Texas Pride (2020)

Texas Pride Kindle Alexander Texas Pride When mega movie star and two time Academy Award winner Austin Grainger voluntarily gave up his dazzling film career his adoring fan base thought he d lost his mind For Austin the seclusion of fifte
  • Title: Texas Pride
  • Author: Kindle Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780989117302
  • Page: 129
  • Format: ebook
Texas Pride Kindle Alexander When mega movie star and two time Academy Award winner, Austin Grainger voluntarily gave up his dazzling film career, his adoring fan base thought he d lost his mind For Austin, the seclusion of fifteen hundred acres in the middle of Texas sounds like paradise No cameras, paparazzi, or overzealous media to hound him every day and night Little did the sexiest man alWhen mega movie star and two time Academy Award winner, Austin Grainger voluntarily gave up his dazzling film career, his adoring fan base thought he d lost his mind For Austin, the seclusion of fifteen hundred acres in the middle of Texas sounds like paradise No cameras, paparazzi, or overzealous media to hound him every day and night Little did the sexiest man alive know when one door closes, another usually opens And Austin s opened by way of a sexy, hot ranch owner right next door Kitt Kelly wasn t your average rancher He s young, well educated and has hidden his sexuality for most of his life When his long time wet dream materializes as his new neighbor it threatens everything he holds dear No way the ranching community would ever accept him if he came out With every part of his life riding on the edge, can Kitt risk it all for a chance at love or will responsibility to his family heritage cost him his one chance at happiness
Texas Pride Kindle Alexander

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One thought on “Texas Pride

  1. Gigi

    Fuck yeah, I loved this book Hollywood glamour meets fucking hot cowboys Right up my kink ally The blurb pulled me right in and that was all it took I was hooked Texas Pride was angst ridden, heartbreaking at times, passionate and incredibly romantic I absolutely feel in love with both two time Academy Award winner, MC Austin and Ranch owner and cowboy, MC Kitt Both had a shitload of hurdles to jump over to get to their HEA, but what a HEA it was Rainbows and puppies and sunshine and roses sigh [...]

  2. J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    4.5 Stars Did a re read of this little diddy support of my friend and all thank you Aksana that hadn t read it That s just the kind of friend I am Just as good the second time I might have noticed the cheese factor a bit But I ve come to expect this with Kindle Alexandercially in her earlier stuff Still she brings a HOT read, with just enough drama and angst to keep things interesting She s definitely an auto buy author for me Original Review5 HOT HOT HOT Stars That was.One of the best M M book [...]

  3. Judith

    4 Stars.Kitt.Like Cowboys view spoiler hide spoiler Review soon br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

  4. DW

    Yay for another I need to hump something book I really need to stop reading M M books at work Austin leaves his Hollywood life to move back home to Texas He has kept his sexuality secret his whole life So when he finds out that his neighbor is a crush from high school, he makes it his mission to get him in his bed Kitt is the sexy rancher from high school that Austin has crushed on for years He has lived a very lonely life taking care of his step mom, sisters and the ranch that his father left w [...]

  5. Ingela

    4 Stars a fleeing moviestar and a lonely cowboy great topic Very hot and steamy but a really romantic tale tooAlthough I loved the theme in this novel, with a movie star and a secretive cowboy farmer, I hesitated a long time In the beginning it was too much thoughts about sex, how they wanted each other etc but every after this became a really good romantic story It started a bit callous but finally I was caught I will certainly read by Ms Alexander This one felt sometimes much like an ordinar [...]

  6. Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦

    4 4.5 STARS You ve healed my soul There s nothing I miss from that old life that I haven t found a hundred times better here with you Austin You ve had my heart It s never belonged to anyone else Kitt Austin is a movie star in his early thirties He s tired of Hollywood, he s tired of paparazzi, he s tired of all the gossip, so he decides to leave the celebrity world behind He buys a ranch in Texas, in his hometown where he hopes to find quiet and peace Austin have a fianc e, a fake one, because [...]

  7. Jess-i-ca ~Sometimes a Gif Witch~

    10 2 13 EDITED TO add funny twerk videoThis was a good book for a M M Romance Cowboys, Horses, and Hot Guys Oh My No the Gangham Style guy is NOT who I m referencing to as being hot Kitt s a cowboyI m not a big fan of cowboy hats and boots but whatevs Austin is a fancy movie star who moves back to his hometown to get out of the limelight They both don t know the other is gay untilKittAustinAustin sees Kitt s underwear Apparently its the kind gay guys wear so he s suspicious Please go here to vie [...]

