Bumper Wipe Clean Activities (2020)

Bumper Wipe Clean Activities Juliet David Marie Allen Bumper Wipe Clean Activities Wipe clean and start again Seventy two pages of wipe clean fun activities with a short Bible story at the top of each page and the related activity below Help children learn while discovering their fa
  • Title: Bumper Wipe Clean Activities
  • Author: Juliet David Marie Allen
  • ISBN: 9781859857663
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Spiral-bound
Bumper Wipe Clean Activities Juliet David Marie Allen Wipe clean and start again Seventy two pages of wipe clean fun activities with a short Bible story at the top of each page and the related activity below.Help children learn while discovering their favorite Bible stories through mazes, dot to dots, spot the mistake, and many The laminated pages can be wiped clean for use again and again and includes a felt tip pen sWipe clean and start again Seventy two pages of wipe clean fun activities with a short Bible story at the top of each page and the related activity below.Help children learn while discovering their favorite Bible stories through mazes, dot to dots, spot the mistake, and many The laminated pages can be wiped clean for use again and again and includes a felt tip pen so children can get started right away.Unique Selling Points Hours of entertainment for a child Variety of puzzle and activity types Free pen included
Bumper Wipe Clean Activities Juliet David Marie Allen

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One thought on “Bumper Wipe Clean Activities

  1. Tina Peterson

    This is a really cute little book I have tried during the spring and early summer to sit down with Connor 5 to work on Dot to Dot s and Mazes and he has always said they are to hard or I don t want to do these Until 4 year old Jace came over for a playdate and fell in love with this book LOL nothing like a little jealousy and seeing another kid pick up your book hmmm Jace has not been to preschool yet and I don t think he has really heard any Bible Stories at home and yet he connected to the boo [...]

  2. Maureen Timerman

    What a wonderful book to have for young children When one does an activity, the other wanted to too, and all I had to do was wipe the page clean and the next one got a chance Not only is it a good way to learn to draw a straight line, and notice difference, they learn Bible Stories too This book is jammed packed with activities The only problem I had was who was going first Think I need two of these The book is recommended for 3 to 5 year old, but used it with 2 and a 6 year old also The boys no [...]

  3. Jill

    My testing panel consisted of three subjects 6 year old girl the audience I had intended for this book , 8 year old girl and 10 year old boy I brought out the book one afternoon for my 6 year old I was curious what she would think of it She was the right age for being able to read the directions herself but I wondered if she might think the activities were too easy.I was very surprised at how long she played with it The marker was perfect for small hands and it had a nice fine tip so that you di [...]

  4. Vera Godley

    Price 12.99ISBN 978 1 85985 766 3Pages 72 Size 6.5 x 8 inchesDon t you just absolutely love it when a children s book especially a children s activity book is lovely, of high quality materials and information, and endearing Well, we have one to talk about today The folks at Candle Books and author Juliet David continue to bring great books for our kiddies to learn about the Bible, Biblical characters, stories, and truths Today s book is Bumper Wipe Clean Activities and is geared for the 3 to 6 y [...]

  5. Heather

    This book is right up my kids alley especially my 5 year old and my 7 year old Don t tell anyone, but even my 10 year old can get caught up in this at times What do I think Who cares The kids LOVE it Haha I m kidding sorta I m not kidding about the kids they do love it But, as a parent, I know better than to just take the opinions of the kiddos without talking with the parents, too So, all you moms and dads and grandparents and other authority figures for children this one s for you In short, I [...]

  6. Bluerose'sHeart

    It s wonderful that each and every one of the activities in this book are reusable and can be passed through all 3 of my boys The best thing about it to me is that crayons work GREAT with it We ve taken this to church with us a few times for my two oldest and my niece We re trying to adopt a somewhat minimalist lifestyle, so Grasshopper 4 and Firefly 2 each have a single pair of khakis that they wear to church each Sunday We do swap out their shirts When Firefly pulled out the black marker that [...]

  7. Narita

    This little book has a lot going for it First and foremost it is sturdy It holds up to young hands enjoying it The pages are actually plastic so there is no need to worry about accidental tears that only grow worse with time The cover is very sturdy and plastic coated for easy cleaning Children will love the bright colors wonderful illustrations Not only are these an attention getter but also attention keeper Each page has about three to five sentences that give the bare facts about a Bible char [...]

  8. Christian Fiction Addiction

    Combining entertaining activities with Bible Stories, Bumper Wipe Clean Activities should be at the top of your list to buy for your children The book features a myriad of different things for your children to do, such as activities like connect the dots, doing mazes, tracing numbers and letters, or matching different objects The best part is that Bible stories like David guarding the sheep from wild animals, the story of Jonah, or many events from Jesus life are woven into the pages of the book [...]

