Plus One (2020)

Plus One Brighton Walsh Plus One Olivia hates the singles scene so when her best guy friend Ian offers to be her plus one to a series of weddings she has to attend she agrees Although she doesn t want to complicate their lifelong
  • Title: Plus One
  • Author: Brighton Walsh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Plus One Brighton Walsh Olivia hates the singles scene, so when her best guy friend, Ian, offers to be her plus one to a series of weddings she has to attend, she agrees Although she doesn t want to complicate their lifelong friendship, she can t pass up the chance to have a steady date without the dating drama What she doesn t expect is to now find Ian so incredibly sexy.When Ian sees his oldOlivia hates the singles scene, so when her best guy friend, Ian, offers to be her plus one to a series of weddings she has to attend, she agrees Although she doesn t want to complicate their lifelong friendship, she can t pass up the chance to have a steady date without the dating drama What she doesn t expect is to now find Ian so incredibly sexy.When Ian sees his old friend Olivia dolled up for wedding 1, the boyhood crush he once nurtured transforms into smoldering attraction It doesn t take long for their no strings arrangement to turn physical But as Olivia s desire to stay just friends becomes clear, Ian s feelings are deepening In the time they have together, how will Ian convince Olivia that one plus one can make for a lifelong pair
Plus One Brighton Walsh

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    187 Brighton Walsh
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One thought on “Plus One

  1. Jill

    Sometimes I feel a bit like Goldilocks when reading contemporary romance I have a difficult time finding a book that s just right Either the stories are too unrealistic or the dialogue too cheesy or the narrative too flowery The hero is too over the top controlling or the heroine too innocent or too feisty Or the plot borders on fantasy with its insta love lust, blah, blah, blah.But occasionally I read a CR that s just right for me Like finding that bowl of porridge that s neither too hot nor to [...]

  2. caren

    I told Brighton this the first time I read Plus One, and it still remains true after re reading it again this is my favorite thing she s ever written This little novella is short, sweet, hot and will leave you wanting when you get to the last page.Olivia and Ian have known each other for years She s best friends with his sister, and the three of them have been as close as people can get as friends Olivia s been on a never ending string of bad dates, and with wedding season approaching, Ian goes [...]

  3. KatLynne

    3.5 stars Ian and Olivia s journey from friendship to love is sexy, plausible and one that I very much enjoyed.Thank you, Jilly, for leading me to this fun, feel good read

  4. Sheri

    What a fun, sweet story After a string of horrible dates, Olivia resorts to dragging her long time friend, Ian, along with her to a series of upcoming weddings Ian goes willingly, happy to be tagging along as Olivia s plus one just for the chance to be spending some time with her The time they spend together, though, the harder it is to hide growing the attraction between them The characters in this story were fun and quite developed for the short length of the novella Oliva and Ian were great [...]

  5. Jaime Arkin

    I have to disclose up front that I personally know this author But I m pretty sure I didn t let that sway my opinion of Plus One at all One of the reasons I know Ms Walsh personally is because I admire her as a writer and she always seems to know just what I m looking for in heroines and heroes and she brings that to her writing In Plus One, we meet Olivia, who is tired of endless dates with men that she just can t connect with In fact, we meet her while she s on one such date and I can t blame [...]

  6. Tyra

    I was so lucky to win an ARC of this book and believe me, I devoured it very quickly this evening because I was so excited Friends to are my favorite types of stories.I loved every thing about Ian and Livvy Their banter, friendship and their chemistry Also, the sex scenes were HOT as well I ve been reading this Authors stories for a few years now and she is one of my favorites This story definitely didn t disappoint.

  7. ShoSho

    From Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewA short , steamy and enjoyable read.Olivia is a thirty two year old woman who has decided to give up dating and instead of looking for a date to the weddings she has to attend she accepts Ian offer to be her plus one Ian and his sister Emma have been Livvy s best friends for twenty years and he s been in love with her for the whole time.I would have loved details about the characters their families and even the weddings,like whose weddings were the [...]