  8. Diana

    This books has been sitting on my kindle forever, and I could kick myself for not reading it sooner It was definitely hot and sexy, but very sweet at the same time.Kitt Kelly is pretty much resigned to living a quiet lonely life because he is terrified of what would happen to his family farm business if it ever came out he is gay He is worried it would affect his business and he would be difficult for his Stepmom and sisters So when he sells some of his land, little did he know his life would be [...]

  9. Eva

    What can I say about this, but how much I loved this book.Austin is a movie star, tired of the Hollywood He wants out, he wants peace Where better to get back to Texas and the town he grew up in What he finds there is Kit, a rancher that he went to school with Kit has sold part of his property to Austin unaware that this is the older classmate he had a crush on in high school It was the cowboy who caused Austin s eyebrows to rise in unexpected speculation The guy looked good Real good All of the [...]

  10. Mona

    Another awesome read by the amazing and talented Kindle Alexander.A sexy, sweet and tender love story between two passionate Texan men

  11. Mandapanda

    2.5 stars Long slow paced story with a sea change theme Fairly basic writing, plenty of typos and the characters weren t that appealing But I always enjoy a story where the MC moves away from the city for a new life in the country so that aspect appealed to me Not the best example of self publishing.

  12. Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

    4.25 Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy Stars Austin Grainger, a bitter A list actor ready to leave Hollywood for good sick and tired of the paparazzi and the constant circus of living under the microscope Kitt Kelly, a hard working, salt of the Earth Texas Cowboy shouldering the responsibility of his father s outdated farm and taking care of his family Both men closeted Both men have secretly wanted each other for years Austin has just purchased the land next door to Kitt s farm Ready Set Action The c [...]

  13. Shelley

    2.5 StarsThis could have been so much better Great premise where closeted Hollywood actor meets closeted hunky rancher Both guys are gorgeous obviously fall in love DESPERATELY and attempt to keep the closet firmly bolted from the inside The writing is engaging but spoiled by shoddy editing The characters are well developed and I felt something for Kit but neither MC s are solid enough in their convictions The author defines each MC as Top and bottom from the start but then decides to switch it [...]

  14. JR

    What can I say about this, but how much I loved every sentence, every word Austin is a jaded actor, tired of the Hollywood machine He wants out, he wants peace Where better to get his heart s desire then back to Texas and the town he grew up in What he finds there is Kit, a rancher that he went to school with Kt has sold part of his property to Austin unaware that this is the older classmate he had a crush on in high school Austin takes one look at Kit and he is determined to make him his It s a [...]

  15. Adam

    I think it s time for me to accept that Kindle Alexander s writing just doesn t work for me I gave one of her books 4 stars, but everything else has been less than stellar.The editing was atrocious There were too many grammatical errors to count, and oddly worded conversations throughout the book This author isn t always the most diligent, but her work that I ve read previously hasn t been this in need of a good edit I ll assume that it s because this was one of her earlier releases.That aside, [...]

  16. Angelica

    I was interested at the beginning, but the I read, the disengaged I got There were too many issues that kept me from enjoying this story There are many grammatical errors to begin with, and some character inconsistencies that were annoying For instance, one of the characters is a self proclaimed bottom and the other one is portrayed as a top As their story begins the roles were completely reversed I have nothing against role reversal, but there must be an explanation if as a reader I ve been l [...]

  17. Nic

    Hot cowboy gorgeous movie star sizzling romance When I started this book I was expecting a fairly standard story with a plot I am sure I have seen before famous celebrity moves to the country, hiding his identity from most people and falls in love with a hot local guy But this book surprised me Yes, the plot does involve Austin Academy Award winning movie star buying a ranch and starting a relationship with his neighbour Kitt ranch owner cowboy , but it is unique in many ways.The characters have [...]

  18. Tara♥

    I m not really sure about this one to be honest On one hand AndBut it just all felt a bit forced or something Also I tend to avoid books with the celebrity trope as it really isn t a favourite of mine so that might also be the reason this didn t work for me Why anyone would want to be famous is beyond me All that aside, Kitt and Austin were a nice couple and when they were communicating they were fabulous together It was when anything or anyone from the outside was added that everything tended t [...]

