State of Nature (2020)

State of Nature Ryan Winfield State of Nature From New York Times bestselling author Ryan Winfield a thrilling tale of friendship betrayal and adventure The final chapterAfter leaving the Isle of Man Aubrey and Jimmy return to the Foundation
  • Title: State of Nature
  • Author: Ryan Winfield
  • ISBN: 9780988348257
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
State of Nature Ryan Winfield From New York Times bestselling author Ryan Winfield, a thrilling tale of friendship, betrayal, and adventure.The final chapterAfter leaving the Isle of Man, Aubrey and Jimmy return to the Foundation to confront Hannah about her betrayal and to free the people of Holocene II only to find themselves facing new and difficult challenges in a world where nothing is asFrom New York Times bestselling author Ryan Winfield, a thrilling tale of friendship, betrayal, and adventure.The final chapterAfter leaving the Isle of Man, Aubrey and Jimmy return to the Foundation to confront Hannah about her betrayal and to free the people of Holocene II only to find themselves facing new and difficult challenges in a world where nothing is as it seems.Don t miss the epic conclusion you ll have to read yourself to believe.Destined to become a classic, The Park Service trilogy will inspire and delight readers of all ages.
State of Nature Ryan Winfield

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    Ryan Winfield

One thought on “State of Nature

  1. Tina

    Oh hell, how can I find the right words to review this book, the third and final part of a trilogy that took my breath away from the very beginning A series about two 15 years old boys who stole my heart and never gave it back It all started in October 2012 when Ryan Winfield published the first book of The Park Service series I nearly didn t read it because of the strange book title and the genre Science Fiction Dystopia Young Adult Ughhh not a book I was going to like So I thought.The rest is [...]

  2. Lori Myers

    SighI did not want this series to end Over the months that I have had the first two, I have visited Aubry and Jimmy often I had very mixed emotions about the release of this, the final book in The Park Service I was super excited because I adored the first two and could not wait to delve into the story and plot twists that Ryan does so well BUT I was also apprehensive I love Aubry and Jimmy and did not want the story to end This was my favorite of the three books Why Was it the finishing up of t [...]

  3. YouKneeK

    I m not even sure how to write a review for this final book in the trilogy There s really nothing I can say about the plot or the characters that wouldn t spoil the fun of reading it for oneself However, I m not really feeling like fun is the right word at the moment This series is probably a really bad choice for somebody who s currently in search of something happy to read The series has some happy and funny moments, but there is a lot of major tragedy throughout and some pretty gruesome depic [...]

  4. Nancy Silk

    Remarkable End of the Park Service Trilogy This final episode depicts three survivors as they leave the destroyed Isle of Man Their submarine retraces their journey back through the Panama Canal and northward following the coast to the Foundation Jimmy is still irate with the professor who is piloting the submarine Aubrey wonders about meeting again with deceptive Hannah Their goal is to return to Holocene II and free the people where they can return to Earth s surface to live Upon arrival, Hann [...]

  5. Jennifer

    I cannot believe that this is the last book I was so surprised when the book was released, it was a great surprise because I ve been waiting for it since the second book came out I really should ve re read the first two books because I forgot about a lot of things that happened I did remember a lot of stuff as I read All three books are very good reads from beginning to end there are no dull moments The end of this book made me sad and angry at the same time but I think it was a good way to end [...]

  6. Angela Pomfret

    I absolutely loved this trilogy, I read the Park Service last year and was waiting for the next books to come out Once I realised that they had been released, I decided to read the 1st one again to refresh the characters I ve now read all 3 books in the last week Thank you for a wonderful series of books I loved Aubrey and Jimmy and their relationship with each other Hannah is the most despicable character and the final twist in the epilogue made me cry and despise her completely.

