Don't Even Think About It (2020)

Don't Even Think About It Sarah Mlynowski Don t Even Think About It SECRETSANDALSP We weren t always like this We used to be average New York City high school sophos Until our homeroom went for flu shots We were prepared for some side effects Maybe a headache Maybe a
  • Title: Don't Even Think About It
  • Author: Sarah Mlynowski
  • ISBN: 9780385737388
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
Don't Even Think About It Sarah Mlynowski SECRETSANDALSP.We weren t always like this We used to be average New York City high school sophos Until our homeroom went for flu shots We were prepared for some side effects Maybe a headache Maybe a sore arm We definitely didn t expect to get telepathic powers But suddenly we could hear what everyone was thinking Our friends Our parents Our crushes NoSECRETSANDALSP.We weren t always like this We used to be average New York City high school sophos Until our homeroom went for flu shots We were prepared for some side effects Maybe a headache Maybe a sore arm We definitely didn t expect to get telepathic powers But suddenly we could hear what everyone was thinking Our friends Our parents Our crushes Now we all know that Tess is in love with her best friend, Teddy That Mackenzie cheated on Cooper That, um, Nurse Carmichael used to be a stripper.Since we ve kept our freakish skill a secret, we can sit next to the class brainiac and ace our tests We can dump our boyfriends right before they dump us We know what our friends really think of our jeans, our breath, our new bangs We always know what s coming.Some of us will thrive Some of us will crack None of us will ever be the same So stop obsessing about your ex We re always listening.
Don't Even Think About It Sarah Mlynowski

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    440 Sarah Mlynowski
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One thought on “Don't Even Think About It

  1. Khanh (the meanie)

    They stepped into the cafeteria A cacophony of voices rushed at Mackenzie five french fries today Five No My thighs are too There s an empty seat at Jake s table Should I take it But Amanda said Did I just get my period As each thought hit Mackenzie s mind, so did a stabbing pain in her forehead.I know just how she feels This is a no thinking required type of book I suggest you read it with several aspirins or not and a few shots of tequila.This book is about a flu shot that went horribly wrong [...]

  2. Ash Wednesday

    1.5 STARSThis whole thing makes no sense I miss SARS.It was good while it lasted All two chapters of this.In some ways, this reminded me of reading Francine Pascal s Sweet Valley books In that series, each book focuses on Jessica, Elizabeth and the Sweet Valley crew getting into the shenanigan of the week community play, the Unicorn Club going to Hawaii, Lizzie s first kiss etc In Don t Even Think About It Bloomberg High School s homeroom class of 10B collectively develop telepathic abilities af [...]

  3. Stacey (prettybooks)

    If Don t Even Think About It was a movie, it would be the sort of teen movie that you would watch curled up on a Sunday afternoon preferably with snacks and friends , a bit of contemporary science fiction lite mixed with The Breakfast Club Gossip Girl I wasn t having a brilliant week when I began reading and it turned out to be the perfect antidote I started it on the way to work and finished it that evening, so if you want to just forget everything and delve into a fun, light hearted and witty [...]

  4. Robert

    If God wants to punish some poor bastard, I mean really punish him till he s ready to poke out his own eyeballs, swallow a.44 Magnum, slit his own wrists, or end his own life in front of a city bus, he should force him to come back to earth as a teenage girl In less than a month, you d read about the extravagant deaths of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer and even Hannibal Lector Yeah, and those sonsofbitches never stood a chance either.But the true beauty in this novel, aside from the sudden death e [...]

  5. Larissa

    More like 1.5 stars You can also find this review atYA Midnight ReadsDon t Even Think About It had quite an interesting premise which was completely unrealistic but I was willing to put that aside to me which happened to grab my attention After reading a lot of serious books recently, I needed a light and fluffy contemporary to switch things up.Sadly enough Don t Even Think About It didn t do that for me Contrary to the title, thinking was very much involved with this novel It s told in a sole [...]

  6. Cait (Paper Fury)

    You know how you can feel meh about a 2 star bookor you can feel book throwing furious I m kind of furious, peoples But I m going to write an intelligent review, I promise Minimal ranting Minimal angry GIFs I ll be logical and precise about why I really didn t like this book Pinky promise OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING I tried to be logical, okay I felt like the entire book was designed to be a Life Lesson You are what you think, blah blah Preach me a sermon, why don t you I don t like to be p [...]

