Beneath the Veil (2020)

Beneath the Veil WilliamMcNally Beneath the Veil With his life turned upside down a terminally ill man seeks answers from a family he never knew Barry Ryan a successful sculptor goes on a journey to find his roots and the extraordinary family tha
  • Title: Beneath the Veil
  • Author: WilliamMcNally
  • ISBN: 9781481953627
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
Beneath the Veil WilliamMcNally With his life turned upside down, a terminally ill man seeks answers from a family he never knew Barry Ryan, a successful sculptor, goes on a journey to find his roots and the extraordinary family that somehow evades death and ties him to a terrifying future Driven to find answers, Barry is joined by his sister and her boyfriend on the road to Auraria, a mysterious ghostWith his life turned upside down, a terminally ill man seeks answers from a family he never knew Barry Ryan, a successful sculptor, goes on a journey to find his roots and the extraordinary family that somehow evades death and ties him to a terrifying future Driven to find answers, Barry is joined by his sister and her boyfriend on the road to Auraria, a mysterious ghost town where terrible secrets lie hidden since the days of gold and greed All is well until they cross the city limits and fall beneath the veil, a place where the bizarre rules the living, and the living are prey trapped in an ever changing web Generations of conflict come to light as these unfortunate visitors struggle to survive Echoes of the past are lethal here in this place where the dead have never left.
Beneath the Veil WilliamMcNally

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One thought on “Beneath the Veil

  1. Manish Mahajan

    I got a free copy of this book from William in exchange for an honest review Beneath the Veil is the second book of the author that I have read and I was a tad disappointed Four Corners Dark had set my expectations so high that unfortunately this book, though a good one, still did not give me that WOW feeling William McNally is a great story teller and I love the interesting supernatural concepts which he includes in his books The plot of this book is great however, I felt, there were way too ma [...]

  2. Camille

    Beneath the Veil is a thriller suspense book that reminded me of one of Stephen King s novels Still, in its own right, the book has enough suspense and thrill that the answers to the questions piling up in the beginning have been answered at the end The book begins with the story of Barry Rhodes who has a disease that would take his life at any minute Along with his stepsister Jen and her boyfriend Jackson, they embark on a journey to Auraria, Barry s birthplace, in order to locate a family memb [...]

  3. Michelle

    This plot was good and kept me entertained But far too many characters with little development or personality didn t allow me to become engaged at all I read on to find out what happened, but found I didn t really connect emotionally to the story There was a lot of action but not enough descriptive writing to paint the picture and build the tension that makes a gripping horror suspense story It seemed the author was aiming for a bigger story It was too long and padded for a rush you through a ca [...]


    What would you say if this time we set aside the characters that we ve used you so far the vampires and the undead Wait, don t feel relieved, you will get acquainted with other terrifying creatures What is it about I will not tell you nor to give you, I hope I ll succeed, no clues to keep unrevealed the mystery that wreathe the subject of this story.Is a mystery story, but not in the sense of the well known detective novels, but one with horror accents A horror that you ve met sometimes, a spec [...]

  5. So, I Read This Book Today

    Reposted on my site for the Freebie Don t cry, I m sorry to have deceived you so much, but that s how life is Vladimir Nabokov, LolitaI never realized before there were so many ways to die So many ways to kill people Why are there so many deadly weapons Clapp rubbed his lip and looked down at her Listen, Miss Gilbert I ve come to figure that man is the only deadly weapon Take a gun It s an absolutely harmless thing even makes a good honest paperweight until some man gets his hands around it You [...]

  6. Bree Garcia

    Beneath the Veil, by William McNally, was kind of a weird trip It started off like a typical horror story, but then took a strange turn in the town of Auraria While the book answered many of the questions that came up during the first part of the story, there were about a thousand and one questions still left behind for me I enjoyed the basic plot of the book, but the action moved very quickly, sometimes a little too fast for me to really comprehend what had happened One minute a character is be [...]

  7. Sarah

    Terrible, terrible, awful book I checked it out because it was free on , I wish I hadn t bothered and I could get those 3 hours of my life back The story started out a quite suspenseful horror tale which ultimately became some sort of zombie fest followed by an intensely sci fi ending It appears as if the writer couldn t actually decide what genre he wanted this book to even be For some obscure reason each set of events was presented under a new chapter which totaled around 80 short chapters Any [...]

  8. MarytheBookLover

    I am not sure how I won this book but the author sent it to me via saying that I had won So thank you to him for the book.I can say that I loved the idea plot of the book but felt that it was just missing several aspects to it I will review this one on my fall break.

  9. Netanella

    I picked up this book because the cover and the blurb both reminded me of the creepy horror movie Silent Hill I m glad I picked up this book, because I discovered a new author that did a bang up job in entertaining me with this unique tale of demonic possession and creepy residents in an old deep South town, with a terrible gardening habit Towards the beginning I had a few challenges with my enjoyment of the book, as the dialogue felt clunky and much of the book s forward plot movement seemed st [...]