  7. Lori Horne

    With the devastation at the Isle of Man behind them, Aubrey and Jimmy return to the Foundation with plans to demand answers from Hannah only to find themselves plunged deeper into her deception and betrayal Threats and ultimatums drive Aubrey to become a pawn in the conniving scheme and land him back in Holocene II with an unconscionable task to perform What will Aubrey uncover when he returns and how much will he have to sort through with all the cryptic messages he receives from the people h [...]

  8. Meridith

    I have been digesting for a day, now I wasn t really sure how I felt at the end of this Just like every other moving event in this trilogy, I didn t see this coming I guess maybe that is why it is hard to love this Real life is hard to love sometimes, and you definitely never see what s coming So now as I reflect, I am in a five star mood I give five stars for being brave enough to make a story real enough to not pan out the way you wanted To not wrap it all up perfectly I am choked for Aubrey a [...]

  9. Fred

    Ryan Winfield is a great writer and story teller If your into post apocalypse stories, this series is very engaging Book 1 hooked me, I couldn t put down book 2, and even though Book 3 was slower I have mixed feelings about the ending, I highly recommend this trilogy Winfield covers a lot of issues love, friendship, family, relationships, betrayal, treachery, human nature, psychological conflict, resistance to changing one s beliefs, life, death He also brings up like can there be a an ethical u [...]

  10. Avonlea

    I recommend this to those who like books such as The Hunger Games This has quickly become one of my favorite trilogies, and although the ending was emotional for me, it was a great ending to a very intriguing trilogy.

  11. Amanda

    I read this whole series in about 4 days I enjoyed it so much My love for the characters had me wanting to change the end, but I understand why Winfield wrote it the way that he did I was sad to see the ending with the loss of so many characters.

  12. Jennifer

    The third book redeemed this series for me after being a bit let down by the second book Good trilogy Nice flow, well written, great character development, and uniquely creative story.

  13. Laura Mau

    Wonderfulagain you keep the reader on the edge wondering what will happen wonderful trilogy wish it wasn t over would recommend to everyone.

  14. Ken

    The ending kept me guessing and definitely put a end note to the series I found this to be an entertaining and intriguing series Glad I discovered it.

  15. Janell Barney

    I loved this series If you are a fan of Hunger Games, Divergent type books you will like this one.

  16. Janelle Dazzlepants

    In the final installment of the Park Service trilogy we learn that not only is Hannah a crazy bitch, she s also secretly a 30 year old lady and Aubrey s half sister Aubrey was born from Doctor Radcliffe s frozen sperm and sent down to Holocene II, where he was groomed to become Radcliffe s successor and Hannah s husband As Hannah was significantly older than Aubrey, she was placed on hormone blockers that would leave her with the body and features of a teenager until Aubrey ascended from Holocen [...]

  17. Chessy The Cat

    Aubrey returns to the Foundation where Hannah has been busy rebuilding He confronts her regarding her betrayal only to realize she has taken complete control with the professor as her assistant Acting under Hannah s command, Aubrey goes back down into Holocene II to save his friends In a daring escape, he treks halfway around the world to China to meet with the mysterious Chief Will they be able to take Hannah down or will mankind finally be destroyed Winfield s third novel in The Park Service T [...]

  18. Shelly

    Wellwhat can I say about this book Not much without spoilers I will see what I can do thoughSo this book starts right where the last one left off Aubrey, Jimmy and the Professor are in the sub on their way back to Hannah and Holocene II Now, Jimmy and Aubrey are none too happy with Hannah and with good reason What they find when they get there gives them even reason to be furious with her She is manipulating them all into doing what she wants She wants to put Eden back online and she needs Aubr [...]

  19. Heather

    If you are following my reviews of The Park Service Trilogy or are reading this on my blog , you know that I sat down and read all 3 in less than 3 days I knew going into State Of Nature that I was going to be saying goodbye to Aubrey and Jimmy because this is the final book in the series I was sad going into it I read the reviews, I watched Ryan Winfield on Facebook and Twitter sharing reactions of readers I knew everything would culminate in this book You don t want to say goodbye to favorite [...]

