Living London (2020)

Living London Kristin Vayden Living London What if you found yourself waking up two hundred years in the past What if you wore the gowns and waltzed around Almacks What if you found out first hand just how dangerous a rake could be or how muc
  • Title: Living London
  • Author: Kristin Vayden
  • ISBN: 9781482720617
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
Living London Kristin Vayden What if you found yourself waking up two hundred years in the past What if you wore the gowns and waltzed around Almacks What if you found out first hand just how dangerous a rake could be, or how much fun For Jocelyn Westin, this is her reality But reading all the historical fiction in the world could never have prepared her for what it would be like to be Living LonWhat if you found yourself waking up two hundred years in the past What if you wore the gowns and waltzed around Almacks What if you found out first hand just how dangerous a rake could be, or how much fun For Jocelyn Westin, this is her reality But reading all the historical fiction in the world could never have prepared her for what it would be like to be Living London.
Living London Kristin Vayden

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    484 Kristin Vayden
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One thought on “Living London

  1. Liza Tice

    I loved this book I always wanted to live in London, meet a Rake and experience a Season Through Kristin s book she has made it possible for anyone to enjoy being that person for a bit You will fall in love with the characters and Kristin leaves you wanting .

  2. Crystal (Books Are Sanity!!!)

    I fell in love with Living London Kristin Vayden takes a time travel theme to a whole new level Joselyn feels all alone after her grandmother passes away She has been so reclusive throughout her life, really on hanging out with her grandmother her parents are deceased, no siblings , that she never really became close with anyone And then she finds this confusing note from her grandma and she falls asleep and wakes up in regency London It is incredible really because it is like she fell through [...]

  3. Lyndi

    So I obviously read these in the wrong order, since I read Surviving Scotland first Doesn t even matter, it makes no difference since the stories can stand alone The references in the second book were not confusing because I hadn t read the first.It is usually a silly idea for me to read similar stories from the same author back to back I tend to trudge through the second book, regardless of how much I enjoyed the first But in this case, I could actually go for a third Seriously It was the exact [...]

  4. Melissa Robles

    Thanks to the parting gift her grandmother left her, Jocelyn goes back in time straight into Regency London There she has to try to fit in and remember the life she was supposed to be leading if she had indeed been raised in that era Here she learns that it s so important to play by the rules and the accepted doings of the whole society Wouldn t that be difficult when you have right in front of you the man of your dreams Full review at Cuzinlogic cuzinlogic 2013 03 living

  5. Romancing the Book

    Reviewed by JulieBook provided by the publisherOriginally posted at Romancing the BookThis is a really enjoyable time travel historical romance set in regency period London Jocelyn Westin, with a gentle nudge from her grandmother, finds herself thrown back in time to an era she has always found interesting.She must confess she has no memory so all bets are off when it comes to regency manners, dress and customs Thankfully, Jocelyn has a little help in that area It doesn t take her long to get he [...]

  6. Angieleigh

    Y all, Kristin Vayden has wrecked me WRECKED ME.Living London is not your typical time traveling romance whatsoever I am a huge fan of time traveling romances, if they are done right that is, and Ms Vayden has knocked it out of the park, rating right up there with Jude Deveraux, who to this writer is one of the best authors in time travel romance What I loved most about this is the fact that Jocelyn adapted so quickly to her surroundings There was no simpering or crying or being angry over the t [...]

  7. Jasmyn

    Living London was light, fun, and very entertaining Jocelyn thinks of herself as an expert in Regency, until she finds herself trying to live it The etiquette lessons and countless changes of clothes for various affairs which all include the dreaded corset weren t what she expected Through the whole experience Jocelyn finds a handful of close friends that are willing to guide her through the many pitfalls of London s ton With a romantic lovestory flowing gently along until it causes a huge scand [...]

  8. Danielle Williams

    So a good author friend of mine Rachel Van Dyken suggested that I read this lovely bookI have to say she definitly has great taste I adored the story line and characters and I agree with another reviewer I hope this is the start to a series Jocelyn was being prepared by her grandmother but she didnt really understand or know what forl the tea parties, the dances certainly didnt fit in with todays times After her Nanna s death she reads a cryptic note telling her that everything was about to chan [...]

  9. Fatima

    This was a pretty cute read Nothing heavy and rather quick to get through Not much conflict or intricate plot It s a story about a girl who time travels to regency london and has a perfect life as an enormously wealthy heiress who is in love with and loved in return but the perfect English Lord Did i mention a lot of the things are perfect The last few chapters try to add a little drama, which was not really necessary since the rest of the book was lowkey I d recommend this to time travel fans f [...]

  10. Mi

    sorry, this is really borring My heart really hurts to speak badly of an author who publishes a few books, I love books unknown, but this book I can t read, it s very boring The main character is shallow, the story is linear, without any surprising event, the autor could in many hours use a Cliffhanger OMFG, she loses her memory and some people present themselves to her as his acquaintances, because nobody lied to her, why

  11. Alda

    I enjoy time travelling stories and this one in Regency London sounded rather interesting Unfortunately the best part of these books is the confront between the modern attitudes and knowledge and the older ones and in that respect this book fell flat The story is also very predictable and I felt no empathy with none of the characters Fortunately it s a small book so a small waste of time.

  12. Marlene

    Interesting premise but left with unanswered questions Thought Jocelyn would be outspoken with Arrynna and the rest of the ton It also did not explain if her grandmother was also a traveler in time Lord Morgan was a dashin hero but his back story was also not provided as t their previous relationship and his financial situation An OK read.

  13. Kim Power

    EnjoyableI did enjoy this book, but it only got three stars because a the crisis was very contrived, b the book is poorly edited one chapter, in my edition, a paragraph was repeated.It is very light reading with pleasant characters but lacks the wit of an Austen or a Heyer.

  14. Cheryl

    This is a cute story of a girl who travels back in time to experience London and the ton The ton proves to be as fickle as we could expect them to be Jocelyn makes friends and discovers love She is enchanted by her surroundings, then disenchanted also It was a fun read Not quite as squeaky clean as I might of liked, but then I can be quite picky in this area.

  15. Dallas

    Time travel is always interesting to me the fact that her Nana had done the same was an interesting twist as was her Nana preparing her with the ways of old London including dance, accentsoroughly entertaining book with a happy ending the best.

  16. Manda

    Jocelyn and Morgan A sweet story The set up takes a bit too long in the beginning, I think, but once she is back in time things pick up There isn t much conflict to the story, but I would still read a follow up about the granddaughter.

  17. Brittany

    I had wanted a good time travel romance and this was on several of my recommendation lists and I decided to give it a shot This came across as a body swap than strictly time travel but I thoroughly enjoyed it I cannot wait to read book 2.

  18. Julie

    My review for Living London will appear on the Romancing the Book Blog in the very near future Very cute book

  19. Maria Claudia

    Love it I felt like I was in the regency England Good descriptions, good characters, different plot Very interesting It was a turn page Read in about 8 hours.

  20. Nessa


  21. Thea

    Nice story, but can t stop thinking that there are like at list 100 pages missing It lacks aN development and in the end it could have been much everything.

  22. Nanette

    This is the first book I read by this author and I was not disappointed I really enjoyed the story and it is one I will re read.

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