  19. Denise H.

    This is the awesome story of two men destined for each other beautifully written by Kindle Alexander Austin s plans are finally coming true He s quitting show biz and is going to be a rancher in his hometown The wild life isn t for him Kitt is turning his family ranch into a profitable one, with cattle, horses, breeding and insemination He sold some land to pay for his sister s college dream, and all is moving along nicely until his new neighbor messes with his fence Austin, 25, and Kitt, 28, gr [...]

  20. Mo

    I must say I really liked this one Good looking movie star Good looking Cowboy Small town living Big ranch Fear of gossip, fear of betrayal, fear of loneliness Loved Austin and Kitt think I like Kitt a little bit His insecurities, the fact that he did not know how good looking he was Austin had a struggle trying to convince him but it was worth it in the end Makes me want to move to Texas and find a Cowboy for myself.

  21. Debra

    I got exactly what I was expecting from this book A classic romance some reviews have even said it felt like m f and I tend to agree where the closeted actor, Austin, frustrated with his Hollywood existence, leaves the limelight and secludes himself in the town he grew up in Closeted rancher Kitt, sold part of his land not knowing it was going to Austin Kitt remembers Austin as his HS crush, a senior to his freshman, who he has continued to fantasize about over the years The two meet and eventua [...]

  22. Laziel

    From the off set Kit stole my heart As a lover of m m romance its nice to be reminded at times that real romance still exists, and this is what Texas Pride delivers within the pages of this story Kindle Alexander broaches the subject of how hard it can sometimes be to live life when your plagued by other peoples judgemental attitudes For Austen and Kitt its even harder as Austen s character is such a well known celebrity that s hounded constantly by the dreggs of society, of which Kindle describ [...]

  23. Natasha

    3.5 big gay stars.Spoilers indeed.Kitt s a hot gay cowboy who s in the closest Austin is a hot, super rich actor who wants to pound Kitt s bum True love Guess so.Always with the beautiful rich people in KA books.Anyway, Kitt s closested and there s lots of him being all Oh no, I shall never come out but then he meets Austin and they have lots of sexy and god do they ever talk They talk about feelings and are quite crazy Like, Mary Calmes characters level of crazy Like, OMG YOU RE LEAVING FOR 3 D [...]

  24. Trisha Harrington

    I am conflicted on this one I loved it, but I hated other parts of it Austin was my favourite MC I truly loved him Kitt, not so much But I could say I didn t despise him The story itself was interesting and drew me in to parts of it After reading this I find myself asking a lot of internal questions.Was Kitt an ass Did I like how he treated Sean and the Austin Did Austin deserve how Kitt treated him Was the ending satisfying for me My answer to those are still a bit fuzzy This story has a slow p [...]

  25. Isabel

    Now, here it is a book with hot cowboys, a great plot and an amazing love Austin is a famous actor, that is tired of his life and wants to become a cowboy So he buys a ranch, in Texas, where he was born, decided to change his life and to have a peaceful and quite living In Texas, he finds Kitt Kelly, who he knows from his youth Kitt owns a ranch and he is Austin s neighbor Kitt is also gay very closeted and have a crush for Austin since he was a young boy Two amazing men, an explosion of hotness [...]

  26. Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••

    I went out of my comfort zone as I needed something different So happy I did This is my second m m book Not only did it show me how difficult it has been in this world for people to honestly show who they really are and how they really feel, but it shows me love is love Kudos to this author I really did enjoy this book and the underlying messages in it I m loving these reads What made you finally come out Austin When you find the person you know you re supposed to spend the rest of your life wit [...]

  27. ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★

    Loved, the Cowboy.Loved The BookLoved the Plot This bookIMO It is a somewhat an easy read with a lovely amount of pages The descriptive writing is excellent There were a few WTF momdnts, but they made for an intresting tead And, I still really loved this read This book was easy to fall into this book It had fluff galore , and a strong western storyline.I truley love my cowboy books as a whole, I ADORED

  28. Keagan Kruze

    How did I miss this again I loved the book even though there wasnt one stabbing or dagger reference Which is something she might need to change in her next boook Daggers makes the best stories real.

  29. C.

    My suggestion is just don t bother reading this book I made to the end through sheer force of will.I mean, two extremely closeted men that get together so quickly you barely have time to blink The same with the relationship Less than a week goes by and there s already talks about commitment and so many corny and cheesy lines that I wanted to choke I just don t buy it And there s simply no time for you to get to know the characters as individuals and to want to root for them as a couple and frank [...]

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