Ultimate Concern as the object of faith is introduced at the beginning of the book with the tenet that there is within us the infinite that is made to connect to the Infintite My subjective takeaway is that we have this need to connect to the ultimate and a great danger is connecting to false ultimacies such as the nation Tillich was a refuge from Nazi Germany , sex, alcohol in this a [...]

  21. Sarah

    So, I didn t finish this book, mostly because it was a little dense However, I did learn some valuable things from this book and got what I needed My favorite part of this book was the subsection called Faith and Doubt in the What Faith Is chapter In this section, the author talks about how The risk to faith in one s ultimate concern is indeed the greatest risk man can run Tillich talks about how faith takes courage because we are unsure of the outcome and run the risk of being wrong I think tha [...]

  22. Shane Wagoner

    Certainly a palatable foray into faith than Kierkegaard s Fear and Trembling although it fails to excite in the same way FT s provocative ideas did Tillich sees Faith as what he calls Ultimate Concern This is the act of aligning your entire mind, body, and spirit with the object of your concern be it your nation, your personal success, your religion, etc He also defines idolatry as placing your faith in that which is not truly ultimate but instead, passes away Nations fall, success fails to sat [...]

  23. Tom

    To anyone who sees faith and religion as lesser forms of knowledge that have been rendered obsolete by the developments of science, Paul Tillich s book The Dynamics of Faith is a must read Tillich is concise and artful with his prose and defines and defends his point beautifully Reading this the clarity of his argument coupled with a subtle ambiguity that keeps you from being certain masterfully embodies the very ultimacy he tries to convey I could not help but be reminded of Confucius s Kongzi [...]

  24. Scott

    It s hard to give this book a rating Tillich s definition of faith as being ultimately concerned in such a way that one s being is oriented around this concern was provocative and helpful, as was his argument that everyone has some kind of faith because everyone is has some kind of ultimate concern On the other hand, Tillich s ultimate doesn t reveal itself to us and it is certainly not personal, thus making it difficult to know why pursuing the ultimate is worth the effort.I m glad that I read [...]

  25. Jonathan Andreasen

    Faith is real in every period of history This fact does not prove that it is an essential possibility and necessity It could be like supersition an actual distortion of man s true nature This is what many people who reject faith believe The question raised by this book is whether such belief is based on insight or on misunderstanding, and the answer is unambiguously that the rejection of faith is rooted in a complete misunderstanding of the nature of faith It is not restricted to belief in the s [...]

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