  20. April

    Such a great read This series has been such a journey Warning If you do not want to end up an ugly crying sobbing mess, DO NOT READ THE EPILOGUE I was completely devastated by the epilogue I have always felt the heart of this story is the friendship between Aubrey and Jimmy They are so loyal to each other, and sacrifice at every turn Pretty much the whole time they stay at each other s side The platonic I Love You scene is touching It really shows the depth of their relationship The book is all [...]

  21. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Kitty s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSRyan Winfield has captivated his audience from the beginning of the Park Service Trilogy In his final installment, he again brings us to the future where Aubrey and Jimmy must fight for the freedom of the people of Holocene II What they find when they return to the Foundation both amazes and angers them both But, they have to face their fears, fight their anger and push forward.Hannah is her father determined to keep the world a vast w [...]

  22. Ryan Winfield

    Read the official announcement HERE.New ReleaseDear Friends,I m proud to announce the release of STATE OF NATURE, the final chapter in my TPS trilogy a tale of friendship, betrayal, and adventure.Buy on KindleBuy on NookBuy on KoboPaperbackThe final chapterAfter leaving the Isle of Man, Aubrey and Jimmy return to the Foundation to confront Hannah about her betrayal and to free the people of Holocene II only to find themselves facing new and difficult challenges in a world where nothing is as it [...]

  23. Emma

    Honestly, I bought the first book in this series on a whim I didn t bother to check the reviews, I only bothered to read the description I thought to myself, what the heck if I don t like it no big deal I had no idea how much I would fall in love with this book The main characters were wonderful, in my opinion I loved the clash of two people coming from entirely different lives becoming friends Although this is a book that is quite sad at times, it is also a book that shows you many different si [...]

  24. Jennifer Harmon

    I was so wrapped in Aubrey and Jimmy s world that I read State of Nature in 15 hours Mr Winfield, I cried I knew there would be yet another twist to this tale I just didn t think either of them would bring me to tears The comradery between the boys grows stronger The scenes from around the world that Ryan brings to life, jump out at you and pull you in This third installment is a vivid tale of love and friendship that lasts than a lifetime I could not put it down It reminded me that you can t a [...]

  25. Nancy Perry

    This was the final book of one of the best series I ve read This continues the story of Aubrey and his best friend Jimmy on their journey to release the people living under ground But it s really about much than that.It s a story of true and abiding friendship, I think that s the real story Aubrey and Jimmy become steadfast friends in the first book Jimmy helps nurse Aubrey back to health and in this book Aubrey pays it forward to Jimmy.There are betrayals, too many surprises to mention, and st [...]

  26. Pamela

    That completes THE PARK SERVICE TRILOGY Now and I am rather sad Always hate to see a good series end I get involved with the characters if it is well written and this was Aubrey s and Jimmy s journey was taken to great heights with this third book They have twists and turns throughout their journey and we meet new characters who are interesting and loveable The end of the series was a let down for me at first I wanted it to end BIGGER After I thought about it awhile, I realized it was a good en [...]

  27. Sally

    Wow What a powerful and riveting final book I don t have the right words to review just how great this book truly is This was by far the best of the trilogy The previous two books set the reader up for an emotional ride with a lot of twists and turns I feel like I have been on this adventure with Jimmy and Aubrey for so long that I didn t want to see them go and was very nervous to read their last book This was an intricate story that makes you think Let me just add, that Mr Winfield knows how t [...]

  28. Christine Lowe

    A Trilogy Worth ReadingRyan Winfield is a great story teller I m sad to leave the Park Service even though it was a perfect ending.Aubrey and Jimmy continue their exploits in the final installment of the Park Trilogy Together they seem able to conquer any problem, they compliment each other perfectly There are many surprises in this book but they seem perfectly logical in a world where the population has overgrown it s resources.Hannah is their nemesis and continues to scheme and manipulate an e [...]

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