  8. cosmogirl7481

    I wish I could leave a well written, eloquent review for Brighton Walsh But seeing as how I m reviewing from my iPad while I m still lounging in bed in vacation, this will have to make do.I thoroughly enjoyed this book Novella length books are a fav for me in erotica And this one didn t disappoint It was long enough to connect me to the characters, but short enough that nothing felt repetitive and everything about the story felt fresh.I loved the heroine, Livvy And she only made me bitchface twi [...]

  9. Stacee

    Love love love Olivia She s smart and successful and knows what she wants out of life Without being a bitch about it Ian sigh I don t even have words for him He s sweet and swoony and so fucking hot I would beat someone s ass to get to him The banter between the two of them is some of the best It s such a great rollercoaster ride in such a short amount of time And even though you know where the story is going, Brighton has made it entirely hers Brighton has such a way with words that I ll defini [...]

  10. Risbee

    Fun and flirty and unffy and can I have Ian please From the moment I turned on my Kindle until the very last word, I couldn t put it down It was as amazing as I knew it would be.I am a sucker for a friends becoming story and Plus One does not disappoint The banter, the flirty ness, the UNF, the sexy times they were exactly what I look for in a story Olivia is smart and sassy with a backbone and Ian sweet lord, he is delish Ms Walsh weaves their story in a way that is fluid and entertaining and [...]

  11. Danielle (Love at First Page)

    3.5 4 starsShort, sweet, and sexy I love that it s the boy who has been in love with his older sister s best friend for most of his life, rather than the other way around Ian is so adorably whipped I ve been spoiled on Brighton s books lately I can feel the withdrawals already starting Her romances are amazing, no matter if they are less than one hundred pages or three hundred pages Will be counting down the days until the next 3Featured on my romance novellas REC IT post.

  12. Nefise

    After a few NA books, I needed an CA with urgently so I can reset my mind When you feel such a need in the middle of night, the best solution is a short story So I red Plus One and I had great time I ve read a lot of books about this plot but still it s one of my favorites As I have always said if writing style is good, guarantee that I ll enjot it in any case Thank you Jill This is one of the many books that I ve read after your review and had enjoy

  13. Erin Arkin

    Plus One is a fun and sexy story that is a super quick read but gives you enough character development and story to really enjoy it The whole friends to in a book has always been one of my favorites and it is easy to get right into it with Olivia and Ian Olivia is sick of the dating scene and just happens to have a bunch of weddings she has to go to over the next few months but no date Enter Ian Ian and Olivia have been friends for a long time as she happens to be best friends with Ian s sister [...]

  14. tonya.

    A fun, sexy, sweet read that I devoured in less than an hour Friends to is totally my jam, and Ian is a sweetheart I had a smile on my face the entire time Definitely looking forward to from Brighton.

  15. Jen

    Super cute little novella with some great sexual tension Perfect when you need a light, in between read.

  16. monica ♪

    4 Stars ABOUT THE BOOK Tittle Plus OneSeries Stand aloneAuthor Brighton WalshRelease Date May 6th 2013Rating 4 StarsCliffhanger NoWriting Style Third Person POVHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler MY REVIEW Olivia is a thirty something single woman that has shit luck with relationships After many times she tries to date a decent man, she always failed But then she has 9 weddings she needs to attend and she obviously needs a date because she hates to be alone at wedding Then her old friend, Ian offe [...]

  17. Stella

    I started reading Plus One because the blurb sounded like a fun, flirty wedding romance with the from friends to lovers trope that I just love, and it didn t disappoint It was cute, it was light and it was delightful Brighton Walsh just got added to my must read authors and I can t wait to read of her stories hopefully full length novels Although the story is just 68 page long, Brighton Walsh managed to tell a well rounded story with three dimensional, well developed, interesting characters the [...]

  18. Jennifer

    Review can be seen here on Books and Swoons.My rating 4.5 out of 5 starsI loved this novella It was short, sweet and juuust right It was exactly what I needed after reading so many YA novels back to back Brighton Walsh knows how to weave a story and have you falling in love right alongside with the characters And I love the story line of friends to It makes my girly heart sigh in contentment and have me cheering the couple on.Olivia is the kind of female heroine that I wish I see of in books S [...]

