The Farm (2020)

The Farm Tom Rob Smith The Farm Until the moment he received a frantic call from his father Daniel believed his parents were headed into a peaceful well deserved retirement They had sold their home and business in London and said
  • Title: The Farm
  • Author: Tom Rob Smith
  • ISBN: 9781471110672
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
The Farm Tom Rob Smith Until the moment he received a frantic call from his father, Daniel believed his parents were headed into a peaceful, well deserved retirement They had sold their home and business in London, and said farewell to England with a cheerful party where all their friends had gathered to wish them well on their great adventure setting off to begin life anew on a remote, bucoUntil the moment he received a frantic call from his father, Daniel believed his parents were headed into a peaceful, well deserved retirement They had sold their home and business in London, and said farewell to England with a cheerful party where all their friends had gathered to wish them well on their great adventure setting off to begin life anew on a remote, bucolic farm in rural Sweden.But with that phone call, everything changes Your mother s not well, his father tells him She s been imagining things terrible, terrible things She s had a psychotic breakdown, and has been committed to a mental hospital.Daniel prepares to rush to Sweden, on the first available flight the next day Before he can board the plane, his father contacts him again with even frightening news his mother has been released from the hospital, and he doesn t know where she is.Then, he hears from his mother I m sure your father has spoken to you Everything that man has told you is a lie I m not mad I don t need a doctor I need the police I m about to board a flight to London Meet me at Heathrow.Caught between his parents, and unsure of who to believe or trust, Daniel becomes his mother s unwilling judge and jury as she tells him an urgent tale of secrets, of lies, of a horrible crime and a conspiracy that implicates his own father.
The Farm Tom Rob Smith

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    152 Tom Rob Smith
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One thought on “The Farm

  1. karen

    and that is why we don t keep secretsis is one of those psychological thrillers with a possibly unreliable narrator, a maybe maybe not crime, and a boatload of both family and smalltown secrets daniel is 29, living in london with his boyfriend mark, and working a job that is not making the most of his expensive educational background his parents have retired after selling their business and properties, and moved to a small town in sweden, near the place his mother tilde grew up, and then ran awa [...]

  2. Raven

    Inspired by the real life psychotic episode experienced by his own mother, Tom Rob Smith has crafted a powerful and affecting study in the disguise of a crime novel, as to the effect of a similar incident on the very fabric of a family Daniel resides happily in London with his partner Mark, and with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the less frequent communication with family, believes his mother and father to be happy and secure in their retirement to Sweden from the UK However, follo [...]

  3. Dem

    2.5 Stars Having read and absolutely loved Child 44I was very excited and had pre ordered my hard copy of The Farm by Tom Rob Smith The praise on the blurb of this novel really leaves you to believe you are about to embark on a Chilling, hypnotic, and thoroughly compelling novel You will not read a better triller this year The Novel is set in Sweden and tells the story of Chris and Tilde who retire there to a farm in a remote area to recapture what could only be considered the good life while th [...]

  4. Jasmine

    What an anticlimax I m confused by the great ratings this book has received The entire story was transparent, at best The characters, who ended up being important, were under developed, and Daniels motives and reasons were flakey And the endingwhat was that about I was really waiting for so etching MORE or BIGGER than how it ended I feel short changed, and felt this could ve been SUCH a better story, written in someone else s hands.

  5. Mel

    This for me is a 3.5 star book, but for once I will round it up instead of down.So a short synopsis this book is about a man who gets a call from his father one day telling him that his mother is unwell and they ve entered her into a mental asylum The man then gets another call after from his mother and she says to him that everything the father said is a lie and that she s fine So this novel follows the story that the mother is telling the son and why her husband had her committed.Someone on my [...]

  6. Patrice Hoffman

    The Farm is the first novel I ve read by Tom Rob Smith There s been a lot of praise for his other crime novel Child 44 so I figured why not give him a chance Plus the premise of a woman gone mad who needs to defend her delusions is always a good story.The Farm begins with Daniel receiving a call from his father warning him that his mum is not well and has been committed Not too long after that call, Mum arrives to London hoping to have an ally in her beloved son This is the first time Daniel has [...]