  10. Jenn Andrew

    With Halloween in the air, I thought that having a book review that peaks your interest in the paranormal would be appropriate When you see the cover of this book, you feel as if it s going to scare you to death and rightly so A dark humanoid creature with long, sharp nails clawing at white gauze wrapped around its face is disturbing, and can either deter anyone from picking up the book or draw a reader in for a closer look.This paranormal book by William McNally will have you at the edge of you [...]

  11. S. Whitaker

    I received an advanced copy of this book for review.William McNally s Beneath the Veil is a ride from page one to the end The pacing is quick, the action heavy, and the plot twisting Veil is a horror action thriller, with emphasis on the horror and action McNally often combines genres to entertaining effect.Barry Ryan, sculptor, receives a weird piece of sculpted art in a bizarre break in that leaves him questioning his sanity This sculpted rock, of a homeless man, eventually leads him to the to [...]

  12. Lori Palle

    When I first saw the cover and read the title, I had no idea what the book would be about Was it about a ghost story with a monster wearing a veil, kinda like that scene in The Others with the kid wearing a veil and having an old woman s face Well, although I couldn t tell what the book would be about from the cover, after reading the novel, I can say that cover fits the story sooo perfectly Mr McNally s writing style is very descriptive and you can feel the tension in the atmosphere as you read [...]

  13. Lauren

    the cover of this book pulled me in immediately the covers extremely unique and definitely draws attention The story starts off with a young man who find something unsettling then all the sudden you re in this strange town with these mythical creatures and possessed demon wolves the story rapidly started losing it s ground and I started to lose focus on the storyline I I dislike that the chapters were one to three pages long, most of them were paragraphs then a story at the end of the book you [...]

  14. Sue

    I won a copy of Beneath The Veil by William McNally through the Giveaway Contest.Barry Ryan, a successful sculptor, who had his pick of lucrative projects, was terminally ill Barry needed a bone marrow transplant, but as he was adopted as an infant, he never knew his biological family He hired a genealogist to map his ancestry in hopes of finding a donor The findings date back to 1853, to a small town called Auraria, Georgia His stepsister Jen, and her boyfriend, Jackson were his only family.Bar [...]

  15. Tracy Hanson

    This book follows the story of Barry who was adopted at birth and never knew his family He doesn t even know if any relatives are sill alive but he s dying and if he has any chance of recovery he has to find them We follow Barry, his adopted sister and her boyfriend in their quest and we find them in a ghost town This town is a ghost town in every sense of the word and is far away from what they were expecting There is no getting out, danger is everywhere and fearful creatures abound They must s [...]

  16. Windy

    I received a free copy of Beneath the Veil by William McNally from a giveaway hosted by The novel had an interesting plot full of supernatural and suspenseful elements The author appears to be able to handle action packed scenes better than dialogue as demonstrated by scenes that are not based in action and are heavily based in the interactions between characters seem to be incredibly clipped and rushed As such, the dialogue also seems unnatural and bland The characters also seem to have the s [...]

  17. Tammy K.

    When I first started this read, I had thought that it was a ghost town story I was mistaken, it is much complex then that This mystery revolves around a town that has two kinds of citizens the living and the cursed The cursed haunt the living, and the living are forever trapped inside the town Or are they I enjoyed this mystery a great deal Always guessing just who are the cursed What are they How were they created There is plenty of action, and suspense in this read A bit of blood and creepine [...]

  18. Marco Sanchez(Dragondarkness30)

    This man knows how to writeI really enjoyed this book I recommend it to any fans of Under the Dome by Stephen King I also felt like it had elements of Cassandra Clare s City of Bones Over all I wanted from this book I always feel with this author that if he wrote longer books It would make the world of story open and exciting, though he knows how to maintain the suspense of the story That s what keeps me reading I highly recommend this author and his books.

  19. Irene

    Beneath The Veil started off strong, and I liked it from the start It was spooky and creepy from pretty much the first page The story of a seriously ill man in search of his biological family because it is pretty much his only hope sounds like it would be of a tear jerker than a horror, but that was not the case There were some brilliantly creepy moments at the beginning and towards the middle I was reminded of a good old fashioned ghost story that you might tell around the camp fire but for me [...]

  20. Dalene

    First, I would like to thank the author William McNally for giving me this book for an honest review The story is well written and keeps you guessing as to what will happen next You have no idea if anyone will survive It keeps you invested until the end to find out what happens I look forward to reading from this author.

  21. Kimberly Loschiavo

    I got this book from the author, it s a fast read with lots of action It leaves you with an ending having questions then answers, I liked the book It s unique It will have you hoping certain characters survive while others you wish you could take out with your own hands.

  22. Kathy Floyd

    Scary good.Very different take on all things spooky A cliffhanger till the very end I really enjoyed the author s style of writing.

  23. JasonMorton

    Very interestingSpooky filled with action and a very fast read it was very student and good ie want to read from this author

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