  7. Anna Janelle

    I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reader s copy of this book through Netgalley I m really pleased with my decision to see this edgy, quirky YA novel through to completion It was enjoyable throughout, but it wasn t until the end of the novel that I realized that I was really emotionally invested in these teens drama that was cleverly hidden a midst a backdrop of comedy and quips At BHS, the students in Homeroom 10B are close Really close There are NO secrets between them in fact, there ca [...]

  8. AH

    Initial Thoughts About a 3.0 3.5 star read for me I think that this should appeal to both male and female young adult readers The book is entertaining, but you do need to suspend belief just a little Basically, a bunch of kids discover that they now have telepathic abilities after receiving the flu shot While they are initially ecstatic about their telepathy, it does cause some problems and a case of too much information There s also some ethical issues about cheating as well The Review This was [...]

  9. Read InAGarden

    The students in one homeroom all get tainted vaccines that give them the ability to read the thoughts of others At first they each think this ability is great As time progresses, though, they each begin to realize that this ability has definite drawbacks When everyone you hang out with knows all your thoughts you can t keep any secrets, think catty thoughts, hide your pain, have a hidden crush, and And then there s the opposite side of the equation when you can read the thoughts of others, you [...]

  10. Jasprit

    3.5 starsDon t Even Think About it, was a super surprising read For me it had started off as if it was suitable for a much younger reading audience, but I m glad that after seeing Mlynowski s name on the book I decide to give it a go.Classmates in class 10B were scheduled to get their flu shots like normal, however they didn t expect to end up with telepathic skills, some students develop in a day or two, whereas others take much longer, but what is meant to be a really scary situation ends up b [...]

  11. Liviania

    Sarah Mlynowski s newest novel, DON T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, pulls off a very neat trick it s written in fourth person It s a little disorienting at first, but then I started going with the flow of dipping in and out of heads and sometimes getting an opinion from several narrators at once.You see, in DON T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, a group of high school students gain telepathy from a tainted batch of flu vaccine This leads to some fun, but it also leads to them leaking all their secrets, learning nast [...]

  12. Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts!

    Maybe you think Olivia is telling the story Or Mackenzie, or Cooper, or someone else in our homeroom you haven t met yet.It could be any of us.But it s not.It s all of us We re telling you this story togetherd I was not happy about it.What a letdownI started reading this with high expectations But I guess the cover should ve gave me a hint already that it wasn t gonna be that good as I was hoping for.What is the story anyway They all got flu shots and then after that, they started hearing other [...]

  13. Elizabeth ☆❀Hot for Alphas❀☆

    3.5 Telepathy StarsThis is the story of Homeroom 10B from Bloomberg High School in Tribeca, NY They were all normal freshman until October 2nd, the day that changed everything Their story is told as a we instead of an I POV which took a little getting used to.So what happened on October 2nd Homeroom 10B got the optional flu shot well everyone but 2 So what, people get the flu shot all the time Well this batch was special gave them ESP I really liked the beginning when all the students were disco [...]

  14. Donna

    Messy That is the word that comes to mind when thinking about this narration I m not necessarily blaming the narrator I think that the plot POV is so jumbled and scattered that the best it can aspire to be is Messy Too bad The summary premise seemed like it could have been fun When I first read the summary, it seemed like possibly a teen girl version of What Women Want not so much My advice if you re considering picking this one up See the title.

  15. Chloe

    Super unique I originally thought I would hate the we perspective but I ended up loving it.The characters were all very different even thought there was over 20 of them I recommend

  16. Michelle (Pink Polka Dot Books)

    3.5 StarsA homeroom in a NYC high school goes to gets their flu shots at the nurses office Everyone knows there are potential side effects with flu shots fever, aches, etc , but telepathy isn t supposed to be one of them The next day everyone in the class who got the shot show up to school with ESP The Espies as they come to call themselves, know everything you are thinking They know everything that each other is thinking This is not good if you have secrets that you want to stay hidden And it s [...]