  9. Ibjoy1953 Hannabass

    MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKBumper Wipe Clean Activities was a huge hit with my 4 year old niece She loves it, and has played and played with it I ended up mailing it to her house so she could have it there to play with This is the cutest little book your child will ever have The wipe clean activities are adorable for the kids to do This is an awesome idea for a children s book Abbi has enjoyed the matching, tracing, going through the mazes, and all of the other activities, and the awesome thing abo [...]

  10. Sarah

    I love reviewing books, but the whole family really get excited when I can share something with them And what a fun book this is for the kids a Bible activity book that can be reused again and again I was surprised how entertaining this Bumper Wipe Clean Activity book was for a wide range of ages of kids All of my 4 kids ages from 9 to 4 went through this activity book dot to dot, spot the mistakes, mazes, hidden objects, coloring pictures and really enjoyed it I assisted my 4 years old son in r [...]

  11. Mymcbooks

    My Review The Wipe Clean Activities book is packed full of fun activities with stories from the bible The activities include, dot to dot, spot the mistakes, find the way, matching pairs, hidden objects and many Each page gives instruction on what the kids need to do for example, Noah is busy sawing wood What is he making Joint up the dots to find out The kids will have so much fun and learn at the same time like learning how to draw in a straight line and trace within the lines The book include [...]

  12. Brenda

    Bumper Wipe Clean Activities book is chock full of fun things that focus on the Bible A study book that will withstand quite a bit of use.A sturdy cover, with the wipe free pages makes this a book that will be reused often There is a handy holder so the pen doesn t get lost from the book and the spiral binding makes it s easy for young hands to use Bright colors and easy to read vocabulary might just light the spark of reading with your youngster The simple activities are best suited for youngst [...]

  13. Amanda

    Are you looking for a fun activity book for your child Bumper Wipe Clean Activities may be the product for you This cute book is for kids ages 3 and up, and the activities are centered around different stories in the Bible The pages are full of the following fun activities Tracing, Drawing, Dot to Dot, Matching Pairs, Find the Way, Hidden Objects and The best part of this book is that all you have to do is wipe it clean to re use it again and again The instructions say that most good quality fe [...]

  14. Stacie Wyatt

    I reviewed Bumper Wipe Clean Activities , in exchange for review from Kregel Blog Tours This post contains affiliate images and links from The book was written by Juliet David and illustrated by Marie Allen The book was published by Candle Books Bumper Wipe Clean activities is an Christian activity book, which kids can use in the car Every page can be used with dry erase markers or crayons.The activities include Connect the dotsSpot the mistakesMatching pairsHidden ObjectsDrawingMazesTracing num [...]

  15. Linda B

    Nice and compact, this Bumper Wipe Clean Activities book can be carried along for use while traveling or for a home busy book The book has bright colors and good illustrations and with seventy pages of activities, it will keep a child busy for a quite a while Of course, the wipe clean feature allows for reuse The activities include dot to dot, mazes, tracing words and numbers, color pages, drawing pages, misplaced items, same or different, and so much The hardcover and laminated pages are very [...]

  16. Patricia Kemp Blackmon

    Fun activities for kids starting in the beginning with Adam and Eve, Noah s Ark to Jesus riding a donkey to Jerusalem It has so many activities like dot to dot, match ups, find the way, what belongs in this picture, trace numbers and Comes with a felt tip pen and the book has a wipe clean surface on each page.This would be good to take on car, plane or train trips Take to Church to keep the kiddos busy Grandparents you need one to keep at your house for when the grandkids come to visit The auth [...]

  17. Kristin

    This little book has provided hours of fun for my children especially during church when my three year old becomes antsy.This spiral bound bookl comes with a black felt tip pen but I bought additional colored dry erase markers so that she could color the pictures Always make sure that the dry erase markers you buy will wipe off easily There is a tester block on the back of the book for testing purposes which I really appreciated This little book has activities that are appropriate for toddlers s [...]

  18. Margaret Chind

    We really enjoying the painting activity book in the past, also illustrated by Juliet David from Kregel, but I think that this activity book is our favorite It is small enough to be held in hand or lap and full of dry erase pages with all sorts of activities from dot to dot to same different and so on My four year old daughter is loving this There are still somethings that are above her level, but it is a great tool for some off school learning time She loves it While we haven t taken it in the [...]

  19. Cara Putman

    Do you ever wish you had one activity to entertain your young child It could be a long car ride Or a wait at a restaurant that doesn t serve French fries as fast as your child would like Then this is a book that might just be a lifesaver Small enough to fit in a kid s small backpack or diaper bag, it s filled with 72 pages of wipe off and use all over again content My five year old thoroughly enjoyed working on this book It kept her entertained on a car trip, and my two year old enjoyed it too [...]

  20. Nickida Stephens

    My kids 6 5 really enjoyed playing with this book They really liked that they could write and draw and erase it and start all over again It s the perfect size for trips in the car, church services or any time you want to kids to just have fun with some quick and easy activities I really like how durable the book is made as well, it s not flimsy and easy to tear or fall apart It s a great book to give as a gift to parents with little ones and with multiple activities everyone can take turns and s [...]

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