  7. Julie Christine

    I have a hard time pigeon holing this in the thriller category, since two thirds of the narrative takes place at a kitchen table in a London apartment in the form of a conversation between a mother and son It s a testament to Smith s confidence as a writer that he spools out a story in a nearly all tell, very little show fashion That doesn t mean it always works After repeated cutbacks of scene to that London kitchen, I began to roll my eyes and wish SOMEONE WOULD GET TO THE BLOODY POINT ALREADY [...]

  8. Carlos

    This is such a good book, a little disappointed with the last page but the story is solid and the revelations are very interesting A story is told from one point of view at first but there is so much to find out and we do once the second point of view is analyzed It is a very fast paced book and if you like mysteries, you ll like this one.

  9. Sam Quixote

    Daniel s parents, Chris and Tilde, have retired to a farm in the Swedish countryside All is going well, he thinks, and the only problem is how he s going to reveal to them that he s gay That is until he receives a strange email from his mother and then a phone call from his father Tilde is insane, says Chris, and she needs help Meanwhile Tilde, arriving in London alone to meet Daniel, insists that she s being hunted by a group of murderers, including Chris, after she uncovered a horrific conspir [...]

  10. Rata

    Wow, this is an excellent book The story s so compelling and gripping I read it in one go.The story revolves around Daniel and his parents who returned a few months ago to Sweden, the homeland of Daniel s mom, to relish their retirement at a farm one day, Daniel is called by his dad and confronted with shocking news his mother behaved strangely for quite some time now, accused her neighbors and husband of some mysterious crime and was finally brought to section herself into a psychiatric ward Da [...]

  11. Susan

    Daniel lives in London with his partner, Mark His parents, Chris and Tilde, have retired to a remote farm in Sweden the homeland his mother left many years before He believes them to be content and well and uses his image of them as happy and busy in their new life as the reason why he has distanced himself from them For Daniel has made excuses not to visit rather than explain that his career is not going well or introduce Mark to them, he has contented himself with emails and vague promises How [...]

  12. Emma

    From some of the negative reviews i have read, I understand that lots of people seem to have been disappointed by the plot But this is not a novel in which the plot is king, it is about the nature of indiviudal perception and memory That we all have such different views of the novel speaks to the essence of the very theme it explores I, personally, really like stories that play with ideas of truth, who it belongs to and who creates it, what happens when one person s truth clashes against another [...]

  13. Xana

    muito raro o livro que me faz estar agarrada a ele 110 p g seguidas este conseguiu Est estruturado de uma forma que, s tantas nem sabia o que pensar, estava sem perceber nada mas n o o conseguia largar de t o intrigada.Bem escrito, de leitura compulsiva, gostei muito deste livro E tem a vantagem de ser pequenino, logo n o tem muita palha.Aconselho

  14. Michael Robotham

    This is a wonderful psychological thriller that never lets the reader get comfortable Structurally it is a triumph because so much of the information must be fed slowly to the reader, building up false layers that sound completely plausible, yet can be interpreted in different ways.

  15. Blair

    The Farm presents itself as a taut, gripping thriller in which a man is torn between different stories told to him by his parents Daniel s father claims his mother is not of sound mind, while she insists she has uncovered a terrible conspiracy surrounding their new home, an isolated farm in Sweden Most of the narrative is given over to the mother s Tilde s story, as heard by Daniel he interjects occasionally, but on the whole this is a very traditional, chronological account of events Only in th [...]

  16. Josh

    Tom Rob Smith s new stand alone novel The Farm after the highly successful Child 44 trilogy shows his diversity in story telling This is not an action based, in your face, thriller like his previous work, but a psychological mystery, a coming out of sorts as a writer.The mystery behind the farm is a mystery itself Mostly told from the perspective of the mother Tilde of the main character, Daniel, it starts off with a phone call from his father Chris saying how mentally ill Tilde is and while he [...]

  17. Steven Z.

    When I began reading THE FARM, Tom Rob Smith s new book I had certain expectations having read his trilogy of thrillers dealing with the Soviet Union CHILD 44, THE SECRET SPEECH, and AGENT 6 From the first paragraph I grew curious, but very surprised The story line was nothing like his previous books This effort begins with a phone call from Chris, living in rural Sweden calling his son, Daniel who resides in London Daniel s parents had lived in London, but because their finances had succumbed t [...]