  19. Katie_la_geek

    For this review and my blogPlus One is a sweet little novella that does exactly what it says on the tin It is short, cute and full of some delicious sexual tension Books about friends turning into lovers can be hot or miss Often the chemistry isn t there or it is not quite believable Plus one suffers from none of these problems it was done just right and I liked the journey from friends to .Both Olivia and Ian are strong characters, I liked both of them equally and liked their relationship from [...]

  20. Gils

    I was in a rut For a long time, I thought I was broken I couldn t find anything to read that I truly enjoyed I thought that there was something wrong with me, maybe I just read too much Then I won an ARC of Plus One by one of my favorite writers and I realized that its not me, its them Finally a truly good book with a writing quality that is both precise and deliciously enjoyable.Brighton Walsh has such a wonderful way with words Her work is vivid I often feel like I am watching a movie rather t [...]

  21. Amanda R

    I received this book as an ARC via Net galley Olivia has nine weddings to attend during the next few weekends and after multiple horrible dates, she just doesn t think she can face going to them stag Ian, her best friends baby brother, offers to be her date for all the weddings He has had an unrequited love for her for as long as he can remember and thought that moving away from his hometown would get him away from Olivia and his crush and he could get over it Seeing her has squashed all hopes o [...]

  22. Lori (Ficwishes)

    Olivia has been on a string of rotten dates Unfortunately, she has a series of weddings that she has to attend and dreads the thought of going alone While lamenting this fact, her childhood friend, Ian, suggests that he accompany her to the weddings.Ian has been in love with Livvy for over twenty years Having spent the past 7 years two hours away from her Ian has convinced himself that he has moved on Ian now wonders if it is even possible to get over her After spending several weekends as Livvy [...]

  23. becky (rtgirl)

    I m not going to give a summary in my review because everything you need to know to pick up this book Brighton Walsh has already summarized for usexcept for the fact that the chemistry between Ian and Olivia is off the charts There is all kinds of tension, both of the I love her but she doesn t know it yet , and of the sexual variety The heroine is a believable, independent, every day girl who has been through the dating wringer and Ian is just an all around good guy He s handsome and smart and [...]

  24. Crazy for Books (Stephanie)

    NetGalley free read like a 4.5 I loved it It was cute, sweet and a little Hot Ian was a little sappy, but not in the bedroom And after reading quite a few dominate intense males, this was a welcome change The only thing keeping me from giving it a complete sweep is because it was a novella Not a whole lot of character development with friends and family or employees and employers But it didn t really need it Olivia and Ian were enough and that s saying a lot I m getting through all my short stor [...]

  25. Sandra

    Brighton Walsh delivers a super cute, erotic romance about a boy whose been in love with his sister s best friend for years, and a girl who has a hard time believing that the boy in question might actually love her Both are afraid to ruin a long friendship by giving in to the mutual attraction The author crams a lot of character development into a short story, letting both parties have their say, and then culminates the romance just the way I like it.It s a perfect book to read on the beach or i [...]

  26. Kelly Moran

    After a miserable string of bad dates, Olivia is fed up But she has a bunch of weddings coming up and doesn t want to go alone In steps her good friend, Ian, who also happens to be her best friend s brother What she didn t expect was to be so attracted to him Now Ian needs to convince her he wants to be her plus one for life.This was a short novella, but packed a punch The quick wit writing and humor were the right blend, and the sudden attraction between two people who ve known each other all t [...]

  27. Kathrine Berntsen

    I did like this book I liked the characters But the thing is, it was to easy and not mush of a story It was almost boring because it just so straight forward Already from the beginning we know that the male character has been in love with the girl for twenty years and of course he want when they start to go to the weddings together They sleep together and the girl wants to take it slow, he confesses his love and without much drama or anything really, she is just alright, I love you too and they [...]

  28. Siew Ee

    Again, the type of romance that I like one that comes from a long and solid friendship This very short book comes with no fuss, no extraneous details, no complications at least no major ones that s found in many chick lit novels A nice, feel good story that I finished reading within a day Exact rating 3.5

  29. Irene

    4.5 stars rounding it up to 5 starsI really enjoyed Plus One.For a novella the author Brighton Walsh does a very good job of making you connect with her characters The story for me was perfect It had everything I love in a book.Looking forward to reading from Brighton Walsh in the near future.

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