I Run (2020)

I Run E.L. Farris I Run My name is Sally Lane Brookman If you met me on the street you d probably wonder if you knew me from somewhere else from another city or another time in your life I look like every woman and yet no
  • Title: I Run
  • Author: E.L. Farris
  • ISBN: 9781482324
  • Page: 312
  • Format: ebook
I Run E.L. Farris My name is Sally Lane Brookman If you met me on the street, you d probably wonder if you knew me from somewhere else, from another city or another time in your life I look like every woman and yet no woman I always was and probably always will be the girl next door according to my dear husband William.You know the kind of person who never quite fits in wherever she goesMy name is Sally Lane Brookman If you met me on the street, you d probably wonder if you knew me from somewhere else, from another city or another time in your life I look like every woman and yet no woman I always was and probably always will be the girl next door according to my dear husband William.You know the kind of person who never quite fits in wherever she goes Who wears some invisible freak flag that everyone can sense without exactly seeing That s me I m 40 years old, and I still don t really know what I m doing or who I am, and even after getting hit by a bus, I can t seem to stop running But the problem is I m realizing that I m running from than my past I m not just escaping the horrors of my childhood I m running from myself I m running from growing up I m running from all the responsibilities of being a mom Maybe, maybe I m even running from God.I don t know I don t know what I m doing or why I can t stop running All I know is that I gotta stop running, or else the family I love so much is going to unravel No one can run forever.
I Run E.L. Farris

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One thought on “I Run

  1. Tahlia Newland

    I Run is the story of a woman battling the demons of her childhood, an addictive personality and an injured body in an attempt to get her inner life together I always thought that running was a healthy thing, but for Sally it s much complex than that She uses running to run from her feelings and to punish herself because she feels worthless the legacy of a childhood of abuse She also knows that she s f ed up and that she won t be healed until she faces the past But facing the past is painful Ev [...]

  2. Anna Erishkigal

    REVIEW UPDATED 10 15 13Upon reading the final version of this story as released to the public, I am upgrading my original review of the Advanced Review Copy see below to 5 stars The few spots I had flagged as knocking me out of the story have been smoothed out and I now feel as though I run the race through this book alongside Little Sally with no untied shoelaces or stumbling off the path I Run was a painful book to read, not because the story itself or the writing style was difficult, but beca [...]

  3. Paul Hollis

    When Sally Lane Brookman gets hit by a Metro bus, it shatters her suburban world But it does than just damage her body when she begins the long and painful process of physical recovery, she realizes that she s broken in places than any doctor could ever see Her injuries were the catalyst that cracked open a vault of nightmares that had been hidden for years.I didn t want to read I RUN, I had to read it Slowly opening the cover like a frightened child, I was sucked down a dark hole in the pages [...]

  4. ReadAlong With Sue

    I was given this by the author as an ARC.I had the pleasure of reading Ripple her previous book and so was excited to get my hands on this one, especially an advanced copy Its totally different than her previous book That s not in a bad way, its lovely when authors can take on different aspects of relaying something as important as the subject matter that E L Farris writes about.Sally She is the paramount subject matter in this read I can say its very gripping Its also very intense Because of wh [...]

  5. Stephanie Saye

    I RUN chronicles the physical and mental breakdown of Sally Lane Brookman, a forty year old woman who suffers from bipolar spectrum disorder, after she gets hit by a Metro bus and nearly dies As Sally begins her painful recovery, addiction, mental illness, and the post traumatic stress of childhood sexual abuse overcome her To escape her demons, Sally starts training for a marathon and takes it to a grueling extreme that threatens to break her in both body and mind.Written in an accessible strea [...]

  6. Scott

    I Run is a powerful story I can only read a few pages at a time before taking a moment to reflect Then I am drawn back to see what happens next It is a great roller coaster of raw emotion and true life challenges Sally s story of abuse, addiction, injury and the drive and inspiration that brings her back from the depths of despair is inspiring The story and the telling is so personal and existentially aware that I can see myself, friends and family in the issues, emotions and motivations that E [...]

  7. Jessica

    E.L Farris I RUN is an emotional journey as one woman tries to outrun her personal demons from the past and raise a family.As far as characterization, we have good character development Sally is our main character and she s married and a mother to three children She s been struggling since the accident and it s easy to like her There s some personal trauma that she s been trying to remember and yet can t Then we have her husband William who at times comes off as passive and I m still trying to w [...]

  8. Danielle

    This book was one of the most difficult books I ve read this year, but it was also one of the most satisfying Farris paints a broken picture of abuse through Sally Brookman, an adult victim of child abuse and neglect who has personified her pain through Little Sally , an image of herself she carries through her adult life Battling her feelings by self medicating with drugs and alcohol, Sally literally copes with everything she feels through running which is the only way she is able to be free of [...]

  9. T.B. Markinson

    4.5 This novel is not an easy one to read Sally didn t have a great childhood It was horrific in fact Her mother struggled with mental illness and from the beginning of I Run the reader senses that Sally was a victim of rape, but you don t know who raped her But it seems clear it was a family member Father Brother When Sally is in a bus accident, she has to put her life back together, including her body and soul Not only is she dealing with physical pain, but emotional Her past is catching up wi [...]

