Rush to Glory: Formula 1 Racing's Greatest Rivalry (2020)

Rush to Glory: Formula 1 Racing's Greatest Rivalry Tom Rubython Rainer W. Schlegelmilch Rush to Glory Formula Racing s Greatest Rivalry The greatest duel in Formula history the season between Austrian Niki Lauda and Britain s James Hunt As the season ended Hunt was out of Formula racing while Lauda was world champion and
  • Title: Rush to Glory: Formula 1 Racing's Greatest Rivalry
  • Author: Tom Rubython Rainer W. Schlegelmilch
  • ISBN: 9780762791972
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
Rush to Glory: Formula 1 Racing's Greatest Rivalry Tom Rubython Rainer W. Schlegelmilch The greatest duel in Formula 1 history the 1976 season between Austrian Niki Lauda and Britain s James Hunt.As the 75 season ended, Hunt was out of Formula 1 racing while Lauda was world champion and the odds on favorite for 76 with a year s contract ahead of him and Enzo Ferrari begging him to sign a multi year deal James Hunt, without a drive until Emerson FittipaldiThe greatest duel in Formula 1 history the 1976 season between Austrian Niki Lauda and Britain s James Hunt.As the 75 season ended, Hunt was out of Formula 1 racing while Lauda was world champion and the odds on favorite for 76 with a year s contract ahead of him and Enzo Ferrari begging him to sign a multi year deal James Hunt, without a drive until Emerson Fittipaldi broke his McLaren contract, grabbed the McLaren drive with both hands and the help of friend John Hogan and Marlboro cigarettes The result Two drivers in an epic sixteen race battle across the globe for the 76 title, ultimately decided by a single point.Fame, wealth, drugs, sex, and the rest of globetrotting 1970s Formula 1 racing are encompassed in the Lauda vs Hunt duel At the 76 German Grand Prix, Lauda nearly died in a fiery crash, only to emerge six weeks later, severe burns on his face and head, to pursue his rivalry with Hunt It all came down to the last race, a rain soaked affair in Japan, where Hunt won the championship by the slimmest possible margin.The book is a study in contrasts during an era of Brut aftershave and disco sex parties James Hunt, legendary philanderer and Formula 1 rock star, versus supernatural racer Niki Lauda, who in 75 set the first sub seven minute lap around the Ring.
Rush to Glory: Formula 1 Racing's Greatest Rivalry Tom Rubython Rainer W. Schlegelmilch

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One thought on “Rush to Glory: Formula 1 Racing's Greatest Rivalry

  1. Mariℓina

    A surpisingly good recital of the true story Although very detailed and at some points tedious the book manages to capture the truth behind the rivalry As a huge fun of F1 all my life i always admired the 70 s and 80 sWhen real drivers were behind the weels of real carsNow everything is computerized and unhuman All a strategy game and nothing But thenWOW then The F1 drivers were treated as rock stars and they also had the right attitude for the job Pompus, a little crazy, daredevils that were n [...]

  2. Alex Milledge

    The epitome of what it means to be cool.Formula One is my favorite sport to follow, however, racing today never what it was back during the late 70 s early 80 s These drivers raced the fastest cars with minimal safety precautions around the most dangerous tracks in the world Racing was just the man and the machine and nothing else They took these V8 behemoths ticking time bombs as well and drove them to their potential, risking life and limb to win.I saw the movie before reading the book, and I [...]

  3. Nick Coleman

    This book is about the 1976 formula 1 season where two of the best drivers in F1 face of each other It was the Austrian and defending champ Niki Lauda versus the first British driver with Mclaren James Hunt They where bitter rivals If you read the book you will see why The book is very dramatic and if you are not a big F1 racing fan like me you will still love it Felling the stress, pain,and glory these drivers felt I m a big F1 fan and I found out new stuff I never knew about Hunt and Lauda So [...]

  4. Gustavo Contró

    Rush to Glory , by Tom Rubython He was born in 1955, is a British Journalist that writes about business and formula 1 He is the former editor of the F1 magazine, Business F1, SportsPro, and recently Spectator Business magazine Throughout a thirty three year carer he has been involved in many magazines and books launches His best known book is the biography of one of the greatest drivers in Formula 1, Ayrton Senna, The Life of Senna I really think that this books has a lot of strengths and it was [...]

  5. TJ Wisner

    I was too young to remember the Formula 1 season in 1976, I was nine years old and living in America where it was not as accessible as pro baseball, football or basketball This story of the 1976 goes through so many peaks and valley s for the two rival drivers, James Hunt and Nikki Lauda, that this could all be known as fiction If you think your favorite sport has way to many politics you have no idea what sport mixed with politics really is For example The owner of an Italian team Ferrari bribi [...]