  18. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

    Promise that you ll listen to everything I say with an open mind All I ask for is an open mind Promise me you ll do that, that s why I ve come to you Promise me Daniel is shocked when his father rings in tears to announce his mother is sick, not physically ill but mentally, and he has been forced to admit her to a psychiatric hospital Distraught, Daniel makes immediate plans to travel to Sweden where his parents now live, but before he can board the plane his mother arrives in London, clutching [...]

  19. Heather

    Dear Author Tom Rob SmithSeriously That s the ending you re going with This book was starting out to be one of my favorite books of all time It was quite brilliant and written perfectly I couldn t wait to read a word, a page, anything picking it up at red lights, while curling my hair, brushing my teeth or cooking dinner I was intrigued and excited, I couldn t wait to turn the page The beginning pulled me in and I was lost in he world of Sweden and the lives of Tilde, Daniel and Chris Tilde s st [...]

  20. Laura

    This was a quick read that held my attention from beginning to end I loved the suspense and I wasn t disappointed with the ending I did not find it predictable If I had one complaint, I might say that the conclusion was almost too neat but I loved the book and easily rated it with a 5 star.

  21. Marnie

    First off this is not Child 44 This is not an action thriller so if that is what you are looking for select another book This is a mystery Daniel gets a phone call from his father that his mother has gone crazy and has been institutionalized hello 1800 s Rushing to the airport Daniel gets a call from his mother that she has escaped Sweden and that his father and others are out to get her Who to believe Is the mother a victim or an unreliable narrator That is the mystery.The author did do a great [...]

  22. Anna Kļaviņa

    4.5 What happened in summer 1963 And how it is linked to summer 2013 I was eager to read Smith s latest book, as I loved Child 44 and yet I was not sure how much I ll like it because the last book in the trilogy was a disappointment.The Farm was better than I expected A well written page turner as Child 44 but also with layers then that And personal Few years ago, Smith s father phoned to tell him he suspected his mum was mentally ill Hours later, she arrived in Britain.

  23. Natalie

    Dijete 44 ga je obilje ilo i to mu je vrh vrhova Farma je dobra, ali nasmijem se kad ka u da je bolja Negdje sam ula da ga je inspirirala vlastita obiteljska pri a Mama mu je ve anka, tata Englezako je netko od njih to ili sli no pro ao ao mi je Nema tu akcije, napetostia samo puno i ekivanja, onako psihi ka slagalica, kome vjerovati od roditelja Roditelji la u dijete od djetinjstva o njihovom ivotu, dijete kasnije la e njih oko svog ivota

  24. Terri Wino

    I ve owned this book for over two years not sure what took me so long to get around to reading it other than the stack of 20 other books I haven t gotten to yet, LOL Anyway, I read this as my secondary book, so only a few pages each day, which is why it took me so long to get through it Turns out that this may have been the best way, as only reading a bit each day kept my anticipation level up and my curiosity intact over just what the real truth was in the tales Daniel is hearing from his mothe [...]

  25. Nancy Oakes

    I liked this one for a longer look at this novel, feel free to click on over to my online reading journal otherwise, this is the short version.The Farm is a multilayered story within a story within a story that is slowly peeled back like the proverbial onion until you reach its core The opening sequence is a total grabber The narrator, Daniel, receives a call from his dad Chris telling him that his mom Tilde is sick, that she s been imagining things terrible, terrible things, and that she s been [...]

  26. Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum

    Oh my goodness I ve been hanging out to read The Farm by Tom Rob Smith ever since I heard the premise Daniel s parents have retired to Sweden, and all seems well until he receives a call from his father Your mother s not well She s been imagining things terrible, terrible things She s had a psychotic breakdown, and has been committed to a mental hospital But then his mother rings to say I m sure your father has spoken to you Everything that man has told you is a lie I m not mad I don t need a do [...]

  27. Mike

    I picked up this book because I had read two previous novels by this author Child 44 and The Secret Speech which I enjoyed immensely Unfortunately this book did not live up to those standards.It s a story told in flashback by a person who may have dreamt most, if not all, the details up Alas, the story is really not very compelling a British couple retire to a farm in Sweden where the wife is not well liked and who subsequently begins to suspect there is a conspiracy to get rid of them and the o [...]

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