  10. UJ

    Over the years, I lost touch with literary fiction Because of that, I started thinking I really didn t like it It was too heavy It was too dark A story without noticeable plot and lots of action was boring Entertainment and escapism was too important The excuses piled up However, the simple truth was I let the intellectual part of my brain get lazy Thank you, E L Farris, for saving me I Run was not only a great read, but it also made me remember how to appreciate the psychological depth of a cha [...]

  11. Brent Meske

    If a life of a person is an impeccable stained glass window, complete with depictions of the moments that are most worth remembering and writing about, then Sally Lane Brookman s window was shattered into a hundred thousand pieces, and EL Farris s I Run is what happens when you take those pieces and begin to assemble the window again Only Farris doesn t lay out the pieces the way they ought to go, she doesn t put Humpty Dumpty together again That s not possible and it s not the point Instead wha [...]

  12. books are love

    this is a amazingly poignant emotional book It will have you wanting to hold her in your arms and tell her she is safe.A story of a woman haunted by her past A past so sad that no one should have to go through what she did Her way of dealing with it is to run Run from the pain, the emotion the feeling Except running doesn t always help her forget She sees the past and runs through it She has the running make her go numb.Running for Sally is her way of shutting down And yet she doesn t shutdown b [...]

  13. Ashley

    I found this book to be extremely confusing at first, a whirlwind of emotion and turmoil, of drama and sin, confusion and life lessons Above all things, I found this book to be thoroughly enjoyable E.L Farris weaves a tale that is eerily close to some peoples hearts, closer than many would like to admit The story is of a runner, a woman by the name of Sally Lane, who uses running as her coping mechanism she uses it overcome past traumas, and to deal with her inability to cope with those issues i [...]

  14. Joanne

    From the beginning of I Run, the reader is drawn into the life of Sally Lane Brookman Her extraordinary journey where she has to fight the demons of her childhood abuse The pain and suffering of a near death experience after a Metro buss accident which led to substance abuse And yet this was not all she had to face She found refuge in running Their she could feel save, forget, and make the voices in her head be still But due to the accident Sally had to face the greatest challenge of all And it [...]

  15. Carrie

    I Run wasn t an easy book It was easy to read, but it was also emotionally painful Sometimes books about abuse recovery, addiction, mental illness can get too hokey or unrealistic This isn t the case with I Run The main character, Sally, was very believable as she takes the readers along with her on what feels like a journey through a journal, a journey towards healing For anyone who has suffered at the hands of a child abuser, has struggled with the pull of addiction, has tried to understand th [...]

  16. Jennifer

    I love this Throughout the entire book, I felt connected to Sally I could feel what she was feeling and I just had to find out what would happen to her The end of the story was greatly satisfying Sally s emotions and actions were not only justified and vindicated, but I also felt like my own difficult life experiences, and the ensuing memories, were as well Abuse survivors often feel great guilt over the abuse itself and their behavior that follows This book shows that survivors may be sad, conf [...]

  17. Dixiane Hallaj

    If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be intense I could only read a few pages at a time because the writing portrayed Sally s pain so well As Sally struggled to overcome her own problems, there were aspects of that struggle that resonated with me Although the problems may be different, I feel sure that anyone reading the book will find something familiar and personal in Sally s struggles.I may have only read a few pages at a time, but I could not leave it alone Sally kept calling [...]

  18. Linda

    Like Sally, I ran then I stopped running, then I ran some Ms Farris drags us along, sometimes kicking and screaming on a journey of theraputic hopefulness where the glass is half full even when we wish we could simply knock the damned thing onto the floor I can honestly say there were times during my second read yes I read it than once that I wished Sally would simply trip over her shoe strings and stop talking, stop running, stop just stop I knew, deep in my heart just how she felt Ms Farris [...]

  19. Kathleen O'Donnell

    An honest, funny, painful story of a woman damaged by abuse Getting hit by a bus is her defining moment Her physical wounds heal, but she still hurts where it counts in her soul, where the damage really resides In an effort to deal with her emotional wounds she runs And runs Can you run from yourself, your pain Sally finds out she can t She s got to deal And deal she does, with fortitude and humor.A must for everyone who s been abused, knows anyone who s been abused, or cares about this still to [...]

  20. Philomena Callan Cheekypee

    Wow what an amazing novel this was This was an intense, well written novel of literary fiction We see Sally going through so much heartache and pain This fantastic author shows us how hope lots of love can help people through the most worst of experiences I m glad this book ended the way it did As this is literary fiction I couldn t and didnt want to read it quickly In my opinion it needs to be absorbed If you want a heavy, intense read then I highly recommend this I received this from author in [...]

  21. Jan

    Good books entertain you, amuse you or give you a way to pass a rainy afternoon Great books make you think, make you feel This is a great book.It s the story of one woman s struggle to overcome her past I saw a lot of my self in Little Sally, and I imagine most readers will too.The book is raw It pulls no punches and that is how a story like this should be told The author drops a few F bombs but without them the story wouldn t have the same impact I applaud the author for providing information a [...]

  22. Donna

    I could not finish this book I really tried I became so tired of reading the perspective of a woman who seemed so totally self involved I finally gave up.

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