  17. Sarah

    2.5 stars Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Hachette Children s Books and Netgalley A group of teens discover that after a flu jab, they can suddenly hear everybody s thoughts.Who has secrets that they need to hide from their friends though How long will these abilities last And is this new found side effect a good thing or a bad thing Oh dear, yet another pretty cover, with a not so entertaining story behind it.I felt like I couldn t real [...]

  18. Abbe Hinder

    2.5 Stars Can you imagine ever reading someone s mind I mean, there has to be at least one person that you thought, Man, if I could only know how they feel about that would just solve a few of your problems, right Well, Don t Even Think About It is like that Sarah Mlynowski takes readers on a light hearted ride into that What if world and shows us the good as well as the bad.Unfortunately, this book is all it s cracked up to be Sure it s entertaining and stuff I ll get into it later but many of [...]

  19. Anne

    It was a cute story about a group of kids who get telepathic abilities from a flu shot.It s a solid 3 star read, and I think it will do very well with the younger readers However, I doubt that this will crossover well into the adult market, or even into the older YA audiences.It s got a teeny bopper flavor to the story that kept me from fully caring what happened to the characters, but I m not the target audience, so I m not trying to be insulting The closest I can come to describing the story i [...]

  20. Jen Ryland

    Thanks to Random House for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book Find reviews, book discussion and great giveaways on my blog, YA Romantics.I really liked this one At first the all over the place in everyone s head multiple first person POV was driving me batty, and yes, there are a lot of characters, but then it all started to come together and I was engaged Given the premise, these choices make total sense.For me, this is the 21st century heir to one of my favorite childhood books [...]

  21. Piper

    Don t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski is a story of a regular class who turn into freaks because of one flu shot they can hear everyones thoughts and everyones secrets Will they tell someone I recomend this book to ages 13 up and people who like intriguing book There is another book in this series called Think Twice.This is a great book and you don t want to stop reading the book.

  22. Sarah

    Picked this up at a used book sale but I m clearly not the intended audience I probably would ve enjoyed this if I read it at as 14 or 15 year old I was able to read it in one sitting though which is great, I love short books Going to donate this book back to my library so hopefully someone else can enjoy it

  23. Lucy Powrie

    What would you do if you could read the minds of the people around you It sure would be handy when you ve fallen out with someone and don t know what you ve done wrong, or need to tell if someone is lying Don t Even Think About It explores this in a fun and gripping way.When Class 10B have their flu injections, things seem normal at first Then they start to hear the voices With all of their secrets laid bare, how will this group of students cope as they re forced to cooperate by something comple [...]

  24. Viola

    This book has other flaws cardboard cut outs that I hesitate to call characters, major pacing problems, a horrible ending, no villain, petty problems the list goes on and on , but my main issue with it is that the premise of this book was flawed intrinsically This should not have been a book in the first place.Books are just not the right medium to convey the weird and ridiculous mess of our thoughts the closest any book got to that was The Knife Of Never Letting Go, but expecting every author t [...]

  25. Jordan

    This book was incredible There isn t much to say The character s jumped off the page The fact that this book followed a multitude of characters, it was very easy to understand I m a can t get it in the first ten pages I m done kinda girl This was not one of those books.Such a stellar story I cannot say enough about this book I will admit I was hesitant to begin this book I didn t think it could add up to Sarah Mlynowski s Magic In Manhattan Series, but this book was in a different field, an ent [...]

  26. Jessi

    This book is not your typical fluff mean girl chic fiction, which is what the title lead me to expect.Most of Homeroom 10B got the flu vaccination at the nurses office during lunch one day By the next day they were hearing everyone s thoughts, but even better, they could communicate with each other mentally Was it a cool talent or a cruel joke For each of them it meant something different.I enjoyed the humor and the diversity of the characters although actual racial diversity was one thing that [...]

  27. Emily

    There are a lot of characters in this story, Cooper, Mackenzie, Pi, Teddy, Olivia and I gravitated to Olivia s part of the story, her mother is highstrung and Olivia often spends her in the nurses office When a flu shot leads to hearing everyone s thoughts everything changes Relationships become strained and the aftermath of having everything out there in the open, causes hurt, hope, and a stream of frantic teenager emotions When push comes to shove, they will have to decide if they want the cu [...]

  28. Nasty Lady MJ

    Fairly decent The we point of view was a bit weird, but ti surprisingly worked Full review to come.

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