  6. Grant Trevarthen

    The 1970 s was a great decade for the sport of Formula 1, with many colorful personalities and great rivalries In Tom Rubython s book In The Name Of Glory , we get to know 2 of the best Niki Lauda James Hunt There backgrounds couldn t have been different, Lauda came from a wealthy upbringing, his father a well known and respected businessman in Austria James Hunt s background was middle class.If you ll excuse the pun, Lauda was the the driven of the two, and showed the most promise earlier on [...]

  7. Kristina

    This is a clear narrative of the events during 1976 in F1 The author gives a brief background to set the scene, and a postscript to conclude, but otherwise the book remains focused on this one particular year This means it is a lighter book than some of his other titles.I felt at times the author was biased in defending James Hunt s world championship but perhaps that was my own bias for Niki Lauda Either way this book was an invaluable guide to events surrounding the championship that year.

  8. Melissa

    Firstly I want to say I know nothing about cars other than they have four wheels and you take one to go shoe shopping I know even less about racing I am very glad that I won this book through It was engaging and well written I got my attention and I learned quite a bit I very much enjoyed this book and was quite suprised that I did I have to thank Mr Rubython for writing such a good book It opened my literary world up a little My brother loves cars and racing so I will definitely have to go get [...]

  9. Martyn

    This a 2.5 star book 5 stars for the gripping and intense story, which had its own inherent drama and in reality told itself But 0 stars for the poor control, both of facts and of writing, and the grammatically dubious style of the author A cursory glance at the appendices showed up many errors in the text, which did not engender confidence in this reader Fortunately the story alone is worth the effort.

  10. Britti

    I was disappointed in how biased the author comes across in his treatment of Lauda compared to Hunt, and I feel like an editor needed to go over the entire book to remove redundancies Parts of the book I question the accuracy for example, the rear suspension is often blamed as the cause of Lauda s accident but has never been fully confirmed I will say that I enjoyed learning , but I m taking it all with a grain of salt, between that and Rubython s dislike of Lauda.

  11. Nishant Mittal

    Book sounds a little unfair to Lauda but nevertheless, an amazing read This story needed to be told The good 70s and 80s era of Formula 1 The sport will never be the same, the rivalries will never be the same, those golden days are never returning for sure Hunt was a true epitome of a Formula 1 driver of that era A fearless, rude, indisciplined rockstar kinda figure.The movie Rush does no justice to the story You need to read the book to go on an actual ride.

  12. Larry

    I wanted to love this book, but The writing is so stiff, and completely lacking emotion that at times it was annoying to listen to I listened to the audio book in my car My daughter listened to a few minutes of it on the way to school one day Her comment, fact, fact, fact And she was right, the story was, essentially, a listing of fact after fact The story is still compelling, but no one will ever accuse this of being a non fiction book that reads like a novel.

  13. Viviane Cordeiro

    Very, very, very interesting book Even thou I do not know a crap about cars or racing, this book helped me to understand the main idea of the racing and the 70 s context It also gave me an insight in Lauda and Hunt s lives which made me curious to read Niki s autobiography Such a great reading for those who enjoyed the movie as much as I did and want to know about that crazy period

  14. Tami Nelson

    Thank you good reads first reads for giving me this impressive work of non fiction I know nothing much of the racing circuit but I have heard of the greatest rivalry in history besides the Hatfields and McCoys I enjoyed it very much I liked how it wasn t biased and told the story as it truly was without the gossip Thanks again this book is definitely a great work of non fiction.

  15. Lauren

    Got this through a first read giveaway I know a bit on NASCAR racing than Formula racing, so it was nice to read about it That being said, this rivalry is as famous as many others and it was a great to read about it It was a bit slow at times and difficult to read at times but was rewarded with a great story regardless Definitely worth reading.

  16. Eric Brasley

    Love F1 but this book was tedious mostly due to the writer s style With a wealth of info about the drivers, the cars, the circuits, the politics, and this amazing season, the story loses its drama especially as it gets closer to the end.

  17. Simon

    I was quite disappointed in this book It s poorly written There s a ton of repetition Worst of all, it reads like a summary with no real depth that gives you no feel for Hunt and Lauda as characters A real shame.

  18. Tom Bennett

    A cracking read and to be honest the little typos that come with a first edition of a book from a small house make it seem all the human.Loved every page.

  19. Ellen

    If you are into Formula One racing, this is a good,book to read or listen to It is about Niki Lauda and James Hunt and the competition between the two.

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